Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 05

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed and sought after!


That Sunday was a slow one for both Cynthia and her nephew. She was up nice and early and was able to catch Nicholas’ waking up as well. She watched as he trudged off to the bathroom and pulled his panties down and aimed his caged dick at the toilet. It was a messy affair, and he had to take extra care to wash himself up at the sink after and before pulling his panties back up. She noted his ass which she really hadn’t seen much of before was quite cute, almost bubble like. She particularly enjoyed when he picked up his phone and saw the last picture she had sent. His hand went to the base of his penis, but there was going to be no tugging.

Cynthia had plenty of work to do, she thought. She began setting up a profile for Nicholas on a gay fetish website, using several of the pictures she took earlier in the week. In it she proclaimed his eagerness to prove what a sissy faggot he was, his desires to please other men. She had him shamefully admit to his inferior size, and the realization of where his place was in life. She wanted a good list men interested in fucking her nephew, and to pick and choose which. Eventually, he’d have many accounts. Grindr would get daily use. If she allowed him to keep a public dating profile, it would show his attraction towards men.

That was all effort and time, but not very difficult. The difficult part came next. While she had access to all his accounts online, it was the social media and school websites she was interested in. She worked to cross reference his social media friends list with those of the students in his classes. For a change, she hesitated before proceeding. She actually felt bad about what she was going to do. She was somewhat surprised to find some genuine affection for her nephew, who she had barely known before. This week however, they had obviously become much closer. He was a decent young man, a fairly nice one. She could’ve stopped it there, she had already had quite a thrill, and she could let him go about his life, albeit with a much more personal view of men.

On the other hand though, she was massively enjoying the deterioration of his identity. She had enjoyed his tears as physical evidence of her success in forcing him to question such an integral part of who he was. She could feel herself becoming aroused at the thought that while he had certainly looked at gay porn before, he looked at plenty of straight porn. He saw his future self with a woman. Perhaps she had been wrong and he had been more straight than gay. Which turned her on even more, marveling at what he might feel when she had finished twisting his orientation to her desire. She took a picture of her breasts, from the top, her top off and just barely any nipple showing, then sent it to Nicholas.

She played with herself for a few moments, then clicked “Send”. There, that was done. Now all his female classmates had a picture of on her bed, arched backwards and playing with his nipples while his member tented her panties. Courtesy of a still frame image taken from one of her bedroom cameras. She had titled the e-mail “Is this guy in your class?” It was a little blurry, but she felt it could clearly be told it Nicholas if you could see him up close. Her own orgasm came quickly at the thought that all the women he normally encountered would see him as gay as he was in that pose, and how they’d treat him. What rumors would spread. She wanted him to feel as if everyone was looking at him, if everyone knew what he was, and this method would help accomplish that.

She spent some time choosing a man for this evening. Eventually she settled on male client she had had. Mostly, she chose him because of how masculine he appeared. He was in his late thirties with a shaved head and a full beard and a strong jaw line. He was not overly muscled but he was no slouch either, and had a relatively moderate amount of dark body hair. Most importantly, he had an actual eight and a half inch cock that was nearly as thick as her wrist, with a matching pair of balls. He was quite amenable to what she proposed for the evening and would love to act out the part she had for him.

Eventually evening came, and she dressed as if she were looking to get laid in a black one piece dress, six inch heels, opting for some smaller golden hoop earrings. She took the time to straighten her hair out letting it fall on her bare shoulders. Her purse had a couple of additional items that would be needed later on in her evening. She made sure to arrive at 6PM on the dot, as she had a tight time table to adhere to.

Thankfully Nicholas was becoming more obedient, and it was only a few moments before she had him unlocked and naked but for his panties, a little pink item with a lacey band at the top that was silivri escort tight enough that even soft, you could see a bump. Or maybe it was because he was eager to please from being locked up all day and seeing her dressed up like a slut. Truth was, he was beginning to look forward to these encounters, even if she made him do gay things. He was having orgasms better than any he’d experienced alone, and even though sometimes he felt bad, later on, he replayed his experiences in his head and would start to get turned on. Nicholas inquired as to why she was dressed like that, assuming she was going out after.

