My Spanish Neighbor Ch. 3

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Oh my god, was all I heard, I did hear the door open or anything. There she was just standing there with her mouth open, her eyes wide, wide open staring at us. The woman who I later found out was her mother in law (Anna). Anna was staring for a couple of seconds and then started yelling in Spanish. I took Spanish in school, but I couldn’t make out any of the words except “puta” and “coolio”, and “boaka” (maybe spelled wrong). Maria was just lying the with her legs spread, and cum all over her hairy pussy, and I was sitting up with cum all over my dick. Anna then started talking in English now. “What the hell are you doing”?, you slut, you fucking slut, what the fuck are you doing. How could you do this you stupid bitch”, and you (at me) who the fuck are you, what the fuck are you doing fucking my daughter-in law?”

As the blood was slowly leaving my face, and draining out of my body all together I heard Maria laughing. I looked at her in disbelief. She was laughing at her mother-in law who just caught her cheating on her son. Literally with cum still all over her pussy. I then herd Anna start laughing. I then looked at Anna, and she had a hand over her mouth and she was laughing out loud. I then stood up and took a few steps back, to separate myself from this whole thing. I look at them both. Maria then stood up and looked at me as she walked over to her mother in law. She stood right in front of her mother in law and grabbed Anna’s pussy through the stretch pants she was wearing. I squinted my eyes to see if I was really seeing what I was seeing.

I then started to smile a reflex because I really didn’t know what to do. Maria and Anna smiled and Maria then said “Anna and I gaziemir escort bayan have been fucking since I met @@@@ (her husband). I then just nodded my head. I stood back as I realized I was set up. I then observed Maria started rubbing Anna’s pussy. Her stretch pants were black but I could make out damp spot in her crouch. Anna then put one arm around Maria, and the other hand’s fingers grabbed Maria’s nipples and started pulling them. I heard that you like playing with Maria’s nipples. They are sooo sexy, and long. I love sucking on them. Do you? Yes I do, I answered. Maria then said that Anna had nice nipples too. She then pulled Anna’s shirt up and Anna raised her hands as it was pulled off.

Anna was wearing a white bra; her tits were saggy, but not repulsive. I walked over to her, not really realizing that I was naked. When I was really close to them I said hello to Anna, she smiled and said “hi”. I then leaned in and kissed her red lips. (A lot of lipstick). We touched tongues but she barely moved hers. As we kissed, Maria said feel what you are doing to her. She then grabbed my hand and brought it to her pussy. I felt the moisture through her stretch pants. As I was doing that Anna grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. The cum was still wet and it was used to lubricate my dick. I was slowly getting hard again. Maria then pulled down Anna’s pants.

She had that Latino tan; Anna was not wearing any panties. She had a really really really hairy pussy. I brought my hand to and started rubbing it. She got wet just like Maria. Anna then grabbed me toward her. She whispered in my ear, “I saw you face when you saw Maria’s hairy pussy, escort gaziemir you really liked it didn’t you?” Yes I did, I then answered how did you know that? She then said that she watched the whole thing. Maria then got down on her knees and took my dick and started sucking it. I then look at Anna and said “Maria is such a good cock sucker”. Anna then looked down and said how does his cum taste? I then looked at her and said “why don’t you go and find out?” She then knelt down and pulled my cock out of Maria’s mouth and started sucking with a vengeance. Maria, then stood up, and looks at me and asked my if I was mad at her. I looked at her, and said “yea I a furious”, then we started laughing. We both look down at Anna sucking my cock. Maria then asked me if she was better than she was. I said no, but she really was.

Maria then said to Anna, that @@@@ (her husband) would be back soon. Anna then stood up and turned around, leaned over the couch, reached around her back and pulled her ass cheek. I then saw her ass and the top of her pussy. Maria, then grabbed my by my dick and pulled me toward Anna. She then put my cock against Anna’s pussy. She then pushed me in. Anna’s pussy was really loose. Too loose to get any friction, but I still pumped away. I then leaned into Maria, and whispered to her. Will she let me fuck her ass? Maria then said out loud.

Anna he wants to fuck your ass. She then answered; good I can barely feel anything. I then pulled out and eased my way into her ass. It was really tight. I then just started pumping… I would go all the way up to my balls and then pull all the way out to the point were the head was only in. I fucked gaziemir escort her ass really good. Maria then went down and started licking Anna’s ass and my dick as it when in and out. I was in heaven…. Anna started making noises, and Maria asked her, if she was going to cum.. Anna said’ I am going to cum, I am going to cum, AHHH AAHH aahhh, Si SI SI SI, fuck me, fuck my ass, I then looked at Maria, I am going to cum, Maria said cum, do it for me, cum, cum baby, cum in her ass, Anna’s ass contracted on my dick, she then said “I’m cumming” aahhhh ahhh… Maria, I am cumming…..

Maria, then asked how does it feel? I then said this is how it feels, I then reached around and put my finger in her ass. She made a small jump and yes,,,,… I then started going in and out, although it was really hard, because she was dry. I was still pumping Anna, and I said I want to cum…. Anna then said cum for me baby… I leaned back with my body and came in her ass…. I pushed all the way in and held it there. I didn’t say anything. Maria was still telling me to cum. Anna then told me that he did. Maria then went in between us. She pulled my dick out and sucked the cum off my dick and from Anna’s ass. She had it in her mouth….. Anna then stood up and kissed my then Maria, stood up and kissed Anna. Anna gagged a little because she was pushing the cum in her mouth….

They were tongue kissing in front of me it was really sexy, but I didn’t want to join in. They stopped kissing… and started looking at each other and wiping their faces. Anna then grabbed my cock to get the cum off of it. She then wiped it on her pussy and said next time I want you to cum in my pussy. I just stood there and shook my head. Maria then said I need to get out of here… I look at my watch and said yeah… I grabbed my clothing and started getting dressed.

The door then opened and he was home. Maria then said hello to him. She then ushered him into the kitchen and Anna and I were able to sneak out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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