Oh Kate, You’re So Fine!

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This story is dedicated to M with love. Thanks for making it cum true!

I met her on March 1st 2003 when she emailed me about a story I wrote.

She wrote:

I loved your story and hope that you will continue to write erotica. I look forward to reading more of your writings and I’m sure that they, too, will leave me hot and wet. Thank you! Kate

I was stunned because it was the first response from a woman. I emailed her back and asked which story she was referring to in her email. I also thanked her; it was people like her that make me continue to share my experiences, and stories.

Kate wrote:

Hi again and thanks for writing back. It is not often that people do. The Story I read and responded to was ‘ Aunt Rachael, Our Story’. Was this true or made up? I will read more of your stories today. I love reading erotica.

I’m like ‘Aunt Rachael’, a very large breasted woman. Please, tell me about yourself. I’d like to know you and hope we will become friends. Kate

From there, we started talking on yahoo. I was turned on and already fantasizing about her. I love older women and married women and she was both. She sent me 4 pictures of herself (and sorry I won’t share, I respect her privacy and have her permission to write this story) and damn she blew me away. She was better then I fantasized. Imagine Sophia Loren only younger looking, a better face, and hair with better tits and that’s Kate for you. I already wanted to fuck her and seeing her pictures sent me into overdrive.

I cannot believe I have one fan let alone a hot one like this. I used to crumble up my stories and throw them away. Some of them were very good but they were not perfect. I accept my imperfections these days and just try to write a good story or interpret a real life experience to words for other who is turned on by erotic stories like I do.

I could tell by her attitude that she was sexy even before she sent me her beautiful pictures. We began flirting heavily. She made me feel good about myself and I think I did the same for her. Here is some of our conversation:

“When I read your stories, I can actually see them happening.” Kate said. “Wow, thanks that’s what happens when I write them. Usually they come from dreams, reality, or fantasies I have. It’s almost like watching a movie in my head or remembering something that happened.” I replied.

“That’s what it feels like when I’m reading them! I try to imagine it’s me in the story.” Kate said

“Oh and who is the person you envision you are with?” I said giggling hoping she would say me.

“No one in particular…. but it does leave me rather excited!” She said.

“Well my target audience is for women so Im glad that Im doing ok.” I said.

“You’re doing VERY well! I have the proof.” She said.

“What proof is that?” I asked giggling.

“Wet panties, of course!” She answered.

When she said that it got me all hot and bothered for real, I became hard.

“Ooooooh now you are making me hot.” I said

“Woo hoo! Do you write for a living?” She asked

“Nope but I want to one day.” I answered hoping that it would come true sometime.

“I have a feeling you will be. I want an autographed book!” She said.

“I can give you more then that!” I answered with a “wink”

“Sounds good to me. Your place or mine?” She asked.

This talk was making me all hot and bothered. I wondered if it was doing the same for her as it was for me.

“I think this last story should excite you. I was hard writing the last half of it just the past few hours.” I said

“Wow! You were really going at it!” Kate said.

“ What turns you on?” I asked, knowing most likely that her answer would turn me on even more.

“I am very large breasted and I love it when a man who really enjoys them, shows me” She said getting me more excited as I knew she would.

“I must admit and I hope you don’t mind. I have had a running fantasy about you that has been driving me a little batty lately. I plan to write a story about it.” I said nervously.

“Oh? Care to tell me about it?” She asked, puzzled.

“Well ill try to think of a way to tell a short version of it basically you come here we meet and we are attracted to each other we make love and well its just a long story ill have to write it lol I forget who seduces who I guess it was mutual seduction. My fiancé would be jealous if she knew.” I said.

“Sounds delicious! My loss again!” She said clearly disappointed.

“Awe who says you lose? Do you have a husband?” I asked

“Yes, I do. My husband has not touched me in years, so I guess that explains why some of the stories turn me on so much.” She said.

“Awwww what a jerk. Sorry for saying so. I value a beautiful woman and you seem like one. Im not talking about looks because I never saw you but true beauty comes from inside.” I said being 100% truthful,

“You are so nice! Thanks. In the last year or so, I’ve decided to finally look for a friend/lover. It’s not what I want to do, but it’s the only choice I see. Would you like to trade pics?” She asked,

“Sure ataşehir escort but I don’t want to scare you with my pic!” I said being honest.

“You aren’t going to scare me! Please do not run if you don’t like my picture.” She said,

I did not intend to run. This woman captivated me and had me whether she was taking me to heaven or hell was up to her.

