Peter and His Neighbours Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Peter arrived at the airport just after five on Thursday evening. The plane was on time. He got a coffee and sat outside the arrival gate. Di had messaged him yesterday afternoon looking for a rendezvous for Wednesday evening. He had agreed. She was happy that Brian, in fact, all of the patients were improving. Every day their cocks were getting a little harder. All the wives were now wearing only accessible lingerie in their apartments. All the husbands were now shaved. Touching and fingering were happening on a daily basis.

Jean had visited Di on Tuesday evening. She had brought some of her clothes. She had arrived unexpectedly, and Di was only wearing a crotchless basque with self-supporting stockings. Jean said, “Wow mum, you look hot. May I ask why you are wearing such sexy underwear?”

Di then explained about Brian’s erectile dysfunction and the treatment that Jill had suggested. She told her that it was working. Brian was now playing with her tits and cunt at every opportunity. He had so much more confidence, and he was so much more content. His depression had gone. He would never be the stud that he had been when he was younger, and Brian accepted this, he was so happy as he no longer felt inadequate. Di now understood that he had both Dementia and Alzheimer’s. He forgot a lot of things, but his sexual urges and desires had returned. He loved having his cock sucked but had yet to climax. His cock was getting harder every day.

He hadn’t seen Jean for over nine months; she had also had her hair cut short. When she went into the bedroom with Di, he didn’t recognise her but was polite and friendly to her. Di sat on the right-hand side of the bed, and Jean sat on the left. Brian said, “I have always had a fantasy of having two beautiful women on my bed, maybe this could be a good day for me. You have a gorgeous smile, are you a friend of Ruth and mummy?”

Di replied, “Darling, you should have told me, and I would have tried to arrange it for you. Many girls that I know would love that; you do know how to make a cunt wet. Would you like me to play with your cock as you play with my cunt?”

He said, “I would love that, but I want to fist your cunt as I know you love that. I would like you to give me a hand-job as I fist you. If I get hard could you give me a blow-job? If your friend would like to join us, then I would fist her too.”

Jean looked at Di, she nodded in approval then winked. Jean said, “Darling, let me get myself comfortable if mummy sucks your cock then I will suck your balls. You make me feel so hot, I love being fisted too.”

Jean then stripped naked; she had an outstanding body. She spread her legs, so Brian had full access to her cunt, and her cunt juices were squelching. Brian was stimulating her G-spot with the two finger come here movement. Jean was amazed at how good he was. A couple of minutes later she had an intense orgasm. Then he started to fist both of them. Di was sucking his cock as Jean sucked his balls. Five minutes later Brian had an orgasm from a semi-hard cock. It just ran out of him into Di’s mouth. Di then kissed him, letting him taste his cum. Jean licked his cock clean then she tongue kissed him and Di.

Di’s kiss was intense; her tongue was everywhere in Jean’s mouth. Brian had pulled his hands out of both of their cunts. Brian said, “Thank you, that was amazing. The medication is working. I never thought that I would cum again. I am tired now and will sleep. Thank you so much.”

He was asleep two minutes later. Jean and Di went into the lounge. Di took off her basque and said, “That’s the first time he has cum in over twelve years. Thank you for helping me, you were outstanding the way you handled him. I must let Jill know about his orgasm. Be a darling and get some wine, there are Chablis and Champagne in the fridge.”

Jean then took Di in her arms and kissed her passionately then said, “I would love Champagne to celebrate bringing my dad off with the help of my mummy. Mummy, I have a strap-on with me, and I would like to fuck mummy with it tonight. Would mummy like that?”

They kissed again, and both were fingering each other’s cunts. Di was happy. Jean said, “When we are in bed I want to call you mummy as it arouses me. If we are socialising, then I will call you Di. I am looking forward to living at home now. If we can help dad, then we must do it. I have watched him getting more depressed for years. I was amazed at how well you looked when I arrived. You looked so sexy in that basque. I have a lot of risqué lingerie which I will wear in the apartment.”

