Passion , Perspective Ch. 04

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“Your wife’s a wonderful dancer,” Colin complimented, in a voice with a twinge of British accent.

“Excuse me?”

“You know. Dancing. As we did last night. Anne did tell you we danced, didn’t she? After, all, that’s why you’re here, am I correct? To watch us dance?”

“Oh.” I got it, ‘dancing.’ Not the worst word to use in public for the erotic act.

We were sitting at a table at the Marriott restaurant, I across from Molly’s lover, Colin – she still hadn’t told him her name wasn’t Anne – and, of course, Molly between us. We had the remains of a meal in front of us, crab cakes or something, and a very expensive bottle of wine. As we laid in bed the previous evening, Molly had told me she’d confessed my desire to watch to Colin, and he’d agreed without hesitation.

I continued. “Yes, I’d love to see the two of you ‘dance.’ That’s something I’ve been longing for.”

“Then see it you will,” Colin conceded, “providing Anne doesn’t have objections.”

“I don’t think so,” she said, “although I’m a bit nervous about it. I’ve only danced in private, and you’re only the second man I’ve danced with.”

“There’s no need to be concerned,” Colin soothed, “you’ll find, I think, that it’s child’s play. Just follow my lead, and if you simply concentrate on me, you’ll find that either you won’t mind, or you’ll forget that Don’s there at all. You might even enjoy being watched.”

“You’ve danced with people watching, then?”

“Quite a bit. My second wife was quite the dancer, we often danced with others, I wish my last wife would have been so open.” Colin had already filled us in on his details, he was the owner of a company that consulted with government agencies, he was here for a week, born in Australia, came to the States for college, liked it, so he stayed, now – to hear him tell it – a multimillionaire on his second company.

“Can I ask a question?”

“Certainly, Don.”

“When you walked into the bar the last night, you picked right up on Anne. Why were you so sure that she would . . . well . . . dance?”

“You were there?”

“Sitting across the bar. Anne let me watch her while she picked you up.”

“I see. Quite the voyeur, aren’t you? Well, to answer your question, dancing is a sport I quite enjoy, and I’ve made a study of the women who also enjoy it. Anne showed all the attributes of such a lady, although her dress was conservative, she had a bit of wild eye about her. When I approached her, offered to buy her a drink, the way she licked her lips – just as she’s been doing all through dinner – gave her away. And so I felt fairly sure that an offer to dance would be welcomed, or at least rejected politely. And, Anne, how did I do?”

“Let’s see, we were in the bar for less than fifteen minutes, and then . . . I’d say you did fairly well in your analysis. Speaking of which . . .” I was sure that they were playing footsies under the table, so when the waitress asked us if we wanted dessert or coffee, Molly declined, setting the stage for Colin and I to reject it as well; it seemed all three of us were anxious to be in private.

As Colin signed the check, Molly leaned to me and whispered, “You’re still okay with this? Not having second thoughts?”

“No, are you?”

“Ummm-ummm. I’m pretty randy, to tell the truth. I hope we can put on a good show for you.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,” I promised.

They started in the elevator, Molly entered his arms and they kissed, deeply, Colin had his hand on her ass again before we reached the top floor. Colin’s room was a junior suite, king bed, full L-shaped couch facing the windows with a view of the trees in the park, dining table with a silver bucket and a bottle of champagne. “I took the liberty of ordering this, would you like a glass?” He popped the cork expertly, poured each of us a flute. “Well, Anne, shall we put on a ballet for your husband?”

“I think so,” she agreed.

“Then come here.” In the middle of the room, they kissed again, standing, and I watched as my wife, my wonderful, beautiful wife, melted into the arms of her lover. Her hands were on his shoulder, in his hair, but his were roaming, fondling her ass, pulling her closer to him, her waist, the side of her body, the sides of her breasts. I was intensely aroused, sitting on taksim escort the couch, watching this man take advantage of my willing spouse.

He twirled her until she was facing me, then stood behind her, kissing her neck, which she craned for his lips. One of his hands were on her waist, the other in front of her, on her belly, and as he nibbled, it drifted up, up, to the underside of the breast, and then the globe was nestled in his palm. With both hands, Molly grasped his fingers, pulling them to her nipple, still disguised by the fabric of her white blouse. And then his other hand met the first at the cleavage, and unbuttoned each stud in sequence, from top to bottom, pulling the fabric apart until I spied Molly’s slight breasts, and he tugged the garment from her shoulders. They kissed again, Molly’s mouth over her left shoulder meeting Colin’s lips, and Colin had both hands on the black translucence of her bra. Molly’s hands went to the side of her skirt, unzipped it, and with gravity’s assistance, it slipped down her legs. I visualized her cameltoe, and wondered if her insides were moist, ready.

