My Neighbor’s Toys

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My neighbor, Joe, and I were outside doing the usual weekly lawn care on this particularly hot day. As usual, we chatted about the normal stuff and discovered our wives were away for the weekend visiting their families. He has been married almost ten years and I have been married almost twenty. Joe has a swimmer’s build and I am stockier. As we were finishing up our outside chores, Joe invites me over to watch the game and have a few beers. Of course, I accepted the offer and let him know I will supply the beer and I will be over after I shower.

Joe lets me inside and I have a seat on his sofa and watch the baseball game already in progress as he puts away the twelve pack I brought. I see on the coffee table a woman’s clothing magazine and idly pick it up, glancing at the pages. The first few pages were the normal women’s sweater and slacks. A few pages later, the bras and nighties. The last couple of pages showed the sex toys and a few racy videos. Dildos, vibrators, and even strap-ons were on display in this seemingly innocent women’s magazine.

Joe chuckles apprehensively as he sees me lingering on the sex toy section of the magazine.

I point to a couple of the toys, “My wife has this one and this one.”

“Really?” Joe said with a shocked expression.

“Of course! Women love their playthings.” I say nonchalantly. “Which ones does your wife own?” I ask him while handing him the mag and taking a swig of beer.

Hesitantly he points to a couple, including a strap-on.

“Nice choices. She has good taste. How many times has she used this one?” I say, pointing to the six inch thin plastic cock attached to a belt.

“Are you kidding? Forget about this and let’s watch the game.” He nervously flips the mag on the table.

“Oh. Come on. We are longtime friends. You can tell me. I will tell you a secret if you tell me one.” I say confiding in him.

Joe straightens up and nervously takes a hard gulp of his beer. “Yeah. She has used it a couple times.”

“Do you like it?” I say picking the magazine back up and quickly checking out the last couple of pages.

“Hey! No fair. You tell me your secret.” Joe says anxiously.

“Yes. My wife has done it to me. A few times, actually. She loves it. I get great sex before, during, and after so I guess I do like it.” I say with a hint of naughtiness.

“Don’t you feel gay or something?” Joe asks inquisitively.

“No. I am just pleasing my wife and getting pleasure out of it as well. Though I will admit it is a funny feeling with something inside me.” I commented with a smirk on my face.

“Well,” Joe admitted, “I do get turned on when my wife Laura talks dirty to me and she really does get into fucking me.”

“And you get great sex afterward, right!” I urged him to continue.

“Hell yeah! She fucking loves it and sucks me and rides my cock. I can’t tell you how you how good that fucking feels.” He reminisces.

I show him a particular movie in the magazine, “Strap-on fantasies” and inquire, “Does your wife own this movie?”

“Yeah.” He sheepishly admits.

“Fucking awesome! Can we watch it?” I ask him eagerly.

Joe is almost shaking, he is so nervous. “I don’t know. That is fucking weird, don’t you think?”

I laugh. “No way, man. We discussed this much. Let’s watch it for a bit. It is better than watching our team get their asses beat.”

Joe regards the suggestion and finishes his beer. Handing him mine, he goes to the kitchen and gets us two more brews.

“Okay. Fine. But don’t ask any personal questions. This is embarrassing enough, don’t you think?” He says while handing me a beer and moving to the television.

“Well, I am sure as shit not going to go into any details, if you know what I mean. Let’s just check it out and talk about how hot and sexy the women are!” I say, taking a long swig of beer.

Joe put the movie in and sat down next to me on the couch. We clink beers and watch the previews, our attention focused on the screen.

“Damn!” I say to my neighbor, that bitch has a big cock and look at him sucking her!” I say, while laughing and riveted to the screen. “My wife Mary loves to have me suck her cock before she fucks me. Of course, her cock is pretty slim and not as big.”

Joe’s eyes are also focused on the screen and admits, “Laura has me suck a different cock then the one she uses to fuck me.”

“No shit! Tell me about it.” I ask eagerly.

“What do you want to know? Oh, fuck it. Let’s change the movie.” Joe says anxiously.

“No. Leave it. This scene is so fucking hot. He is riding the big titted brunette.” I stop his hand from taking the remote control.

“Ok. Fine.” Joe surrenders to my perverse request and we watch with rapt attention for a few more minutes.

“So,” I say, continuing to tease him, “I guess the fake dick your wife asks you to suck is bigger than the one, she um, uses on you?”

“Damn it. You said you wouldn’t talk about it!” Joe laments.

“No. It is not that way.” I say quickly to salvage the situation. alsancak escort bayan “My wife does the same to me.”

