Never Betray Me

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Peter knew how to do things discreetly. On a warm Sunday afternoon, he took a young woman out to lunch and spent a little time on the beach, all the while giving her the most suitable signals to arouse her spirits. They kissed and took a long walk on the sand, enjoying the vivacious activity among hundreds of beach-goers. And once they finished with their personal time, Peter dropped her off at her home in the suburbs. They shared their last kiss for the day before she got out of her car and waved goodbye as he drove away. And Peter did all of it without his own wife knowing about it. He definitely had some experience in keeping things a well-kept secret.

The woman besides his wife had shown some attraction to him, and he admired her weakened state. He couldn’t help it. He was a handsome man with short brown hair and stellar physique. If he didn’t accept her offer of stroking his ego in secret, he would have regretted her lack of attention afterwards. And he felt glad that he had the opportunity to know who she really was.

It took him at least thirty minutes to return home in a Los Angeles suburb. Everything appeared to be normal on this sunny and warm afternoon. No clouds, no traffic rush, and no interference with his main objectives. Everything seemed to love alone very smoothly, at least for now.

Peter expected his wife Maribel to be home at this time. The twenty-seven-year-old man inspected his shirt to see if he could find any lipstick, and much to his delight, he didn’t find any. He parked on the driveway and looked to see if he could find Maribel inside the house. He called her home as soon as he closed the front door. She didn’t answer. He looked everywhere on the first floor and didn’t find a trace of her so far.

When he walked up the stairs and entered the master bedroom, he finally found her fully clothed. Maribel was seated on the bed with her arms folded across her chest. Her frown made her appear pessimistic about something, and Peter didn’t know exactly what it would be.

He stood right on the open entryway and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The red-haired woman stood up. “I want to teach you a valuable lesson.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

She took one step forward. “I’d like you to meet someone. He’s a friend of mine, and I’m sure he’d like to know you a little more.”

Peter suddenly heard footsteps from behind. He turned around to see a tall Native-American man at the center of the hallway. He had long black hair and wore a pair of blue jeans. He looked to have been at least five years older than both Peter and Maribel. His little smile didn’t appear normal as it almost conveyed a rather sinister facade which may have illustrated something about his own character.

Maribel proclaimed, “Peter, I’d like you to meet Joe.”

Peter raised his hand to shake Joe’s own, but the other man didn’t move a muscle. His devious little grin didn’t dissipate from his face.

Peter cleared his throat and lowered his hand. “So, you’re one of Maribel’s friends, huh?”

Joe didn’t say a word, but did take one slow step forward. Peter began to feel more uneasy. The moderate mixture of sunlight and shadows flooding the hallway turned Joe’s brawny exterior into a brooding presence in Peter’s line of vision. The husband had trouble finding what to say next.

“So, my wife says that you’d like to know me. Why is that? Am I a celebrity all of a sudden?”

Joe finally said something with a smooth baritone voice. “No, I’d like to know why you’re the right one for me.”

Peter felt confused. He tried to fake a laugh, but failed. “What do you mean by that?”

Joe stepped closer to the open entryway. Peter had to move backwards into the master bedroom to let Joe in.

Maribel whispered in Peter’s ear. “Take your clothes off.”

Peter raised his eyebrows at her. “Why would I do that?”

“You better do what I say. Otherwise, Joe is going to be very disappointed.”

One momentary look at Joe, and Peter already understood the true nature of his little smile.

Peter shook his head. “I can’t do it.”

Maribel grabbed his arm. “It’s going to be okay. He likes to be gentle at first.”

All of a sudden, Joe pulled Peter away from his wife. Peter could feel the Native-American man’s tight grip on his right arm.

Joe’s fierce stare almost made Peter weak in the knees. “Take your clothes off. That’s all you have to do. It’s very simple.”

Joe didn’t let go of Peter, who tried to pull himself away from the other man. Peter looked at Maribel, who now stood just a few feet away from both men. A little smile formed on her face. It didn’t look remotely innocuous in Peter’s perspective. Her grin appeared more ominous, just like Joe’s own.

She wagged her finger at her husband. “Don’t break the rules. Do what he says and you won’t do anything wrong.”

Still nervous, Peter began to shiver. He tried to look away from Joe’s portentous gaze.

The Native-American man chuckled. “It looks like I’ll have to do it silivri escort for you.”