She turned then, and as he’d undressed her, she took his clothes off, excepting only the boxers. Again they were kissing, but this time Colin was cupping a breast, Molly’s hand was fondling the still hidden manifestation of her desire. And then she knelt in front of him, and pulled the boxers down. Colin’s tool was revealed to me, limp and seemingly uncaring, although my own was uncomfortably hard inside my pants. She handled the dangling balls, the lump of flesh, and the seconds seemed to take minutes as Molly pointed the noodle at her mouth, kissed it, then took just the tip inside her mouth. I was wild, for the first time I was seeing another man penetrate my wife’s body, and as she bobbed I was thrilled by the specter. Colin closed his eyes and although he was free-standing, he seemed to relax as Molly sucked, played with the testicles. I could see the rod gradually straighten, Colin’s low sounds divulging his enjoyment. After six or eight minutes, when the phallus had reached the requisite rigor, she stopped, stood beside him and said, “My turn.”

With a quickness I was astounded by, she reached behind her back, performed the magic and threw the bra to the floor. And just as suddenly, the panties joined the rest of her clothes, she was her lover’s Eve to his Adam. She then sat on the couch, reclined actually, and Colin seemed to know his part. Bowing in front of her, he first kissed each nipple, sucking it to extension, Molly let her face relax, her breath was expelled through the mouth, and then I watched as Colin’s finger played with the labia, and then it was inserted to the second knuckle. My mind exploded with the vision of my wife being tormented by this other man, and she responded, her breaths deep and loud, and then he knelt to her pleasure.

I rose, ostensibly to refill my flute, but in actuality I wished to more closely observe the action of Colin’s tongue. It flicked in and out, then his lips closed on the clit, his cheeks hallowed, and Molly leaned back, closed her eyes, enjoyed the attention. Her breaths were deep, her aureoles crinkled, the tone of her skin darkened two or three shades. Yet she didn’t seem to close in on an orgasm, as she often does with me. After a few minutes of this particular foxtrot, Molly opened her eyes, smiled at her swain, giving him a signal that he could move onto the next dance. He rose, stood in front of her, his erection shy of fullness, but Molly knew how to help that out, once again the spike was surrounded by the wetness of her mouth, and again Colin was incited to rigidity. He was ready, I could tell from his demeanor, to head for the tango. “Honey, get a condom from my purse, will you?” Molly asked, and as I handed it to her, I realized I was no longer simply an observer, but an accomplice in the sin, nay, Joy, that she was about to commit.

How many condoms had she put on a man in the past months? Not many, perhaps four, but she seemed to have a command of the technique, a flick of the foil to loosen it, pulling the latex out of the packet, a final slurp of the proffered dick to ensure it’s readiness, the placement of the plastic at the tip, and then a smooth roll until the topkapı escort flange was near the testicles, Colin was prepared. Molly flipped over, her knees on the couch, her arms upon the back, her backside presented to her ally. He placed one hand on her rump, with another he guided his cutlass to her scabbard, and I watched him push.

From my vantage point the bulk of his body hid the motion, but from the sharp intake of Molly’s breath and the satisfaction of Colin’s face, I was sure he was at least half immersed inside her. I was having my fantasy, watching another man take my wife carnally. And they moved together, first away from each other, then towards entwinement. Molly’s breasts swayed with her movements, forward then back, from the brightness of her eyes and the smile that traversed her features I knew she was delighted with the lewd exercise. This went on some moments, and then Colin switched it, Molly’s chest fell to the couch cushion, Colin grabbed her by the waist until she was in a half-vertical orientation, her legs in the air, and once again they were fastened. This seemed to excite Molly a bit more, her breaths came in time to the quick thrusts that Colin controlled, I thought she was on the brink, but the position was too demanding, Colin’s knee buckled, almost spilling Molly on the floor.

It was she that twisted onto her back, her rump just on the edge of the bolster, she spread her legs. For an instant I was able to study her womanhood, the lips flushed with blood, the slit open and humid, and then Colin was on his knees, and again he inserted himself within her. He grabbed her ankles, positioned them on his shoulders, and pushed and prodded. This seemed a more relaxing attitude, the movements became deeper and a bit slower. By sitting on the couch a few feet from the couple, I was able to see between Molly’s legs, and the rod was visible, slipping in and out. Once again, Molly was getting close, her nipples elongated, the skin of her torso crimson, her eyes scrunched tight, but I didn’t hear the moans that usually indicate her release. Was it different with another man, could the orgasm be so divergent? Colin pumped faster and faster, I came to the realization that he was getting ready to let go, when Molly exclaimed, “Don’t come yet!” and pushed him away, out of her.

