Nonagenarian Ch. 02

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******* Chapter 2 ***** A tale of hope? *********

Sue and I had barely claimed the facing seats across from Maria before the hot air rushed in. An old man, near ninety, wobbled in with his cane and a young aide. He walked the few feet before stopping next to Sue. Maybe it was her still loose vest and bobbing nipples that got his attention, but he plopped down next to her. She wasn’t happy about that.

The train took off gently and again rocked us soothingly. The old man soon introduced himself as Arthur and his aide as Ann. Ignoring our disinterest, he began telling us his day plan. Sue hurled an exasperated, annoyed look at me. I briefly pondered the townscapes flying past my window. They seemed to alternate between verdant, pastoral fields and busy cities overcrowding the tracks with curious faces straining to stare into the speeding trains.

Sue wrapped herself around my right arm and pulled herself as far from Art as possible. Doing so hiked her skirt and offered a brief peek at her panty. Ann, in the middle seat facing us, fought an embarrassed grin. But Art held a little smirk and a twinkle in his eyes that said ‘I know what you’ve been up to.’ Never underestimate old dudes. They’ve probably already done what we have yet to dream of! He drew us into chatting with him and had some interesting stories for us. Somehow, he went to sex related stories that got very daring very quickly. Her curiosity aroused, Sue was amused.

“Yup, it’s been a long dry spell for me, ya knows. So I decided the next time I git it up, I’m gonna sheeeeeee-lac it. Permant like. Forgive me fur tawkin bout sex stuff with strangers, but I guess we ain’t strangers no more. You knows why I picked this seat when dare are still so many uddas open? You’d believe me if I told you it was your pretty wife’s sexy bosom, right? And I can’t lie, I did notice all that cleavage on those tiny titties. Now don’t git me wrong, I LIKE tiny tits. They don’t sag so much as them big monster hooters. You’ll see one day you’ll be glad you wore a brassyair all dese young years.

“Hope you don’t mind my sayun, but what I can see of your hard nips sur looks tempting. But before I even saw dem, I knew I wuz sittin heah. There’s a fresh scent of sex even an old geezer like me kin still catch. That aroma stirred up some very old memories and even woke up my pecker. I ain’t felt it twitch like that in ten years. Thought it was dead, I did.” A sudden lightness took over his face. “Ummmm, maybe you can do an old man a big favor and brush the rust off it before it snaps off? Nah, too much to ask, I knows. At ma age, I can be offensive and still forgivn. Hell, I ain’t got nothin to lose and probly not many days left to ask. So, tell me, what WUZ you doin in heah before I got on? I mean egzactly.”

Ann was visibly shocked and slyly admonished, “Now Art, that’s none of our business. Just be happy I’m not one of those prudes who’d report these obviously playful people. Your surprisingly revived libido is a VERY good sign. Hell, I’ll wipe and even wank ‘little Art’ for you when we get you home. I believe it’s good therapy.”

“Well Art, I guess there’s no harm in telling you since you’re on to us. You see that lovely woman in yellow?” I went on to tell him what all six of us did. His eyes stayed bulging and his tongue kept nervously swiping his lips until I was done. Sue was a little embarrassed and then noticed a little stirring in his pants. I waved to Maria and she waved a thumbs up back to us.

We exchanged some racy jokes. He said the newest one he liked was ‘When our CIC (Chimp-in-Charge) and Laura have sex, why is she ALWAYS on top?… Because George only knows how to fuck up.’ “Good one, Art.” We then shared Sue’s stories including her adventures in the library fund raiser, parks, teaching her sister to loosen up etc.

Apparently, his pecker wasn’t dead! He told of some of his exploits with group sex and even a Harem in Korea. I whispered in Sue’s ear to follow my lead since I was now sure we could do something different with Arthur. We’d never considered playing with a nonagenarian and would not likely get the chance again.

“Art, I made some plans to give Sue some thrills today. On this train. Ten years since your last erection? If you don’t mind my asking, how long since you had oral, or actual sex or even a climax? Would you mind if we pursued our fantasy? I think Sue would be very pleased if you would stay and watch. Am I right, Sue?”

“Well, I uhh, I still don’t know what you planned, but now I have a good idea. I love the surprises and THIS is one I never expected or would have dreamed of. I like you, Art and it seems your experiences and attitudes are a match for us. So, FUCK ME, ooops I mean damn! I’m willing to try something new. I hope you WILL watch us. I’ll show you my tiny titties and you can play with them as much as you like. We’ll take it from there. I bet Maria will come help too.”