“I am not going anywhere.” I said honestly

“Hey! You’re cute! But you need to smile!!!!!!!” She said surprising me in the process.

“Whoops you saw it already?” I asked surprised that the email went through that fast.

“Yep.” She said

“Ooooooh sexy I love your smile. You know its weird but I kind of pictured you like you were in your pic same hair and everything.” I said truthfully.

“You did?” She asked.

“Seriously I knew you would have sexy lips too don’t ask me how but I knew.” I answered.

“Not bad for an old lady, huh?” She said,

If she only knew, now that she said that how badly I wanted her she would not have called herself old. I became even more determined to show her how sexy, beautiful and attractive she really is.

“You aren’t old,” I said truthfully.

“Yes I am,” She said not believing me even though I was telling her the truth.

“Do you still want to see a pic that shows “more of me” if you get my drift? (Referring to my cock) I am looking for it but I got a few disks with tons of pics so the search is going a little slow.” I said.

“Sure, if you find it…. that would be great!” Kate said eagerly.

“Im sure you have seen more then one penis before.” I said half joking but knowing she must have seen her share of cock being as beautiful as she is.

“I peek whenever I can!” She said

“You never had an affair?” I asked half hoping she didn’t and hoping that she wanted to have an affair, with me!

“Not yet, but I’m looking to.” Kate said answering my prayers.

“I just saw the pic of you at the wedding whew that made my heart skip a beat.” I said getting increasingly turned on.

“Thanks…that’s old.” She said answering unspoken question of when was the picture taken?

“Come on over and get in my bed.” I said, wishing she could so I could show her how attractive I thought she was/

“I wish!” She said giggling.

“You had better run before I get too excited from looking at these pics and try to seduce you.” I said seriously.

“You’re teasing.” She said, if only she knew the truth.

“ Im already horny from the first pic. Nope not just teasing you are fine baby!” I said being completely honest.

“Thank you! You make me feel good about myself.” She said.

“ Same here. Im sorry but Im so turned on today if you were here id eat you out until you have 2-3 orgasms from that alone.” I said getting hornier as the flirting got more serious and deeper.

“Sounds like a nice way to start!” She said.

Did this woman know how sexy she sounded? Just from looking at her pictures and talking to her, I was going wild. I can only imagine what she would do to me in person.

“ Im hard as hell right now.” I said in all honesty.

“ Do you like tall women?” She asked making me wonder where she was getting at.

“How tall are you?” I asked puzzled. She didn’t look tall in her pictures.

“5 foot 7.” She answered making me laugh.

“ That’s not that tall. “ The bigger they are the harder they scream when I lick their pussy” that’s my motto.” I said hoping to turn her on some more.

“Show me!” Kate said.

She couldn’t possibly know how badly I wanted to show her. I would probably scare her with how much I wanted her at that moment.

“ I am 6 foot or 6 foot 1 depending on who measures me” I said.

“Lying down, it won’t matter!” She said.

“As long as you sit on my face first! (Giggling) My next story is going to be about you!” I said.

“Oh yeah? Are you going to be in it, too?” She asked, wondering.

“Oh yeah me and you.” I said hoping to make it obvious that I wanted her.

“I’d like that. Go take care of that cock now. I’ll cum back soon.” She said teasing me.

“I’ll be here hurry back when you can!” I said anxiously.

“Have fun and cum lots!” She said.

“I will.”

After about an hour of masturbating I finally came even though I was hornier then usual. I always take awhile to cum.

“I’m back.” She said.

I wanted to rip her clothes off and have that hot body but I struggled to maintain a sense of calm. I was failing miserably.

“Welcome back babe!” I said happy that she was back.

“Thanks sweetheart.” She said kindly.

“Now cum sit on my lap and ill give you a surprise.” I said teasingly.

“Mmmmmmmmmm………….I wish you would! You better be well rested!” Kate said.

“ I can go all night baby even feeling sick. Do you like to be on top?” I asked, women on top are my favorite position. That and doggy-style.

“As long as my knees aren’t hurting too bad, I can do it.” She said.

This chick is HOT!

“It took me about an hour avcılar escort to masturbate earlier.” I revealed.

“Oh yeah? As horny as you sounded, I thought you’d only last a few minutes.” She said.

“Hey I sent you the pic of my dick.” I said.

“I got it! Looks delicious!” Kate said.

