My Friend’s Girlfriend

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The summer after finishing my second year at university, my friends and I decided to rent a beach house for a week to celebrate. Unfortunately, a few of my friends had to work for the first few days so it was just going to be me, my friend Todd, and his girlfriend Emily.

I never really liked Todd, because he was the type of friend that would borrow money from you and never pay you back. His girlfriend Emily however, I really liked. Not only was she extremely nice, but she was absolutely gorgeous with long dirty blonde hair, big blue eyes, full lips, and a petite but fit body from all the time she spent in the gym. I never understood how Todd, a short guy with a gut and skinny arms and legs, could land a girl like Emily. I supposed it had something to do with the fact that Emily was shy and didn’t talk to many guys, even though she was extremely hot.

I decided that instead of being a third wheel for the first few days at the beach house, I would bring my friend-with-benefits April. April and I met at the beginning of the year where we were lab partners. She was what most guys (and girls) would consider perfect. She was tall, had brown hair to her shoulders, with a pretty face sitting atop a slim body with large breasts and a firm ass. April was a very sexual person and loved that every guy on campus would drool over her, and I’ll admit that I was no exception. Being lab partners gave us a lot of time together, which eventually turned into a friendship with sex on the side. April was bisexual and preferred to date women and sleep with men only while single. I was her longest friend-with-benefits, which she said was because of the fact that I’m a tall, handsome, with a muscular build and a thick 8″ cock that I know how to use.

The four of us decided to carpool together to the beach house in my car since Todd’s car “suddenly broke down” a few days before we were supposed to leave.

“How much longer Jason?” April asked me.

“Almost there, keep your panties on.” I replied, smirking at April sitting in the passenger seat.

April gave me a knowing smile. We both knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath her skirt. When we had stopped for gas, Todd and Emily went inside to buy snacks while April and I filled up the car. April insisted on being the one who pumped the gas so that when she bent over, her short skirt would ride up to reveal her round ass and shaved pussy to me. This made my dick erect as it has ever been, which made it difficult to hide in the shorts I was wearing. As I went to try to hide it somehow, I heard a noise behind me and turned to see a red faced Emily picking up a pack of candy she had dropped.

When we arrived at the beach house, we decided to head straight to the beach before unpacking. While we walked down to the beach wearing our swim suits, I couldn’t help but stare at Emily’s ass while she walked in front of me. It wasn’t a big ass, but it was perfect. It was as round as an apple, complimented by the red thong she was wearing, and sat atop toned legs that made me dream of wrapping them around my head. I was brought out of my daydreaming from a nudge by April, who gave me a smile that told me she knew exactly what I had been thinking about.

Shortly after swimming at the beach, we soon realized that Emily’s bikini became nearly translucent when it got wet. While a blushing Emily was wrapping her towel around herself to hide her body, I got an amazing look at her breasts. She had perky, B-cup breasts with nipples the size of quarters that were hardened from the cold sea water. Seeing them made blood rush into my cock, making me semi hard and showing a good outline of my thick cock through my wet shorts. I looked up just in time to see Emily looking down at my shorts and then meeting my eye, which made her blush even harder than before.

Todd and Emily decided to go buy a new bikini so April and I went to the local store to buy some food for the week.

“You’re lucky Todd is blind” April said to me while looking at the expiration date of bread.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

April rolled her eyes. “Only a blind man could miss how you look at Emily. It’s really obvious to anyone watching that you want to fuck her.”

Feeling embarrassed, I felt a small blush on my face. “It’s that obvious, huh?” I said. I knew April wasn’t jealous. She had been my wingman with quite a few girls last semester at school. “I don’t think Todd is blind to it, he’s just too busy staring at you to notice.” I had caught Todd staring at April quite a few times at the beach. When April had first come out in her bikini, Todd was staring at her D-cup breasts open mouthed for so long that it took Emily hitting him on the arm to snap him out of it.

“Well it’s a good thing he didn’t notice, because I’ve also seen the way Emily looks at you. She was practically drooling when you took off your shirt.” April replied with a devious smile on her face. “I have a proposition for you.” She continued, “I’ll help you sleep esenyurt escort with Emily if you do all our lab reports next year alone.”

