My New Family Pt. 03 – Adopting Sisters

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Author’s note:

As with all my series, this one started with just one germ of an idea that developed in my imagination one scenario at a time. Eventually, the series felt like it was at a nice place to end after 14 individual episodes. As I prepared to publish the collection on Literotica, I knew the full 80-some pages would be too long for one entry, so I thought about how it might be divided. As I re-read the story sequentially, I felt 3 distinct story segments emerge. I will publish each of these as I complete QA checks:

“Part 1-My New Family” comprises 5 episodes about the narrator’s view of the emerging sexual integration with his new wife and stepdaughter.

“Part 2-Helping Out.” in 5 episodes I explore what happens when the sexual freedom in the family touches Honey’s school.

This is the final four episodes, which I’ve titled “Part 3-Adopting New Sisters”. They tell of Anne’s generosity, sharing her husband with her girlfriends.


Part III. Adopting new sisters


CHAPTER 11. Help me, Rhonda

[Hearing the melody “Spill the Wine” by Eric Burdon & War]

As I fell asleep and dreamed.

I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie,

and that I was the star.

I stood high upon a mountaintop,

naked to the world

in front of every kind of girl.

I awoke abruptly to the clanking of dishes and talking coming up from the kitchen below. It seemed the song had been playing on a loop in my mind. It’s easy to see what brought this golden oldie to mind— I had just spent the last hour or so on a kind of mountaintop naked before, well, I don’t know for sure who I was naked before except for Miss Winters.

I guess I was having fun in my subconscious state. I was sporting a passable erection as I got off the bed. I hung the robe in the master bathroom and slipped on a warm-up suit: it was blue wind pants and a matching 1/4-zip, pullover windshirt. Looking in the mirror, I smoothed down my hair and headed downstairs.

I skipped down the stairs and rounded the corner nearly flying into the kitchen. I saw four women laughing, chatting and laying out dinner. With five places set, I guess I was expected.

“Hi. Is there anything to eat? I am famished,” I said as I walked around the table kissing Honey and Anne who were at their normal seats. When I got to my usual seat at the head of the table, I looked down to see Heather beside Honey. “Hi Heather.” Across from her, beside Anne was someone I didn’t know.

Anne introduced her, “Sweetie, this is Rhonda, Heather’s mom and my yoga buddy.” Rhonda is petite and very young looking. In any other context, I would never have guessed she is the mother of a teenager. Her hair is short, parted low on the left. The light blonde bang sweeps to her right eyebrow where it demands you look into her deep blue eyes. She’s wearing skin tight dark blue jeans and a sheer off-white blouse.

“Nice to finally meet you,” I said, “it’s great how close our daughters have become.” I looked around the table at each of these four beauties and smiled.

Anne nodded and at once they each took their glass and raised it. Anne looked at me and said, “you too.” I raised mine and waited. “To our guest of honor: the most willing and capable male art model ever.”

“Hear! Hear!” They all said. We clinked glasses, took a sip then sat down to eat.

Over the next half hour, I listened to them banter. The table was filled with girl talk. There was school gossip. Complaining about tough assignments. Gripes about mean girls and mean or just bad teachers. And then they brought up Miss Winters.

Honey said, “Don’t you just love Miss Winters, Daddy? She really likes you. She said you are the best subject she ever worked with.”

“Does she now? She seems nice. Whether she’s a good artist or teacher, I can’t say until I see some of your pieces.”

“She has taught all over the world,” Heather continued, “even in Europe. She’s shown us some of her art. It’s really good.”

Finishing the topic, Honey said, “she asked us to say ‘Thank you, again’ as she was leaving.”

“Tell her it was my pleasure. I do what I can to support you.”

“I will.” Then looking at Anne she said, “Mom, do you think you could take Heather and me to the mall to pick up some art supplies? Our sketch pads are all used up.”

“Sure, Honey. Maybe we’ll get some ice cream while we’re out, too. Go get your coats and meet me in the garage,” she replied. Then turning to me she said, “can you keep Rhonda company for a while?”

“Of course,” I said as I saw Rhonda up darting about the kitchen clearing the table and loading the dishwasher.

Anne leaned in to kiss me and whispered in my ear, “Today is her 35th birthday. Give her what she needs for me, okay?”

