New Moon Ch. 01

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Thank you for reading my story. It’s my first story so please comment if you like it or how I may improve. The story is set back before the freedom movement in the United States, so the couple is considered taboo for its time. (I’ve always dreamed of stories like this.) I wanted a slow paced romance between the characters, so that they aren’t instantly in love.

All characters are 18+

(The above is meant to be italicize but I’m not sure how to do it)


It was a full moon night. The trees whispered to another as the wind flew through, rustling the leaves and blowing away detached parts to their new home. In the distance a lone wolf howled resonating to the tiny village that lay at the end of the vigorous forest. The lone wolf was hunting a bunny down but before he could capture it in his jaws it jumped down into its hovel. The starving wolf growled in frustration, not being able to capture a single thing the wolf dug the bunny out. The bunny was shaking its frail body in fear. ‘Jack pot,’ thought the wolf. The hovel held not only the hunted bunny but a slew of them. The wolf’s stomach rumbled and with a grace to the enchanting moon, he devoured the family of bunnies. Satisfied the wolf went down to the river to clean of his bloody muzzle. The river ran through the forest that connected to a lake where the village was stationed. The wolf jumped into the river with a running start. The current, stronger than usual, pushed the wolf down following the current to the lake. It mattered not to the wolf as he doggy paddled his way with the current. The wolf was pulled into the lake where he paddled for shore.

Of all his luck, which of course was bad, a lone human man was sleeping beside a tree. The man seemed fairly tall in his sitting position scruffy even; his trousers were brown with dust except the bottom which was covered in layers of mud. The man had his dusty bent hat over his face for sleep, except this man wasn’t sleeping, at least not yet. The man was chewing on an oblong looking yellow stick that was moving up and down with his unshaven jaw. The wolf froze when he could touch the bottom of the shore without going under. The wolf sensed that the man had stopped chewing as his stick paused in mid swing. The wolf was afraid, for he already saw the gun that lay on the ground near the man. It was time thought the wolf to flight or fight, which one was he, dominant or submissive. The wolf unable to make a decision stayed plastered on the rocky bottom as the water rippled around him. The man reached up and tossed his stick aside as he stood up, ignoring the gun at his side, and began to change. Without the thought of taking off his own clothes, the man ripped his clothes as his body grew and shrunk. White fur covered his pink skin and bones cracked. In anguish the man cried in pain only to end in a howl. Stood in the man’s place was a beautiful white wolf.

‘Not another one,’ thought the lone wolf as he stood in the cold water.

The dominant white wolf growled at the omega midnight black wolf. The black wolf dropped his head and tilted to the side, offering his throat. The cowered lost the fight before it even began. The wolf tried to run away back to the forest; however, the water slowed him down and before he could even reach the forest the white wolf jumped on the black wolf forcing him to the ground. The captured wolf whimpered at the sneering wolf. The moon lite wolf growled at the black wolf who tried to bury his head further into the ground.

The black wolf knew the laws of entering into other packs territory, but the water hadn’t carried the other wolves sent. The wolf felt the pull of the moon and took its power that it was offering and changed into a human boy.

‘Small,’ thought the dominate wolf. The boy, who was barely a man, was skinny with his bones sticking out under his skin. The boy’s black hair was long, which was unnatural for the time trends and covered just below his breast plate. The boy was colored too, not white like the people in the village but black just like his fur. The white wolf was confused, for he’d never seen a man this color. He heard about the colored slaves that were treated like cattle, but it always sounded like a myth to him till that night.

“Please,” mumble the boy. “Pleases let me go, and I promise you’ll never see me again.”

The wolf could smell the stench of fear resonating through the helpless boy. The wolf could smell something special about the boy other than the boy’s usual body odor. The wolf got off the cowering boy and directed him to the village. It was late and the wolf pushed him passed closed nit houses to a white house with a picket fence. The naked boy turned around coming face with the man’s hairy chest. The man opened the gate and took the boy by his arm and dragged him to the door. The white man knocked on the door loudly to wake up the residents of the house. A woman with a white night gown opened the door. The maids eyes where blue and large in shock of bostancı escort the man dragging the poor helpless boy. He tossed the boy by the fireplace that was dying off. The embers glowed faintly red but was still filled with a little bit of warmth.