“Really?” Joe says incredulously. “I thought I was a freak.”

“No way.” I assured him. “Let me see it.”

Joe debated my request while getting us a couple more beers from the fridge.

“Ok. Fine. I will do it.” Joe relents.

Joe shakenly walked to his bedroom and retrieved the phallus, showing me excitedly. It was rubber, about seven inches and pretty thick, with a set of big balls. I weighed it in my hands and it was rather heavy.

“Nice cock.” I told him as he took the seat next to me on the couch, putting the beers on the table.

“Thanks,” he chuckled nervously. “Wife has good taste, I guess.”

I look at him with an evil grin on my face. “Do you want to try it out? You know, suck it.”

“What!” Joe almost spits out his beer. “You are crazy!”

“No. Really. Let’s take turns. It might be fun. I am curious.” I say anxiously.

“It is gay.” He pleads.

“Gay is sucking a real cock. This one is rubber.” I state as a matter of fact.

He seemed resigned to our fate and shrugs his shoulders in surrender.

I sat the cock down on the coffee table, taking a deep swig of beer. “How do you want to do this?”

“Okay. Okay. Let’s do it!” Joe said with more than just a hint of excitement in his voice. “How about you go first and I will direct you the way my wife tells me?”

“Ooh. Interesting. And then it will be my turn to tell you. I like it!” I am getting more and more excited by the novelty of this situation and the kinkiness of doing it with a guy.

Joe is nervous but quickly says, “Don’t joke. Fuck it. Let’s not do this. I don’t want you mocking me.”

“What?” I say defensively. “I am sucking the cock first and you think I am mocking you! This is weird enough, don’t you think?”

“Okay, okay.” Joe surrenders.

“All right.” I say, taking another long drink of liquid courage and take another glance at the television, watching this guy give a blowjob to a busty blonde’s strap on.

“How do we do this?” I look to him for guidance.

Nervously, Joe places the cock on the coffee table, face up and balls facing me. We both sit on the floor to make it easier to perform this lustful and kinky act. I notice we both have to adjust ourselves before sitting on the carpeted floor.

Joe eagerly speaks to me, “Just bend down and lick the tip. We will start slowly. Remember, I am only instructing you as my wife does to me. Ok?”

I am looking at the rubber cock slit with a lot of apprehension. My wife only had a narrow dildo and no balls or veins on a realistic rubber dick. Taking another drink, I then hold the base with my left hand.

“Ooh. Good.” Joe says excitedly. “Now just kiss the tip. Let the wetness in your mouth cover the cock head.”

I slowly proceed to do exactly as he tells me. I am nervous but very turned on by what is happening to both of us right at this moment.

Joe continues, “Kiss the slit and the big cock head. Kiss it all over. Kiss the shaft. Little kisses. Don’t slobber all over it just yet.”

“Yeah. That is it. Now, here comes the fun part. You are going to use your tongue. Just glide your wet, thick tongue along the beautiful cock head and slowly up and down that veiny, sexy, thick shaft.”

“MMMM. You are doing so well and you are making me so proud!” Joe begins to rub my back and neck.

I lifted my lips off the rubber dick and looked at him, like what the fuck.

“Don’t worry. I am just getting into the role. This is the shit my wife does to me.” He holds my head and slowly lowers it back to the fake cock.

I kind of relax and continue to lick up and down the fake dick, my mouth is wet for some reason and my cock is very hard.

Joe is rubbing my shoulders and the base of my neck, “Here is the big step! I want you to open your mouth real wide. You have that cock all excited and it needs to be in between those sexy lips of yours. This cock needs you and is crying out to you!”

Joe gasps, “You are doing so well! The cock fits perfectly between your lips! Now, make sure not to use your teeth-guys don’t like that. And remember to swirl your tongue around the cock-head and along the dick slit.”

“Mmmm! He is such a lucky guy to have his cock tended to by a rugged and handsome man. Don’t go too fast yet. Slow it down. Take him slowly down between your lips. Have him yearn for you before you deep throat him.”

Joe is now caressing my throat, neck, head, and my shoulders as he talks shamelessly to me. I have to admit I am turned on by the whole thing. I can’t believe it but I don’t want to stop. I give in to the pleasure and let out a moan as I feel my lips around the cock touching my fingers wrapped around this rubber dick-I am almost there!

“Ease up!” Joe tells me. “Slide your lips up and kiss the cock head. You know he is dripping right now and seeing you licking up his pre-cum like the sweetest nectar escort alsancak will drive him insane!”

Joe is panting, “Good. Good. Now take him back in between your beautiful cock sucking lips and hold it for just one moment.”

