My Weekend With Lars Ch. 03

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Jack was looking at his father with daggers in his eyes.

Lars stared back passively.

Oh fuck. The air in the room was silent for a beat.

“Dad, please don’t hit on my girlfriend. You’re a dirty old man.” Jack laughed.

Relief poured out of me and I laughed a little too loudly.

“Alright, you two playing games has already held up breakfast.” Lars said as he stood up. “Kate is bathing the girls and I would like the food to be ready by the time they’re done. Liana, Jack tells me you make excellent pancakes. Help me, would you? Boys, get everything else ready.” Lars commanded.

We all made our way into the kitchen and as Lars and the boys got everything ready for breakfast, I mixed the pancake batter and made my way to the stove. Lars stood beside me and started cooking on the grill. My stomach growled loudly as the smell of seared bacon filled the air.

“Did you work up a bit of an appetite, my dear?” Lars asked loudly.

I shot him a sideways look but didn’t respond.

“Cat got your tongue?” Lars whispered.

“More like a dog actually.” I whispered back, not lifting my eyes from the pan to look at him. What the hell was he playing at?

Lars and I didn’t talk to one another again while we cooked, but each time Jack came over to kiss my cheek or compliment my cooking, he looked at me with darkened eyes. It was pointless, all things considered, but the last thing I wanted to do was cause a rift between a father and son. I could tell by the look Lars kept giving Jack that I had already done just that. It was an incredible relief when Kate and Livvy came running into the room.

The grandkids took all of Lars’ attention. It was sweet watching him play with them. His eyes lit up as if there were fireworks behind them, and his perfectly sculptured face that I had really only seen serious and intent with desire, erupted with a smile that radiated happiness. I was so focused on Lars that I forgot my cooking duties and blackened the batter in the fry pan. The smell of carbon jolted me back, and once I had gotten rid of the now ruined pancake and started on a new one, I chanced another quick look at this carefree Lars only to have Gavin catch my eye. I busied myself back at my station, but it was too late.

“What was that all about?” Gavin asked as he came to help me with cooking what Lars had abandoned.

“What was what all about?” I looked at him with what I was hoping were blank and confused eyes.

“I noticed it yesterday, the way you and dad look at each other, whisper together. I don’t think I have seen you apart since you met yesterday afternoon.”

“I guess we have been talking a lot. We just get on well, I suppose.” Yeah, like a fucking house on fire.

“If you’re planning a surprise for Jack’s birthday, let Joey and I know, ok? The more of us there are, the better.” Gavin smiled widely.

Relief was followed by a tsunami of guilt. I should have been planning a birthday gift for Jack, not thinking about how his father made me ache in a most incredible way. I wanted to scream in frustration.

I decided then and there that I would stay as far away from Lars as possible. I couldn’t help my attraction to him but I could keep my distance. I knew that Jack could never know what happened.

Selfishly, I was saddened by my decision but I knew it was the right one. And honestly, the very least I deserved was feeling a little miserable after tuzla escort what I had done. I looked over at Jack, who at that point was playing with one of the girls and her toys, and I knew I didn’t deserve him either.

I finished cooking the last pancake and threw it on to a platter while Gavin did the same with the sausages and bacon. We took the food to the table and the rest of the family followed like a pack of hounds.

It was only once we sat down and loaded our plates with food and filled our mugs with coffee, that I realized how ravenous I was. I took a large gulp of coffee, and it was fortifying and calming as it burned through me.

It was decided that the plan for the day was nothing but lying by the pool, except for Sarah and the girls heading off the see the new Disney, followed by a traditional German all-meat feast courtesy of Lars. I relished the idea of lying in the sun and getting a tan before heading back to work on Monday, but lying around meant ignoring Lars would be difficult. All I needed to do was make sure that I wasn’t alone with him. I couldn’t believe I had gotten myself into this mess.

When we had finished breakfast, Joey and Peter had taken charge of the cleaning up while the rest of us got changed into our swimwear.