A larger rounded man came down a set of white stairs. “What’s all the commotion about Thomas?” The heavier man was wearing a blue striped night gown and a matching night cap.

Thomas the white wolf bowed and grabbed the red blanket that lay over the brown puffy couch and covered the boy in a swoop. “Alpha, I found the wolf on my watch and I saw him sneaking into our village.” The man didn’t cover his nakedness. The boy was confused and scared.

“So kill it.” The alpha replied nonchalantly.

“But there something special about him that I just couldn’t do it.”

The leader of the pack walked forward and knelt by the boy to get a better sniff of him. “Well, it is an omega, that would make it slightly harder for you to kill it, but I never knew you could pity rabbits, Thomas.” The leader condemned his fellow wolf.

“I don’t”

“Then kill it,” the alpha saw Thomas flinch at the mention of hurting his find, “or shall I, since I can’t trust you to do your job.”

Thomas grabbed his leaders arm. “Don’t.”

The big man raised his eye brow. “Then do it.”


“No?” Questioned the leader; “are you going against my authority? Do I need to put you down?”


“Then do as you’re told.” The leader growled.

“I can’t nor can I let you or anyone else takes his life.” Thomas was shaking under the pressure his alpha was putting him under.

The leader sat in a big brown puffy chair. “Interesting,” the big man stroked his stubbly chin. The leader sighed. “It’s late the sun will be rising soon. Take it home with you and we’ll talk later.”

The big man began to rise as Thomas spoke, “but-“

“You found it and picked it up. It’s yours to handle.” Sneer the big man.

“Yes alpha.” Thomas bowed as the big man left the room and up the creaking stairs. Thomas knelt by shivering boy and picked him up blanket and all. The boy stayed silent clutching the blanket to his chest. The small pup’s big black eyes were looking up at his protector’s face. Thomas could feel the warm gaze on him, heating his ears red. Thomas walked back toward the lake where they met but stopped shortly to a small white cottage.

Still wrapped in a blanket in Thomas’s arms, Thomas lay down on his single bed with the small figure in his arms. He could feel the small boy stiffen. “Sorry, I don’t have another bed so you’re going to have to share with me.” The boy relaxed a little and swiftly fell asleep, tired from the day’s events.

The following morning Thomas woke up having trouble breathing. It felt like a load of bricks where laying on him. He opened his eyes to the harsh morning sun and looked down at his chest to see his sleeping colored pup. He smiled at the way the boy slept on top of him stealing the warmth from his body. He quickly frowned unsure what the new feeling was and pushed it aside. He thought that the feeling must be contempt at the boy’s sleeping face, for the boy looked starved in every way: sleep, food, touch, and social. He felt like he just gained an unwanted puppy that he has to pay special attention to.

Thomas tried to pull away from the boy only to unsuccessfully waking him up. Thomas sighed and grated the boy, “Good morning.” The boy looked at Thomas and his arms on his hip and arm and stiffened afraid of what the stranger was trying to do. Thomas, unnerved by the situation, continued to pull the boy to the side of the small bed without falling out. “Got to take a leek,” was Thomas’s gruff reply as he walked out the house and towards the trees. The boy had felt the growing member and had felt phantom pain from his past and wept a few silent tears before the wolf came back to claim him.

When Thomas returned he didn’t go straight back into the bedroom but to the kitchen to prepare to break their fast. The boy waited for the master of the house to join him back in bed with his legs spread apart. Thomas went back to the bedroom to wake up sleeping beauty when upon entering he saw the boy spread eagle on the bed. ‘That’s a weird sleeping position,’ thought Thomas. Confused, he calls the naked boy, “come on and get up sleepy head, foods on the table.” The boy dumb struck continues to lay there not believing the truth. Thomas pulls on some spare clothes of his and shakes the still boy awake.

Stunned the boy opens his tightly closed eyes to gape at the man. ” Aren’t you going to take me?” He asked confused upon the situation. Everyone else had always taken what they wanted and made him leave before anyone else found out.

“Take you where?” Thomas furrowed his brows.

The boy smiled, “nowhere.” ‘Could it be,’ thought his brain happily, ‘that he’s just a simple kindred soul trying büyükçekmece escort to help?’