“Mmmm. Now go a little lower and hold it.”

“Yes! Now a little lower.”

My lips are now touching my hand again! I slide my hand lower to cradle the rubber cock’s balls.

“Oh. Fuck yeah!” Joe pants. “Don’t stop now! Keep going. Suck and suck and suck!” His fingers are caressing my chin and cheeks.

I feel my eyes tearing up but I continue and until finally, all of “his” cock is in my wet mouth!

“Holy fuck! You did it! You swallowed that fat monster to the balls!” Joe excitedly exclaimed.

I lifted my mouth up and took a great swig of beer, emptying the bottle. Joe also finished his and retrieved us two more as we both reflected on what we just did.

Handing me a beer, he takes a seat on the floor next to me again. The cock is wet from my saliva and seems to be staring at him, beckoning to him.

He looks at it warily. “Should I clean it off? It does have your spit on it.”

“Nah. Just go for it. Adds to the weirdness of it all.” I chuckle.

“Ok.” Joe sighs and looks at it.

“Well?” I ask impatiently. “It isn’t going to suck itself.” I chide.

“Now, hold the balls and kiss and lick the tip.” I calmly tell him and he complies.

“Now, open your mouth real wide and cover that cock head! Make it happy!”

“Good boy! Slide your lips down this hard cock! Mmmmm. That is it.”

“Now hold it. Slide your lips up. Slide your lips down. Good! Good!”

“Kiss the tip and then take as much of this hard and thick cock as you can. Good. Now start bobbing your head up and down like a good slut!”

Joe is grunting and groaning as he continues to suck this big and fat rubber dick.

He lifts his lips off the cock. “I can’t do it!”

“Sure you can! I will help you.” I add eagerly.

I lower his mouth to the dick again. However, this time, my tongue glides along the length, making it wetter with my spit. My tongue is just below his lips. He sees my tongue and tries to reach it with his mouth.

I continue my trek down the large vein of the rubber phallus, slow enough to make him want his mouth to reach my tongue. My hands caress his body, travelling from his shoulder to his chest and down to his hips.

Joe is moaning as I continue my manipulation and teasing. Slowly his lips descend to the full balls and he flicks his tongue across each rubber testicle.

He slowly eases up off the cock and like giddy school girls we scream in pleasure at our perverse successes.

Downing his beer, Joe says excitedly, “I can’t believe it! I did it!”

“We both did it!” I cheers to him, then I finish my beer.

As Joe rises to get us two more beers-yes we are definitely getting trashed-I see on the television the strap-on movie shows a guy dressed as a girl sucking on a sexy redhead’s plastic cock.

“Oh shit. Check this out, Joe. The guy is dressed as a chick and about to get fucked by this MILF with a huge rack and long plastic cock strapped to her hips!”

Joe sits down on the couch with me and hands me my beer, quietly taking a gulp of his own brew.

My eyes are glued to the television watching the crossdresser on his knees sucking his mistress’s pseudo cock.

“Wow! Fucking wild. You ever dress up for the wifey?” I look to him for response.

“Um.” He states nervously.

“You have! Son of a bitch!” I look at him anxiously. “Dress up for me.”

Joe almost spit out his beer. “No fucking way!”

“So you do dress up! Come on! I have to see.” I beg him.

“Kiss my ass!” Joe stutters.

“Ok.” I tell him.

“What!” Joe cries out loud.

“I will kiss your ass if you dress up.” I say to him anxiously.

“Ok. Fine! But it better be good!” He kneels on the couch and faces toward the back of it, pulling down his pants to his knees.

He did it. Holy fuck. Now what? I think to myself.

Looking at my younger neighbor, I see his legs are clean shaven, his butt is smooth and looks good. He keeps in shape and it is noticeable. Incredibly, he is wearing white panties! If my cock was not hard enough already, it got even harder! This guy is totally fucking kinky. I would almost bet that he desired me to see him dressed with the feminine undergarment.

I slowly, casually, placed my arms on either side of his athletic body and breathed slowly across his backside, causing him to gasp. He smelled almost feminine, a sweet body lotion, I guess. I lean in closer and tentatively press my lips lightly on a butt cheek. He shivers but does not move, otherwise.

Emboldened by his permission to continue, by virtue of him not saying no, I press my lips against the other butt cheek. He exudes a soft sigh as I kiss the cheek and then slide my tongue to his other butt cheek, kissing that one with a little more pressure and sound. alsancak escort

He starts to squirm and sigh as I cover both cheeks with kisses and little licks and nibbles.

