Neighbor Ch. 04

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One of my guiding principles is that context is everything. To understand this new episode of my Neighbor series I recommend you read the first three chapters in the collected form I recently edited and posted

As usual, this work, and series, is pure fiction and any similarity to real people, places or events the is purely coincidental.

Neighbor Ch. 4

The email reply from Kelsey was curt. The follow-up story Jim wrote that included a prominent apology for high jacking her sequel to his original effort, seemed to have been accepted through Kelsey’s brief but possibly bitter response.

“Works for me. Publish and be damned.”

Jim thought, “Shit. She’s still pissed off at me. ‘Be damned’, what the fuck does that mean?” He fired up his laptop and submitted the story to Literotica. Jim felt he was flushing away something he should have left alone.

He texted Kelsey this time. Done. Look for it in a few days. Jim still hoped he could open up a more constructive dialogue, but there was no reply. An hour later, he telephoned but it went to her message box.

The day was fine. Jim decided on a long walk to think about Gee’s next steps in the recovery of her libido, as she had asked. As he strode around the park, Jim kicked around in his mind Gee’s uncertainty as to how far to take her latent exhibitionism, and how much he could tolerate. Jim did not know how to advise what path she should take.

In spite of his undertaking to consider Gee’s situation, Jim thoughts were dominated by and kept returning to Kelsey’s lack of response to his earlier text and telephone message. With the hall-pass from Gee to fuck this sexy neighbor, Jim cursed the fact Kelsey chose this moment to ignore him. Life was decidedly unfair in Jim’s mind at that moment. He felt sorry for himself.

His almost two-hour brisk walk calmed Jim down. When he arrived back home, he noticed a Kia Soul in Kesey’s driveway. He knew it belonged to her mother. He felt a wave of relief pulse through him. He understood why Kelsey had not replied. Her mother was visiting. He was puzzled though. He could not recall seeing the Kia Soul when he left for his walk, but, he rationalized, he was not looking for it and could have easily missed it.

After a drink of water and shower, Jim decided to boost his ego with a drive in his Audi R8. The mid-morning traffic was light, and he was able to open up on a section of road he knew was free of radar traps. He felt much better after this blast of speed well into three digits mph. He loved his Audi almost as much as the Ferrari. He knew he risked having his prized vehicle impounded if caught travelling at excessive speed. It just added to the rush of adrenaline. As he returned home, he smiled to himself and thought he’d catch Kelsey later.

Jim left the Audi in the driveway. He ran the hose from the tap in the garage. He always rinsed his special autos down after taking them out, even though it was not dirty. It was his loving ritual to pay homage to the elegant curves of the bodywork and power under the hood.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed, Kelsey’s mother moving towards the Kia Soul carrying a sports bag. She did not look at him. After backing out, she drove the few hundred feet to stop at the end of Jim’s driveway. She got out. Jim observed her as she walked towards him. She was an older version of Kelsey. Attractive, with larger tits and wider hips. He remembered her name. Susan.

Susan smiled as she approached Jim. “Good job on the Audi,” nodding in the direction of the low-slung vehicle. “Maybe you’ll give me a ride sometime? Looks like fun.”

Jim thought that giving this lady a ride would be a lot of fun. But he said, “That sounds like a plan. Thank you for the complement. Like to keep her clean and shining. It’s Sue, isn’t it?”

“I prefer to be called Susan. Yes. And you’re Jim, if I remember right. Your wife is Gee.” Jim was momentarily puzzled that Susan knew his wife.

“Right on both counts. Visiting the grandies?” Jim gestured towards Kelsey’s house.

“Yes.” Susan paused for a moment. “Well, not really.” Jim looked puzzled. “Kel had an accident. She’s in hospital.”

Jim was stunned. He felt his stomach clench. “What! What happened?”

“I’m not quite sure. Looks as though she tripped over one of the kids’ toys as she took a text message in the front hallway. She fell headlong into the bottom of the stairs broke her arm in two places and hit her head badly. She knocked herself unconscious and has a huge goose egg on her forehead. As luck would have it, I arrived shortly after her fall. I was just dropping by to pick up some clothes she had for the charity I work with. Anyway, she’s in hospital with her arm in a cast. They are keeping her overnight in case there is concussion or worse.”

“That’s terrible. Anything I can do to help?”

“I’m not sure. Can I call you later if I think of something? Give me your number.” Susan pulled out her cell phone and held it up to me. “Call me now.” Jim punched göztepe sınırsız escort into his mobile the number Susan gave him. Susan’s phone rang. “There I now have your number. Must rush.”

