Older Teacher Gets Her Turn

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*Please read A Day With My Art Teacher before continuing.

* * * * *

It was another clear day, with the midday sun shining high in the sky. It was a Saturday and I had just woken up from a good night’s rest. I rememebered the previous day’s sexual adventures I had with my school’s Art teacher, Katherine. With 36D tits, a slim but curvy body and a tight ass, she was one hot babe and I would sacrifice anything just to fuck her.

Anyways, my mom was out, so I took a shower, freshened up and wore some casual clothes, then went out to the supermarket to grab some groceries. I took out my bike and rode a few blocks to the supermarket. There, I quickly went in and picked out the necessities that I wanted, paid for them, then went back on home. Halfway on my way back home, who should I see but one of my school’s hot older teacher, Sherry.

At 50 years of age, she still had a desirable body, with a plump round ass and a huge bosom. Her tits, I estimated, measured about 40DD, and did have a little sag, though it was natural for a woman of her age and marital status and she still had quite a pretty face with full pouty lips. She seemed to have a flat tyre on her car, and she tried in vain to flag down someone on the road and streets to assist her in changing it. Being the kind soul I am, I parked my bike next to her car, asking, “Hi Sherry, is anything the matter? You seem to be in some sorta trouble.” She smiled at me and replied, “Oh hi Shaun. My car tyre got punctured by a nail and I need help changing it.” In a good natured tone, I said, “Do you mind if I help you? I’m quite good at such things you know.” “Sure,” was her pendik escort answer.

So saying, I took out the spare tyre from the boot of her car, raised the car with the help of a car-jack and changed the tyre. All in all, I seemed to do everything, but I didn’t mind, being able to do something for such a gorgeous teacher. After changing the tyre, I turned to her and told her everything was done, then I proceeded on home. The following Monday when I went back to school, Sherry seemed to look at me in a different way than she used to. I often caught glimpses of her licking her lips when she saw me, and I guess it pretty much turned me on.

On that very afternoon after the last bell had rung, Sherry came to my class and told me that she had something to tell me, and to meet her at the Home Ecs. Room. After I had deposited all my books in my locker, I went to the Home Ecs. Room with lewd thoughts and a hard-on. When I reached the Home Ecs. Room, I adjusted my pants so my hard-on wasn’t that obvious, knocked, and walked straight in. There I saw Sherry dressed in a low-cut blouse and a mini skirt, and from the obvious dents in her blouse, she wasn’t wearing any bra, and I assumed, panties too. In a nervous voice I asked, “Hi Sherry. What was it that you wanted to tell me?” She spoke not a word, walked up to me, and suddenly took my head in her hands and started to kiss me.

As I was pretty horny, I reciprocated and the kiss went on for a few minutes. After we had calmed down, she said in a shaky voice, “Well Shaun, I didn’t have the chance to thank you that day for helping me replace the silivri escort punctured tyre, and now I want to repay you for what you have done. Don’t worry about anyone walking in on us, ‘cuz the door’s locked.” It was then that I remembered that the Home Ecs. Room had a high-tech remote controlled door, and as she continued to smile lovingly at me, she started to strip at the same time. Slowly and sensually, until I couldn’t take it any more and rushed up to her to strip her myself. When her clothes were on the floor, a wonderful sight beheld me. There Sherry was, with her wondrous 40DD tits, 30 inch waistline and a nice, plump and round ass with a shaved pussy. Her aerola was big and round, like a coin, and her nipples were sticking a full one inch from her breasts.

Once again my hard-on returned, and I stripped in what seemed to be a record time. She stopped me in my tracks for a brief moment, saying, “Before you do anything, suck my tits first… I have a wonderful surprise for you.” Being curious and a little greedy, I grabbed a hold of her tits and began to suck on her nipples like my life depended on it. What happened next really shocked me. Within a few sucks, I felt a warm liquid splash to the back of my throat. Removing my mouth from her tits, I saw that it was milk.

It tasted kinda good, and I craved for more. I began sucking on her tits again in a frenzy, and alternated between her left and right nipples. After a few minutes of sucking and drinking her milk, I felt full and released my suction on her breasts. I licked my lips and thanked her for the wonderful “meal”. Again, she şirinevler escort never said a word, knelt down and took my erect 7″ dick into her mouth. Looking down, I saw her bright red wonderful full pouty lips engulf the mushroom head of my cock, and the feeling was absolutely fantastic. I felt my cum boiling, and as I came into her mouth, I moaned her name. I came in quite large proportions, but she drank it all up and licked her lips.

I then instructed her to sit down on the couch, then proceeded to return her favour. I took in the musky smell of her shaved pussy, and started licking and sucking it. My tongue found her clit, and I sucked on it hard and licked it, while fingering her cunt. In no time at all she came, and she moaned with pleasure. Not being able to take it any more, I told her to hold her tits together and began tit fucking them. As the head of my cock appeared through the valley of wonderful tits, she’d lick the head again and again. When I was about to cum, I stopped.

Pulling Sherry up to her feet, I made her bend over her desk, so her ass was facing me. Feeling the need for a pussy, I inserted my dick into her cunt, and the feeling was like heaven. Surprisingly, for her age, her pussy was still quite tight but I had no trouble going in due to the wetness of her cunt and my precum. At first I thrust in and out with slow deliberate strokes, but after a few thrusts, animal lust began to take over and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. After about two minutes, she screamed and I felt a warm sensation engulfing my cock. What better timing, I thought, as I too gave a yell of pleasure and emptied my nuts into her willing cunt. I continued to thrust in and out of her until all the cum had been milked from my cock.

Pulling out, I thanked her and we proceeded to the staff bathroom to get cleaned up. This was truly a day to remember, as with Katherine, and I would not forget this school as long as I lived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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