Joe kept a firm grip on Peter’s right arm while unfastening the latter’s belt and flinging in the corner.

Peter stood still, feeling afraid that retaliating against a complete stranger would be the downfall of his overall reputation. Joe pulled at Peter’s shirt and took it right off of him. He looked down at the shirtless man and licked his lower lip. The slow movement of his tongue made Peter take quicker breaths.

“Maribel, I don’t think I should do this.”

His wife made a hushing sound. “Don’t talk. Just do what he says.”

She leaned against the wall and observed everything that unfolded between Peter and Joe. Joe pulled down Peter’s blue jeans and boxer shorts before throwing them in the same pile as the rest of the apparel.

Maribel’s husband was now naked in the bedroom. Southern California’s warm temperatures prevented Peter from shivering due to a bitter cold. He did, however, tremble at the fact that another man examined his bare body with curious eyes.

Joe slowly nodded. “I like what I’m seeing.”

Peter was afraid to ask, but he did, anyway. “Are you going to take me?”

“Later. But first, I’d like to put you to the test.”

Joe began to unzip his jeans.

Peter couldn’t handle the suspense. He tried to exit the bedroom and run away to safety. But Joe was quick enough to grab his arm and pull him away from the hallway.

Peter yelled, “I’m not cut out for this!”

Maribel stopped him from moving by saying, “I’m willing to bet that actions will speak louder than words. Don’t be afraid, honey. Be the prey.”

Joe didn’t let go of Peter’s arm as he pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts and kicked them out of the way. “Fall to your knees and learn from the best.”

Peter had no choice. He obeyed Joe’s command, and now a fully erect cock was just a few inches away from his face.

Peter hesitated. He looked away, hoping to delay himself from being submissive to another man. Joe noticed this and grabbed Peters head to pull him closer to the nine-inch member waiting for an open admission to a vacant space. The bulbous tip slid across Peter’s cheek. It felt warm and solid, yet uncomfortable when compared to Peter’s own standards. He looked to see his own wife smiling at his current occupation.

“Aren’t you mad?”

Maribel replied, “I used to be.”

Joe immediately pushed his long thick cock deep into Peter’s mouth. The instant insertion caught him off-guard. He almost fell back, but he held on to Joe’s thighs to prevent him from losing his balance. He regretted not falling over backwards, since Joe now controlled his actions. The Native-American man grabbed his head and didn’t give him a chance to escape from complete submission. He pushed his cock in and out of Peter’s open mouth, and he didn’t cease. For the next several minutes, his constant forward motion had been kept in a slow and steady speed. It gave Maribel a chance to see everything without having to be displeased with a quick finale.

Peter almost choked on the long hard cylinder a few times. At the moment, he could only see Joe’s bare brown skin overwhelming his line of vision. He wanted to reach an appropriate end to their antics, but Joe didn’t give the hint that he wanted to slow down. He added more momentum to his forward thrusts and kept his grip on Peter’s head as tight as he could.

Peter looked away and gazed at Maribel, who didn’t let her smile disappear at any time. She appeared to enjoy watching her husband taking the cock without approval. He couldn’t uncover the mystery. Having her force him into this sort of position made him wonder why she would change her stance on him being the one with more authority in the house. She never acted this way before. She would never dare have him share his own body with another man. After the wedding, it didn’t become apparent that she would be willing to see him being used like a toy.

But then, he remembered the woman that he spent time with on the beach. But it would have been impossible for Maribel to find out about her. Peter tried to be as secretive as he could. He looked at Maribel again. Her smile grew even larger, and its ominous overtone still didn’t change. He tried to say something, but Joe’s monstrous cock prevented him from saying anything.

He breathed through his nostrils as the tip of the cock reached his throat every time Joe pushed it deep with his aggressive hips.

Maribel’s whisper sounded almost alluring to Peter’s ears. “Oh, you like it, don’t you? You like his cock, don’t you?”

Peter squeezed his eyes shut. Maribel’s conviction remained contradictory to his real feelings on the subject. Now, he had to wait until Joe would finish his dirty work. The Native-American man picked up speed, and now the smooth acceleration gave Peter the hint that an official eruption may be looming.

Maribel whispered, “Oh, here it comes. You want şirinevler escort it all, don’t you?”