Thomas looked at him skeptically. Watching the boy jump out of bed in all his glory, and not a bit ashamed of his nakedness, the boy skipped to the kitchen. He followed the young man to the kitchen where the boy was waiting eagerly for him. The gestured to the table where two plates of toast and eggs sat with a cup of tea sat on the square wooden table. The boy sat tentatively on the opposite side of Thomas. Thomas picked up his mug and watched as the boy picked up the fork with his fist and tried to gnaw off the end of the fork. The boy sneered at the fork and went to try again when he looked at Thomas. Thomas’s smirk made the boy slam the fork against the table and leaned back into the chair looking like an angry five year old child being told off. Thomas picked up his knife and fork and using the utensils cut into the egg and spread the yellow yoke around his toast. Thomas watched the boy take up his utensils and made a mess with the food. Thomas bellowed in laughter. The boy was embarrassed and Thomas noticed the boy’s eyes water. Thomas wipes the water from his eyes and smiled at the young pup.

“I haven’t laughed like that in ages,” said Thomas.

The boy stomach rumbled and the pup started to wiggle in his seat. Thomas pulled the naked boy onto his lap, “I’ll feed you.” After Thomas finished feeding the both of them he sighed remembering ancient times long ago. “I had a child, a little girl and a wife before we were attacked in the woods gathering barriers. Cynthia, she was only five at the time. Neither of them made it. However, that was a long time ago.” Thomas smiled at the kid, not understanding the compulsion to open up to the boy.

A frown loitered Thomas’s face. “What’s your name young pup?”

“I’m not a child or a puppy,” replied the miffed young man.

“Then how about telling me your name?”

The boy looked down at his bare feet. “Don’t have one.”

“How about I give you one, a name that is.”

The boy looked at Thomas for a quick glance then back to his wiggling brown toes. “Don’t need one.”

“Ok, I’ll just call you pup from now on,” smiled the pink man.

“No! I’m 31, I’m not a child.” The omega glared at the dominant man.

“I see, you must have been pretty young when you were attacked.” The man felt sympathy for the smaller frail body. If the boy looked 16 and had no pack to protect him, it was an unimaginable world the boy had gone through. The simplicity for looking so young was cause once changed into a werewolf the body stops ageing. “But still, I need a name then.”

” Doesn’t matter what you call me.”

“Well then, what did other people call you? I assume you have been in contact with others before.” asked the white man skeptically.

“Boy, Blacky, Black, Freak, Cursed, Demon, Bitch, Whore, Cock su-“

“That’s enough, no more.” The man closed his eyes tightly in revulsion. In sympathy for the boy the man decided to give him a humane name, “how about Joshua?” Joshua was an innocent name from the bible for a man who had lived a hard life.

The man looked at the boy seemed angry with name but as he opened his mouth to change the name tears started to fall down his serine face. The boy simply nodded his head. Out of pure instinct the man embraced the boy in a comforting hug. From a man who showed no remorse was showing emotion he long ago forgotten.

The boy, now called Joshua, cried on this fearless man’s shoulder. For the first time since the first time he had begun running away from his past he had received kindness in the form of a name.

Thomas stood outside of his alpha’s house. Joshua stood slightly behind him in borrowed clothes. The clothes hung loosely on him and were tied around the waist with a strong yellow rope.

The sky blue eyed maid opened the door wearing her white and black professional maids outfit. “Come in, the master is expecting you.”

Joshua gripped the long white button shirt in his first, afraid of the biscuitus man who emanated despisement towards him. They entered into the sitting room where the man was sitting in his elegant black and white suit with a black bow. He was smoking his intoxicating cigar, which was stinking up the room. The big man waved his hand for them to sit in the sofa across from him.

Thomas took a seat and when he saw Joshua standing behind him still, he tugged him to sit in the open seat next to him. Playing power games with the alpha was never a wise choice, even if you were an omega. There were roles less dominate wolfs had to obey, one, of which, is to never have your head higher than the leaders. However, when Joshua began to take a seat next to Thomas, who still had his hand on his sleeve, when a ferocious growl came forth and before anyone had time to act, the large man was upon Joshua and was beating him into submission on the floor.

Joshua çağlayan escort screamed in terror, crunching into a ball and protected his head with his arms as he was beaten with every thrust of the piped cane. Thomas stood and tried to stop the raining blows on the bruised boy, but nothing could stop the fierce attack. Finally, the man was forced to stop as one of his blows broke against Joshua’s side. The man huffed and puffed as Thomas lead him back to the brown cozy chair. When the leader sat down he looked at his broken cane and threw it at the sniveling boy on the floor who screamed at the encounter and sobbed wildly.

