My Teasing Hotwife Ch. 06

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Part six – the morning after

I awoke to feel a sharp pain once again in my balls and it took me a moment to remember that I was still in the chastity cage and my cock was trying to get hard once again. I’d been woken up a couple of times during the night with the same pain and it took a few minutes to gather my thoughts and let the pain subside.

The room next door was silent as I got out of bed and made my way into the hall. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I approached the bedroom door and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked like a mess in a disheveled maid uniform that I had been too tired to take off the night before. From our previous games, I knew that my wife/Mistress wouldn’t be happy if I took it off without her direct permission and I was still locked into the collar and the high heels anyway. One of my fishnet stockings had unclipped from my garter belt overnight and it was hanging down around my ankle. I instinctively pulled it up and re-fastened it while trying to straighten out the rest of my outfit.

I headed downstairs to the kitchen to make some coffee and have a bit of breakfast, flicking on the TV just like any other weekend. It felt a bit strange to be doing something so normal given what had happened the night before and what was still to come. I finished eating, cleared away the dishes and had been sitting on the couch watching the news when I got a text from my wife. She told me that they would like to have a spot of breakfast in bed.

I quickly put some breakfast together and a new pot of coffee and carefully headed upstairs with it all nicely laid out on a tray. There were some muffled noises coming from the bedroom but I couldn’t quite make out what was going on and it clearly wasn’t the noisy, animalistic fucking I had heard last night.

My hands were full with the tray so I knocked lightly on the door by kicking it with the tip of my shoe. It took a few seconds but then I heard my wife tell me to enter. I couldn’t open the door handle while my hands were full, so I carefully placed the tray on the floor so I could turn the handle and let the door swing open while I quickly picked up the tray and hurried inside.

I was so focused on the tray and making sure I didn’t hit the door and spill everything that I didn’t actually notice the situation until I was a few steps into the room. I froze in my tracks and just stood there, open-mouthed as I took in the scene.

My wife was completely naked and was kneeing on the bed facing the door, I could see Brian’s legs & feet and I just stood watching my wife ride him, reverse cowgirl style. She was moving slowly with her eyes closed as if she was enjoying every inch, every vein, every movement to the absolute maximum. The thin sheen of sweat on her body told me she must have been doing this for a while and it was really doing the job for her. I must have been stood there watching for a couple of minutes as she would slowly rise up squeezing gently at the top before sliding back down to be completely impaled on Brian’s cock and rotating her ass around to savour that completely full feeling she had.

Eventually her eyes opened and she saw me standing there and cracked a smile, telling me to put the tray down on the dresser and tidy the room up while they finished off. I looked around the room and saw what she was talking about, it was a bit of a mess with clothes everywhere that had clearly been removed and thrown around in a hurry. I set about picking up the clothes, starting with my wife’s dress, which I hung back on a hanger ready to take to the cleaners. The rest of her naughty outfit went straight into the laundry basket. I then picked up his clothes and folded them neatly on the chair ready for when he was done.

Throughout this I kept a close eye on what was happening on the bed. They had clearly both decided to step up from the enjoyable but gentle riding and Brian had adjusted my wife into a squatting position with her feet on the bed, she lent back and placed her hands on his chest and began bouncing on his cock faster and more aggressively while he began to fondle her breasts, squeezing them in his big hands and playing with her sensitive nipples.

I could tell from both of their breathing that they were approaching a big orgasm as I finished folding the last of Brian’s clothes and began to pick up the discarded condom wrappers and used condoms that had been thrown onto the floor. My wife looked up, panting hard from arousal and her increased activity. “Dammit slave, stop playing with Brian’s used condoms and get over her to do something useful”.

I was immediately embarrassed again, I felt my face flush a fresh shade of red and felt my cock pulse again in its cage. She knew how to push my buttons and get me all hot & bothered, even more than I already was. I wrapped the condoms in a tissue and dropped them in the bin quickly making my way over to the bed. It turns out ‘making myself useful’ consisted of trying to lick my wife/Mistress’ clit while she was bouncing on top of Brian. This was much more tricky than it sounds trying to time the haramidere escort right rhythm and hit the right spot, but I think I managed ok and drew some appreciative moans from my wife.