Di then told her that she had a lover. He was a partner in King and Partners. He wasn’t married, but she was sharing him with several of the older ladies in the apartment block. Jean said, “Is his name Peter? Is he tall and very handsome? “

Di replied, “Yes, and he has a massive cock. anadolu yakası escort He has given me the best fuck of my life. He owns me now, I am his slut, whatever he wants I will do for him. I am pleased that this has happened tonight. I want both of you.”

Jean said, “I want that too. I will be here on Friday night, should we invite him for drinks?”

Di replied, “Leave it to me, where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


They came through the arrivals gate pushing a trolley loaded with Louis Vuitton baggage. They looked like two sisters; they had such a distinguished look about them. Peter put his empty paper coffee mug in a bin and walked towards them. Su smiled when she saw him, she hugged him and kissed on the cheek then said, “You are a darling coming for us. Let me introduce you to mummy; I have told her that you love her pictures. We had an excellent flight, which is unusual for Air France. We both can’t wait to get home and get into something more comfortable.”

He replied, “Hello mummy, I am pleased to meet you. As you came through the gate, I thought that you were two sisters. Let me take your trolley; my car is close by so we don’t have far to walk.”

Dot said, “Flattery will get you everywhere, you may call me Dot, but if you want to arouse me then call me mummy.”

They got to the car, and Dot sat in the front passenger seat. Peter asked, “I have plenty of wine and Champagne chilled, if you need any, then I can go to my apartment and bring a few bottles.”

Su replied, “You are so thoughtful darling, we are fully stocked, and my housekeeper has mummy’s favourite Champagne now in the wine fridge. This is a very smooth running car; I love my Mercedes too, you have so much space in here.”

Dot said, “I have to pick up my new Mercedes on Monday, I don’t think that I will need a car before then. I want to relax and take things easy. I want a shower when we get home. Would Peter like to wash mummy’s back as I can’t reach the middle of my back?”

Peter then knew that mummy called the shots. She controlled the purse strings, and he knew that he would own her by this evening. He replied, “If mummy wants that then I will do that for her, but I would love to give her front an extensive and intimate washing as well.”

Dot said, “That would be so refreshing after this journey. We can take a bottle of champagne into the bathroom with us in an ice bucket. If we need anything else, then Su can bring it to us.”

The arrived at the apartment; the took all the baggage in one go. Peter was impressed; they had a Liebherr Wine Fridge filled with wine and Champagne. The Champagne was Laurent Perrier Rose, Peter’s favourite Rose Champagne. Su opened a bottle, the sat in the lounge chatting away, but Dot was flirting with Peter. After two glasses Dot asked Su to get her a fresh bottle of champagne with an ice bucket. Dot whispered, “Darling, let’s go and shower. I want you to pay a lot of attention to the two C’s, cunt and clit, my tits are very sensitive too, but my clit is the key to start my engine. I love it hard and deep in both holes.”

They went to the bathroom and undressed, when Dot saw Peter’s massive cock she said, “I will make that beauty so hard before you go inside me. I will tell Su that I need a couple of hours with you. I hope that you are not an in-out lover. The longer the foreplay, the more that I enjoy it.”

Peter answered, “Suck him and make him hard. Don’t worry about a thing. In two hours I will own you, in three you will be my cum-slut, begging me to fuck you.”

They showered first, he was gentle but intrusive. Dot had a fantastic body; she didn’t look her age at all. He washed and teased all the right areas as he washed her. He was sure that she had already cum. The bathroom was big. He spread a large bath towel on the marble tiles. The started to sixty-nine. She was good and knew how to give pleasure. She had a significant and sensitive clitoris. He knew exactly how to suck it. Within ten minutes he was fisting her as he sucked her hard clit. Every couple of minutes he could feel the warmth of her fresh cum in his mouth. He used her cum as lube and now had three fingers in her ass.

Twenty-five minutes later he bent her over the wash hand basin. He spread her legs then positioned his bulbous tip on the centre of her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, he was up to his balls in her hungry ass. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. He was rubbing her clit with two fingers, but the most important thing was he was stimulating her G-spot with the tip of his cock with every thrust. After ten minutes he knew that she would soon have a massive orgasm. He asked, “How is this for mummy? I can feel your hot cunt juice on my fingers.”