“Ohh myyyy, TWO beautiful young women to ortaköy escort enjoy! Ann, I hopes you be part o dis and make it THREE beauties. I wonders if anyone on board has some o dat Viagra. I guess I can’t aks though. Well, my heart has just checked out fine and my teeth are permnantly locked down so, no worries! I have a few alchy wipes and breath mints too, in case anyone wus trubled. Don’t worry none bout giving me a mercy fug. I don’t expect that or think I can manage a real hardon anyway. I’m just thrilled itsa twitchin! I still manage a little climax a cupla times a month, by myself, if ya knows what I mean! Last real or oral sex? Hmmmm, at least twenty-five years. So that means I ain’t got NO clap or STDs and Ann gave me a thurah sponge bait today.”

Ann chimed in “ART! I had no idea you still had any interest in sex.”

“OK, Sue. Besides Art, you’ll have to ‘ignore’ that new guy across the aisle and anyone who comes by. Come kiss me.” With that, our mouths merged. Sue’s very hard nipples told us something about the situation was turning her on. Between quiet moans, I saw Art staring up and down Sue’s nearby body, bug eyed and leaning on his cane. It tapped with his shakes. When she turned toward me, Sue’s skirt hem rose almost to panty level. Her creamy thighs were displayed just an inch from Art. I wondered how long he’d resist touching them. Curious what it would be like to fully share my beautiful young wife with such an older man, I pushed her back into her seat for Art’s viewing pleasure. With our tongues still sharing warmth and moisture, I opened all her vest buttons and slipped her shirt off. Art and the aisle man, let’s call him Ed, reacted. Art cautiously stroked her shoulder, under her strap then up her neck to her ear.

Sue playfully unsnapped her front opening bra and let it sit open. With a bold grin and a coy little shrug, the left cup completely fell away from a sweet little tit. Art twisted off his seat to stare at the fully exposed, young, firm mammary. He kept gently and uneasily stroking her shoulder, finally slipping her right strap off and letting the bra fall away. Now topless, both tits were hanging temptingly just inches from Art. I pinched her right nipple, caressed that tit, pointed it at Art then moved to her left one.

Art immediately accepted our invitation to play. He slid his hand over her shoulder, down her arm then finally, lightly, onto her right tit. Her eyes popped, her mouth pursed slightly at his crude touch, but she didn’t object, so he squeezed it then rolled her nipple. It stiffened for him and, bug eyed, he nervously licked his lips and blushed. Sue arched and pressed her chest against his hand. Maybe it was pride, or embarrassment or just arousal, but he was enjoying whatever it was.

Across the aisle, a stunned Ed was squeezing his swollen dick thru his pants. Ann swallowed hard. With eyes LOCKED on Sue’s exposed, hard nipples and Art’s mouth now wetting one, her hand reached into her forest green, V-neck blouse. She pinched and twirled her hidden nips. Her surprising groan drew smiles from all, especially a hopeful Art.

Sue unzipped my pants and slipped her left hand inside to hold my bare dick. I felt her tense briefly, then noticed Art was sucking her tit. He shaped it into his mouth then bit her nipple and tugged it with his faux teeth. She moaned louder and unbuttoned my pants. With his teeth firmly pulling her nipple, his hands were free to explore more of her. He slid his shaky hands down her bared, sultry thigh to her knee, whispering how silky yet firm her skin felt. Her young, dense muscle was like something he’d forgotten about for three decades. Sue boldly slid my pants to my ankles. Art kept one hand on her low smooth back, the other slid up her thigh. He eyed my dick, growled on her nipple and aggressively pushed her skirt up.

Ann gasped at the abrupt appearance of my rigid, damp cock. She boldly snapped open her bra and pulled one massive tit, with its very tall, dark and hard nipple, over her shirt. As if trying to keep pace with the unfolding debauchery, she turned so we could all admire it. She licked then presented it to me as if it were an offering. Her open-mouth, short breaths deepened, her other hand lifted her tan skirt so we could all see her sexy, white-mesh undy. It clung to her puffy, pouty pussy below her bushy, untrimmed, panty clad pubes. It was transparent where her moistness seeped thru. Art sprained an eyeball, stared and drooled as she began stroking her lovely cunt.

I watched Art nervously pull open Sue’s legs and cautiously stroke her inner thigh. No one stopped him. I held her skirt up high and drew Art’s attention to her bulging mons. He bumped her tiny-panty covered pussy, found her gash and slid his fingers up and down her moistening sex. I watched him cup and map her mound with his shaky hands. I heard his breathing quicken. While she jerked my dick, Sue reached back and pendik escort squeezed Art’s leg. She slid her hand to the small twitching area in his pants and found a bulge.