“Sure, Babe. Your wish is my command and my pleasure,” I said softly as I kissed her and sent her off to shop with the girls.

I poured a fresh glass of wine for Rhonda and one for myself. When I tried to help her with the dishes, bağcılar escort she put her hand up and shook he head, “you just sit there; I’ll be done in a minute.” I pulled out a chair and turned it away from the table so I could watch her work.

I sipped my wine as she sped back and forth from the table to the sink to the dishwasher. Finally, she pushed closed the dishwasher and hung the towel by the sink. She picked up her wine and stood in front of me. She took a sip as she looked at me. She smiled curiously. After a moment, she stepped to the table to set her glass down. Then she lifted her left leg and spun counterclockwise and jumped into my lap straddling me.

Rhonda leaned forward and kissed me and said, “I bet I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is Heather’s mom.’ Sometimes I can’t either. She gets her build and coloring from the father.”

“Can we go somewhere more comfortable?” She asked as she slid off my legs, grabbed my hands and pulled me to standing.

“Sure, let’s go into the family room,” I replied as I led her out of the kitchen, across the entry hall and down the step into a large casual living space.

She flopped down onto the big leather sofa and patted the space next to her beckoning me to join her. After I joined her, she pulled her legs up under herself and leaned on my shoulder. She snaked her free hand under my shirt and played with my chest hair as she told me her story.

“I was just sixteen when he came home on leave from Iraq. His parents lived across the street from us and we had been on-again, off-again friends since I was in third grade. He played football in high school but wasn’t quite big enough or fast enough to earn a college scholarship. So he joined the army. He was big enough and fit enough for the infantry, so he was quickly deployed after basic training.

“His mom asked me to write him so she wouldn’t be his only connection to home. We exchanged one or two letters a month for over a year. It was nothing special, but it was nice. When he came home on leave he asked me out one time and we saw a movie together. Again nothing special, we were just hanging out as friends. We didn’t hold hands or anything. He was home for about two weeks before he had to return to base.

“On his last night home, he asked me out to get a burger. On the way home, he drove to a side street not far from our homes and parked in a dark area. He turned off the car, turned and looked at me. He had a strange look in his eyes but he spoke softly, ‘Rhonda, thanks for writing. You are the only girl who ever talked to me.’

“He reached across, undid my seatbelt, and put his hand on my leg. I didn’t mind at first, but then I realized that he had undone his zipper with his other hand. Suddenly, like lightning, he flipped back my seat, spread my legs and covered my mouth. He was so strong and I was so shocked I couldn’t do anything to break free.

“He pushed up my skirt and slid my panties to one side and raped me. I had never had sex before and he just rammed himself in. He pumped 3 times, grunted and it was done. He drove me home without another word. I got out of his car struggling to stifle my sobs. I ran into the house, slammed the door and ran to my room so I wouldn’t have to talk with my mom or dad. That was the last time I saw him.

“That is how my beautiful baby was conceived. Since her birth, I have been 100% focused on keeping her safe and making her ready for a cruel world. My mom and dad sheltered us while I finished high school and community college. But we have been on our own, just the two of us ever since.”

“Here we are almost 20 years later. I have never willingly given myself to a man because I could never trust one.”

She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head then began to unbutton her blouse as she continued.

“It took a while for me to open up to Anne, but your wife is very persistent.” I nodded in agreement. “After a few months of talking at the juice bar at the yoga studio, she told me her story: about her mom, her first husband, and of course about you. She told me how she is preparing Honey to be an empowered woman. After that play date she set up for Honey and Heather-you remember that, don’t you?- she said to me, ‘Now, Rhonda, how about you?'”

She stood up in front of me. Her blouse was fully open and she shrugged it off her shoulders giving me full view of her breasts. They barely rose from her chest. The cream colored mounds weren’t even as thick as her flattened hand. In the center of each was a dark peak that was about the same size and shape and color as a Hershey’s Kiss.

She leaned forward and found my hands. She lifted them to cup her breasts. My thumbs found her nipples hard and erect. I brushed my thumbs back and forth across them. She grabbed my hands and held them tight to her. She leaned in and whispered, “I’ll give you an hour to stop… No I won’t; I don’t want to stop there.”

I gently caressed her breasts as she continued, “I told Anne that I had never bahçelievler escort had a good sexual experience with a man and I wasn’t sure I would ever find one I could trust not to hurt me. Then she told me to come today. She said there would be no pressure and that I would be able to bail at any time.”

