Naomi’s Pride

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This is something a little different for me. It is a May-December type relationship but a little different. It is all made up, names, boats, stories, people. None of them are real. Some of the places are real, but it is all out of my twisted mind. The people in the story are consenting adults as well.

I write these for a couple reasons. First, I like exploring a tapestry of life that is different. Second, I want to get better at writing. The writing itself, then editing and prepping the story for consumption begins that process. But the second half is all of you, reading this. I would love to hear what you think. What did you like? What did you not like? If you are not voting a five, I would love to hear why not. What stopped you from voting a five? Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.


I was three days out into the Pacific on my way to Hawaii when I heard the radio call. “Mayday, mayday. This is Galloping Ghost and we are going down.” The voice gave a string of navigation coordinates and called again.

“Galloping Ghost, this is Naomi’s Pride,” I responded, “I am, several hours away. How quickly will you lose her?”

“Thank the gods!” came the female voice. “I don’t really know, but the owner took the life raft and just fucking left me here. I’m scared as hell.”

“Okay, Ghost,” I said calmingly, “I will rev up as fast as I can, but if I go too fast, I will lose the ability to get to the next fuel. Grab a vest, a second one for anything you want to keep with you, then remain calm. I will get there as quickly as I can.”

“Okay, Pride, but hurry.”

“Pride out.”

I calculated the course and corrected the fuel consumption and pushed my speed near the limit. I figured a minimum of ninety minutes. I am running a largish boat, no sails, but with a powerful, untested electric motor backing up my diesel engines. I uncovered the solar panels and began charging my Tesla battery. I hadn’t actually gotten to test it out yet, I had another day to go before I was to begin that process. Naomi’s Pride is a prototype. I designed it with my wife who died of cancer two years earlier. Naomi was a brilliant engineer and I am a marine engineer. I design boats, she designed power. We worked on Pride for ten years before she got sick. Two years of chemo, while I built the prototype and she looked on, making corrections. It was only a month after we finished building it that she passed. She hadn’t even seen it in the water.

The first test was a failure. The battery system we used just didn’t have the power. I ran across the Tesla Home battery banks and rewired a pair into the system. It should work, but hell, it could blow up. I am nowhere as brilliant as Naomi was. Checking the charts, I saw that there were numerous reefs in this area with underwater islands pushing them up near the surface. This would be prime grounds for a shark or two and probably accounted for the damage causing the boat to sink.

Around sixty minutes later the radio started again. “Pride, are you out there?”

“I am here, Ghost. You okay?” I asked.

“Not really,” she replied fearfully, “the water is up to the edge of the boat and it will be underwater soon.”

“Okay, hey, what is your name?” I asked, “I am Charles, though folks call me Chad.”

“I’m Lisa,” she said.

“Well, Lisa, I am maybe half an hour away, possibly forty five minutes,” I told the frightened girl. “While you wait, I’ll tell you a story. Let me know just before the radio goes underwater.”


“So, this boat was designed by my deceased wife and myself…” I began and told her the story of the design. About fifteen minutes later, I saw the top of the mainmast as she told me the radio was about to slip under the water. “Okay, I can see you, but I cannot come direct. There is a reef in the way. Fifteen minutes and I should be there. Stay with the boat as long as you can.”

It was actually about twenty minutes when I pulled up to the mast where she was clinging. I dropped a ladder over the side and she climbed aboard, pulling a waterlogged overnight case along with her. She threw herself into my arms and sobbed as I moved us away and back on course.

“Oh goddess,” she exclaimed as she got a grip, “I thought I was so dead.”

She was a slight thing, right around a hundred pounds and standing maybe 5’6″ tall. So, she was thin. She was also soaking wet in a pair of shorts and a tube top with some deck shoes. I set the auto pilot and sat her down. She had a very cute face with long natural lashes and pretty blue eyes. “You’re okay,” I said as I sat down next to her.

“Because of you,” she said with a wail, “Look, anything you want, if I have it, it is yours. Anything, you just say it.”

“How about we start with getting you warm and dry,” I said soothingly, “Then we’ll talk about me getting a good nap while someone else steers the boat.”

She laughed, a full sound, without any pretense, “Okay. Is there bağdat caddesi escort a place I can hang out some clothes to dry?”

