My Visit With Tony Ch. 5

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On the way home, Tony and I discussed the next phase of the evening. He wanted me to be sure I was comfortable with what we had planned. By this time, I was getting into the spirit of this and I told Tony I could hardly wait.

When we all arrived back at Tony’s house, he suggested that Ronnie have a drink with us before packing to leave in the morning. Tony insisted, saying it might be a long time before they would see each other again.

Once we had settled on the couch, with me in the middle, Tony started to put a sex tape in the VCR. He told Ronnie that this was just fair play, as Ronnie had done it to him before. The movie had just started when Tony jumped up from the couch. Startled, our attention was diverted from the television. “DAMN,” he said, “I left my credit card at the club…I have to rush back and get it before they close.” He grabbed his car keys, said he would be pendik escort bayan back in under an hour and left before we could say a word.

Ronnie was obviously uncomfortable being left alone with me after what had happened at the restaurant. But, neither of us made a move to stop the tape.

I knew Tony had not gone to the club. He had driven around the block and pulled back in front of the house, with his lights out. I knew he was outside the window watching us. Since I was expecting him, I knew when he was in place, but Ronnie was engrossed in the movie.

I knew it was time to start the next step. I reached over and touched Ronnie’s cock through his pants. It was iron hard, even then. He jumped a foot and said he couldn’t do this to his best friend. I just murmured that Tony would be gone for about an hour şirinevler escort bayan and there was lots of time to play. I told him to keep watching the movie and I would just play with his cock. I told him I knew he wanted me…his actions in the club proved that.

Ronnie seemed to be fighting this, so I knelt on the couch, one knee on each side of him. I told him to keep watching the movie and I would do the same thing the girl was doing. The girl had on crotchless panties. I just rose up and down on Ronnie’s lap. Soon he groaned, reached under my crotch, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.

I knew I had him going for sure now. I nuzzled on his ear, ran my tongue down the side of his neck and made sure my nipples were jammed against his mouth. I lowered myself down on the head of his cock and şişli escort bayan just moved my hips around in a circle. Ronnie begged me to slide all the way down on his cock, but I wouldn’t do it. I knew Tony was outside the window watching and I wanted to put on a show for him he wouldn’t forget. I wanted Tony to see Ronnie sucking on my nipples. I wanted Tony to see how Ronnie’s cock was stiff but not being allowed to enter my pussy.

I never knew being such an exhibitionist could arouse such feelings inside me. Having sex out in public was a blast and, knowing what was going to happen later, I was so hot, I thought I was going to explode.

I told Ronnie there would be plenty of time before Tony returned home. And that I was so hot for him, I couldn’t wait. I wanted him to take me in the bedroom and fuck me. I didn’t want to fuck him with my clothes on. At first Ronnie kept saying NO, but then I would just go up and down on the head of his cock, still not sinking all the way down on him. I reached up and pulled the leather vest off, and Ronnie groaned at the full size of them. He sucked one and then the other, his hands twisting and pulling on their stiffened ends.

I got off the couch, took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom.

To Be Continued…

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