Private Lesson

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The bell rings and you gather your books and head toward the door. It’s the end of the day, and you’re ready to kick back and relax. You’re almost out of the room when you feel me touch your shoulder and you turn around.

“I need to speak with you for a few minutes,” I say in a rather serious tone.

“Ok, Ms. C.,” you reply. You wait by the door until everyone has left and then close it. Walking toward my desk, you ask, “What’s up?”

“I’m worried about your performance in my class. You seem really distracted. Is there something I could do to keep you interested?”

You begin to mumble something about being really busy with the wrestling team and guitar practice and how you’re better at math than literature…but then you look at me.

I’m licking my lips. At first you think you must be imagining it. But as you stare, you realize that I am, with out a doubt, licking my lips. Not absentmindedly, but in a slow, deliberate, flirtatious way. To top it off, I’m giving you a look that you’re almost positive can only mean one thing. One very good thing that you’ve been dreaming of all semester. And that’s when you decide to go for it.

“Well…,” you reply, looking me up and down, “I think you’ve got me plenty interested, just not in writing essays.”

“I’m illegal bahis sorry my body is distracting you from learning. That’s very naughty of me.” I pick up a ruler from my desk, stand up, and walk toward you. Handing you the ruler, I say, “You should punish me for being such a terrible distraction.” I bend over my desk and wiggle my ass a bit for you.

At this point, you’re so shocked that I not only responded positively, but that I’m giving you this opportunity, that you simply freeze. All you can do is stare at my gorgeous ass, emphasized by my tight pencil skirt. I look over my shoulder at you and struggle not to giggle at the look on your face.

“Please, I really need a good spanking,” I say. This snaps you back to reality and you oblige me, giving me three hard smacks with the ruler. I moan a little. “You have great potential,” I say, standing up and wrapping my arms around your waist. “Would you like me to teach you a thing or two today?” You nod enthusiastically.

I kiss you long and hard on the lips. Then I drop to my knees and undo your fly. I slide your pants and boxers down, exposing your cock. I wrap my hands around the base and slowly rub it while running my tongue all over it. At first, I put only the tip in my mouth. I suck it firmly and swirl my tongue around illegal bahis siteleri it. Then, I take your big cock out of my mouth and play with it with my hands a bit more. When I return to using my mouth, I take just a bit more of your cock. I keep teasing you this way until I’ve got almost all of your hard cock in my mouth. I stop for a moment and look up at you, smiling and licking my lips. Then I take your whole cock in my mouth as deep as I can. I feel you tremble slightly and I know you would love to fuck my mouth and cum down my throat. But I want more than that from you.

I stand up and sit on the edge of my desk. I hike up my skirt, revealing my bare, pink pussy. Sucking your cock was so fun that I’m already wet for you. You pick up my legs and place them against your chest, holding on to the heels of my knee high leather boots like handles. You slide your cock in to my warm, tight pussy and start off fucking me hard. It feels amazing, but I want to stick to the lessons I had in mind for you. I grab your hair and pull your face close to mine.

“Slow down,” I whisper, “then build to that.” You switch to long, deep, slow thrusts, pushing my legs back toward my chest to get as deep as you can. I moan over and over, letting you know how wonderful you feel inside me. canlı bahis siteleri Hearing me turns you on even more, and you quicken your pace ever so slightly. I moan louder to indicate my approval. You continue to speed up bit by bit until you’re fucking me as fast and hard as you can. I cum hard, knocking papers and pens off my desk as I thrash about, my body filled with pleasure.

You slow slightly to watch the orgasm you caused. I catch my breath, then push you away from me and stand up. Your face shows confusion, then disappointment. You thought for sure you had just pleased me. “Don’t worry,” I say, “I’m not done with you yet. ” Then I hike my skirt up again and bend over the desk. “I just wanted to get in the perfect position for you to fuck me in my tight little ass. Now get to work.”

“Yes, ma’am,” you answer, grinning from ear to ear. You slowly slide your cock in to my ass, amazed at how tight it feels. You fuck me slowly and gently, savoring the feeling for as long as you can. I grip the edge of the desk with one hand, and use the other to rub my clit and finger my pussy. I cum again, and feeling my body tighten and release pushes you over the edge. You cum deep inside me.

I stand up, turn around, and pull you in for another great kiss. “Good work today. I think we should make a habit of these after-school tutoring sessions,” I say with mock seriousness.

“I’d like that…and I promise to work very hard to fulfill your expectations,” you reply.

“Perfect, we’ll start tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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