Thomas sat down opposite of his alpha and began to pull the boy into his lap, but when he heard the snarl coming from his leader he halted and sat down on the floor with Joshua in his lap.

“It has no place to be there” snarled the alpha. “It needs to know its place, if you’re going to take care of the boy; you need to teach it its proper place Thomas.” The alpha was furious with Joshua.

“Alpha, you wanted to see me,” trying to direct tension off of the crying ball in his lap.

“Ah, yes. I wanted to speak to you about your new situation.” The alpha said through gritted teeth. Thomas nodded for him to continue. The alpha looked at the human ball and snarled. “Of all things you could have imprinted on,” the alpha shook his head and sighed. “I could have tolerated another man,” the leader snarled again “but this thing?” A strong power of hate whooshed through the room.

Confused and frighten Thomas asked, “what do you mean imprint?” He loosened his tight grip on the frail omega.

“Just look at you, you can’t stand to be away from it. You protected it, clothed it, sheltered it, and probably fed it.” The alpha looked on with disgust. “You told me you could smell it, that sweet fragrance that triggers a wolf to imprint on their mate. All I smell from it is garbage.”

Thomas let his arms fall to his sides and his mouth hung open in realization. Joshua whimpered at the loss of touch and comfort. Joshua had known it, and didn’t mind if the gentle man was his life’s mate. Unfortunately, now that Thomas knew what the relationship was between each other, Joshua felt like a kick dog forced to sleep on the cold snowy ground.

“Thomas as my beta I always wanted you to have the best for the long years you have put into this pack; however, as of now with this” alpha paused in disgust “thing as your mate. I’ll have to demote you and Johnson will replace you. I know he has always been eager to earn a higher role.”

“Malcolm,” Thomas called his alpha by his first name. “I’m still stronger than Johnson. I can-“

“Stop” using his alpha’s skill he commanded Thomas into silence. “Mates take their place in the pack by their mate. Now that you have found yours and if I left you at your post it will feel like a threat to the others and they will fight you for it until you are either dead or gone out of this pack. As a friend, I do not wish to see you killed and I will not stop them from their attacks, for they have the right to do so.” Madison sighed. “Right now you have several choices to choice from: Stay as my beta and fight till you’re exhausted and killed, become the lowest dominant wolf and forgo your title, or kill it; like I originally wanted you to do. “

“Alpha I-” Thomas was interrupted by a hand.

“Go home Thomas and think it over. I’ll give you till the next full moon to give me your answer.”

Thomas gritted his teeth and stood, he grabbed Joshua’s arm tight “come on” and left. Joshua sobbed quietly as he was dragged back to the cottage, ignoring the onlookers and growls as they passed through the village.

When they reached the cottage Thomas slammed Joshua against the wall. Joshua closed his eyes waiting for the impact of the angry man’s fist. Thomas didn’t hit him; although, what he did do, astounded them both. Thomas brought his face close to his neck and sniffed Joshua for evidence of that sweet fragrance. As he continued to smell him he used his legs to part open the boys and rub his covered penis with his leg.

The boy gasped as he opened his eyes in shock. Thomas inserted his tongue in Joshua’s gaping mouth. Thomas twirled and sucked on the other man’s tongue passionately enfolding them both in a sinful temptation. Joshua moaned as Thomas ran his hands over Joshua’s chest and played with his nipples over the homespun shirt.

Joshua held his mate by the waist as he reciprocated the kiss and proceeded to interact with his genitals as they rubbed against each other. As Thomas’s erection grew he pulled his mate’s pants down and felt the erected penis and grabbing his own, pulling the two together and using his hand to pump them until they climaxed and spent. The ropy cum landed everywhere: on each other, the ground and Thomas’s hand.

Looking at the mixed cum on his hands, Thomas stood horrified as his mate lost his balance and fell to the floor causing Thomas to stubble backwards a few steps. Thomas clenches his cum soaked hand and punches the wall of his home leaving a dent where his fist was. Joshua gulps and watches his passionate lover’s spite and follows him with his eyes as Thomas walks to the lake stripping off his clothes as he walked and scrubbed his body red.

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