Nadege The Haitian Cuckoldress

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In the bedrooms of Black couples across the continent of North America, a change is definitely occurring. Folks, when you think of cuckolding, you typically envision a White chick getting fucked by a well-endowed Black guy while her White husband or boyfriend watches. Am I right? Of course I am. I’m almost always right. What you won’t read about anywhere is that lots of Black couples are delving into the realm of cuckolding too.

My name is Nadege Etienne-Guillot and I’m a Black woman of Haitian descent living in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia. This is my true story of cuckolding my husband Timothy Guillot. I am here to let you know that there are Black women out there who cuckold their Black husbands with other men, and quite often those men are of the non-Black persuasion. Cuckolding isn’t just for White folks. Welcome to the twenty-first century.

I met my future husband Timothy Guillot at the University of Vancouver in September 1999. I was eighteen years old, a newcomer to Canada by way of Jamaica. I am a Caribbean woman through and true. Five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin and long Black hair, that’s me. I came to study business administration and the University of Vancouver has one of the best business schools in the continent of North America. While at school, I met lots of guys of all hues and definitely had my fun with quite a few of them.

The day I met Timothy Guillot, my life changed. What can I say? Some men stand out from the crowd, and Timothy was definitely such a man. The tall, dark-skinned and manly stud took my breath away. Born in the City of Chicago, Illinois, to Haitian parents and raised in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Timothy Guillot was a newcomer to Vancouver. The brother came to study law at the University of Vancouver and had ambition to spare.

Lots of girls at the University of Vancouver liked Tim, but I became determined to claim this gorgeous brother for myself. I’ve fucked my share of White chicks and Chinese guys but there’s nothing in the world quite like a tall, masculine brother from the Caribbean with a great body and a big dick. Not to be stereotypical or anything but most Haitian guys are gifted down below, if you catch my drift.

At the time, Timothy Guillot was dating a tall, blonde-haired and big-booty White chick named Amy Schultz. Why do so many intelligent brothers go for White women? I knew the answer the moment I asked myself the damn question. Lots of Black women these days give brothers an attitude the moment he speaks to them. That’s why lots of brothers are dating and even marrying White women these days. Sisters need to get a frigging clue.

I set out to steal Timothy Guillot from Amy Schultz. I’m not like the other Black bitches. I’m smart and calculating, and not easily given to emotional displays unless they somehow benefit me. Think of me as an army commander in high heels, folks. I am ruthless and dangerous, but wrapped in one hot little package. People don’t usually see me coming and that’s how I like it. Timothy Guillot and Amy Schultz never even knew what hit them.

Like a lot of White women who date Black men, Amy Schultz faced a sharp learning curve. That’s just the way western society works. There are lots of interracial couples in Canada’s major cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto kağıthane escort and Vancouver. That doesn’t mean people aren’t still racist. The world hates Black men, and the White chicks who date brothers are often clueless about the racism that most Black men endure daily.

White guys hate seeing Black men with White women, even though lots of White guys are in interracial relationships themselves. If I had any advantage over Amy Schultz, it’s that I actually understand what smart brothers like Timothy Guillot endure. As a woman who loves Black men, I make it my business to stick up for the brothers. You won’t catch a White chick doing that in a million years. White women are weak and spineless. They can’t stand up to White male racism. Some things only a sister can do for a brother.

I approached Timothy one night at the campus library, and we became friends, of a sort. We were both educated and ambitious young Black folks, so why not? Timothy told me about his problems with Amy, and the fact that her White family seemed to be hostile to him pained Timothy greatly. Timothy was even more pained by Amy’s refusal to speak up when her racist relatives disrespected him. I encouraged Timothy to confront Amy about her racist family. You know what happened next.

Self-interest governs all of us in the end. Timothy used to tell me about how awesome sex with Amy Schultz was. Apparently, that blonde hussy used to suck Timothy’s dick every chance she got, and she wasn’t shy about giving him the pussy several times a week. Good for her, I thought. Shoot, Amy apparently took it up the ass. What a slut! The one thing Amy couldn’t do was stand up for her man, and Timothy left her because of that.

For a long time, Timothy Guillot was heartbroken over the loss of his girlfriend Amy Schultz. Well, the brother needed comforting and I was just what the doctor ordered. We chilled together and then eventually we started going out. Fast forward a few years and Timothy and I are done with school and happily married. We have two sons, Edgar and Jacob, and a daughter, Victoria. We live in a five-bedroom townhouse in Vancouver’s south end. Life is definitely good.

My husband Timothy is quite busy with his job as a corporate attorney, and I work as an account manager with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Not what I envisioned while I was earning an MBA from the University of Vancouver but I got bills to pay. We’re a busy couple living our lives in the big city. Our sons and daughter are almost ready for college, and in the summer time, they’re off to Toronto to visit their grandparents. This means that Timothy and I had the house to ourselves, folks. For a couple trying to rekindle their passion, this was definitely good news.

Timothy and I began exploring the swinger scene out here in Vancouver. We invited our good friends Debra Wong and her husband Joel Castillo over for some fun. Debra is a short, plump and big-bottomed Asian chick I’ve known since my college days. She works as an account manager for the Royal Bank of Canada. Her husband Jason Castillo is the definition of tall, dark and handsome. The dude is apparently mixed, half Puerto Rican and half Black. Sexy combination if you ask me. Timothy and I had a lot of fun with these two.

The kartal escort bayan four of us got down and dirty in our living room. We discussed everything beforehand, and established ground rules, so there were no unpleasant surprises. Debra and I got naked as Tim and Jason watched us while stroking their dicks. Debra went up to Tim, and knelt before him. I watched as the big-booty Asian chick began sucking on my husband’s dick. Tim smiled and caressed Debra’s head as she sucked on his thick dick.