We got her clothes out of the bag and hung them on the lines to let the sun dry them. She looked at me then shrugged out of her tube top and shorts, hung them and slipped into a still wet bikini. I watched. I mean hell, I’m a man and I’m not dead yet. She had a sweet ass, skinny though shapely legs and a couple tiny tits that were perfect, well, in my opinion.

“If you like what you see,” she began, “feel completely free to take it. I meant it when I said anything.” She looked at me to verify my desire. I smiled back at her, though I couldn’t do much right at the moment.

“Well, I need to get back to the wheel,” I said blandly, “Though taking you was certainly on my mind.” I reached out and took her hand then stood up and wrapped one of my huge towels around her. I moved to the wheel and checked course, then corrected slightly.

She was looking at me strangely, then seemed to come to a decision and moved to my side. I let the autopilot steer and kept my eye on the course as I rested my butt on the seat. I put an arm around her and pulled her close. “You are still shivering. I can warm you up,” I said. I wrapped my arms around her and she opened the towel and snuggled in. I round myself pressed up against her hot young body and damn I got excited fast. It had been four years since my wife died and a couple before that as she was being diagnosed with no sex. At forty-one, I was still occasionally quite randy feeling, though I hadn’t been with any other girl since my last year of college when I met my wife.

Lisa had lain her head on my shoulder and the shivering continued. I checked position and determined autopilot was doing okay for now. So, I moved to the bench seat behind the steering position and sat, then pulled her bare legs across my lap and began to rub and chafe them to improve her circulation. She adjusted her legs and suddenly, it was impossible to hide my erection from the leg that leaned upon it.

“Oh, sorry,” she said but didn’t move her leg, “It feels good, don’t stop.” I continued to chafe and she wiggled a bit under the towel then dropped her wet suit on the deck. “It was getting cold. I’ll let it dry.”

I looked in her eyes and she was almost daring me to say something. So, I did croak out a few words, “You know…” I started then paused and cleared my throat, “I’m just a man.”

“And your wife died,” she said, “four years ago if I heard you right. Look, I’m here, I’m grateful and I’m so fucking ready.” She reached down and untied my shorts then pulled until I lifted. She bared my turgid member and quickly straddled me then aimed and pushed me inside.

“Fuck,” I groaned and she nodded.

“Yes baby, fuck me,” she said with a growl, “What I got is yours now. Use me like the horny slut I am. Take me.”

I clamped down on her waist and held her above me then began to lift and relax, sliding myself in and out of her prime body. She groaned and kissed me as I used her. I took one of her lovely tiny breasts in my mouth and licked, bit and sucked it. As my excitement rose, so did my speed and I leaned back to enjoy the view as I took what she offered.

“Oh goddess, that feels good,” she said, “Does it… oh… does it feel… ughn… feel good for you?”

“You keep saying goddess,” I grunted, “but you are the only goddess I see and feel here.”

“Mmm, right there,” she said and clung to my neck, “there, oh there, right… oh… cumming!”

She began to shake and convulse then her pussy clamped down on me and I lost it. I spurted my load deep into her like a proverbial fire hose. “Fuck, me too! Cumming!”

We shook and clung to one another through our orgasms and she just started kissing on me. My neck, my face, my chest and murmuring, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was so dead. You saved me.”

“Shh, baby, you’re safe, I’ve got you,” I said and stroked her hair and back. As she calmed I noted that she had stopped shivering. “At least you aren’t shivering any more.”

She pulled back and looked at me with sorrowful eyes, then just started laughing. As her guffaws calmed, she snuggled in, “Damn, I was so scared.”

I softened and slipped from her and she groaned, “I want it back in there,” she said then pulled back and kissed my lips. She stood and moved to the drying clothes and grabbed panties off the line and put them on. “Show me how to steer this thing and where you want us to go.”

I pulled up my shorts and moved to the inside station for course and navigation. I showed her the GPS plot and how we were off course just a bit. The computer showed the +35 for the estimated time over schedule and the +360 for the overall schedule. That meant we were 35 minutes behind schedule on the original course I’d set based on the correction from this morning and six hours behind for the overall bağdat caddesi olgun escort trip. I explained why.