Shocked, I turned toward April and stared. “…Really? You’d do that?”

“AND, you have to take me out to dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. ” April said, still giving me that devious smile.

“Deal.” I quickly agreed.

We picked up a few bottles of wine before we left the store, all the while forming our plan for tonight.

That night, while Todd and I were barbequing our food and the girls were setting up the table, I decided to initiate the first part of our plan.

“I noticed you checking our April a few times” I said to him when the girls weren’t nearby.

Todd stood frozen while getting another beer from the cooler. “Oh…sorry dude. I didn’t mean to. I -“

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” I interrupted. I motioned for him to come closer, which he did. “I saw her checking you out too.” I lied.

Todd puffed himself up and tried but failed to hide a grin. “Oh yeah?” He said proudly. “To be honest, I saw Emily checking you out a few times too.” he admitted with less of a grin than before.

When the food was done and we went inside to eat, it was obvious from the slight blush that Emily gave whenever she looked at me that the girls had had a similar conversation.

During dinner, April made sure that our cups were always filled with wine, and we were all soon feeling tipsy. I decided that now was a good time to bring up working out in order to slyly compliment Emily’s body, which earned her another blush and a smile towards me.

“Your body looks really good too.” She said, quickly adding “I mean, you should think about entering bodybuilding competitions. You would do really well.”

April must have sensed Todd’s uncomfortableness with the flirting. “Yeah, muscles look really good, but honestly I prefer a little more belly on my men. More fun to cuddle.” April said with a smile towards Todd. This seemed to improve Todd’s mood, as he couldn’t help but smile widely back at April.

After dinner I suggested we play poker, a game I knew Todd loved to play.

“We don’t have any chips though, just a deck of cards.” Todd said, disappointed.

“What about strip poker?” I asked.

“Sure!” Todd said quickly, before realizing he didn’t ask Emily, who was sitting beside him.

Emily looked at Todd suspiciously, then at me. With a glance down towards my crotch, she nodded her head and quietly said “Sure. Sounds like fun”.

Todd looked desperately at April to see if she would agree.

“Ok,” April finally said. “but I’m not good at poker. Can we play strip spoons instead?” I knew that this was a lie. April was actually very good at poker, so good that she had won quite a few games against me and my friends at university.

“OK!” Todd all but yelled, clearly excited. “How do we play?”.

“It’s quite simple.” April explained. “Three spoons are in the middle. We each start with five cards. We pick a card from the deck and discard a card until one of us has 4 of the same card, at which point they grab a spoon from the middle. Once one person grabs a spoon, everyone else must grab a spoon too. Whoever doesn’t manage to get a spoon, strips off a piece of clothing.”

After clearing the dinner away and setting up the game, we all sat at the square dinner table with April on my left, Todd on my right, and Emily in front of me, each with a full cup of wine in front of them.

The first round, April won and I lost, so I took off my shirt to reveal my chiseled abs and wide chest. The look that Emily gave me made me know exactly what she was thinking. I had been given that look by other girls just before they jumped into my arms.

The second round, I won and Emily lost, so she took off her shorts to reveal her pink panties underneath. Todd seemed to grow worried at this, so the next round April was deliberately slow in grabbing a spoon when Todd won, which had Todd practically shaking in his seat. April took off her shirt to reveal her white laced bra which cupped her breasts perfectly so that they were bulging out. This game along with drinking wine continued until we were all down to our underwear.

In the next game April lost again, causing her to take off her bra to show her big round breasts and hardened nipples.

“Wow.” Todd said quietly, but not quietly enough because Emily gave him a dirty look.

During the next game, April tapped my foot to secretly let me know that she was about to grab a spoon, so I got myself ready. As soon as she grabbed a spoon, I did too followed by Todd, which meant that Emily had lost. Emily took off her bra to reveal her perky breasts and delicious looking nipples. Her breasts, her fit body with abs and her beautiful face made her one of the hottest people I had ever seen. With all the blood rushing to my cock, I was soon fully erect in my boxers.

“Wow.” etiler escort I said much louder than Todd did, which earned me a blush and shy smile from Emily. Todd, who had just done the same thing, realized that he couldn’t be mad at me for admiring Emily’s body.