She pushed me away as the lovers were approaching climax and I was kneeling at the end of the bed with a great view as they both came hard. Her with a scream & body shakes I had never seen before, and him with a deep growl as his hands moved to her hips keeping himself buried deep inside her as he filled yet another condom.

They both collapsed back on the bed for a few minutes and I had no idea really what to do other than keep kneeing and wait for orders. They soon came. My wife was now ready for breakfast so I brought the tray over while she carefully removed Brian’s condom.

“Since you seemed to enjoy holding Brian’s used condoms so much, I think you should carry this one around for a while hunny.” My wife said with a laugh and a grin. She shook her head when I reluctantly held out my hand and she told me that she had something different and a little funnier in mind. She made me stand by the side of the bed and lift up my skirt, she then pulled down my panties and began to stretch the used condom over my caged cock. Even with Brian’s extra thickness it was a bit of a stretch but eventually it was in place covering my caged cock & balls. I could feel Brian’s warm cum sloshing around in my cage, coating my cock & balls.

“You never know slaveboy, maybe soaking your little cock in some real man juice might help it to grow a little” she said and they both laughed heartily as I endured a fresh bout of humiliation and my crotch throbbed once again in its unrelenting prison.

My wife made me kneel by the side of the bed and give her feet some worship kisses while the new lovers enjoyed their breakfast. I was lost in the world of laying sweet kisses on her perfect little feet and sucking her toes just the way she liked. I even tuned out their conversation and was in my little slaveboy bubble so much that I didn’t hear that they had finished and Brian had got up to go for a shower. I only noticed when my wife withdrew her feet and I looked up at her.

“Ok slaveboy, now that you’re listening, Brian has jumped in the shower because he has to leave soon. I want you to take these dishes away and clean up then come back to me up here once Brian has left, don’t worry, he can let himself out. But keep an ear on the door, if you’re not on your knees by my bedside 30 seconds after the front door closes, you will be very sorry.”

I mumbled my understanding and quickly headed downstairs, I wanted to finish cleaning up before he left so I could be listening out for the sound of the door. Cleaning up wasn’t that difficult in the end and I was finished in a few minutes, I could still hear voices upstairs so I knew everything was ok. I sat on the couch and began to replay the activities of last night. I realized more than ever before how excited this new game made me and even though at times it was humiliating, frustrating and painful, I was actually really enjoying it. The way my wife behaved was ticking all kinds of submissive boxes for me and the teasing, although very intense, was getting me so excited.

The footsteps on the stairs broke my daydreaming state and I said a polite if slightly awkward goodbye to Brian as we passed in the hallway. I quickly made my way upstairs and I was kneeling by the side of my wife’s bed with her beaming a massive smile down at me that told me how much she had enjoyed herself and how much she loved me, especially the fact that I’d dealt with everything so well.

She lent down and pulled me into a strong hug that seemed to last forever, telling me how much she loved me and what an amazing husband I was to her. She pulled me to my feet and began to undress me from my feminine attire. Unlocking the padlocks on my collar and high heels first so I could assist with the rest. Soon I was completely naked apart from the chastity cage, still covered in Brian’s condom. My wife giggled again as she saw this but told me we better keep that on until the shower so we don’t make a mess.

I followed her into the bathroom and watched as she started to run a big bubble bath, telling me she needed to relax a little and have a good soak. When the bath was ready she stepped inside and let the bubbles cover her beautiful body. She told me to sit on a stool next to the bath while we talked about last night in more detail and how I felt about how things had played out.

We were completely honest with each other and I told her how frustrated I was at first with missing out on our anniversary dinner, especially after looking forward to it for so long and knowing that I was in for a night of relentless teasing was difficult. But I also explained how much it had turned me on, knowing that I was going to be locked in my chastity cage, dressed up like a sissy maid while she was out having fun with another man did indeed push my submissive buttons and I was constantly fighting against the cage trying to get aroused.

She ikitelli escort listened intently as I explained how difficult it had been when she made me say all the things about what Brian was going to and making me ask him to do it was really really tough. The physical act of removing her panties and holding his cock for her to sit on wasn’t as bad as saying those things.