“What about the kids?” Jim blurted out. He thought for a moment they were being abandoned.

“No problem. Jane’s daughter, May, from across the road came over to help, with her little one in tow. She’ll stay until I get back. I may need your help then. Must rush off. Bye.”

“Give Kelsey my best wishes.”

“Only best wishes? I’m sure she’ll appreciate them. Very much.” Susan winked and rushed off.

Jim was puzzled by the wink and tone of Susan’s parting comment.


Jim had finished one of the meals Gee had left in the freezer for him to heat up. One of her signature stews. Their land line phone rang. Gee always used this line unless she needed to catch Jim when he was out.

“I thought I’d call you early. Was uncertain if I’d catch you at home. We’re going out for a birthday party for Daisy in a half hour or so.” Gee was calling from a time zone two hours earlier. “Anyway. Had dinner? What’d you do today?”

“First off, how’s the visit going? The family all OK?”

“Yes. Everything is fine this end. What’s up?”

“Just finished one of your stews, washed down with an ice-cold lager. The day has been interesting.” Jim proceeded to give Gee the events including all his thoughts about Kelsey and her accident.

“Wow. That’s been some day. Poor you.” Gee giggled. “Screwed with no chance of screwing.”

“Isn’t that just a bummer. The Fates are telling me something. Like, keep my zipper closed.”

Jim was surprised by Gee’s next comment. “What do you think of Susan? I know her. Did you know that? When her husband died about two years ago. I recall you were away somewhere. She used to come over to see the grandchildren and Kelsey. I saw her outside initially, and then she’d drop in on her visits for a coffee with me. We probably got together six times. As it so happens, I met her just recently in town, we had lunch. I think I mentioned it.”

“I don’t recall. When was that?”

“Two weeks ago. On my usual trek into town on my half day off from work.”

“OK. Now I remember. You came home about two hours later than usual. All you said was that you met a friend for lunch. I had a brief jolt of jealously at the time thinking it was an old boyfriend. I just let it go. I don’t recall you mentioning Susan’s name at the time.”

Gee sighed. “We had a three-hour lunch. All sorts of girl-to-girl stuff. She’s a very empathetic character, and a good listener. What particularly impressed me was the way she has pulled herself together. When I first met her, she was slightly overweight and, in her grief, had let her personal appearance go completely. Now she looks very attractive. Stunning in fact, I bet you fancy her. I think I could myself.”

Jim did not know what to say for a moment. He had a fleeting image of Gee with Susan, naked in each other’s arms. “Yes. She’s certainly a looker. And yes, I could fancy her.”

“She could be Kelsey’s older sister. And not much older at that. Maybe I should extend my hall pass to the mother as well. I know she’s ready for a no-commitment relationship. By that I mean a fuck without strings attached.”

“How the hell do you know that?”

“Girl talk.” Gee giggled again. “She also knows about my libido challenge. More girl-talk. Hey, maybe you have a match.”

“Gee, you never fail to amaze me. I love you so much.” Jim was tearing up as he heard the selfless words wrapping around him with loving warmth.

“Of course. Kelsey could get jealous if you go for Susan. Or, once Kelsey’s back, it could be other way around. All I’m saying you may have to be discrete. Careful, in fact.” Gee’s voice seemed to come from smiling lips.

“Oh. You are such a sweetheart. Tell me how it’s going for you.” Jim’s excitement was getting to a point where he had to change the channel.

“Absolutely fine. We have a great daughter and two fine granddaughters. Daisy has just come to me and is tugging me to get going. So, it’s bye-bye. Have a good evening and be careful how you behave. Neither gal should be upset after you have left. Love you sweetie. Bye. Oh, and say ‘Hi’ to Susan if you see her. You can give a hug from me, as a starter. ” Gee hung up before Jim had a chance to answer.

Jim hand washed the dishes. Too few to put them in the dishwasher. He was just considering sitting down with a new book Gee had brought him from the library when his cell rang. It was Susan.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“No. Excellent timing. I’d just finished supper and cleaned up.”

“Admirable. Clearly Gee has you well trained. How would you like to come over?”

“To clean up?” Jim laughed.

“Oh, yes. I’ll throw in a drink or two by way of payment. Get over here.”

“Give me ten.”

“Eleven and lights go out. göztepe ucuz escort See you.”


Jim held a bottle of Pinot Noir out to Susan as she opened the front door. “Hope you like red?”