“I wish I could see your hot body naked whew, I am sure busy imagining.” I said and my cock was throbbing in agreement.

“It’s nothing special, really. Like I said, I’m large breasted (40+ DDD/F)” She said.

“Im drooling just at the thought. The bigger tits to play with my dear Im serious your husband gotta be crazy if you were my wife you would have to work to convince me to let you out of bed. Be mine!!!” She said

“Oh baby you got me so hard ive been going batty while you were gone. What does your pussy look like? I have no clue but I want to be able to picture it in my mind.” I said.

“I keep it well trimmed. I keep the sides very trimmed and the top straight across…” She said seductively.

“I wish I were there on my knees in front of you eating your pussy right now. You would have to beg me to stop.” I said and that was on my mind now. I wanted to please her.

“I wouldn’t let you stop.” She said.

Like I would want to stop?

“Oh damn you are so hot. I got a long tongue I would stick it all the way inside you and savor the taste.” I said.

“You have me very, very wet. Does it feel weird to you that I’m old enough to be your mother?” She asked.

Hell, if she were my mother I would still try to seduce her. I wonder if she would go for me if I were her son… This woman is hot and oozing sex! I have always had a “thing” (literally and figuratively) for older women. I think they are sexy and act more like ladies then women around my own age (late 20’s early 30’s). I am attracted to both the feminine aspects of older women, the experience, beauty etc.

“I have no problem with it you are a beautiful woman inside and out. ive been with older women before we are basically all the same no matter the age. I just wouldn’t ever do someone underage or anything like that I actually prefer a woman to be older.” I said truthfully.

“Waving wildly……’PICK ME!!’ jumping up and down….’CHOOSE ME!!!’” She said enthusiastically.

“I already picked you hehehe women are like wine they get better with age and that sure describes you baby.” I said.

“You are so sweet!! Thank you.” She said.

I wanted to grab her and kiss her just to show that she is wanted.

“Thanks. You make me feel good too, makes my cock hurt but the rest of me feels good.” I said laughing.

“I could help with that, too, if you were a little closer!” She said.

“Don’t I wish…” I said.

“Do you have any more pictures of yourself?” She asked.

“Of my cock?” I asked seriously, thinking that she was referring to my cock.

“A picture of YOU would be great!” She said.

“What would you do if I were there?” I asked her thoughtfully.

“I would give you a kiss that would make your toes curl!” She said, sounded good to me.

“Ooooooh sounds hot come sit on my face for a while baby damn I wish you could.” I said wishing she could do that.

“Omg…. you are driving me crazy!” She said.

“You are driving me crazy baby Im horny as hell right now.” I said.

“YOU are making me hotter!” She said.

My whole body was alive with sensations and completely turned on by Kate.

“What are you wearing?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I’m very sexy today! Jeans, short sleeved top, ponytail.” She said.

Sounded fine to me……

“I love jeans on a woman.” I admitted.

“Meet me in bed.” She said.

“Im licking my lips just thinking about going down on you.” I told her.

“After I taste you!” She said

“Nope ladies first that means you get pleased first.” I said.

“You’ll have plenty of time to please me…and you will…I know it.” Kate said.

“Do you like sucking cock?” I asked her, hoping she did.

“LOVE it!” She answered enthusiastically.

“I always stay hard I think I must have cum about 6 times since last night and me and my fiancé did it twice before she went to sleep last night.” I said

“What a lucky woman!! Does she realize that?” Kate asked.

“ Nah she doesn’t appreciate me.” I said, it was partly true. Sometimes I feel very unappreciated by my fiancé.

“I would appreciate you!” Kate said.

This woman was so damn sweet and sexy. I wanted to eat her up, literally. I wanted to please this woman because she deserved it and because I wanted to do it for her.

“I already appreciate you.” I said truthfully

I blew her a kiss.

“I hope there was some tongue with that!” She said.

“Always baby.” I said.

“In that case, I’m yours!” Kate revealed.

“I want to make you cum a bunch of times. I aim to please a woman.” I said.

“We’d make love for a long time…. resting together in between…” She said.

“Oh yeah and even when resting I would fondle your body and suck avrupa yakası escort on your nipples.” I said.

“I would want to please you completely…. simply because you want to be with me. Would you sleep with your cock in my pussy?” Kate asked.

Damn she was fucking hot!

“Oh yeah I would have to because my cock would never get soft its been hard off and on for about 15 hours now.” I revealed.