“I have lost about one to two hours a day because autopilot just picks a direction and goes,: I explained, “It doesn’t account for things like tidal drift or ocean currents. So, when I nap, we get a bit off course and I have to correct.”

“How off course can you get before it becomes a surety that you won’t make it to the next fuel?” she asked.

“Well, there really isn’t a surety one way or the other,” I said. “This boat is designed to never need fuel. However, it is untested. My late wife was brilliant, but a part of the design didn’t work. I adapted the new Tesla batteries for the purpose of holding power. I’m not sure whether it will work or not.”

She moved to me, her naked body shimmering in the afternoon light. She swayed a bit and walked with a sexy little walk and I felt myself reacting. “So, let me sit and watch our course. You nap. Then, when you wake, we’ll get something to eat and you can fuck the shit out of me again. Then we’ll turn those fuckers on and you can become rich and famous on the new design.”

I couldn’t help it, I reached out and pulled her to me. “Damn you are sexy,” I told her. “I’ve been alone on this boat for only three days, but alone working on it for far, far too long.”

“Then take me again if you want me,” she said seductively, “I want sex all the time. And you, I find you sexy and desire you. So, I’m half way there already. Take me then nap or just nap. I am good with either option.”

I pushed her panties down and sat. This time, I took the time to appreciate her body. She had a beautiful, even, all over tan covering her soft smooth skin, “You are a beautiful woman, Lisa,” I said and turned her so I could take it all in. She had two dimples on her butt cheeks and I kissed each one as my hands caressed her skin. I lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the bench next to me. Her legs were thin, but I noticed now the beautiful symmetry of her muscles, not tiny, but wiry and strong. She moaned as I kissed the inside of her thigh and ran my fingertips from knee to butt cheek. Her pubes were thinned down, not gone like many women today, but trimmed. She obviously took great pains with the hair there as well since she only had hair above her vagina in a triangle. I kissed the patch of hair and she moaned with a grin.

“Goddess, you are revving me up, Chad,” she said with a moan, “Look a bit lower and you will see I am ready for you.”

So, I dipped down. She may be ready, but I wanted to experience this pretty woman. I took her sex in my mouth and laved her with my tongue. Yes, she was juicy and her tasty clean juices rang into my mouth and down my chin as she moaned through the experience. “You taste like ambrosia, Lisa,” I said briefly before returning my mouth to her luscious pussy. She was grabbing the table behind her as she thrust her pelvis forward and I lapped her labia then shoved my tongue into her canal. She groaned again as my hands cupped her ass and kept her where I wanted her.

“Yes, oh fuck, I can’t believe, fuck,” she was panting and groaning constantly now with the occasional word or three. I’d always been rather good at cunnilingus and she was into it now. I struggled to keep her in place and pushed her top leg out and off the bench to help with that. Finally, I just lifted and her legs went wide. She was juicing considerably now and was rising to the edge of a really big orgasm, and I stopped. “No, don’t stop, don’t,” she started, but I stood and flipped her over. I set her feet on the ground, spread them apart and pushed my shorts down. I rubbed my head on her slit then slid my length across her labia and she groaned as I held her hips in place.

“Now, little one,” I began, “Now I will have you like I want.” Then I slowly pushed inside her. Her hands gripped the table and her knuckles went white as she groaned out a yes. I pulled back and pushed in a bit further until the third stroke I was deep inside, my groin pushing her ass. Her legs were pinned to the table and I reached to find her titties. “You have a gorgeous body and you’re right, I have needed a woman for four years. I will have you, and I will have you over and over.” I leaned forward as I pinched her nipples and began to stroke slowly. “Your body is perfect. The right size, the right shape, in the right time. By the time we dock in Hawaii, you will be so sore and so satisfied. I may even keep you after that. What do you think about that?”

I was stroking faster now and she was groaning with each stroke forward as her body drove away the ability to talk. There was just a breathless yes occasionally exploding from her as I pounded her sweet young pussy. I watched her body tighten and she went up on her toes as I drove her over the line and she came with a cry.


I turned her to the bench and flipped bağdat caddesi sarışın escort her to her back then spread her legs wide and reinserted into her spasming cunt. I fucked her hard and fast now, my head reaching inside to push her cervix with each stroke in, I pulled back against her G and thumbed her clit. She never really came down from her orgasm and I was almost there. “You feel good, little one. I will cum soon. Tell me you want it.”