Jack sighed in appreciation as I got undressed and slipped on the new one piece I bought when I found out we were spending a weekend with his family.

“It’s a shame you didn’t bring that cute little bikini. I love watching you walk around in that. This one makes your tits look great though.”

I threw my discarded t-shirt at his face and turned to look in the mirror. Jack was right; my cleavage did look amazing in this swimsuit. It was a little tight around the chest, pushing everything together. I adjusted myself in the mirror, but it was no use. I looked like a slutty pin up.

“Jack, throw that shirt back, would you?” I asked.

“Why?” He said, holding it in his hands.

“So I can cover up. This isn’t suitable for family!”

“Don’t be stupid.” Jack dumped the shirt on the bed, walked over to me and wrapped me up in his arms. “You look beautiful. Besides, how am I going to perv on you when you’re covered up?”

Jack moved his hands down my body and grabbed my ass roughly, pulling me closer to his heat. As he took my mouth in a deep kiss, he slipped one finger inside the back of my swimsuit, gently running a finger over the opening of my sex. A warm shiver ran through me.

I couldn’t do this again today. My body needed a rest. I pushed Jack away and wagged a finger at him.

“Uh uh. Not now. You got the better of me this morning. Come, we both need to cool off.” I said as I took Jack by the hand and led him out of the bedroom.

“You never let me have any fun.” He whined, imitating a small boy.

“Now that’s not true, is it Jack? You sounded like you were having plenty of fun this morning.” We both turned to see Lars behind us in the hallway. He was eyeing me off so lecherously, it could have been a joke. I knew better.

“Dad, you are so gross.” Jack laughed. He turned to me “If I am anything like him when I get to 52, will you put me down?”

“I promise.” I assured him.

Lars made a face of mock wounding. I couldn’t bear to look at him any longer, so I turned on my heel and made my way downstairs and out to the pool. A strong heat took root in my stomach as I bağdat caddesi escort walked and beads of sweat broke from my forehead as I made my way out into the sunshine.

“Come, come!!” Peter yelled from the far end of the swimming pool.

Without waiting, I ran to the deep end of the pool and cannonballed in, joining him and Joey, Jack not far behind. The cool water did nothing to stop the inferno inside. I rested against the wall of the pool and let my head fall back against the sun-warmed tiles that lined the pool.

I watched as Lars calmly sauntered towards the garden. Although I had seen him naked, it was the first chance I had to really look at him. It was agonizing. He wore the smallest swim shorts I had ever seen, and his tanned and muscular legs looked incredible. Even though he was slim, his chest and shoulders were broad and beautifully rounded. His arms were perfectly toned and in a way I couldn’t explain, the thick veins that stood out on his hands and forearms made me practically salivate.

Lars turned his gaze on me and I quickly shied away, but not quickly enough. He had caught me and smiled slyly. He made his way to the sun lounge closest to me and I ducked my head under the water and swam over to the boys, avoiding any possibility of Lars trying to talk to me.

Jack opened his arms to me as I got nearer to him, lifting my weightless body so my legs were wrapped around his torso. I gripped him tightly and buried my head into his neck. I felt so ruined, I thought I might fall apart. Jack caressed the back of my head.

“Are you ok?”

I nodded into his body.

“Hey, we’re going to play Marco Polo.” Gavin shouted.

I turned my head to look at him. “Are you serious? How old are you?”

“Old enough to know it’s fun!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I hadn’t played Marco Polo since I was a little girl.

It felt so good, playing the game. My mind was so focused on keeping quiet and not slipping on the tiles as I ran around the outside of the pool, I didn’t have space to think about Lars, even when I caught him openly admiring me.

I couldn’t believe I was still good at this. Everyone had been ‘it’ at least twice, but I still remained at large. I sat crouched at the deep end of the pool, one foot dipped in the water, watching Peter as he blindly waded his way towards me. He knew he was close to someone, and my plan was to dive over his head and swim to the other end of the pool once he got close enough.