“Art, I had her wear tiny, tight, string-tied panties so WE could easily untie them. Pull the short string like this. Now swing the front panel down, expose her bushy sex to us, and pull her cloak away from her pussy as she lifts her ass a little. Smell the sweet intoxicating aroma from the panties, then pass them to Ann and me. Look at her glistening, swollen lips. Look at her protruding clit and her lusty inner lips pushing out of her puffy outer lips. Now, Sue, become more aware of Art, Ed, Maria, me and Ann all staring intently at your essentially nude body. Recognize that all you’re wearing is this bunched up skirt so your tits and pussy are exposed to us all. Do you FEEL the exposure? Art, open her sultry slit, help yourself to her sweet juices. Smell them. Taste them.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yessssss, I FEEL IT! I feel Art’s hard, vibrating grip still on my nipple and I like it. I feel his gentle touch on my thigh and pussy and I LIKE it. I feel his bulging pants and your stiff dick and I like that too. It looks like Ed has also found his big, hard dick. He’s pulled it out and is pointing it at me and may be asking me to blow him. MAYBE LATER, ED. Maria can help you now. I SEE Ann staring into my wet pussy. Art, drop your pants and wipe your dick with one of those pads. Get all the cob webs off! I’ll hold it steady for you! Ann, take off your skirt and panties, NOW.”

Maria, meanwhile, had sat next to Ed and discretely stripped everything off him, then off her curvaceous body. Low in the seat, she fucked herself and jerked Ed as he pinched her demanding nipples. Ann’s and Art’s ‘forbidden’ actions fascinated them.

Ann’s fingers were inside her panty and she was breathlessly, furiously, deep finger fucking her aching pussy. Ordered by Sue, she struggled to unzip, unfasten and slide her skirt off with one hand. Without missing a stroke, she lifted her ass much higher than necessary, brazenly offering her thickened mons to our sight then slid her drenched panty off and to her ankles. She held her hips high as she recklessly kicked off the skirt and panty then spread her legs in a full split to share her swollen, soaked snatch with us. Her sculptured inner lips were an animated, lusty, aromatic thing of beauty that her fluttering fingers dragged in and out, and in and out again. A small crowd formed behind me. I saw them in the mirror behind Ann. Besides a direct view of her amazing cunt, that same mirror let them watch Sue’s sweet pussy and my dick at play.

Keeping her eyes squeezed closed and carefully getting on her knees on the seat so her tits were not exposed to the whole car, Sue pointed her ass at ART as she bent to my lap. I briefly wondered if she’d noticed the crowd around us now. Before she sucked my dick down her throat, she flipped her skirt onto her back and wiggled her ass in Art’s face. To the delight of the silent crowd, he stroked her smooth and shapely bare ass. As she bent to suck me, he trailed his shaky fingers into her ass crack then spread her cheeks. Her tight little bung hole is hard to resist, and he didn’t. He licked it several times before spreading her legs to admire her fragrant, wet, playful pussy from behind. Shortly his tongue was pushing into her swollen cunt, his nose pressed her back hole and two very shaky fingers pistoned her pussy.

“Oh, ART! Those fingers feel wonderful- like a small vibrating dick, but not quite the same. The cycles of vibrations are much less predictable and (gasp) so surprising. Touch my clit and go a little deeeeeeppp uhhh!” He did and that was enough to make her wail. Fortunately, she had my dick back in her mouth to muffle her scream. Yet, even the farthest people noticed. Her shocking, vibrating wail made me shoot three long, warm, wet spurts deep into her throat.

Maria squeezed Ed’s balls and rubbed his raging rod. “Ed, if that’s your real name or not, slide one finger into my pussy along my finger and get it wet. Yess, pump with me! Now push that finger deep into my ass and curl it… Ohhhh, yesss, press it against MY finger that’s in my pussy…. jjjjjjjusst liiiiike thhhhhat…. and slide it in and out while keeping firm pressure Ohhhhhh, it feels like two small, VERY hard dicks in DP! Uhhhhhh!” That got our attention. Without interrupting our pleasures, we watched Ed and Maria as they built toward simultaneous orgasms. They muffled their shouts, breathed raggedly with wide open mouths, jerked spastically then collapsed, …very still. We all paused in awed silence at their spirited performance. I was certainly impressed!

“We need to do THAT. Art, stick your vibrating fingers deep into my wife’s throbbing pussy. When her pouty lips pulse, pinch her clit. Ann, slide your ass into the middle seat and lean toward me. I want you to get some şerifali escort of our attention too. Take off your shirt and bra so we can savor your big luscious tits with our eyes, hands and mouths. Now, lean toward Art, but leave your fiery pussy near me. Once you slip Art’s pants and briefs off, squeeze his bare cock with your left hand. Lick the fingers of your right hand and quickly shove two of them into Sue’s asshole as far as you can. Find Art’s fingers inside her. Art, do you remember how to find a G spot?”

