My Plaything

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I decided to try my hand at writing a short, stand-alone story.

Let’s hope this has fueled my desire to continue working on “The Teacher’s Pet”. ??


“That’s it, my little foot perv. Keep inhaling my scent.”

His body trembled as I pressed my cleat tighter to his face.

“I practiced extra hard today to make it perfect for you.”

I breathed softly in his ear and nibbled on his neck, delighting in his wonderful symphony of moans.

“Isn’t this amazing?” My other hand stroked his balls until he began chewing. “And how lucky are you to be cleaning my crusty socks?”

I shivered when he replied with a swallow and another moan. Tracing a finger along the tip of his chastity cage, I sighed with pleasure.

“Mmmm, yes… I can tell you’re enjoying this,” I said while rubbing his precum on his thigh. “And if you continue being a good boy, I’ll keep having fun with you.”

He twitched and whimpered while I giggled. I knew he loved our evening games as much as I did.

Well, almost as much. Maybe.

I squeezed his balls between two fingers, then glided them up his side, feeling every goosebump on his skin. “It’s awesome that I still give you chills.”

Adjusting my ponytail, I brushed the end along his forehead. “Remember when we first met? Of course you do.”

He squirmed as I kept using my hair to tickle his face. “You were carrying that huge stack of books across the library, and my ponytail hit you right here.” I whipped it across his cheek and laughed.

“I told you to stop looking at my ass, and you were too shy to say anything. You just kept staring at the floor and couldn’t even look me in the eyes!”

My hand moved back down and squeezed his balls even harder, until he groaned. I stood up and smirked while patting my behind.

“Are you sure you weren’t gawking at my perfect ass?” I smirked as I gave him a little twirl, then lifted my foot and wiggled my toes inches from his eyes. “But we both know what you were really looking at.”

While grinding my sole into his nose, I chuckled at another memory.

“It took three weeks of teasing you until you finally grew the balls to ask me out, and three more until I caught my little, tiny, foot perv.” I smiled as I grabbed a second cleat. “I went to take a hot, steamy shower before our date, and you figured you had so much time all to yourself.”

My toes clenched his nose. “You probably thought, ‘She’s so dirty after soccer practice, she’ll be in there forever’.”

I pulled my foot away and brought both of my cleats toward him. “Imagine my shock when I got back to my dorm room and found you sniffing these.” I shook them near his face. “I mean, what kind of sick freak would do that?”

When he didn’t respond, I sneered at pendik ucuz escort him.

“Answer me, foot perv!” I said as I shoved his nose into the cleats.

He made funny noises while trying to wriggle away, but I held firm.

“Isn’t this all you’ve ever wanted… my disgusting shoe stench?”

I jumped on top of him, forcing him onto his back, and chuckled as he yelped.

“Aw, what’s wrong?” Removing my shoes from his face, I straddled his body and bounced several times. “Does laying on your arms hurt?” I smacked his cheek with a cleat. “Are the cuffs digging into your wrists too much?”

His eyes bulged as I hovered the opening above his nose. “It’s a good thing you’re not just a subbie little foot perv, but a masochist too.” I smashed it down hard with both hands. “Sniff it all up, bitch!”

Twisting my shoe back and forth, I cackled at his pathetic attempts to buck me off. “Settle down, and just enjoy that heavenly stink!”

As I continued mashing my cleat on his nose, his movements began to slow. “There you go.” I purred while listening to his labored breaths. “Now, doesn’t it smell soooo much better than it did last year?”

Although I stopped twisting my shoe, I kept it tightly pressed down. “Can you believe it’s been that long? It seems like only yesterday when I first punished you for being such a naughty boy.”

I giggled as I remembered more of that fateful evening. “Of course, you probably thought it was a reward.” I shot him a smirk. “You got to lick the dirt off my cleats for dinner, and then suck the sweat from my socks for dessert.”

While smoothing the tape on his cheeks, I chuckled once more. “And just like tonight, I bet it was way yummier than that boring pizza I had.”

Licking my lips, I bent down and whispered in his ear. “You can earn more delicious treats if you play your cards right.” His body shook beneath me, and I straightened up with a smile.

“That reminds me, we should invite my twin sister and her friend over.” My smile grew wider when he grunted. “In fact, let’s do what we did the first night you met them!”

I sprang from my bed, grabbed the cards from the desk drawer, and climbed back onto his stomach.

He groaned and quivered while I hummed and shuffled the cards. “I guess I’ll have to play both hands, since yours are useless.”

I laughed and dealt the cards face-down on his chest, before looking at the first set. “Hmm, not bad.” I picked up the second set and frowned at him. “Poor baby… can’t catch a break.” I showed him the cards. “Looks like I won again.”

His eyes pleaded with me as I pushed my bare feet into his face. I then rubbed them roughly across his nose.

“This is the best type of massage, especially when my tuzla anal escort feet are tired.” I snickered at his garbled noises. “I’m glad you’re not a sore loser anymore.”