Instead, Cynthia sat him down on the foot of the bed next to her. “Silly, I am out right now. It’s been fun watching you, but sometimes your aunt needs a good old fashioned fucking. There’s nothing quite like getting my pussy pounded and stretched by a real man.” She watched him keenly, and he appeared disappointed. “But, I know you’re a growing young sissy, and you’ve got lots of cum in you that needs to be let out, so I needed to drop by and take care of you. And make sure you were still wearing your panties.” He blushed. Her talk of needing a good fuck coupled with the way she treated him made him feel funny and good inside.

“So, to kill two birds with one stone, I invited my friend Tony over here in a little bit. I’ll let you get him started for me, before we hit the town tonight.” He looked at her with confusion, asking “Get him started?”

“Well, you’re going to lick his balls and kiss his cock, suck on him until he’s nice and hard. Saves me a bit of work later, y’know?” she explained casually.

“No way am I sucking some dude’s cock.” He said quickly, “It’s you that turns me on, Aunt Cynthia. You say n-” and she cut him off by snapping her fingers in front of his face, then pointing between his legs. His arousal was obvious through his panties.

“Your penis just got hard when I talked about having a real man fuck me and that you’d get to worship some cock tonight. Nicky, are you gay?”

Nicholas shook his head sideways “No. It’s just that you say things that turn me on.”

“That’s because I’m saying things that only a sissy and a faggot would get turned on by. Even all repressed as you are, it still makes you feel good, Nicky. Your little penis gets nice and stiff then you shoot your boy juice thinking of other men. But, if you’re not gay, then you won’t like sucking his cock. It’s a nice cock too, but you should see it for yourself.”

Still Nicholas shook his head. This was definitely a major line to cross. And he did want to fuck his aunt. Part of him simply wanted to know what it was like, but it felt dangerous.

She watched him in his indecision, fretting. She put anger and authority into her voice, “Nicky! You will not disappoint me in front of my friend! You’ve already admitted to thinking about sucking cock, and tonight I even found someone for you to fulfill your homosexual urges with. You will get on your knees. You will use your tongue to bathe his balls. You will lick his dick until it’s nice and hard and kiss it. And you will suck him as much or as long as I tell you to. You will NOT embarrass me anymore than you already do by being the raging faggot you are.”

Nicholas didn’t breathe through the entire thing, grabbing at himself through his panties. He couldn’t help himself. Her words stung, because there was some truth to them. Certainly not the faggot part. But he did want try sucking… He just nodded his submission.

Cynthia spent the next few minutes priming him, so to speak. She kept him aroused with her words while also teaching him how to please cock. Sure, the stuff he’d seen in porn could work too, but she wanted more than that. Cock would pretty much be at the center of his life from now on, and she wanted him to get lots of practice pleasing them. She had him fetch a pair of pink shower towels, and folded them and stacked them by the foot of his bed, so he’d be comfortably on his knees. He was fretting and skittish by the time 6:30 came and there was a knock at the door. Nicholas stayed there, on his knees, panties doing nothing to hide his hard penis and eyes downcast. Cynthia opened the door, letting Jason in. She squealed, and pushed up against him, and they kissed. She made sure Nicholas got a good view of how she reacted to real men. When she finally unfurled herself from him, Nicholas took him in while they made small chat. It was surreal.

Jason was perhaps six, maybe six foot one. His head was shaved, and his beard was full and a dark brown. His shoulders and chest both were wide. His voice was somewhat deep, but not gruff. He was dressed in a casual blue shirt with an undershirt and a pair of dress pants. He could be called handsome, Nicholas thought begrudgingly. His aunt certainly seemed to think so.

After a few moments, Jason pretended to finally notice Nicholas, “Is this the faggot you needed help with?” he asked, looking Nicholas over. If it were şirinevler escort possible, Nicholas entire body would’ve blushed.

“That’s the one, alright. Jerks himself off to gay porn, but says he’s not a faggot. Me, I think he likes men. A lot. I’m just helping him out, you know? Helping him be himself. But obviously, I lack a certain piece of equipment he seems very interested in. Isn’t that right, Nicky?” she asked. Nicholas didn’t answer, he just kept his eyes glued to the floor, the now familiar sensation of filling with shame washing over him.