“Sit on the coffee table,” she demanded, and when he did, she pushed him back until he was lying. Putting her feet on either side of the table, she faced him, faced me, clutched the appliance that had been pleasuring her for the most part of half an hour, and lowered herself until her pubis was on top of his. “That’s better,” she proclaimed, and now that she had control commenced her movements in three dimensions, up and down, back to front, left to right. Colin held his head up in the air, fondled a breast, felt her belly or leg, for her part she tickled his nipple, reached behind her to stabilize herself on his thighs. Five minutes went past in this position, the two lovers inspiring each other, ten minutes, and Molly placed her hand squarely between her legs, seemed to grasp the baton inside her, tickled her own clit, and her eyes closed, her head snapped back, and I heard the excited, loud moans that have always signaled my wife’s complete release. It lasted for hours seemingly, I watched as she writhed on top of her partner, and then she gradually regained her composure, looked at Colin and without any verbal warning, she seemed to perceive his need. She bent toward him, her hips moved faster, a little further up and down, and Colin’s face was covered with a grimace of pain, or was it the ultimate pleasure? A grunt or two, and I realized that Molly was extracting the juice of love from his body.

She glided with him until he was completely done, then seemed to collapse unto him, catch her breath. Then she raised her face to mine, and confirmed, “That was a pretty good dance, don’t you think?”

The two began to extract themselves from the awkward predicament they’d sported in, Molly rose as if dismounting a horse – a very apt description – and when he was released, Colin sat up, rubbing the underside of a thigh that had been scraped in the efforts, stretching the neck muscles back into position, removing the now full condom and tossing ümraniye escort bayan it into a wastebasket. Molly, in her royal costume as Queen of Carnality, approached me, sat in my lap, kissed me. I fondled a breast, tickled the lower province, so well utilized by Colin, and there was nothing I wanted to do more than exploit her body for my own purposes. But in my unfamiliarity with the customs of hotwifeing, I wasn’t sure of my rights, how Molly would react, for she’d just allowed one man to watch her make love, would she want to let Colin see her with me? And so when she rose and took her panties from the floor, I did nothing to stop her.

Colin rose, got his clothes, took them into the bathroom, for our privacy, I assume. As Molly snapped the bra strap into position, she asked, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Very much. It was better than I thought it would be. You’re beautiful, you know, and when you’re making love you’re even more beautiful.”

“You’re prejudiced,” she laughed, and by the time she had her blouse tucked into her skirt and was brushing her hair in the mirror, Colin rejoined us, perfectly garbed, and said, “Thank you both for the honor, it was a pleasure.” Molly approached him once more, a kiss, neither deep nor meaningful.

“We had a great time,” she told the man she’d been intimate with.

“Perhaps, the next time I’m in town, we could meet again?”

“Maybe,” Molly agreed, “I’ve got your number, I’ll call you.”

He escorted us to the elevator, took it down to the lobby with us, a final kiss on the cheek for Molly, a handshake for me. Then we were out the door, he was heading into the bar. “Probably looking for another conquest,” Molly joked.

As she was driving us home, I asked Molly, “Did you mind me watching, were you even aware I was there?”

“Oh, I knew where you were every moment. At first, it was a little struggle, on the one hand I wanted you to see what you came for, but on the other hand, well, it was a bit strange. Never unpleasant, mind you, I never didn’t want you to be there, it was just a little strange.”

“Like when he was eating you?”

“Yes, tonight he had me, and I was on the cusp of coming, but then I thought about you watching me, and I cooled off just a little bit. But then, when we actually got into doing it, I just figured what the heck, and I was able to let go.”

“I saw what you mean about Colin being athletic. I don’t think I could ever control you in the position you were in.”

“You mean the one where he had my legs up in the air? That was fun, but it took a lot of strength on my part just to stay with him. There were sensations that were new to me, but I don’t think I could ever let go in a position like that.”

“When you did, it looked like a big one.”

“It was, a really grand one. Believe it or not, I think you being there actually helped it, it was one more thing that spurred me. Did you mind it when he came?”

“No, why?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe everything would be okay up to that point, but you wouldn’t want him to, you know, actually come inside me.”

“That’s the whole point, isn’t it? You know what would have blown my mind? If he wouldn’t have worn a condom, dumped it into you.”

“I know. I’m a little sad I don’t get to feel it, and the damn rubber pinches sometimes, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it felt for him. But the idea of catching something just isn’t worth it.”

“After you guys were done, you know what I wanted?” I asked. “I wanted to screw you myself.”

“Really? That’s what I wanted too! How come you didn’t do it?”

“Well, Colin was right there, I didn’t know if you’d be cool with it.”

“Whoa, I wouldn’t have cared less. The next time, do anything you want to, if I don’t want it I’ll let you know, and who cares what the other guy wants.”

“So there’ll be a next time?”

“Maybe, we’ll see,” she prevaricated, but I translated her tone as, ‘Hell, yes!’ It was at that point she put her hand in my lap, felt my hardness. “My goodness, you’re ready, aren’t you! You want me to pull over into that dark parking lot, give you a blow job?”

“No,” I laughed, “it’s only a mile to home. But drive fast.”

She did, and when the door of the garage was closed she pulled her panties off, sat on the workbench, and I let my trousers fall to the concrete slab, I was inside her in a trice, and after just a few strokes where Colin had been half an hour earlier, I was filling her up, a wonderful release. She didn’t come, of course, but later, in bed, going over the details of the evening, she came twice more in a two-step and a hokey-pokey.

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