As I continued abusing his face with my soles, I started pinching his sides. He squealed, and I couldn’t help but laugh again.

“That’s the same sound you made when my sister did this. And when her friend did it, too.” I paused to cup my toes over his nose. “Of course, their feet didn’t smell as awesome as mine.” I resumed grinding his face under my soles. “But that’s probably because they wash them every day.”

I kept up my assault for a while, until his thrashing almost toppled me. I sighed and pulled my feet away.

“I suppose that was good enough.” Spying the cards, I gave him a wicked smile. “But now we can have more fun!”

His expression was priceless as I mixed them up and grabbed a card in each hand, ensuring he could only see the backs.

“Okay, you know how this works.” I extended my arms out. “Make sure you stare at the higher card.”

His gaze flickered from side to side, and I smirked.

I waved both cards. “Decide now, or I’ll do it for you.”

He gulped, before fixing his eyes on the one in my left hand.

I bit my lip and shrugged. “Sorry, but nothing beats an ace.”

His grumbling as I tossed both cards across the room caused me to burst out laughing. When he soon began thrashing, I scowled and grasped his head.

“Do you really want a repeat of the last time we played cards?”

He stopped moving and gave me a terrified look. I stared back at him with a smug grin.

“That’s better. I’m sure you couldn’t handle another round of brutal kicks.” I let go of his head and giggled. “They’re the three best scorers on the team. It’s no wonder they’re so great at striking balls.”

He winced and I patted his cheek. “Don’t worry. Your punishment for picking the wrong card won’t be quite as bad.”

I heard him whimper as I stood up on the bed, put my palms on the ceiling, then stepped onto his chest. He grunted and his body shook.

“Aren’t you enjoying this?” I steadied myself and smiled. “I think you’re a great exercise mat.”

His grunts became louder as I began walking in place.

“This reminds me of the night I moved into your apartment… I mean, MY apartment.” I stomped down for emphasis, and he let out a muffled cry.

“And you whined just like that when I mentioned the changes I’d be making, so I had to tie you up and throw you on the floor.”

When I moved a foot toward his head, he quickly turned it, and I pressed my sole on the side of his face.

“What did it take…” I started marching on his head. “…maybe twenty minutes of this…” I heard him groan. tuzla elit escort “…before you saw things my way?”

While I continued the trampling session, I couldn’t stop giggling at his incessant squirming and moaning. Eventually, I gave one final stomp and stepped off.

“That was an amazing workout. Don’t you agree?” I smirked at the sight of his red, puffy eyes and the sounds of his whimpers. “Aw, was that a bit too much for you?”

He sniffled and looked away from me. I tutted while folding my arms.

“Well, suck it up, foot perv.” I prodded his stomach with my toes. “After all, when I decided to let you stay here, you agreed I could do whatever I wanted.”

As I sat down beside him, he let out a long sigh. I stretched with a yawn.

“All this playtime has worn me out.” I smiled at him, and he gave me a hopeful gaze.

“It’s a pity you made such a fuss during our games,” I said while stroking his hair. “You could’ve had a tasty snack.” I gestured toward my crotch. “And maybe earned a cummie point.”

I stared into his eyes and clutched his balls. “Wow, they’re awfully full.” I gripped them tighter, causing him to squeal. “But I guess that’s what happens when you get a measly three points in two weeks.”

Releasing his balls, I patted his chastity cage. “Now don’t worry. You only need seven more, then I’ll let your puny pee-pee out of its prison.” I giggled as he whimpered. “And who knows? You might even get to hump my foot.”

His pathetic groans made me chuckle.

“Okay, it really is time to go to sleep.” I bent my knees and placed my soles against his side. “Winners get the bed.” I launched him onto the floor with my feet. “Losers don’t!”

The combination of the thud and his scream was hilarious. I continued laughing as I looked down.

“Don’t be sad.” I jumped from the bed and helped him to his knees. “I have a special treat for you.”

Spying my favorite dildo on the nightstand, I smiled. There would soon be a special treat for me, too!

“Let me show you,” I said while pulling him toward the closet. “Look! You get to sleep with all my shoes!”

He grumbled and lowered his gaze.

“And there’s a surprise.” I showed him a bag before dumping the contents onto the closet floor. “It’s your new pillow!”

His horrified expression when he saw the pile of dirty socks made me shiver with pleasure.

I waited for a bit, then gave him a hard shove. “Get in there already!” I snickered when he fell face down into the socks. “Perfect landing!”

He tried moving his head from the ‘pillow’, but he couldn’t get very far in such a cramped space.

Turning the outside lock, I began to close the door. “Oh, I almost forgot.” I flashed a wicked grin as he peered up in dismay. “After practice tomorrow, those girls who contributed to your awesome pillow are coming back here with me… for more fun and games!”

He let out a garbled scream and I giggled.

As I resumed shutting the door on his pitiful whimpers, I blew him a kiss.

“Feet dreams, my little foot perv.”

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