She took in every word thoughtfully and waited for me to finish before she told me that she was sorry it made me feel bad, but that it was necessary. Making me say it and making me ask him was a way for both of them to see my physical reaction to it all, if it was clear that deep down I didn’t really want it to happen, there was a chance for everyone to walk away, they could claim that I hadn’t convinced him enough this time and would leave without losing face, and we would get to finish the evening however we needed to.

But she also told me that they both saw the desire in my eyes, the shortness of breath and the clear arousal that I was experiencing and decided to continue. They saw that I wanted it to happen as much as they did and that was why they made me ask him to do it. The revelation that my wife had discussed this in advance with Brian and that they had decided to only continue if I was keen to, was a big relief to me. It set my mind at ease and I really understood that my wife was playing a role to excite both of us. We did talk briefly about whether she should see Brian again, and we decided that we had both really enjoyed it, so it would be ok to do it again and see what happened. But we didn’t say when or how that would come about.

By the end of the conversation we were giggling and laughing like a couple of newlyweds and it was as if nothing had ever happened. That’s when my wife stood up and drained the bath, she started the shower and in a mock strict voice demanded that her slaveboy join her in the shower.

I jumped straight in and we lovingly washed each other. She paid particular attention to my still caged cock, giggling as she removed Brian’s condom from it and gave it a good blast of water from the showerhead. She knelt down at one point to ‘thoroughly clean’ my cage, which was an excuse for her to ramp up her teasing once again. Feeling my full balls and even planting a kiss on the end of my cage when she was done, telling me that it was still a bit too soon to let him out. Damn she knew just how to get me going.

We finished up in the shower and got into our comfy weekend clothes before collapsing on the couch to watch a bit of TV. We spent a couple of hours not really watching anything in particular but snuggling up and spending a bit of relaxing husband and wife time. After a spot of lunch we decided to watch a movie so settled back in on the couch, my wife was in my arms and casually started to stroke my thigh every now and again, just enough to remind me that I was unbelievably horny and still hadn’t had any release. About half way through the film she reached inside my shorts and felt my caged cock, desperately trying to get hard and said, “OK, I think it’s time this little guy got some attention.”

I was so excited as my wife stood up, handed me the key to my cage and told me to take it off but not to touch him until she came back. She popped off to the toilet and came back a few minutes later wearing a silky nighty of hers, not outrageously sexy but plenty hot enough to get my motor running again. She told me she was a little warm so decided to change. I was certainly not complaining and my erection was tenting the front of my shorts. To my surprise she just settled back into my arms and re-started the movie. I was a little disappointed but went with it and was surprised a few minutes later when she snuck her hand again into my shorts and began to ever so gently caress my swollen cock and balls. Enough to keep me rock hard and dripping pre-cum but not enough to build up to the edge or make me cum.

After a while of this I’d completely forgotten about the movie and was lost in a world of lust, I was practically humping my wife’s hand as she played with me and was getting more and more desperate for a release. She told me to remove my shorts and continued to tease me more, she sat up and began to whisper in my ear as she played with me. Telling me how horny she still was, even after the hard fucking and all of the orgasms she had last night. She brought me to the edge a couple of times and then slowed down to give me some recovery time before building up again.

My wife nibbled on my ear as she continued to play and asked me if there was anything I wanted, I practically shouted that I wanted to cum so bad. She giggled and said, “I know that silly, I meant was there anything you wanted me to wear or do for you right now?” I hesitated for a moment and then told her that the nighty she was wearing would look great with the stockings and high heels she had on last night. I was also thinking I would love to fuck her in those stockings and high heels, just like Brian had done, but I didn’t say that.

“OK istanbul escort baby, you just sit right there and give me a couple of minutes, no stroking though. Wouldn’t want you to have an accident now would we?” She smiled as she danced off to the bedroom.

