Office Stud

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This is an original work of erotic fiction. It employs intensely graphic sexual descriptions and explicit sexual language, and is intended only for an adult audience. If you are under 18 years of age, or are offended by sexually explicit situations, then please do not read this story.

If you agree to and comply with these terms, then scroll down to begin the story.

@Copyright 2009 by Don.Key12 Unlimited redistribution permitted, as long as this original author copyright notice remains attached.

The following story is closely related to another original story of mine, “Cheating Wife – Spying Husband”. While “Cheating Wife – Spying Husband” was told from the husband’s point of view, this story, “The Office Stud”, tells the same story, but from the wife’s point of view. Taken together, you can see the total perspective of what may have really went on with this unfortunate couple.

Chapter One – Falling is Easy

I guess it just sort of happened. It wasn’t planned. I know I didn’t plan it, but I do admit how surprised I was by it all, and by how easy it was to fall into the abyss.

I suppose the source of my infidelity, if there can be any blame laid, was the amount of effort both my husband and I were putting in to get ahead at our jobs. There was constant pressure to perform over and above the requirements, and lots of strong competition for recognition and advancement. This fierce competition at work resulted in a complete lack of attention to me from my husband, who was pushing the limits as hard as I was to show his abilities and make a name and career for himself.

Then, there was this guy, Dan, who worked for me. He had a reputation as a ladies’ man, and as a big stud. He had made the rounds of the available and even unavailable women around the office. There were these stories that were told about him, the next one less believable than the last. My friend Karen said she went on a one-nighter with him a year ago. She related her first-hand experience of how he was well-endowed, and that he knew how to really ring her bell. She swore that his huge cock had brought her to climax several times in an hour. But, she never did talk about the reason why she didn’t go out with him again.

My friend Debbie had also had a run-in with Dan. She had told me all about it a few months ago, following a few too many drinks after work. She said that he had the biggest, hardest cock that she ever had. She said that he must take Viagra or something, since she said he stays hard after he comes. He made her come so many times that she passed out from hyperventilation. When she awoke, he was still pumping her, and she came again and again. She dumped him after only a week. She said the sex was awesome, but she was rubbed red raw and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She said he was good with his tool, but definitely not a gentleman, and certainly not someone to consider for a long term relationship. Just the thought of experiencing such intense sex really turned me on, and may have been a big factor in my decision to stray.

Anyway, Dan had apparently decided that I was his next conquest. He kept making little comments about how I looked, how he’d love to take me to lunch, how he’d like to see me outside of work, and on and on. He would take opportunities to touch my back, take my hand, or even once, pat my backside. It was clear that, married or not, he had his mind on having me.

So, one day, when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, feeling lonely for some caring company, I decided to go ahead and respond to his flirting. It was supposed to be a harmless response, just for the thrill of it, to see where it might go. Who knows, but he might just be good for a little bit of fun and excitement, two things my life was sorely missing. Well, to start, I normally wear plain cotton underwear, because it breathes well and absorbs perspiration when it’s hot out. So, while driving home that evening, I impulsively decided to stop in at Victoria’s Secret. I tried on several different styles of bras and panties, and finally settled on a style that I liked. The silk panties fit well, felt wonderfully sexy, and had a comfortable cotton lining in the crotch. The bra was designed with shaped foam cups, covered with lace. It had push-up and push-together pad construction to give my chest both an ample shape and a deep cleavage. I bought the style in three nice colors of white, pink and black. My plan was to wear these under my work clothes, so I could feel secretly sexy.

The next day, I decided to wear one of the sets to work. I chose a silk blouse that I hardly ever wore. I didn’t care for it much, because it gapped between the buttons and was a little lower cut than I was accustomed to. However, today I saw those features as advantages for the game I had in mind to play with Dan. As I slipped on the silk panties, they made me feel sexy and pretty, and I suppose, desirable. I leaned over and fitted my breasts into the bra, then stood up straight and fastened the back hooks. Wow! My curves looked great!