Not to be outdone, I winked at Jason Castillo and went over to the mixed-race stud. I took excellent care of Jason. I grabbed his dick and sucked it with gusto, and once Jason got hard, I rolled a condom on his magic stick and climbed on top of it. Jason smacked my ass and thrust his big dick into my pussy. As I began riding Jason’s dick, I noticed that Timothy was staring at us. Indeed, my husband seemed to have forgotten about the cute Asian mama sucking his big Haitian dick and kept his gaze focused on Jason and I. Timothy didn’t look shocked. Nope, he looked rather pleased. Um, what the fuck?

Jason fucked me good, slamming his dick into my cunt while Timothy and Debra did their thing. I watched my husband put the big-booty Asian broad on all fours and spank her ass before thrusting his big dick into her pussy. Timothy loves rough sex, both giving and receiving, and I absolutely love that about him. Watching him pull Debra’s hair and slap her around as he slammed his dick up her cunt thrilled me like you would not believe.

The evening turned out to be a lot of fun, and ended with Jason on top of me, slamming his dick into me until he came, while Timothy came all over Debra’s big tits. The four of us showered together, and then Debra and Jason left our house, with our heartfelt thanks. This was definitely a memorable evening, and it opened a lot of possibilities for Timothy and I, as far as sexual exploration.

Remembering how my husband Timothy got turned on watching me with Jason, I decided to cuckold him. Since Jason and Debra were visiting their friends in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, I had to find someone else to cuckold my husband with. I asked my friend and former co-worker Sean Drake, a tall, lean White guy with red hair and alabaster skin, and he agreed. Timothy was thrilled about it. We established some ground rules, such as condoms, lubricant and safe words, and everyone got on board.

As before, we got our freak on in the living room, one warm Friday night. My husband Timothy sat on the couch while Sean and I did our thing. I got naked, and Sean feasted his eyes on my sexy, curvaceous body, my big tits, my wide hips and my big round ass. I watched as he got naked, and instantly reached for his pale dick. I stroked Sean’s dick and then got down and sucked it. Timothy watched as I sucked another man’s dick right in front of him, and I winked at my husband, whose face was filled with lust and discomfort. The fun was just beginning for me.

After I finished sucking on Sean’s pale dick, I rolled a condom on it and got on all fours. My husband Timothy watched as Sean got behind me, and eased his dick into me. Gripping my wide hips tightly, Sean began fucking me with deep, powerful strokes. I was surprised when kurtköy escort bayan Timothy whipped out his dick and began masturbating while Sean fucked me, and he jerked himself off while watching us. Freaky, I thought as I rocked against Sean, grinding my thick Haitian derriere against his groin.

The thought of getting fucked by another man while my husband watched turned me on like nothing else ever could. Sean Drake fucked me real good, and then rolled the condom off his dick and let his cum spew on my pussy. I rubbed my pussy and licked my fingers, then blew my husband Timothy a kiss. Sean smiled at me and at Timothy, thanked us for a wonderful time and then left the premises. The fun wasn’t over for my husband Timothy and I, far from it.

Nope, our freaky fun was just beginning. My husband Timothy came and knelt before me, and buried his handsome face between my legs. Timothy ate my pussy, tasting Sean Drake’s sperm, and not giving a damn. Naughty cuckold, I thought. After polishing my cunt with his mouth and tongue, Timothy thrust his hard Haitian dick into my sweet pussy, and I lovingly wrapped my arms around my husband and welcomed him inside of me.

My hubby Timothy slammed his dick into my pussy and fucked me roughly, just the way I like it. At some point, Timothy put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. Grinning, I pressed my big butt against Timothy’s face. My hubby licked my asshole and fingered it, and then I felt him apply something cold and wet against it. Lubricant, the thought made me smile. Soon I felt Timothy’s hard dick against my butt hole, and he pushed it inside.

Gripping my wide hips tightly, my husband Timothy worked his big Haitian dick into my asshole. I winced as he penetrated me. The drawbacks to being a thick gal with a big brown booty? Everyone wants to fuck you in the ass. Timothy worked his dick into my butt hole and slowly but surely got most of it in there. I squealed in delight as Timothy spanked my big ass while butt-fucking me. Made the whole thing even more intense. Timothy fucked me until he came, flooding my asshole with his cum. I cried out like a madwoman as Timothy’s cum flooded my bowels. I loved and hated the burning hot sensation in my butt. What can I say? I love intensity!

After giving my big Haitian booty a thorough ass fucking, Timothy got a taste of his own medicine. From me. I, Nadege Etienne-Guillot, am a modern Haitian American woman. I firmly believe in the practice of gender equality. That’s why I like to fuck my husband Timothy with my strap-on dildo after letting him stick his big Haitian dick up my asshole. I put Timothy on all fours, lubricated his ass and then pushed the dildo into him. Timothy groaned sharply as I penetrated him.

Gripping Timothy’s hips, I began fucking him with deep, powerful and mercifully slow strokes. There is an art to fucking men, dominant ladies of the world. When you’re a female penetrating your male lover with a strap-on dildo, you can’t rush in like you see them girls do in porn videos. Real life doesn’t work like that. You have to be patient, and gentle, at least at first. You don’t want to wreck your man’s ass.

That’s how I fucked my beloved husband Timothy. After nearly two decades of marriage, I know what he likes. I fucked Timothy and I plowed his ass with the strap-on dildo until he screamed and begged for mercy. I pulled out of him, and gathered a shaking Timothy into my arms. Once Timothy calmed down, he smiled at me and we simply held each other. We’re just a happy couple that likes some serious kink. Lots of kinky Black folks out there. You’ve probably seen us at church or at the local mosque and didn’t even know it.

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