She bent forward again. This time, she grabbed to check my stiffening cock through my pants. Satisfied, she took hold of the waistband of my pants and started pulling. She said, “I have to admit, seeing your body this afternoon got me interested. When I saw how you responded to Miss Winters, I knew you would be patient with me.”

She unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and shimmied out of them taking her undies with them. Her pubic hair was the color of straw; but it was fine and wispy.

She returned to the spot beside me, lifted my left hand and laid it on her knee. She started tracing various features of my body starting at the little finger of my left hand. I looked at her face and watched as she studied every reflex as she tickled up my arm, around my neck and face, down my torso. Eventually she made her way to my cock and balls.

“When I say I never had a good sexual experience, I mean ‘except for being raped once, I never had sex.’ I never got or gave pleasure, sexually. Period.”

Clearly she was using this time for discovery. She moved slowly and deliberately. She seemed to enjoy stimulating arousal.

My cock was rhythmically throbbing when she pushed me over onto my back and straddled my chest. “What is the best way to do oral sex?” She asked reaching back brushing the back of her fingers down and up my churning scrotum.

“It depends, I suppose. The most important thing is to be comfortable and try to pay attention to the signals you are getting.”

“Of course, but what position do you like?

“Honestly, I prefer the woman on top. If you would you like to try that, slide that small pillow under my head and scoot on up here.”

She leaned forward and lightly kissed me as she reached for the lumbar pillow that rested on the arm of the sofa. She gently lifted my head and slid the pillow under. Then she stood over me with one foot on either side of my head and lowered her moist lips to my mouth. I inhaled deeply to prime my senses then I leaned in for a kiss. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her down so I could probe her with my tongue.

She immediately responded with active pelvic rocking as she moved her clit and lips to find the stimulation she wanted. I laid there with my eyes closed savoring every moment as she bore down hard and rode my mouth. I presented my tongue for her wet labia then sucked and nibbled when I found her hard clit.

After a few minutes, she rose up clenching my head between her thighs as she released an intense orgasm. Then she put her hands on my forehead and pushed to disengage me from her pulsing vagina. “Oh. Oh. That’s what Anne was telling me about. You are so good with your mouth.”

Rhonda laid with her back to the sofa then met my mouth with hers. She kissed me deeply looking for traces of her cream with her own tongue while tugging on me with her left hand. “Mmm. Anne told me to try this. She said this kiss is one of the most intimate acts. I wondered how it could be any different from any other kiss. But the smell and taste on your mouth is incredibly arousing.”

She pushed herself up and reoriented her feet toward my head. “I would like to taste you now,” she said. She rested her head on my left thigh. Her right arm reached over my right thigh. She found my balls from behind and was massaging them. Meanwhile she teasingly flicked her tongue at my frenulum.

Since she was lying on her side with her right leg thrown over the back of the sofa, I rolled toward her so I could play too. I took the first two fingers of my free hand and traced her inner thigh from her knee to her pubic mound.

As she increased the pressure of the testicle massage, I started a massage of my own, pinching the hood of her clit and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She slipped her mouth over the head of my cock and started sliding her tongue around as much of the corona as she could reach without breaking suction. Between the vigorous nut kneading and her incredible tongue work I was rapidly reaching the point of no return.

I don’t know how we timed it, but one instant I thrust the first two fingers of my hand into her and pressed her g spot while squeezing her clit, she squeezed hard on my balls causing me to release my load. I could hear her trying to scream while she was managing to swallow.

She moved her hand from my balls to my cock. She seemed to be squeezing every last drop from the base to the head as she slowly pulled him from her mouth. She pulled the last inch with a dramatic pop then a playful “Heh heh heh.”

I withdrew my fingers and licked them dry and said, “You can’t convince me you have never done that before.” I rolled off the sofa and stood up. I grabbed the afghan from the back of the overstuffed bahçeşehir escort chair, draped it over my shoulders and sat back down by Rhonda.

She sat up and leaned into me and under the blanket. As she pulled her legs up under herself, I wrapped my arms and blanket tight around her. She combed my chest hair with her fingers resting her head on my shoulder. She said, “I haven’t. Really. Ask Anne. She totally coached me. She told me what you like and she was almost 100% right about what you would do. I am glad it wasn’t a perfect prediction. If it was, I would accuse her off keeping a sex robot. Hahaha.”