Somewhat embarrassed. I am usually hard most times of the day and night unless I am sick.

“I’d certainly keep you busy, if you were mine!” She said.

“Would you ride me?” I asked. I love a woman who can be on top…

“Absolutely.” She answered.

“I love a woman who can take control sometimes.” I said.

“I can do that… I’d try anything you want to do….” Kate said, adding to my excitement,

“I like to put my hands on a woman’s ass and guide her up and down on my cock.” I said.

“I’m going to keep you very busy…. I love having my tits played with and sucked We would make a wonderful couple!” Kate said.

“I agree! You wouldn’t be able to walk when I was done with you lol” I said.

“I hope not! Let’s stay in bed!” She said.

“Or hop in the bathtub after a few hours of hot HOT lovemaking.” I said.

“Imagine me with you I’m either going to have to change my panties again or just go without! Mmmmmmmmm.” Kate said.

Damn this woman is fucking hot!

“Hmmmm what kind of panties? What color?” I asked, having somewhat of a panty fetish.

“Plain, purple.” She answered.

“Ooooooh I love purple!” I said.

“Me too!” She said.

“Take them off and rub your pussy for me.” I said, excited at the thought.

“I want you to take care of me It amazes me that you have me so excited but if I get any more excited, I’m going to cum in this chair I will imagine what it’s like to be your woman.” She said.

“Where would you like me to cum? In your pussy or mouth?” I asked.

“I’m not on any birth control, but wow…. to have you cum in my pussy would be the best I guess on my tits or in my mouth.” She said.

“Well then I guess ill have to cum in your mouth then would you like that?” I asked

“Sure…in my mouth, on my tits… will you fuck them?” She asked

“Oh yeah!” I answered

“I’m yours I now have a wet spot coming thru my jeans.” She said.

Damn she was driving me nuts!

“Hmm I wish I could suck on it.” I said.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” She moaned.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” I moaned as well.

“I want you to take me…..anytime, anywhere.” She said.

“So if you were in the shower I could walk right up to you and do you right there?” I asked.

“Of course.” She said.

“If you were peeing I could come up to you and you would suck me?” I asked.

“Yes if I was cutting the lawn, do it there When I’m with someone, I’m theirs totally. I want everyone to know it.” She said.

“Would you let me spank you if you are bad? Not with anything, besides my hands cause I would never hurt a woman.” I said.

“As long as you don’t hurt me…. I’ve never tried that.” She said.

“Im not really into the submissive/domination thing I just like to spank a woman cause it makes it feel more like she is mine.” I said, explaining myself.

“If I let you play with me in public, make love to me anywhere you want, suck my tits even though other people are there, would that prove it to you? I’d do you anywhere!” She said.

“My hands would be on your ass.” I said.

“Would you prefer me without panties?” She asked, making my boner throb.

“Doesn’t matter. I prefer a woman to wear panties because I get more excited when they come off. I like to tease myself by not taking them off even when I lick a pussy. I push them to the side. Tell me you want me.” I said.

“I do want you!” She said.

“Tell me what you will do to me if you were here right now.” I said.

“Kneel down in front of you, take you in my mouth until you were hard…. then sit on your lap and ride you until you filled me with you hot, sweet cum.” She said, making me hotter.

“Really? You would let me cum inside you?” I asked.

“I want that so much!! IF there was any way to make that happen, I would!” She said.

“You like the feeling of my cum inside your soaking pussy?” I asked.

“I don’t think there could be a more wonderful feeling…..our juices combined and running down my legs stroke yourself for me.” She said.

“Im stroking it now can I eat you too while you type?” I asked.

“Of course I’d like to kiss you.” She said.

“Kiss me where?” I asked.

“Everywhere!” She said enthusiastically.

“Hmmmmmmm sounds nice Im stroking my cock now baby.” I said.

“Hmmmmmmm I want you.” She said.

“Prove it! Touch yourself for me.” I said.

“Ok I want your fingers in me.” She said.

“I want to put my fingers tongue and dick inside you.” I said

“My legs are spread for you.” She said.

“Are you hot knowing I am stroking my dick now because of you?” I asked.

“Yes I am.” She said.

“Hmmmmmm I wish I could taste that pussy.” I said.

“I wish you could, too… I’m so wet.” She said

“Suck my cock baby I want to feel your lips on me.” I said.

“I don’t know how big your cock is, but it would be wonderful to feel.” She said.

“Wrap your legs around me while I fuck you hard.” I commanded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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