My Perfect Other Half Ch. 18

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Chapter 18: Returning to Roots

The trip from their tropical paradise to the heat of the Omo Valley was a long and bumpy ride. Roads deteriorated from paved to gravel. The temperature continued to rise. In every direction, Destiny saw nothing but sand. There were no homes, no businesses, and no sign of human life.

“How much further?”

“Another hour. You do want to be immersed in the culture?”

“I want to learn everything I can. Of course, I do.”

“No one wears clothing, Mistress. I want you to be aware of that. If you aren’t naked, you will be viewed as a rich outsider and be shunned by everyone.”

“What will you be doing?”

Zala smiled. “My clothes are staying in the car. They always do.”

“So you’ve been here before?”

“Many times. I love these people. We happen to be coming during one of their primary rituals.”

“What do they celebrate?”

“Women,” she replied grinning. “The Omo love their women.”

“Do they have slaves here the way they do in Addis Ababa?”

“Not really. There’s a hierarchy but you won’t find girls with a slave on a leash. I’ve only seen that in the city and more developed parts of the country.”

“There are so many.”

“Women with slaves?”

“Yes. The lifestyle seems so accepted – so common.”

“It is,” Zala agreed. It’s approaching 20% in the city. Latest I’ve read it’s about 10% in the smaller towns and villages.”

“Maybe someday it will be the predominant marriage dynamic.”

“I don’t know about that but it’s growing rapidly in popularity. When I took my slave, I bet there weren’t half as many as there are now and that’s only been a few years.”

“It’s enjoyable to see, especially coming from the States where it’s still unaccepted, at least publicly.”

“If you took me home,” Zala said smiling, “I would agree to be leashed in public.”

“It’s women leashing men that turns me on; not women possessing women. But if I took you home I wouldn’t ask. I’d do what I wanted regardless.”

“True, but you could have me walk Tyler around. You wouldn’t have to deal with the repercussions but could still enjoy seeing him collared and leashed.”

“You never give up; do you?”

Zala grinned. “I only want you to think of the possibilities.”

“I told you, I’ve been thinking.”

Zaya pointed. “Oh look we’re here!”

Up ahead was a group of about seven men and three vehicles blocking their path. All were holding machine guns and waving them to a stop.

The most muscular spoke. Zala conversed with him for a few minutes more. Eventually, they were allowed to pass.

“What was that all about?” She asked visibly shaken.

“That is one of the guard stations. The Omo tribes have been resisting the intrusion of people like you and me. They come only to take pictures. The tribal leaders have taken offense to so many coming with no reason but to gawk.”

“So how did we get to pass?”

“I’m Omo, Goddess. The fact that I could speak their tribal language was the only reason. And they know my grandmother.” Keeping a straight face and not looking away from the road, she allowed the news of her origin to settle in Destiny’s mind.

“You? You are Omo?”

“Yes, Goddess. I’m like you, or maybe I should say, you are like me.” Zala pulled the car off the road and parked.

“What are we doing?”

“We are going to get ourselves presentable to see my grandmother.”

“You are Omo?!” Destiny couldn’t believe what Zala had revealed. “You never told me!”

“You never asked. But to answer your question, no one is really Omo. Omo is a place. There are many tribes here. I am from the Hamer tribe. But yes, I am Omo because I grew up in the Valley.

She pulled the car to a halt and got out. Destiny joined her at the rear of their vehicle. “Please, strip. I need to get you ready.”

It took Zala an hour to paint their bodies with the chalky white, yellow and red dust. Adding layers of necklaces of wood, shells and tiny colored clay beads, Zala was able to transform the American into a relatively passible Hamer woman.

“Even though we are sweating, we are too clean. Here, I’ll fix that.” Giggling she picked up two handfuls of dirt and rubbed the fine clay dust on their legs. “I think we look pretty good. We go that way. It will take us another hour.”

“An hour? In this heat?”

“You did say you were Omo, didn’t you?” Zala giggled. “Come on. Grandmother will be so surprised.”

On the way, Zala educated Destiny of the Hamer tribe ways. She instructed her how to interact, what to expect concerning meals, who to show respect, who to ignore, and generally now to avoid looking like someone who is not Hamer.

Destiny was pleased to learn Zala’s grandmother was one of the tribal elders. She was not the primary leader but was highly respected. Her name was Nori and she was treated like royalty. Respect was shown by remaining quiet.