She replied, “It’s fucking amazing. I am on edge. I have never had a vaginal orgasm when ataköy escort I have been ass fucked before. I am so close. I am nervous, but I will cum soon, I am sure.”

He answered, “Don’t be nervous mummy, in the next minutes you are going to have the orgasm of your life. I am not going to stop as you will have a second one five minutes after the first. After you cum, I am going to bring the two fingers that are rubbing your clit out, and I want you to lick them clean. Will you do that for me mummy?”

She replied, “Mummy will always do what you tell her. I love how you ride me. I am so close…I am cuming.”

She started to shake, but he kept pounding into her. She was moaning with pleasure. He felt the warmth of her cum on his fingers, but he kept pounding her. He then slid three fingers inside her hot cunt. He pulled them out than then brought his wet fingers to her mouth. She hungrily licked them clean. When they were clean, they went back to her clit. Seven minutes later she had her second massive orgasm from her G-spot. She was trembling with this one. She kept saying, “That’s fucking wonderful.”

He pulled out then went into her cunt doggy style. He rubbed her clit as he pumped into her. With finger pressure, he had her clit throbbing. She was a great ride gripping his cock at the base and the crown. Forty-five minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other. He pulled out and turned her around. They kissed gently but with feeling. She said, “Mummy is yours. I want to be your slut. That was, without a doubt, the best fuck of my life. I had so many orgasms. Everyone stronger than the one before. Let’s shower then we can order something to eat.”

They came out of the shower; they were both naked. Su was sitting on the sofa; Peter sat beside her, there was a smile in her eyes. They kissed slowly with a lot of feeling. She kissed beautifully. He realised then that Su was a caring woman, unlike Dot who knew what she wanted and went for it. They were kissing and touching each other so gently. She took off his basque, her breasts and her naked body looked stunning just like the pictures that she had sent him. They were both slowly and discreetly arousing each other. Dot asked, “When will we eat? I’m quite hungry.”

Peter just ignored her and continued to kiss and cuddle with Su. After twenty minutes she was ready for him. Her pussy was so wet. He had three fingers in her ass. There were two upright armchairs in the lounge. He moved one away from the wall. He then sat on it. He then guided her to squat over his hard cock. He then positioned the tip against her ass hole. She sat on top of his length, and his cock vanished inside her ass. She moaned with pleasure then started to ride him. He was rubbing her clit as started to ride him harder. She was good. He knew that she would orgasm soon as the tip of his cock was stimulating her G-spot. The way she was riding him told him that she was going for the maximum stimulation of her G-spot. She orgasmed, her whole body shook, but she kept riding him.

Five minutes later she had a stronger orgasm. Peter moved forward and kissed her tenderly as he felt her warm cum on his fingers which were now inside her hot cunt. He then lifted her up and put the bulbous head of his cock in the centre of her swollen vulva. She pushed down on him taking his full length. She was gripping his cock beautifully as fucked him. She soon had a powerful rhythm going. He knew that this was going to be a great fuck. Her massive tits were bouncing all over the place. She was smiling as she looked into his eyes. She was an active girl. Forty minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other. They both relaxed.

She leaned forward and kissed him but she was holding his cock inside her, her strong cunt muscles were gripping his cock tightly. There was a lot of tenderness in their kisses. Su said, “Thank you, that was the best fuck of my life. I have never had so many orgasms in one session in my life. We had better order our takeaway as Dot is hungry.”

He took his time and lovingly kissed her again. He thought, they are both excellent fuck, but Su is a far nicer person. He knew now how to treat Dot, and he knew how to handle Su. After a long kiss, Su released the grip on his cock and pushed herself off him. His cock and balls were glistening with all the cum that was on them. He said, “Dot if you are still hungry then have a protein cocktail and lick my cock and balls clean.”

Dot didn’t know how to handle this. She looked at his massive glistening cock then said, “I would love to do that, and when it’s clean I want to lick out Su’s hot cunt.”