“Is that enough?” I ask with my mouth blowing on a spot I just lathered with kisses and licks.

“Depends.” He says with a shaky voice and catching his breath while trying to control his body. “Do you want to see just a dress or also with stockings and a wig and make-up?” He teases while lightly shaking his booty.

“Definitely all of it!” I emphasize my desire by taking a playful bite out of his butt then kissing and licking the jiggling ass cheek all over.

Parting the panties to one side, I unveil his clean and inviting puckered hole.

“Oh fuck!” Joe exclaims as he feels my tongue circle his nether region.

He continues to gasp and mew as I press apart his ass cheeks and slide my tongue around his ass rim.

“Do it!” He begs. “Please!”

I continue to tease and lick his opening, nibbling and kissing the area around the carnal cavity.

“Stop teasing me!” Joe cries out. “Do it! Stick your tongue in my ass. I will wear a mini skirt. I will suck your cock!”

I bury my tongue as deeply as possible into his dark opening and slap his ass cheeks as I tongue fuck him while he screams obscenities and makes promises he would not be able to keep.

Holding his swerving body in place by roughly grasping his ass cheeks as he continues to writhe on the couch and moaning loudly, my tongue slides from his hole lower and lower, until I am flicking my tongue across his cum filled balls.

“Oh Fuck!” He moans, bucking his hips backward forcing my lips back to his anal opening.

Sensing he is going to cum just from my anal assault, I ease my tongue from his throbbing hole, kissing his ass cheeks one last time before kneeling behind him.

Pressing my body against his so he could feel my hard cock through my pants and holding his hips in place, I whisper in his ear, “You can’t cum yet. You promised to show me you being dressed up!”

Joe is gripping the back of the couch so tightly I thought he would rip it apart. “Oh fuck! That was so fucking hot! Felt so good.” He begins to rotate his hips so my pants covered cock slides across his ass cheeks.

“I am going to be dressed so fucking hot for you!” Joe says excitedly as he pulls his pants up, still facing the back of the couch.

I slide away from him and as Joe turns to rise, he leans to me and presses his lips firmly on mine. Shocked, I instinctively open my mouth which allows Joe to slide his tongue as deeply as possible between my teeth and across my tongue.

Unable to process the information and before I could react, the deep kiss ends and Joe stands up flustered, excited, and totally eager.

“I won’t be long.” He says quickly. “Oh. One more thing. You better be in only your underwear when I return. It’s only fair.” He says flirtatiously before escaping to his bedroom.

My cock is so hard it is difficult to pee but I manage to make it to the bathroom to relieve myself. I had to sit on the toilet and angle my hard cock down so my pee doesn’t splash on me or around the bathroom.

Sitting on the couch, wearing only my briefs and nursing my beer, I wish I could say I felt guilty or gay or whatever. I did not. I felt great. This is such a weird set of circumstances and I never thought I would have done half of what I did with a guy. However, I liked it. A lot! I am sure if his ass had hair or if it did not look so soft, toned and sexy, I would not have done it. I am sure if he did not get as excited, I would have stopped.

However, I have to admit I am ravenously turned on. My craze is certainly not eased while I am watching on television two women double team a guy, one with her pseudo cock in his ass and the other shoving her fake dick down his throat was an incredible turn-on. I have to borrow this movie! My wife would repay me with so much fucking pleasure!

I am sure, if the opportunity presented itself, I could and would definitely fuck him. Mmm. I hope he looks hot enough to fuck, that is. What if he isn’t? What if he just looks like a guy in drag. Could I still do it? I don’t know.

All negative thoughts were dashed and, with just one quick look at my incredibly sexy neighbor, I knew I was getting laid tonight!

Joe looked sexy as hell! Dressed as a hot schoolgirl, complete with plaid skirt, white blouse, white stockings, and brown haired wig with complete make-up and sexy red lips; he looked ravishing.

“Oh my god! You look incredible. So fucking sexy!” I say, standing up to get a great look at my slim next door neighbor.

He puts on a wide smile and coyly twirls for me; giving me the full effect. Teasingly, the mini skirt does not ride high enough to show off his panty clad sexy ass.

Blowing me a kiss, while bending sexily, “Well, it is definitely not a gun in your undies, so you must be hot for your next door neighbor!”

Hungrily eying him up and down, “Damn right, I am! I bet you are as hard as my cock.”

“No way.” He replied saucily. “I am not turned on by a man.”

“Liar.” I say while grabbing him and pulling him to me.

I plopped down on the couch and pulled him down with me.

“Lying is not ladylike and you should be punished.” I say naughtily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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