Peter refused to hear her words. He just waited for Joe to finish him off with his ejaculation. Joe’s grip on Peter’s head tightened. The constant hip movements had grown to a swift tempo, something that Peter was almost impressed with.

Maribel started to pull at her own shirt collar. “Oh, Peter. Here it comes. Don’t spit it out. Just swallow it. Do it like how I used to do it.”

Peter groaned as loud as he could. Joe suddenly stopped thrusting, but he kept his cock deep in Peter’s mouth. Peter could feel the eruption transpiring inside his oral cavity. The sudden warmth that originated from the incoming short bursts already made him realize the reality of the situation. Large amounts of thick warm imports flooded his mouth. A couple of little drips escaped from his mouth and landed on the carpet.

Maribel leaned forward. “Don’t let it drop. Swallow all of it.”

Peter obeyed her command and consumed the rest of Joe’s creamy contents. With the cock still in his mouth, he managed to swallow its ejaculation in three gulps. He sighed through his nostrils. The taste in his mouth was now relatively bitter, though sweet and saccharine in a few spots. He looked up to see Joe smiling down at him. It was an image that he didn’t want to remember ever again.

Joe finally pulled his cock out of his mouth and took two steps back. Peter had to fall on his hands and knees from such an exhausting infiltration. The unsavory taste in his mouth would be something that he didn’t want to duplicate in the future. He breathed heavily as he looked up to see Maribel patting him on the shoulder.

“You did a good job.”

She asked Joe, “Is he good enough for you?”

Joe replied, “I’m glad to have met your husband. He’s got the right stuff.”

Peter sighed. “So are we done?”

Maribel laughed. “Don’t be stupid. There’s more to come.”

She asked the Native-American man if she wanted a bottle of beer, to which he agreed.

Maribel pointed her finger at the hallway. “Come on, Peter. Join us in the kitchen.”

Peter grabbed his jeans from the pile in the corner. “Just let me get dressed for a minute.”

“Just leave it there. You don’t have to be ashamed of being naked downstairs.”

He grew annoyed at the fact that his self-respect no longer mattered to his own wife. He followed her and Joe downstairs and into the kitchen without any clothes on. Joe, on the other hand, was able to put his jeans and boxer shorts back on before leaving the master bedroom.

Maribel opened the refrigerator door and handed Joe a fresh cold bottle of beer. She didn’t ask her own husband if he wanted one, which infuriated Peter even more.

He couldn’t just leave this scenario alone. “Why are you doing this, Maribel? Why are you letting him take control of me? Did I do something wrong?”

Maribel shook her head in amusement. “You still don’t know why, do you?”

“I’d like a good explanation. I’m not the kind of guy who would be okay with a complete lack of details.”

Maribel finally revealed the truth. “I know about you and Sarah.”

That certainly shut Peter up.

She continued, “That’s right. I know you’ve been seeing her behind my back. I used to be really mad about it, but now I can’t feel that way. Joe won’t let be feel angry at you.”

The doorbell rang, and Joe left the kitchen to get it.

Maribel narrowed her eyes at Peter and said, “This is your punishment. You better get used to it.”

Peter shivered. “And what happens if I want out?”

“Oh, Joe is going to make sure that you won’t get out of it. This is what you get for being unfaithful to me. Now, I’m going to enjoy watching you being a toy for him and his friends.”

“His friends?”

Joe returned with two other Native-American men who looked almost the same as him: tall stature, broad shoulders, long black hair, and devious eyes examining Peter from head to toe. They started to surround the disloyal man in all directions.

Joe pointed at the other two men. “I’d like you to meet Henry and Robert.”

Peter’s eyes widened. “This can’t be happening.”

Maribel laughed. “You better believe it. They want you as much as Joe does. Show them what you’ve done just a few minutes ago.”

Peter’s fear overwhelmed him. He tried to flee, but Henry and Robert grabbed both of his arms and prevented him from leaving the kitchen.

Peter yelled, “This isn’t fair!”

Maribel replied, “Why should we listen to a cheater like you?”

Joe told his two friends to bring him to the living room. Maribel followed Joe from behind. Henry and Robert dragged Peter into the living room. The husband couldn’t do anything to escape from their grasps. Even if he kicked the air and pushed himself against the wall, it still wouldn’t assure him of his official departure from this house because of the men’s strength.