“Let me be your interpreter. Grandmother will ask lots of questions. She will want to know all about you. Be honest and direct. Don’t pendik sarışın escort lie. Always be truthful. Nori’s older sister, Modo, is the leader of our tribe. She may want to talk with you as well.”

“What if they ask about my marriage?”

“What did I just advise?”

“Yes, be honest?”

“Yes! Be yourself. But may I ask a big favor from you?”

“Of course.”

“Please do not tell anyone that you are considering me as a slave. I’m afraid my grandmother will banish me from the tribe if she ever learns this.”

“Why then? Why disrespect your people’s values?”

“Because it’s what I feel I must do. I want to serve a woman. Having my slave serve me isn’t at all like serving you.”

“Wow, Zala, I’m beginning to understand the magnitude of your decision. You are risking everything if I take you. I don’t know if I should.”


“No! Zala! Never question me like that!” She pointed to the ground. “On your knees. Nose to my feet and stay there! I will have none of this!”

Zala dropped to the ground. They were still a good half-mile from town but close enough that others might see. With trepidation, she obeyed the woman she craved to be owned by.

“Zala, your tongue is your primary detriment. It pleases my pussy gloriously but it does you no good when you act out like this. If you cannot control it, I will reconsider my options.”

Destiny saw her head bob in acknowledgment and felt the many kisses on her dirty foot.

“If you are Omo and I am Omo,” Destiny stated. “Then am I wrong to take a woman – especially another Omo woman? That is the question you force me to consider. Am I violating the honor of my people by taking another of my own? Can’t you see the morality of where you and I now stand as women?”

She allowed the question to linger. Like a good girl, Zala said nothing. “You may stand.”

When she did, Destiny saw she had been crying. “Why the tears?”

“Because of what you said. Oh, Goddess…..”

Zala burst into tears and sobbed openly. Her expression of sincere emotion at the pain she felt at the possibility of being rejected reached Destiny’s heart. “Come, slave. Let me hold you. I don’t mean to make this as painful as it has become. I really don’t.”

“I know. Deep inside, I know. But it’s so hard.”

The women held their embrace while Zala regained composure. Once she had, she rubbed her tears away with sand-covered hands. “OK, I’m ready.”

As they approached the town of thatched-roof homes, Destiny noticed naked boys and girls playing in the mostly arid fields. Further off, she glimpsed the sight of forested land. “Is there water over there?”

“The Omo river is off that way. Every spring it floods and waters our crops. We are bound to the river. We thrive and struggle as the River determines.”

Soon they found themselves amongst the flow of the tribe’s inhabitants. How unique it was to see everyone engaging in complete comfort while wearing nothing. Many had piercings. Many sported lip and ear expanders, which over the years, had stretched various skin segments until they had become grossly enlarged. Many women displayed nose, eyebrow, and cheek piercings.

“I can see your people adore jewelry,” Destiny commented.

“We love color. It is why I gave you so many beaded necklaces.” Indeed Destiny’s body was adorned with color. In addition to the jewelry, Zala had applied ocra chalk to her breasts and painted the ends with a large yellow circle that surrounded each nipple and areola. Lines of color radiated from her loins and drew the eye toward her yoni. Linearly-oriented chalk dots covered her tummy, shoulders, and thighs. Zala was similarly decorated.

“Look up ahead. Want to have some fun?”

“What kind of fun?”

“Are you horny?

Destiny answered. “Not especially. Why?”

“If you want to get eaten, they will take care of you.”

“Zala! In public? Why?”

Zala giggled. “Because you are Omo female. It’s their job. I won’t make you. You can watch. I want some.”

Before Destiny could protest, Zala yelled. One of the men stood. He was a bit pudgy and a bit older than Destiny. She pointed to her pussy. The man knelt and came to her as if he had done so a thousand times before.

“You sure you don’t want one? You can pick whoever you want.” She pointed to the others standing only a short distance away.

“I’m sure. You enjoy.”

Yelling again, Zala said something to the group. They turned away obediently.

“Mmmm, I’ve missed this, Goddess. There’s nothing like the tongue of a Hamer servant. It’s the best.” After giving him further instructions, her hips moved over his eager mouth.

Destiny watched the man lick. When Zala’s arousal grew to a frenzy, the Hamer slave drew her clit into his mouth. Destiny remembered the feel of Zala’s clit when licking her briefly that first night. She remembered it being inordinately large.