“Come in.” Susan almost yanked him in. “Can’t have the neighbors talking, can we?”

“Oh. They’ll talk. Let them, say I.”

“How is Kelsey doing?” Jim’s head was tilted to one side as he asked.

Susan shook her head from side to side with distant eyes and a grim look on her face. “She has a splitting headache and her right, dominant, arm and hand are in a cast. She’s mad at herself for falling. And I almost had to physically restrain her from coming home. Apart from that she’s just fine.”

“And you? Anything I can do to help?”

“Actually. Yes. Would you hold me?” Susan set the bottle on the hall table.

Jim moved to her and put his arms around her. She moved her hands to his back and pulled him close. They stayed silent for the short time that were together. Jim felt Susan sigh. They were pulling apart when Jim gave a more robust hug. “This hug is from Gee. We were talking shortly before you called, and she told me how she met you a couple of years ago and more recently. I didn’t know you were friends.” Susan tightened the hug. Jim cold feel her generous breasts mashing into his chest.

Susan broke off the embrace. “Let’s go and sit in the family room. I’ll get the glasses. Screw top I see. No corkscrew needed.” Jim sat on the couch, settling into the soft cushioning. Susan entered carrying a tray and placed it on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Jim thought that the bottle, two glasses, some cheeses with crackers, two side plates and napkins reflected an organized mind at work. Not just a pretty face.

“Help yourself when you want something. You pour.” Jim poured the wine and cut himself some Gouda.

“How are you doing with all this drama with Kelsey?” Jim was looking her in the eyes, one more with his head tilted to one side.

“Fine but puzzled. Just fine. Kel will get over this quickly, I am sure, and we’ll be back to normal. But I do have one question that is puzzling me.”

Jim jumped in, “What is that?’

The text message that Kel was reading when she tripped was from you. I found her cell on the stairs. ‘Done. Look for it in a few days.’ What the hell does that mean?”

Jim felt awkward. He did not have a plausible answer. He improvised keeping as close to the truth as possible. “Kelsey mentioned to me she did some writing. I was putting a written piece together and asked her to look over it. She didn’t have any comments and suggested I go ahead and publish. I was just letting her know it was on its way. That’s all. It’s tragic that such a simple act could cause such a catastrophe. ”

“You write a blog, or for a magazine? Must be on-line for it to be available so quickly. What’s it about anyway? Kel’s areas of expertise are somewhat narrow. So how can she help you? Tell me.” Jim detected a teasing smile in Susan’s voice.

Jim was stumped: be general he told himself.

Susan pressed before Jim could answer, “So what’s so difficult about telling me. If it’s so secret, why share it with Kel? Hopefully it’s not political?” The smile broadened.

“No. Not political.”

“Well what was it about?”

Jim continued to think what he could answer.

Susan continued. “Hey, it’s not naughty stuff, is it?”

Jim thought he had kept a straight face.

“It is. It is. You’ve been writing naughty sexy stuff and showing it to my daughter. You bad man.” Susan laughed as she said this. “Corrupting my innocent girl. Oh my. What should I do with you?”

Jim’s face reddened. “What can I say?”

“Spill the beans, buster. I’ll give you a clue. I know Kel writes erotica and posts it on . You too?”

“You call me buster. I am so busted. Yes, I do.”

“Ha! What name do write under, assuming you do not use your own name.”


“You’re a geologist I seem to remember. Makes sense.” Susan left the room and came back with a laptop. She looked up Jim’s works.

“Jim. I have a story to tell you. Kel and I are very close. We have no secrets. I have been busting your balls. It was fun stringing you along. I knew your wrote erotica and Kel showed it to me. I know you even wrote a story using her as a starting point. I like your imagination. You seem to know how to make a woman feel wanted and satisfied. On paper, at least.”

Jim just looked deflated. Susan drained her glass of wine. There was silence for a moment. Jim’s mind was in turmoil. He did not know what to think.

Susan continued. “OK. I was not entirely fair to you. Fill up my glass. I’ll go and check on the kids. When I come back, I’ll make it up to you. Promise. That is if you are open to reparations? Deal?” It was Susan’s turn to cock her head to one side with a broad grin crinkling her sparkling eyes. She repeated, “Deal?”

Jim could hardly kadıköy anal escort get the words out of his mouth quickly enough, “You betcha.” Jim could feel his tumescence filling the crotch of his jeans.