I ikitelli escort pulled on pantyhose over the silk panties, and the panty lines melted away. The silk blouse was followed by a knee-length burgundy skirt. I slipped on the matching jacket, and looked ready for business. But I knew that Dan would notice me in the skirt and hose right away, since I had hardly ever worn anything but pantsuits to work before. I could see in the mirror that the lacy trim from the bra was just barely visible through the semi-transparent silk blouse. I turned to one side, and saw that at the proper angle, the gapping on the front of the blouse showed all of the details of the push up bra, and revealed my breasts spilling over the tops of the cups. If I was careful, I could remain conservative, yet I could flirt back with just one person, Dan, who I would position on my left, selectively giving just him this show. I could feel my breasts bounce in the push-up bra as I walked from my car to the office. This was going to be an interesting day.

My staff meeting was at 10 AM. I made sure that I sat to the right of Dan. As I sat down, he complimented me on how I looked, kind of like the first volley in a game of sexual volleyball. The meeting began, and I made sure that Dan had a good view of me. I really noticed his attention to my blouse, and to my every move, out of the corner of my eye. When the meeting concluded around 11:30, I was not surprised that he asked me to accompany him to lunch. But, he was the one who seemed surprised when I actually said yes. Instead of the employee cafeteria, he took me out to his car (a Corvette) and opened the passenger door. I was feeling frisky, so I was less graceful than I could have been about climbing in, letting the skirt ride up to mid-thigh. I left it there during the whole short ride. I could see that he was looking a lot at my legs, which I usually cover up pretty well. He could see, as I did, the shine from the pantyhose on my exposed thighs, and I knew he could also see inside my blouse through the button gaps. I felt a little rush, since I wasn’t used to getting this much male attention.

Dan was charming and funny through our lunch. We smiled a lot, and spent some time making several extended eye contacts while were chatting and eating. When he wasn’t looking at me, he was being pretty obvious about staring at my lace-covered breasts through my silk blouse. Our hands accidentally touched as we were going for the bread basket, and an electric shock seemed to flow up my arm and into my heart. My stomach did a major flip. There was definitely something going on here, something strong flowing between us. I was beginning to see how easy it was to be persuaded to be unfaithful.

We walked back to the car, and as expected, he got the door for me. I treated him to another show of legs as I got in, and saw how his attention was riveted on my thighs. He got in, started the car, and turned to me and said that it was fun, and that he enjoyed my lunch company very much. He put his hand on top of my thigh, and drew closer. This was it, the moment to decide whether or not to cross the line. I went for it. I leaned in as well, and our lips met. He pressed his lips against mine, and I pressed back. We opened our mouths simultaneously, and swapped tongues in a passionate kiss. I felt his hand leave my thigh and slip between my jacket and blouse. His large hand cupped my breast, and gave it a small squeeze. I moaned and kissed harder, then backed away slowly. “Whew!” I said, “That was unexpected.” He replied, “Yes, unexpected for me, too, but nice.” My heart was racing and my body felt like it was going to melt from the heat as he turned back, put the car in gear and drove us back to work.

We walked back into the office together, saying nothing, and that said a lot, since we were both lost in thought about what just happened and where it might lead next. As Dan’s boss, I was in an even more complex situation than your typical office romance. I vowed to myself to keep it straight at work, no matter what happened outside the building. Exiting the elevator, we parted with a smile and a wave. I was still a little stunned, and was looking forward to an afternoon alone in my office, where I could calm back down and evaluate what was happening.

Chapter Two – Crossing the Line

As you might guess, I had great difficulty concentrating on my work, and wasted a lot of time recalling the lunch, his kiss and his touch. I finally realized that I had a pitch that needed to be done before tomorrow morning, so I forced myself to engage and got into it. I finished it, but I had lost track of time. I looked up at the clock on my desk, and it said 7:30 PM. I turned off my PC and packed up my bag. Just as I was standing to leave, there was a soft knock on the door. Dan popped his head in, and said, “I thought you might still be here. I know you have that big funding presentation tomorrow. Are you done with the pitch?”