“Shoot! Half the fun is searchin for it.”

“That’s right! Well find it, then slide two fingers around it while you keep rubbing against Ann’s fingers in Sue’s ass. If Sue hasn’t already cum by then, we can expect a surging, violent orgasm! Let’s do it NOW!”

Awkwardly at first, we began our orchestrated assault on four bodies at once. The individual steps soon found their own timing and we melded our efforts seamlessly. Matching her pace, my fingers joined then replaced Ann’s racing fingers inside her soft, soaked snatch. As I varied my thrusting in Ann, I heard Sue’s reaction to Art’s pinching her clit. She moaned long and low, then shuddered in a cursory climax. Her modest orgasm forced her to clench around my dick. She recovered and gulped my cock into the steamed heat of her throat. Her strenuous, twitching and sucking was too much for me to withstand. “Uuuhhhhhh!” My seed roiled from my spasming balls and roared thru my hardened hollow shaft into her warm welcoming belly. I paused, catching my breath while my now hypersensitive cock kept twitching, draining itself and yanking me off my seat. Yet, Sue kept sucking me gently.

To Sue’s great delight, Art let his hand vibrate harder and deeper into her, still seeking her G spot. Ann PUMPED deeply into Sue’s clenched anus and raised Sue’s leg onto her hip to open her wider. She slid her fingers along the thin, moist internal barrier between Sue’s rectum and pussy as Art pushed back. Sue lurched and inhaled my still sensitive shaft each time Art grazed near the edges of her swollen G spot. Ann learned the pattern and synchronized her pulsing to make Sue lurch harder and continue building to a crescendoing moan. No more than three minutes later, Sue exploded with a loud and barely muffled groan. She shuddered uncontrollably and squirted a small gush of her precious, sweet lava on Art and Ann.

Her climax brought a surprising reaction from Art. A glob of REAL cum formed on Art’s semi rigid dick. He stared at it in shock and his eyes misted with pride, and joy. Sue’s continued tremors drew my still spastic shaft back into her throat. My balls sent their last reserve of cum hurtling into Sue as I desperately bit my arm to stifle my pained grunts.

When my eyes refocused, I saw Art and Ann still had their fingers sleeping stilly inside my wife, enjoying her warm moist twitching twat. Their eyes were closed as they lapped Sue’s fragrant cunt juice off each other’s faces, then hands. My four fingers began slowly exploring the depths of Ann’s pussy. Eyes still closed, she moaned louder at my attentions.

Ann would later tell me that two things happened while I was ‘dead’. “Art grasped your tender tool firmly for a minute. During that minute, you groaned and gasped deeply. He also squeezed a few drops of cum onto his shaky hand. When he saw he couldn’t bring himself to taste it, he slipped those fingers in MY mouth, the wiped the wet remains on my cheek and lips. So in one tasty moment, I sampled you and Sue. I wiped my own pussy juice on his lips and face. THAT’S what we were licking when you ‘woke’ and saw us. THAT was my first taste of pussy – two at once – and you. Now you can see why I was so turned on!”

Ann and Art would later tell us that they felt these actions were mutually more intimate than if they’d actually fucked. Sharing my wife’s nectar and her moist, warm internals was incredibly bonding.

Other than Maria and Ed across the aisle, I was the only one who noticed the small crowd of strangers clustered nearby. Apparently, we’d only been silent in our own minds. They stood in soundless awe, watching the six naked daredevils’ performance. Most were not so secretly masturbating. When they saw me notice them, they grinned, blushed and did NOT stop. They were about to literally applaud our show, when I mouthed ‘ONE MORE’ and pointed to a restless Ann.

Maybe in gratitude for caring for Art and allowing him to play with us, maybe because she had been somewhat reserved, I wanted her to cum hard. My fingers continued to earnestly and purposefully explore her crowd-pleasing, gaping pussy. Her thickened and sexily sculptured inner lips clung to my fingers as I pistoned them into her. She was still swollen and sensitive, so finding her G spot was easier than I expected. When they reached their limit the next time I slid my two fingers deep into her soggy cunt, I quickly twisted them UP. They grazed the edge of her G, forcing her eyes to pop WIDE open. I curled one finger as I spread it around her G and pressed firmly on both sides of it, curling and unfurling both fingers in their V shape around her swollen, beckoning G. Her mouth agape, silence screamed out from her lungs. Her dripping cunt crackled with energy and she collapsed onto the seats, half conscious.

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