I tried to watch the movie but I just couldn’t concentrate with everything that was happening and I remained hard as a rock while I waited for my wife to return. I heard soft footsteps and she re-appeared, looking amazing in her stockings but carrying her heels. “I thought you might want to put them on for me baby, I know how you love doing that.” I nodded my head and took them from her as she perched on the edge of the couch. I slipped down onto my knees in front of her and saw the hem of her nighty rise up, showing the stocking top and just a hint of her soft thigh.

I gently placed the high heels on her feet, followed by a kiss on each one as they were in place and I sat back on my knees to admire the view. Goddam she was stunning and in stockings and high heels I just couldn’t resist her. I tried to stand up and sit back down on the couch but she stopped me as said, since she had just done something for me, it was time for me to do something for her. I was open mouthed and about to object that I’d already done so much for her over the last day but when she leaned back and opened her legs, showing me she hadn’t worn any panties I just melted and dived straight between her legs, tasting her wetness and making both of us moan.

As I worked my wife towards an orgasm she moved her leg between mine and began to rub her high heel and stocking clad foot against my cock & balls, the feeling was electric and I quickly reacted, humping harder and building myself towards my much needed orgasm. After my wife had a couple of small orgasms on my tongue I sat back and prepared myself to enter her, to have the sex I’d been craving for weeks and finally re-take my place as her husband & lover. Before I entered her sweet pussy she placed her high heel on my chest, firmly holding me in place.

“Before you do that baby, why don’t you show me how good you can fuck, by giving my feet and heels a bit of sex first.” We had done a bit of this before, either me humping her feet, legs or high heels, or fucking her ‘foot-pussy’ as she called it. She liked to see how I reacted to her feet and how much I loved them. Usually this was only a minute or so before I then fucked her properly but this time she kept me going for a few minutes more. She sat up and told me to continue but whispered in my ear.

“Mmmm I just love it when you play with my feet baby, whether it’s worshipping them, kissing and licking all over, massing them or fucking them, it really makes me hot. And I know how much you love it too. You know sometimes I think you like my feet more than my pussy.” She felt me body react to that and pulled me in tighter, nibbling a little bit on my ear she continued “Ooooo I think you liked that didn’t you. I think you might actually like it if I started making you ONLY fuck my feet until I thought you had earned the right to fuck my pussy, how would you feel about that baby?”

I was lost in lust now and building up to a big orgasm, I didn’t really respond but my grunts and continued thrusting seemed to give her the answer she needed to carry on. “What a lucky little wife I would be, to have my hubby taking such good care of my feet, while Brian took good care of my pussy.” When I heard that I stopped for a second as I heard a little playful giggle and another bite on my ear. I was so horny I started again very quickly, I wanted her to finish whatever she was saying and let me fuck her. God I wanted to slide into her pussy and fuck her so much.

“And maybe,” she continued “Brian wouldn’t want you getting access to his pussy at all. How would you feel about that sweetie? After all, you’d still have my feet and god knows you love them. Maybe that would be the best way, for you to only be allowed to fuck my feet and for my boyfriend to fuck my pussy.” She pulled away and to hold my face and look into my eyes “would you like that baby?”

“Yes Mistress.” I said as I stared deeply into her gorgeous eyes. “Yes I would.” At that time I think I would have agreed to anything as I felt myself building to orgasm.

“Well that’s settled then.” She said with a tone of finality in her voice. “I’ll speak to Brian about this and see what he thinks, but if he agrees from that moment on you won’t have access to my pussy anymore without his direct permission. You’ll only be allowed to worship and fuck my feet.” She pulled me back close to her and her mouth was back next to my ear. “Now, get ready to fuck my pussy baby, I want you inside me, I need you inside me, but I have to tell you one more thing before you do.”

“What is it?” I blurted out. The smell of sex in the air, her perfume, her hair, the soft feeling of her stocking clad legs and feet and the sexy high heels rubbing against me were so intense. My brain was in sensory overload. “Well Brian said next time… if there was a next time… he wasn’t going to use a condom.” Upon hearing that, my mind exploded and so did my cock. Three weeks of teasing, denial and sexual frustration released as my wife held me tight. I felt myself covering her pretty little feet and although I was aroused beyond belief and had been on the edge of orgasm for ages, we both knew what had tipped me over the edge.

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