Susan took longer to return than Jim thought necessary. But he found it fully worth the wait when she returned. She was wearing a sheer long black negligée, and nothing else. It had a sash around the waist that had the effect of pulling the top tight over her breasts. “I borrowed it from Kel’s wardrobe. I am clearly a bit larger than her around the bust. You like? I thought this would save some time.” Jim’s eyes lingered and admired the sharp nipples tearing at the fabric.

“I can see you like.” Susan giggled and she shook her breasts at Jim.

Jim’s mouth hung open. “Let me turn the lights down a bit.” The situation was perfect. Susan approached Jim and melted into his arms. She looked up and they engaged into a soft lingering kiss. They gently sank down onto the sofa.

“Before We go any further, are you Ok with this?” Susan gestured to them being together. “Full disclosure: Gee told me about her libido issues. I am guessing you are not getting much sex. I need someone badly at the moment. I have for the last three months. Diddling myself by hand or with toys does not do it for me these days. If you have scruples, or simply feel this is all too much, or too fast just say. I’m a grownup gal. I can take it.”

Jim was uncomfortable in his jeans. He stood, undid his belt and zipper and dropped the jeans on the floor. His erection tented his jockeys. He looked down at Susan and pointed to his underpants, “My answer.” Jim thrust his covered erection towards Susan. He held his hand up as her mouth started towards the protrusion. “I also have a full disclosure. I must tell you I wanted and expected to fuck Kelsey. We almost did when one of the kids woke up. You have to know and accept the fact I lusted after your daughter for us to continue. I may well fuck her when she is well enough, at some point in the future. We wanted each other, much as we two do now. Further, Gee gave me a hall pass for Kelsey, and in our conversation earlier this evening she included you in her generosity. She thinks you are gorgeous. Want to continue?”

Susan nodded her head. Her mouth resumed its trajectory and wrapped around the cottoned cover dick. But it quickly moved to a point whereby her teeth engaged the waist band to pull the jockeys up and over Jim’s respectably sized cock to reveal him in all his glory. Susan shuddered. She had a mild anticipatory orgasm. She stood, opened her gown and let it fall before she lay on her back on the sofa, legs apart and in the air.

Jim hesitated. His whole adult sex life he had emphasized foreplay. He aimed for very slow yet steady arousal with stroking, fingering, tonguing and finally cunnilingus. The final element was the actual fuck itself. He was confronted with a whole new raw approach. An invitation to ravage.

Susan sensed Jim’s hesitancy. She pulled her knees to her chest, reached around her hips, and pulled open her engorged outer labia to reveal the pink inner lips that shone in the subdued light.

Jim would swear the vaginal opening winked at him as if to invite him into a coital conspiracy.

Susan called out, “Fuck me sailor.”

Jim needed no further prompting. He knelt on the sofa beside Susan and entered her forcefully. She uttered a satisfied “humph”. Jim felt a ripple of contractions run down his fully expanded cock. Susan threw her head back and uttered, “Yes. Yes. Yessss.” As the internal muscular spasms decreased, Jim started to piston his cock in and out with increasing vigor until he once more elicited a clamping down on his member. He paused until he felt the velvet flesh enveloping him relax once more.

He continued the cycle of increasingly forceful thrusts and pauses as the ripples kept returning, with increasing loud vocal accompaniment. On the seventh cycle of fucking and resting the squeezing motions did not stop until there a flood of fluid washed over his member and his balls. This moment of anointment caused Jim to feel his own explosion. From his cock deeply planted into Susan’s magical cunt a deep orgasm paralyzed his body for a full minute or more.

They both relaxed at the same time. Susan spoke first, “Oh. My. God. Jim, that was a first.”

“For me too. I usually go for the slow and easy building to a crescendo. This was direct and dirty. I loved it. I think I must have served in the navy in a previous life.”

“Eh?” Susan looked at Jim thoroughly puzzled.

“Fuck me sailor.”

Susan beat her two fists on his chest. Susan then pulled Jim close and gave him a tender kiss. “This may be the first time I will not be craving for seconds. I’m done for tonight. Really.”

Jim was not about to demand more. He too was done. “We may have some cleaning up to do or you may have to explain to Kelsey how the large wet stain came to be on the sofa. Also, I should at least mention I was not wearing any protection. I hope that is not a problem for you.”

“I’ll sort out the coffee stain on the sofa.” Jim took a moment to catch Susan’s meaning. “As for the other: I had my tubes tied after our son was born. Anyway, I think I am well beyond the conception window. So, no prob. Can I ask a favor?”

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