When it came my turn to take off my boxers, I did so under the table so that Todd wouldn’t see my fully hardened, big cock. I knew that if he had, he would have never let it go any further with Emily and I. Emily seemed very disappointed by this but couldn’t argue since the girls had both taken their panties off under the table too.

When we were all naked, and the game couldn’t go further, April suggested that the losers of the next games have to do something for the winners of the game until the next round. With all the sexual tension in the air and all of us becoming very horny, we all agreed.

The next few games were played perfectly by April and I. Whenever we were about to win, we would let the other know by tapping their foot. Or, if one of us wanted to lose, we would deliberately be slow in grabbing a spoon. This allowed us to manipulate the game how we wanted.

In the first round April won and Todd lost, so he was “forced” to give April a massage, something he seemed very happy to do especially since it gave him a great view of April’s breasts and legs. When he got up to do so, I noticed that Todd’s small stature also translated to his cock. His dick, now fully erect, wasn’t super small but it was below average for sure. I made sure to keep my cock hidden underneath the table so he wouldn’t see. We removed the third spoon, since now only three people were playing.

In the next round, April tapped me on the foot to let me know she was about to win, so I quickly grabbed the second spoon before Emily. April instructed Emily to give her a lap dance while Todd reluctantly sat back down. Emily hesitated before going to sit on April’s lap, facing her. This gave me another great view of Emily’s perfect ass as she grinded on April. It was a very erotic scene, having two gorgeous women rubbing their naked bodies against each other. April was enjoying it too, having a beautiful girl like Emily grinding on her with her breasts pressed against April’s face. Some time during the next game, I heard a soft moan from my left and when I glanced over, I saw April gently sucking on Emily’s breast. My dick grew even harder at that image, which I didn’t think was possible.

Todd won the next game and April lost. Not surprising, seeing as how April couldn’t have played very well with Emily on her lap, even if she had wanted to win. Todd, who couldn’t contain his excitement, ordered April to give him a lap dance.

While Emily was getting off April, I caught a glance at Emily’s shaved pussy, which had a gleam of wetness to it. April slowly made her way over to Todd and straddled him by extending her long smooth legs on either side of his chair. From my spot, I could see Todd’s erect cock pressed against April’s ass while she pressed her breasts up to his face and held the back of his head. April slowly started grinding against Todd’s body while Todd took to kissing the sides of her breasts.

I knew that I had to lose the next game, so part way through I grabbed the bottle of wine from the table and started pretending to pour wine into my cup. This gave Emily an easy win, seeing as how both Todd and I were incapable of playing properly. Once she grabbed the spoon though, Todd reached over and grabbed a spoon without taking his face off of April’s breasts. He must have been surprised to get a spoon, so I complained that it wasn’t fair because I was pouring myself wine.

“Make him kiss your neck, he’s really good at it.” April exclaimed while still sitting on Todd’s lap.

With Todd still distracted from April’s perfect breasts in his face, I stood and walked over to where Emily sat, giving her a full view of my hard, thick 8″ cock. Emily gave a small gasp and licked her lips subconsciously then looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, giving the impression that she wanted to taste it. I was tempted to let her but knew that it would risk everything. Instead, I went behind her and kneeled, hiding my member from Todd’s sight using Emily’s chair. April, seeing I was in position, got off of Todd and the three of them resumed their game, much to Todd’s dismay.

Emily smelled so good. Partially from her flowery perfume and partially because of the juices from her pussy, it smelled like an orgy on a bed of flowers. I started by kissing her shoulders with one hand on her stomach and another on her opposite shoulder. I slowly made my way up towards her neck, giving a harder, wetter kiss each time. By the time I got to the nape of her neck, she was moaning softly and had forgotten about the game. While I transition from kissing her neck to lightly licking it, I could see from where I was that April had extended both her legs across the table towards fatih escort Todd. It was clear from Todd’s face that whatever April was doing made him forget all about the game as well.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to move my hand down from Emily’s stomach to her pussy. As I got closer, Emily closed her eyes and spread her legs in anticipation. Still kissing her neck, I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart to wet my hand with her juices and used my wet palm to rub her clit in a circular motion. Emily moaned softly again and started breathing hard as I continued.