“Yes,” I replied, “Just finished it a few minutes ago.” He came in and stood istanbul escort across the desk from me. He looked me over, then looked me in the eye and said, “I don’t know about you, but I’ve had trouble concentrating all afternoon. I guess I just have you stuck in my head.” I smiled and confessed that I, too, was somewhat distracted this afternoon. I came around the desk, and was suddenly within his reach. I thought that I read his signals right about the real reason why he stopped by this late. I came a step closer, and he stepped in to meet me. Although I’m a tall lady (5’10” barefoot, but today I was wearing two inch heels), he still had several inches on me. I looked up into his eyes, and he placed his hands on my waist and drew me to him. I felt my breasts press against his chest as he kissed me and held me tight. I kept on kissing back, and his hands once again wandered to my breasts. He cupped them both, and it was as if he had set me on fire. I started to breathe heavily through his kisses, and I could feel my motor starting to rev up. I hadn’t felt this much passion since before I was married. I really missed being needed, and I wasn’t about to pull away.

After another few seconds, my mind went to the next step. I slowly pulled away from him, and said, “Let me get the door.” As a senior manager, I’m lucky to have a large office with a couch against the side wall. When I first moved into the office, I wondered what sort of stories the couch could have told. Now, supposed I was headed toward adding yet another chapter. I closed and locked the door with an ominous click, and took his hand. I led him to the couch, and before we sat, he said, “You’re sure about this?” as if my actions didn’t already confirm that assumption. I nodded that I was sure, and his face brightened.

I was fully charged with electricity now, and even felt a little dizzy. He sat first, and I didn’t sit next to him, but instead pushed him back against the couch arm and sat on top of him. Our lips locked and I could feel my chest rising and falling quickly with the excitement of passion. He undid the buttons on the blouse, and took my lace-covered breasts in his large hands, squeezing them firmly. I was on top of him, and I could feel his strong erection against the inside of my thigh. I stood, took off the jacket and blouse, then quickly unzipped my skirt and felt it drop to the floor. I stepped out of the skirt and re-mounted him. His hand went immediately to my crotch, which was burning with my heat. He caressed my pussy through the pantyhose and panties, and I felt the wetness of my excitement begin to flow to the lips of my vagina.

I leaned back onto the couch, and raised up my knees. I hooked my thumbs under the waist of my panties and pantyhose, and begin to roll them down my tummy. I kicked off my heels and Dan helped to pull the panties and hose over my rear and down my legs. I was now bare to him, except for my bra. His shoes and pants were off seconds later, and in the dim light of the sunset through my office windows, I could now see his stiff penis. It was, by far, the longest one I had ever seen, either in person or in a magazine. I would guess it at around ten inches, maybe more. My thoughts immediately turned to wonder if I could take it all, but I didn’t have much time to think.

Dan kicked my knees apart with his legs, and mounted me immediately. He slid his penis in carefully and gently, making short strokes to slowly fit himself into me. He had obviously done this introductory move before, and I was glad he was being gentle. I was also glad that I was as soaking wet as I had ever been, so he could slide inside me with almost no resistance. I was greedy for him, and I pushed my thighs up to meet him just as he was thrusting deeper into me. I felt our combined efforts force him all the way into me, and felt a little twinge of pain as he must have bottomed out inside of me. His length was almost too much to handle, but I was handling it just the same. I was lucky to be a tall woman, because I’ll bet someone shorter would have been hurt internally by how much cock he had in me now.

We continued to stroke, but this time the strokes were long, almost the full length of his cock. He was pounding the whole thing in and out of me, and I had never felt so completely fucked in my life. Because he was so long, he could get a lot speed going with his long strokes and really hammer himself into me. My breasts were still in the push-up bra, and I could feel them bouncing up and down in rhythm to his strokes.