Zala came hard, all while tribal natives strolled nearby without paying her much attention. Destiny pendik şişman escort waited. Having to watch her friend get off in such a public and foreign place made her feel all the more awkward. She was naked, dusty, painted, and among 400-500 other people dressed similarly. Only the women were painted but all were naked and darkly pigmented. She looked down the busy lane and spotted another man kneeling before a woman. She was at least 100 yards away but there was no doubting he was providing her an oral-treat.

“To think that my mama’s mama, once lived in a village like this?” She mused. Now that she was here among her people, the fact that Abeda had Omo roots felt even more profound. “I could have been born here; lived here; married here, and lived like those all around me,” she contemplated.

Destiny smiled. Her thoughts went back to her conversation with Tyler about putting him between her mother’s legs if mom ever asked. “Was it in mom’s genes to want spontaneous oral sex? Did Dad ever give her any? Should I ask to see if she’d want Tyler to be that guy whenever we came to visit?”

“Oh, my!” She said alone. “What am I even thinking?!”

Looking around she noticed that most of the women were tall and sported ample breasts. They were strongly built and carried themselves with a sense of pride. The younger boys and men were put together similarly but the middle-aged and older guys lacked the vitality and muscular builds of their younger kin. She didn’t know why. Maybe they were put into positions where physical labor was no longer a chore they needed to do.

“Ah, that felt good,” Zala commented. She sent the man away to join his friends. “Are you ready to meet grandmother?”

“I think so.”

Zayla laughed. “You’ll love grandmother. She is so much fun.”

“Then I’m looking forward to it.” Destiny peered over her shoulder at the man who had just eaten her. He was about to join his friends when she asked, “Why do they all have rings in their dicks? They remind me of Tyler.”

“Tyler has a huge cock. Those cocks have been getting smaller every year. They don’t work anymore. Nature is doing its job and shrinking them down to the size of a little boy. It’s why we call them what we do.”

“So all the boys have rings?”

“Yes, all the boys who serve orally do.” Zala suddenly became giddy with excitement. “Grandmother’s hut is right there. Come on in, I love surprising her!”

(The following conversation was interpreted for an easier read)

“Hello, Grandmother,” Zala said cheerfully upon entering the small wooden structure.

There, seated on the floor sat an elderly woman. She was about 60 although the effects of the equatorial sun had wrinkled and aged her skin so much she appeared much older. She did not stand when Zala walked through the door.

“Zala!” So good to see you! I hope Taci is well. You stay away far too long.” Nori surveyed her granddaughter. “You look too weak. Where are your muscles? Do you not ever go out in the sun, girl?”

“Grandmother, I brought a friend with me. This is my friend Destiny. Her grandmother lived along the Omo too.”

“Where? Is she Hamer”

“She doesn’t know.”

“Come here, my girl. Let me take a look.”

Destiny came closer to the seated woman. Nori insisted she come closer still. Without asking, she reached between her legs. “Open, I need to see,” she said from her cross-legged position on the dirt floor.

“She is not Hamer,” she determined. Her bud is too small but she is related. She is tall and strong and the butterfly is there but her seed has not blossomed to the degree of the Hamer.”

After Zala interpreted Grandmother’s assessment, realization set in. She remembered the size of Zala’s clit as well as the size of her inner labia. Like her, they protruded beyond the outer lips and hung like a butterfly with its wings closed.

“But she is a handsome girl. Like you, she spends too much time indoors. She needs more sunshine. Where do you come from, Destiny?”

After learning, Nori nodded. She didn’t know where America was; only that it was far beyond where the sun traveled.

“You will be staying with me, of course.”

“Of course Grandmother. I have no other place to stay but here.”

“That is because you have not taken a man to be yours. Your hut should be right there.” Nori pointed outside.

“Grandmother, I am happy. Maybe someday. Do you want me to get the boys to make your evening meal?”

“Yes, do that. There will be a tying tonight. Your friend is welcome.”

“A tying? What is that?” Destiny asked.

“Yes, we will go,” answered Zala. “It’s always a fun time. That is for later. For now, I will ask you again, would you like to cum? I can get you a boy.”

“I’m perfectly content.” The last thing she wanted was to cause a stir in front of Nori.

“Suit yourself. Grandmother?” Zala asked. “Do you want a treat before dinner.”

Nori smiled. She was missing a few teeth, yet her grin was contagious. It made others smile along with pendik sınırsız eskort bayanlar her. “I have gotten a treat every evening for longer than I can remember. “Go fetch me a boy.”