The curtains şişli escort for the living room windows remained closed, which kept pedestrians on the sidewalk to witness Peter’s downgrade from loving husband to subservient slave. Maribel sat down on the recliner and crossed her legs.

“Go on, guys. Do your worst.”

Joe grabbed Peter by the shoulders and held him tight. The two of them watched as Henry and Robert took off their clothes and flung them to the side. Peter felt amazed that all three Native-American men managed to take care of their bodies. Their muscular exteriors would have made Maribel swoon, but instead, she watched as Peter was about to engage in something he thought he would never do in his lifetime.

Henry grabbed him and pushed him down, bringing him to his knees once more.

“Let’s see if you can take it well.”

Peter left his mouth wide open just in time for Henry to push his own thick cock deep inside it.

But he wasn’t alone. Robert stepped closer and said, “Don’t leave me out of this.”

He seized his cock and pushed it into Peter’s mouth while Henry’s still made its way inside. Now, Peter had to receive two bulbous tips at the same time. He tried to reassure himself that this might end soon, but seeing as how Maribel already discovered his secret, a quick conclusion would never come to fruition in this house. Peter tried to make the most of it, but he wasn’t a woman. Furthermore, he didn’t have the mindset of a prostitute who dealt with these two men in a dark alley. He just licked the two bulbous tips and waited for Henry and Robert to lose their interest.

Maribel announced, “My husband is willing to be shared.”

Peter could feel Joe’s hands coming from behind and pulling him away from the two tips. He could also feel something coming in contact with the left side of his ass. Joe’s cock slid across the skin, giving Peter a chilling sensation in both body and mind.

Joe whispered in his ear, “Don’t move.”

In just a few seconds, he drove his long hard cock deep into Peter’s lower hole. Peter gasped. The massive object already touched his weak spot. He began to feel weak in the knees. His entire body trembled, but Joe most likely didn’t care. He spanked Peter in the butt while keeping his pelvic thrusts consistent.

Maribel chuckled. “Oh, yes. Peter really likes it.”

Peter had to grab on to Joe’s arm to keep from losing his balance. He moaned as the fast cock inside him began to warm up the tight walls from within. His buttocks collided with Joe’s hips, which in turn produced a loud smacking noise. Peter could see both Henry and Robert looking on with incredible inquisitiveness.

Peter had to take deep breaths from such inconceivable force that originated from Joe’s basic mechanics. He squeezed his eyes shut. The cock never felt so big and disruptive when gaining free access to his empty space.

Joe continued to keep his movements steady and strong, until Henry stepped in and pulled Peter away from him. Peter could feel the cock being pulled out of his lower hole.

Henry smiled. “It’s good to share someone like you.”

He quickly turned Peter around and inserted his own long cock inside him. The same sensation when being drilled by an energized man had returned right away. Peter now had Henry right behind him. The taller man transmitted the same amount of adrenaline into his own weapon of choice. Peter repeated his attitude and expressed it with the use of his loud moans. Henry held him tight in his arms while being the second man to breach through his vacancy. Peter had to grit his teeth and tighten his entire body from the tension released from within.

Robert immediately stepped in and pulled Peter away from Henry. He turned Peter around and became the third man to shove his entire cock deep inside the white man’s hole and arouse his weak spot.

Peter realized what he had become. He became a toy for all three men. For the next few minutes, Joe pulled Peter away from Robert. Then, Henry took Peter for his own amusement. And then, Robert retook Peter and repeated the exact same moves as before. Peter was being passed around, and Maribel seemed to enjoy it. At one moment, Peter could see her licking her lips and unbuttoning the top of her shirt. Her devious little smile was proof that she had grown fond of this new situation. Watching her husband being used by three Native-American men gave her absolute pleasure. She never looked away. She saw everything with permanent glee.

Joe, Henry, and Robert continued to surround Peter in a triangle formation while taking turns with him. Each of them spent several seconds entering him with brute strength before passing him on to the next man. So far, none of them started ejaculating. They had too much fun treating Peter as their solitary plaything.

Peter could almost feel his head spin from running in different directions and being pounded by three different men. His hole constantly received temporary repose before being struck again by thick human flesh. He wondered when this would end. Needless to say, it didn’t just yet. Joe, Henry, and Robert kept passing him around.

A few minutes passed, and Joe finally announced, “I’ll be the first.”

Peter wished he knew what Joe meant by that. The Native-American man took him and held him tight in his arms.

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