“Anyways, he really wanted to suck a real man’s dick”, Nicholas’ eyes shot up for a moment “so he’s really grateful for this chance you’re giving him. I doubt he’ll be able to take all of you, but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?”

Jason just laughed, “I guess you do.” Walking up in front of Nicholas. Nicholas looked up, and felt queasy in his stomach as he looked Jason directly in the eyes. He looked back down, staring straight at Jason’s crotch.

“It’s alright sweetie, go ahead.” She coaxed him on. Slowly, Nicholas raised his hands, fumbling for the belt. He managed to unclasp it, a distinct sound as the metal jangled loosely as he let the ends go. His hands shook as he first unbuttoned, then unzipped the pants then tugged them down.

He was greeted by the site of somewhat soft outline of a cock pressed into a pair of tight dark green boxers. He gulped, looking at his aunt, who smiled and nodded at him. Nicholas leaned forward, pressing his cheek into the boxers. His own penis felt a rush of blood as there was just a thin layer of fabric between him and a cock. It was semi soft, but as he rubbed his face into Jason’s cock, it became more… firm. It was an odd sensation, though he somehow enjoyed it. Within a minute it became difficult to rub the full length of the cock because of the massive tent it was making in Jason’s boxers.

“That’s it, Nicky. Just like I told you. You did good making him hard.” She said while Nicholas used one hand to play with his own penis before unhooking the tent in Jason’s boxers, and pulling them down as well. Nicholas knew what a penis looked like, but somehow, this was different. He just stared at it, his lips slightly open. It just stuck out there, slightly curving upwards. At slightly over eight inches in length, he was slightly less than three times as big as Nicholas. He was cut, with a clean mushroom head and of moderate girth. You could see some of the veins more clearly than others. And, it was resting on top of a large pair of balls. His pubic hair was dark brown as well, light and curling. “Remember, he’s a man, and you’re a little dicked gay boy. Your job is to make him feel good.”

Nicholas somehow managed to keep his hands away from his own genitals, instead once again leaning forward. He pressed his face into Jason’s crotch, nose to thigh. He could feel the heat of Jason’s dick bouncing slightly against his face, the balls brushing against his mouth. He had been holding his breath, and breathed in deeply. The small was undeniably masculine, as was the taste when he started to lick Jason’s balls.

Cynthia was frankly gaping. She felt an incredible rush watching her panty-clad nephew on his knees with his face buried in another man’s privates. Seven days ago was a lifetime of difference, a world Nicholas couldn’t’ve imagined he would be in. She restrained herself from masturbating as Nicholas continued to drag his tongue along Jason’s nuts sack.

Nicholas still avoided making eye contact, instead reaching up to touch his first cock. He carefully wrapped one hand around it. It throbbed in his hand and his pulse quickened. It felt thick and full and warm. The skin was soft, but still somehow different. It felt nice in his hand. Reflexively, he tried squeezing his own penis. It was hard, very hard. But with his penis barely filled half the length of his palm, he had to stroke up and down the lengthy of Jason’s cock. Nicholas’ was inferior, and Jason’s was superior. It somehow demanded respect.

Cynthia noticed the obvious comparison, “I told you it was a nice cock, didn’t I? I can tell you, that’s the kind of cock that women like. I mean you do have a penis, kind of, but feel that thing in your hands” she said as Nicholas wrapped both hands around the large dick in front of him. He thought he shouldn’t be doing this. After a day in the cage and his aunt’s teasing he was already aroused and had a hard time disagreeing with her, but now he had another male’s genitalia in his hands. It was on his face before that. It felt different and nice, but he still felt shame. Especially at the size difference. How could he ever compete with that?

Cynthia went on, “That’s why you suck dick, and why he gets his dick sucked. It’s why he gets women, and you stay home masturbating. But if you know your place, you can get lots of sex.” She said calmly, explaining as if she were a teacher. Nicholas face contorted a bit, like şişli escort he was trying to hold something in. “Go on, faggot. Suck on his dick. Remember, no teeth.”

Nicholas bit his lip. This was further than he’d intended to possibly go. He wanted to stop, but he saw Cynthia was looking on expectantly and somehow it seemed like he shouldn’t try to beg out of it. Plus, he’d embarrass her terribly. He dropped one hand from Jason’s dick, looking at it, his face closer. It was intimidating, staring him straight in the eyes, he opened his mouth and got closer.