Returning, after a short absence, Zala sat beside her grandmother. The two ladies spread their legs while two boys waited. Like earlier, they weren’t boys but rather middle-aged men. When the elder woman snapped fingers, the boys lay prone and crawled forward until making contact.

“There’s another one outside. I brought three in the hope you might have a change of heart.”

Destiny shook her head. There was no way she was going to join these two in this setting. In hindsight, maybe she should have, for she felt even more embarrassed having to watch until both climaxed. Nori and Zala came hard. When the waves of bliss passed, the boys left without being told.

“She is a shy one,” Nori commented.

“She is new to the village ways. Give her time, Grandmother. I hope she will soon understand her place in the village. There is no need for such bashfulness.”

That evening, the three women joined Nori’s older sister, Modo, and strode to the village square. Nori gave Destiny a handful of finely braided grass cords. Each was more than a foot in length.

“Thank you,” she replied, although she had no idea why she was given the strands. Zala grinned approvingly. “What?”

“Grandmother is turning over her responsibility to you. This is an honor and you should thank her afterward.”

“And what is that?”

Zala pointed to the square where a large crowd had already gathered.

“Everyone, including the women, dipped their heads in respect when Modo joined their ranks.

“Are they ready?” Modo asked.

“Everyone is here,” said another woman.

“That is good.” She scanned the group of men huddled together before turning to look at the larger gathering of men, women, and children.

“Nori begin the tying.” She spotted her and frowned. Her sister had no cordage. She nearly shouted in anger but Nori came and quietly spoke in her sister’s ear.

“Yes,” Modo agreed. “This is good.”

Without pause, Nori grabbed the bashful Destiny. “Come with me.” They approached the men. “Look,” Nori said, “I will do the first. You will do the rest.”

There were about 30 men. All were fit and strong. Destiny figured they were all about her age or a bit older. The older woman knelt and motioned for one of the men to step forward. Watching her carefully, Destiny observed while she dipped one of the grass strands into a bowl of water and then quickly circled the man’s scrotum with it. Crossing the open ends to form a simple knot, she jerked the ends tight. The man winced but otherwise appeared unaffected. Nori pointed to her left. The tied man went to join others in the crowd of people.

“OK, next,” she called. Another from the grouping of guys stepped forward. “Now you. It’s easy. Sit!” Destiny repeated the procedure as she had seen it done while Nori looked on with a critical eye. “Now pull tight. Pull hard. Yes. Very good.”

Like the one before, this one grimaced and left to join the crowd.

Again and again, Destiny tied off the scrotums of these willing men. When the last had been tied, the crowd dispersed as if nothing significant had happened.

“Come, it is getting late,” Modo said to Zala.

“What did I just do?”

“We will return tomorrow and complete the process,” Zala said nonchalantly.

“OK, but what did I do? Why did they want their nuts cinched? Isn’t that cord going to castrate them if they leave it on?” Destiny had so many questions.

“Hush,” No more questions,” Zala whispered. “Just let it go.”

Modo joined Nori, Zala, and Destiny in Nori’s hut for a cup of tea. One of the boys served the four women. Everyone sat on braided mats on the otherwise dirt floor.

“You have not noticed the boy?” Nori asked Destiny.

“Noticed what?”

“Stand boy!” she snapped. “Look at him carefully. Boy, lift your worm.”

Destiny’s eyes went to his genitals. He had only a remnant of a scrotum and in its place was a small circular ring that she hadn’t before noticed. “I see! Is that what I did tonight?” She asked while trying to suppress her emotion. “I am the cause of all those men losing their nuts?” She was aghast.

Modo told the boy to leave before answering. “One of our customs is the tying off of their man parts. Only the younger males are permitted to reproduce. In this way, we keep our children strong and virile.”

“Wow!” Destiny thought.

Modo continued. “The boys who have been tied are our treasures. They are not less. They are more. They serve meals, they work in the fields, they keep our pussy’s happy. They do many things and the women-leadership honor them. No longer do they do the heavy work or protect us from outsiders. You must have met some of our guards when you came.”

“Yes, I did.”

“That is hard work. The tied are free to do other duties. The untied look forward to the day when they will have no dangling parts.”

“So only young men have sex?”

“That is correct, and only with young men with good gene traits. Men with small testicles or small boy parts are tied at a younger age. That tying is done privately as it is not a custom to be celebrated.”

“Can you see how the Hamer tribe values strong genital development?” Zala interjected.

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