I was poised and focused, when two hands clinched my waist.

“I got her, Peter! Come now!” Lars yelled behind me.

He held me tight against his chest. Peter was getting closer, and as much as I struggled, I couldn’t get out of Lars’ grip. Part of me didn’t want to.

Lars may have had my upper body locked in, but my legs were free. I took a couple of steps to the left, dragging Lars with me. We were just out of Peter’s reach when I leaned forward, falling into the pool with Lars still clamped around me. I swam out of his grip just in time and he flailed about like an injured animal when Peter tagged him.

“NO!” Lars cried to laughs of the rest of us watching.

“YES! In your face, old man!” Peter roared triumphantly.

“Alright, alright. Enough. Who’s for volleyball?” Lars said as he hoisted himself out of the pool to retrieve a ball.

Water cascaded down his back, cutting streams bostancı escort down his long tanned legs. I bit my bottom lip as I watched him walk around the pool. I had to get away.

“Count me out for this one, guys.”

I waded out of the water and lay on a lounger to enjoy the sun. The exertions of the last 24 hours, the emotional rollercoaster, not to mention the huge amount of food I devoured at breakfast, had all taken their toll on me. I was absolutely shattered.

I stretched myself all out all the way to the tips of my toes, feeling every muscle and bone creak through my body. The sun beat down and warmed my skin. The sounds of the men continuing their volleyball game drifted further away from me as I fell into a drowsy nap.

A cold, wet hand rested on my shoulder and dragged me, unwillingly, out of sleep. I shaded my eyes with my hands and looked up at Jack. He bent down and kissed me softly.

“You must be tired. You’re been asleep for almost two hours.”

“I better turn over then.” I mumbled drowsily. I hated being woken up from a nap.

“We’ve decided to all go and meet Kate and the girls for the movie.”

“Can I stay here? I’m sorry, I’m just so tired.” I also didn’t need to be sat with Lars in the dark for an extended period of time.

“Are you sure? You love Disney.”

“I’m sure.” I nodded.

“Ok, we’ll be back before you know it. You can turn over now.” Jack kissed me again before he left.

I turned over on the lounger and let my mind wander. It sure would be peaceful having some time alone. I lay half asleep in the sun, only fully relaxing when I heard the chatter and laughs of the men outside and the sound of a car heading off down the driveway. I waited a few more minutes before peeling myself off the lounger.

I took a dive back in to the cool water of the pool and swam a few laps. The chill of the water did nothing to ease the aches of guilt and lust that had been pulling at my body since I first walked into the house. All I could do about the guilt was try and make things right with Jack. I could do something to control my lust, though.

I swam to the shallow end of the pool and sat on the top step, letting my head fall back onto the hot tiles. I knew what I needed. Without hesitation, I pulled my swimsuit aside and easily slid two fingers into my pussy. I couldn’t believe the heat that radiated from inside me. No wonder I found this pain so unbearable.

I rubbed my clit, engorged in my state, and I fucked myself vigorously, whispering Lars’ name as I came hard. I felt so dirty, lying in the pool, coming at the thought of Lars, and it only increased how turned on I was. I was insatiable, thrusting my fingers in and out of my damp heat and coming until I was faint. I stopped only when the cramps in my hands became too strong to ignore.

I pushed myself off the steps and let my body float in the water. I hated feeling the pulse between my legs and not being able to satisfy myself. I thought about what would truly satisfy me. An image of me on all fours, Jack taking me from behind and Lars holding my head in his hands as he fucked my mouth flashed through my mind. Lust-charged electricity buzzed through me, making me moan in agony.

This was impossible. I swam some more laps before getting out of the pool. I decided to grab a beer and my book, hoping the beer would relax me and the book would occupy my mind. I dried myself off and made my way into the house, up the stairs and into the bedroom to find my book. It was tempting to lie on the bed but the sunshine was too lovely to ignore, so I rummaged around for my sunglasses. I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks, my breath trapped in my chest.

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