Jason simply palmed Nicholas’ head and guided him forward slowly. Nicholas’ didn’t resist, focused carefully on covering his teeth with his lips. Jason kept pushing slowly, working Nicholas’ lips about three inches deep. He wasn’t even sucking, he was simply feeling a dick slowly fill up his mouth. His penis throbbed against his panties. It wasn’t what he had been expecting, it was just this… thick and pulsing cock and it was in his mouth.

Cynthia was smiling gleefully at her nephew’s open display of cocksucking. From her point of view, it looked very much like Nicholas was enjoying his first dick. Sure, on the inside he might not have felt all that great, but his penis showed he liked it anyways. “Oh Nicky! I’m so proud of you. If you could see how gay you look right now, you’d never argue with me again!”

For his part, Nicholas managed to pull his head back up a bit, his lips sealing together on the tip of Jason’s cock. He thought again about stopping right there, but… He did want to have sex with his aunt. And he thought his mother would kill him if she knew what he were doing right now. He shouldn’t want to suck men’s cocks, but for now, he’d just deal with it, even if he did feel like crying.

Nicholas pushed his lips back open again, getting used to the feeling of the soft head of Jason’s rod. He was only taking him an inch or two at a time, and his tongue ended up rubbing against the tip. The result caused Jason to tense up, and Nicholas noticed. He felt a thrill, shocked at what he had been able to elicit. He steadied himself by wrapping his hands around Jason’s upper thighs. He found with enough saliva, he was able to pull himself deeper down. He could feel the thickened length of it dragging and pushing against his lips. A few stray hairs got in the way, but with each throb or little reaction from Jason, Nicholas felt encouraged to go further. He kept sucking, wondering if anyone would ever do this for him.

Cynthia allowed this to go on for several minutes. She knew she was going to get him to become significantly more homosexual than this, but still… She watched some drool escape his lips as he tried to play with his own penis at the same time. He was starting to have difficulty getting as far as four inches, and there was still significant space between Nicholas’ nose and Jason’s pelvis. She’d make sure he got some work on that. She tapped Jason on the shoulder, “Nicky, you can stop sucking dick now. We can get you some more later.” She said with a smile in her voice.

Nicholas passed there, breathing, not believing what he had done. He had blown a guy. A guy he didn’t even know. He was a cocksucker now. And he had enjoyed it, kind of. Shit, did that really make him a fag? Who wouldn’t suck a little dick to get with a woman as attractive as his aunt. But he had enjoyed it, despite knowing what everyone would think of him if they knew.

“That was pretty good for a first timer. The world can always use another faggot like you, Nicky. Thanks” said Jason.

Nicholas had no clue how to respond to that. He had never been praised for anything sexual, but to be praised for his blowjob skills was deeply humiliating. He mumbled a thanks, realizing how ridiculous he looked there on his knees with a bulge in his panties.

“Honestly, that got me pretty worked up.” She said, facing Jason, his cock sticking out. She placed her palm on it, looking Jason in the eyes “How about we skip to the part where you shove that fucking thing in me?” Nicholas couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He felt jealousy but also undeserving. How could he be expected to be able to fulfill a woman sexually the way he was. Even Nicholas had to admit Jason was a good looking and more manly than he would ever be.

“Nicky dear, would you be a darling submissive faggot for me, and get in the closet?” she asked sweetly.

Nicholas simply asked “What”?

“You just sucked a cock, and just like I guessed, your own small dick stayed nice and hard. But you say you’re not gay. Men who do that, well you know, they’re in the closet. I don’t feel like having a closeted homosexual watch me getting fucked by an actual man.” She explained.

It wasn’t a hard sell, and though Nicholas was still incredibly aroused, he quickly latched onto any excuse to get out of sight. His aunt’s words had stung him terribly, but with someone else around, he hadn’t been able to muster the courage to speak up. He pushed some clothes on hangers aside, having to duck a bit to get in. He barely got to turn around before the closet door was slid shut in his face, and everything was black aside from a crack of light on the floor. He rubbed himself, then reached into his panties to grab his penis. The tears didn’t start until he heard his aunt’s first gasp.

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