In all fairness to Dot, she skillfully and delicately licked and sucked his cock clean. Then went down on Su and licked her out. Half an hour later they ordered an Indian takeaway ataşehir escort from the Sikh restaurant. The meal was delicious. Dot had put on a towelling bathrobe and had taken the delivery. She had given the delivery man a five-pound tip. He must have thought it was his lucky day. After their meal, they were sitting in the lounge. Peter said, “Dot, I loved how you licked my cock clean and then licked out Su’s cunt. I would love to see the two the two of you bring each other off. The first one to orgasm will be the first one I fuck tonight, and I will fuck them any way that they want. Su said, “It will be Dot as I know where she is the most sensitive.”

Dot laughed and smiled then said, “Then I will have to figure out how I want to be fucked.”

Then the started kissing each other and playing initially with each other’s tits. Peter noted how rough they were with each other. They were both being rough, biting each other’s nipples. They were taking their time. Soon they were on the carpet sixty-nineing, Both their legs were wide open, allowing excellent access to their cunts. They were sucking each other’s clits; they were both moaning with pleasure. Then they began fisting. Both were taking the full fist, and they weren’t gentle. They both liked it rough which surprised Peter as he had been kind and tender with Su. He wondered if Su was rough because that’s how Dot loved it.

Su was no getting very intensive with Dot, she was sucking her clit as she fisted her, but she was using four fingers with the come here motion on her G-spot. It worked, three minutes later Dot had a massive orgasm. Dot was very happy about coming first. Peter’s cock was hard, but he wanted it harder, he said, “Su, would you like to suck my cock and make very hard then I will fuck mummy whatever way she wants me to fuck her.”

Su went down on him, her tongue and lip movements were so delicate and gentle. It felt wonderful as she teased his cock with her tongue. Five minutes later he was rock hard. Dot said, “Darling, I want to be ass fucked again. I want you to stimulate my G-spot with the tip of your cock. When I cum, I want you to keep going. I want to see how many times you can give me a vaginal orgasm by ass fucking me.”

Su helped Peter lube her ass. He made her bend over the armchair that Su had fucked him in. He spread Dots legs open wide. She was balancing herself by holding onto the arms of the chair. Su was fisting her ass, then said, “She is ready.”

Peter then centred the tip of his cock on her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, he slipped inside her. She moaned with pleasure. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. He wasn’t gentle; he was pounding her. Su was fisting her pussy as he was riding her ass. She was also stimulating her G-spot by using four fingers with the come here finger motion. As Su finished the movement the tip of his cock took over. She was getting double stimulation on her G-spot. Her first orgasm came ten minutes later.

They both kept going; Dot was moaning with pleasure. In the next thirty minutes, she had six massive orgasms. With the last, she had climaxed intensively. She was shaking then said, “That was unbelievable, please stop. I can’t take any more.”

He and Su pulled out. She turned around and kissed Peter, then said, “I counted seven. For my age that is unbelievable. I can hardly stand. Su, top up the glasses, when I finish mine, I will go to my bed. It has been an eventful evening. Thank you, Peter, no man has ever made me feel like this before.”

Two minutes later she had gone to her bed. Su took Peter into the bathroom then washed his cock in the bidet. She had such a gentle touch. They then went back to the lounge. They kissed and touched. Peter asked how they supported their lifestyle. She said, “My father was a very successful businessman. He died over ten years ago. He had left many millions, but also he had considerable stocks and shares which provided a substantial income through dividends. He also had an extensive property portfolio which also generated a significant income from rentals.”

“Mum controls everything. I get a monthly allowance which covers all my needs. The apartment is mine. If I have to change my car, then I have to ask mummy. One day, it will be mine, but until then I have to do what mummy tells me to do. You are the only person that I have ever met that can control her. You must keep it that way, or she will control you. She loves sex. She loves rough sex. I am rough with her because that’s the way she wants it. Please, never run after her. Make her run after you, and you will have a better relationship.”

They kissed very gently and with a lot of feeling. For the next hour and a half, they made love. One was giving pleasure to the other. Their only interest was to give the other comfort. They kissed, they touched. They were very intimate. They both climaxed within seconds of each other. They then lay in each other’s arms, Su said, “For once I feel that I have made love, normally I feel that I have been fucked.”

They kissed again then Peter dressed and went upstairs to the Penthouse. He had enjoyed fucking Su and Dot, but he had loved making love to Su.

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