I kissed my way beside her ear and whispered “Have you ever had a big cock inside you?”

Emily froze for a second before shaking her head slowly.

“Do you want to try one?” I asked.

Emily nodded this time with no hesitation. Her hand slowly reached down towards where my cock was underneath her chair. Her hands were smaller than April’s, and she was just barely able to wrap her hand around it. I went back to kissing her neck while rubbing her pussy, feeling her jerk me off slowly. It was a wonder that Todd didn’t notice anything, but then again, he was probably too drunk and too distracted from April’s footjob to notice anything.

“I win!” April suddenly exclaimed, which brought us all out of our reverie. “And since neither of you were aware enough to grab a spoon,” she looked at Todd and Emily, “I get to decide what to do with both of you.”

“If it’s alright with you Emily, I want Todd to eat me out under the table.” April said, then glanced at Emily’s arm which, although was no longer jerking me off, was still holding on to my cock. Emily realized what she had done, and since she was in no position to argue, agreed to April’s request. “And I want Emily to give Jason a lap dance. He hasn’t been able to have any fun yet.” She said with a smirk towards me.

As Todd eagerly ducked under the table I stood simultaneously, putting my cock inches from Emily’s face. Emily stared down at my cock and back towards April, who had closed her eyes to enjoy Todd’s tongue. Emily saw the opportunity, and grabbed the base of my cock, bringing me closer to her. She started licking the sides of my cock up and down, flicking her tongue whenever she got to the tip. Then she took me into her mouth while jerking me with both her hands, causing me to have to stifle a moan. She was really good at her craft. She sucked on the tip of my cock a few times, then followed it by putting as much in her mouth as she could fit until I hit her throat. She kept repeating this maneuver, until I felt like I was about to burst. I hadn’t worked this hard just to cum in her mouth, so I reluctantly pulled away and grabbed her hand to lead her to my chair. It was a good thing I did so, because soon after Todd came up for a quick break from between April’s legs before going back down.

Emily quickly straddled my lap, but instead of putting my cock behind her as April had to Todd, she placed my cock flat against my stomach and began grinding her bare pussy on it using her own juices. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began sucking on it, twirling my tongue around as she did so.

“Mmmmmmmhh.” Emily moaned. After a few minutes of this, I grabbed Emily by her firm ass and slowly brought her higher so that my cock was just teasing the opening of her pussy. “Oh god…” Emily moaned again as I continued sucking on her breasts.

The noises caused April to open her eyes, see us, and give me one of her famous devious grins. She spread her legs apart and caught Todd’s attention, mouthing the words “fuck me” followed by “ask her” with a head tilt towards Emily. We had both agreed beforehand that Todd had to be the one to ask.

Still between April’s legs, Todd slowly asked “Emily, do you want to switch partners for tonight?”. As he asked, I plunged the head of my cock inside Emily, causing her to gasp and yell “OH! YES!”.

And with that, I slowly grinded my hips back and forth, entering deeper into Emily each time and causing her to press her perfect body against me and moan while digging her nails into my back. “Oh FUCK…” she whispered, out of breath. After only a few strokes, I felt her legs shake and her pussy tighten. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss as I felt her cumming on my cock. Her orgasm shook her further down my shaft until she had taken my entire length, which caused her to moan even harder. I lifted her up and down faster using with my hands under her butt, feeling every inch of her contracting around me while our tongues swirled inside our kiss. She was so tight despite how wet she was. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock with every stroke. “Oh fuuuuuck!” Emily moaned again, throwing her head back.

I opened my eyes from the kiss just in time to see the end of Todd’s orgasm, cumming on his chest as April, who kneeling between his legs, jerked him off. He had a moment of clarity now and was beginning to realize what Emily and I were doing. I picked Emily up and placed her easily on the table, putting her legs on my shoulders. I momentarily took my cock slowly out of Emily before putting it back deep inside, earning me another long moan of ecstasy. “Ohhhhhh GOD YES!”. Emily screamed, closing her eyes and squeezing her breasts as I continued to fuck her.

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