She struggled for a minute, her breath not supporting talking, but finally got a hold of the ability and said, “Please baby, cum in me. This time, claim me with your seed. Make me yours. You are a fucking god of the sea, baby. Fuck me, cumming again!”

She arched and wrapped her legs as her pussy convulsed and I lost it. I pumped at least ten squirts of cum deep into her. My cock was against her cervix and each one drove her a bit more. I gently pulled her face to mine and looked in her eyes. “Mine,” I said and she nodded.

“Yours, all yours, any time,” she said and we kissed until we could relax. I finally pulled from her and dropped to her pussy. I cleaned out all the drippies and used the nearby towel to pat her dry then slipped her panties back on. She went down on my and cleaned me off then stood and kissed me. “Now, you lay down, my man, lay down and sleep. Sleep as long as you want. Then in the end, wake up and we’ll fire up your dream.”

I slept. I woke refreshed for the first time in three days. Looking over, she was standing at the controls, still in just her panties. My first sound was a croak, I cleared my throat. “How long was I out?” I asked and looked around. It was the next morning. Early, the sun just up. I stood and walked to her. “You stood there all night, baby?”

She looked up at me with a grin, “Yes lover, and I would do it again,” she replied and kissed me. “Will you make us some breakfast?”

“I have some eggs and bacon,” I said as I ran my hand over her ass. “How does that sound?”

“That sounds heavenly,” she said. I kissed her and went to the galley.

I whipped up some bacon and eggs, with a couple slices of toast and took them up to the table. I started the coffee pot up top as well we sat to eat, her body pressed to mine. She ate with obvious delight, enough that I had to ask, “How long since you had bacon and eggs?”

“It has been a very long time,” she said. And when I started to ask why, she simply kissed me and forestalled the question. I let it go and just enjoyed the meal and the company. Afterward, she took the dishes below and washed them while I prepared the boat for the test.

Both the Tesla packs registered as full, so I dropped them in line as I cut the engines. Then I pushed forward the controls on the electric engines and felt the hum as Lisa took my arm. She was wearing a kind of almost tennis skirt and blouse combo. I ran the engines at one quarter for fifteen minutes and checked the batteries. No registered drop in power, so I pushed to half power and we surged forward, faster now than the speed I’d been at with the diesel engines. I feathered them upward until I was at seventy-five percent and we were cutting along at a good pace. We ran like that for an hour and I finally saw a drop in the power levels in the batteries. At this rate, we could go for maybe fifteen hours at seventy-five percent. I pushed up to a hundred and could feel a vibration that was too much for the hull. But the engines could do it. Some hull redesign and we could handle that problem as well. I cut us back to three quarters and sat down with a laugh.

“It works, it really works,” I laughed. I played with the speed and checked my relative speed and marked everything down while Lisa napped. She had been at the wheel for close to 12 hours while I slept and was tired. She curled up on the bench next to me and refused to go below to the bed. I watched her while she slept. I kept us on around twenty knots for the three hours she slept and did so without the solar collectors turned on. If I pushed the extent of the hull, I could get around 23 to 25 knots per hour depending on the sea. In those three hours, I used right around a quarter of one battery bank. I did some calculations and at 20 knots, I would shave almost four days off my original estimate. I cycled the solar collectors back online and went below to make some lunch. I put together some sandwiches and made sure that the electronics were all off outside of the GPS.

When I returned to the main deck, there was Lisa, just sitting up and stretching. I slipped the meal onto the table then went to her. “Hi, getting hungry?” I asked and she nodded then slipped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Hello, my lover,” she said with a grin. “Will you carry me so I can feel your arms around me?”

I smiled and lifted her. She kept her face where it was and I kissed her before moving then slipped into the chair with her ending on my lap. She squirmed a bit to get comfortable, at least until my erection was pressing against her, then she relaxed and started eating. I joined her, one hand around her waist and one holding my sandwich. It was a simple meal of ham and the last of my tomato and lettuce. But there was also a slice of cheese that she completely loved. I guess the last guy didn’t have cheese or eat cheese or whatever.

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