“Hmm,” was all I could say. We sat cuddling even after we heard the garage door open indicating Anne and the girls were home.

We heard the door burst open and Honey and Heather run upstairs rustling bags and giggling all the way. Anne came down into the family room dropping her coat on the chair, “Hey you two. Have fun?” she asked as she kissed Rhonda on the cheek. “Did you like my birthday gift?”

Rhonda was smiling and nodding as Anne took my face in her cold hands and kissed me hard on the mouth. “Smells like you did. Heh heh heh,” she laughed and flopped down on the other side of me. She looked down at my flaccid penis and chuckled, “All used up, I see. Good.” She joined Rhonda playing with my chest hair.

“Thanks Anne. That was the best birthday gift ever. You are a very special friend. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to collect my daughter so we can get some sleep before midterms.”

I watched her as she stood and wiggled herself back into her jeans. I noticed her skin glistening from exertion as she pulled on her blouse. It clung to her in places making the job of buttoning a little challenging.

While Rhonda dressed, Anne put on her own little show. Her head was now in my lap. She was gently caressing my balls while teasing my mostly limp cock with her fingernails. Kissing first then sucking them one by one fully into her mouth. This was a different kind of three-way: Anne working me, me watching Rhonda, and Rhonda studying Anne. I was getting hard again in the moment, which probably wasn’t near as long as it seemed.

With 3 buttons left, Rhonda bent in and kissed the back of Anne’s head then my lips and whispered, “Love you guys. Gotta run.” She finished her buttons as she trotted out.

I heard the patting of her footsteps up the stairs, over to Honey’s room, and back down as she collected Heather. Anne had moved on and taken my cock into her mouth as I heard Heather holler, “Bye, thanks for dinner and the ice cream.”

I gently tousled Anne’s hair as her tongue worked me to the edge of ecstasy. The front door clicked shut and for the first time today, I was alone with the love of my life. Anne felt my cock start the usual involuntary throbbing that precedes orgasm. She squeezed firmly until it subsided then disengaged her mouth as I exhaled a sigh.

She stood up, took my hands and pulled me to my feet. She wrapped her arms around my waist and tightly hugged me for a long minute. She led me by the hand up out of the family room. Passing through the living room, we paused to lock the front door. She turned out lights as we made our way up the stairs and finally to our bedroom.

“Shower?” She asked as she finally dropped my hand and started undressing. In mere moments, she was naked before me and the room was filling with stream. She took my hand again and pulled me under the hot water. We hugged as we enjoyed the sensation.

We finished our day in our favorite way, lying beside one another, on our own bed air drying, drifting off to sleep, satisfied.

CHAPTER 12. Meet the Damaged Dom

Anne’s yoga instructor is so tall—easily 5 feet 11 inches—she intimidates men. She’s not too easy on the ladies in her classes, either.

Anne and Rhonda took their usual table at the juice bar after yoga. Rhonda was sipping juiced celery and avocado. Anne had carrot and mango. After a few minutes of gripes about difficult poses, Rhonda touched Anne’s hand, leaned in and whispered, “Do you think her name is really Nastya or is it a nickname she earned in the Russian army?”

“Ha ha ha. Funny, Rhonda. I think it is a real name. Diminutive for Anastasia or something. I heard she was a mail-order bride, whose “husband” was into some shady stuff in Chicago. She got free of her mess and moved out here about 3 years ago.”

“That’s rough. Seems like there are a lot of us finding refuge in our little town. By the way, thanks again for the perfect birthday present,” she winked.

The juice bar was busier than usual. When Nastya looked around for a seat, the only ones left were at Anne’s table. “May I join you?” She asked.

Rhonda pulled out the chair to her right. “Sure, we were just having a little girl talk.”

“Thanks. Please, don’t let me interrupt. I think I could enjoy talking about something other than class sizes and fees and collections. You two always come here together. How did you meet?”

“Anne and I met at ‘Back-to-school night’ last fall. We both have daughters graduating this spring. I had never seen Anne or Honey before, which I thought was strange since there are only 200 girls in the school,” Rhonda said. “I learned they were new to town, but that we share a lot in common, so I started inviting Anne to all of my activities. That’s how we started our yoga and juice bar habit.”

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