I felt flushed, then a huge wave of orgasm passed over me, and I went limp. Dan, however, continued to pound away at me. I was wondering what I need to do next when I was surprised by another huge orgasm washing over me, this time cramping my stomach muscles and drawing my knees up nearer my chest. Wow, it was so intense! The tightness of my cramping must have pushed him over the edge, and I felt him stiffen and stop. I felt a deep pulsing inside of me. I thought I had wet myself, but quickly figured kadıköy escort that it was his seed that was flowing down the inside of my thighs. We stayed joined for a few minutes, and I felt him grow limp and shrink inside of me. Finally, he got up and grabbed a box of Kleenex from my desk. He wiped himself, and cleaned me up as well. We put on our clothes in silence, and as we were ready to go he said that we had better leave separately in order to be careful. He kissed me and left, and I followed a few minutes later, in a sort of dreamy daze. I knew what had just happened, and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

I walked out to my car. It felt like my pussy was two inches wide, and I could feel the wetness of his seed still flowing down, dampening my new silk panties. I drove home in a stunned stupor, somehow managing not to get in an accident, and pulled into the garage. I usually worked late two or more times a week, but I also usually called home with dinner status, but not this time. There was the smell of lasagna coming from the kitchen. I walked briskly to the bedroom, where my husband lay in bed, reading something from his work.

“There’s lasagna still warm sitting on the stove,” he called out as I headed for the bathroom. I was worried that I smelled of sex, and although my husband would likely not even notice that, I decided to play it safe. “I’m beat. I just need to get some of this work stress washed off me, and I’ll be out in a few minutes, honey,” I replied.

I still had on my pretty underwear, so I undressed in the bathroom to disguise that fact. I neatly folded my clothes, and hung the bra and panties on the back of the door. I showered, being careful to wash those well-used parts with extra care. I dried off, wrapped a towel around me and picked up my folded clothes. I went to my walk-in closet, tossed the clothes in the hamper and put on my cotton nightshirt and cotton granny panties. I needed to not encourage any sexual interest tonight, seeing as how I was already pretty sore from the workout at the office. I crawled into bed and mumbled a “Goodnight, honey,” and rolled over to face the wall. I heard my husband get up and go to the kitchen, probably to put the leftovers in the fridge. Then I heard him return and head to the bathroom. He closed the bathroom door, and I could hear him taking a leak. There was a longer pause than normal before he flushed, but he returned to bed and turned out the light. He kissed me on the cheek lightly and wished me a good night and sweet dreams. I knew what I was hoping to dream about.

I awoke a few hours later and slipped out to the bathroom. I closed the door and sat down. As I peed, I noticed my sexy bra and panties still hanging there on the hook. I had made a mistake, and missed putting them away earlier, because they were hanging on the back of the door, out of view. I wondered if Bob had seen them when he was in here earlier. Most likely not, because he didn’t ask about them, and didn’t act differently when he wished me goodnight. I thought to myself that I really needed to be more careful in the future. I took them down, and hid them in my closet in a plastic keeper near the back. I would use this as my “special” laundry bin in the future. I slipped back into bed, and went off to sleep again, with all things now taken care of.

Chapter Three – Road Trip

The next day at work, I ran into Dan around mid-morning. We smiled at each other, and we said a brief hi. Later that day, we were alone for a few minutes in my office. He seemed a little unsure of himself and our status, so I made the first move. I said, “I just want you to know that I enjoyed myself totally last night, and that I have no regrets. We just need to be cool around the office, so no one will get suspicious. He replied, “I really enjoyed last night as well, and I can’t wait to see you again. I know we need to be careful and discreet, so I am willing wait until a good, safe opportunity comes up.” Good, we were both on the same page: careful, yet anxious for more.

The next week, we needed to present my status and funding requests to the executive management team, out of town. Normally, I would go myself, and would bring at least one person with me for support. Now I knew exactly who I was going to choose. For some reason, Dan had never been out of town with me before, but that was about to change for the better.

The night before my trip, I decided to do some more shopping at the mall. We were only going for two days and one night, but I could make that night memorable. I went into Macy’s and checked out their cocktail dresses. I knew from the office stories that Dan had a thing for women that dressed a little more on the racy side. I looked for only a few minutes before I found the perfect little black dress, and in my size, too. It had a very low cut v-neck with a built in bra, very tight and clingy from below the breasts to the hips, then it became soft and fluid with a very flirty short skirt. This dress would show off all of my breasts, and also allow easy access to my thighs while we were seated. I knew it would drive him to distraction. I found some three inch black pumps to go with it, and also bought a pair of Hanes Ultra-Sheer jet black pantyhose. I thought to myself that when Dan sees me in this outfit for dinner, dessert will not be on his mind, only me.

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