Pure Pleasure

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Even with my eyes clothes I could feel the hand on my belly slide down between my legs. My thighs, as if on there own accord, parted like the red sea giving full access to my soaking wet pussy. But the hands did not touch me there they trailed against my inner thigh careful not to touch any of my naughty parts. The hands moved back down my thighs, up my hips around to my stomach and up to my ample breast. Squeezing them then twiddling my nipple driving me wild. Then headed back down the same path but this time they touched they gently slid across my aching pussy.

I had just shaved so the feel of the hand against my outer lips sent tantalizing shivers down my spine. Two fingers parted my lips while another slowly entered my hot wet hole and still a fourth began to rub lazy circles around my clitoris. This went on for several blissful minutes with me moaning softly and my hips coming of bed when suddenly another finger was inserted into me and a thumb took over rubbing my clit. The two invading güvenilir bahis fingers began to pump in and out of me first slowly but then get faster and faster as the circles on my clit get smaller and smaller until I was bucking and trashing about and screaming wildly. Each stroke of the fingers bringing me closer and closer to exploding.

Unable to control my self any longer I reached to the side of me and in search of the warm, hard member that I instinctively knew would be laying there, and then urged it up to my mouth. Without the pleasing fingers loosing a stroke I put the 7 inch large veined dick in my warm mouth moving in and out matching the speed of the wonderful digits ravaging my pussy. I was moaning, sucking and pumping my hips to meet halfway to meet the fingers that were burning a path in and out of my wanting pussy writhing and humping on the bed. Faster and faster the pumping and sucking and rubbing went until I let out a primal scream and my body lit up in euphoric türkçe bahis sparks as I exploded in orgasm.

“Fuck me, Fuck me now”

I screamed and almost instantly a thick pulsating rod replaced the fingers. Pumping first slow then gradually picking up speed while again adding a finger to my clit and rubbing it in time with the pumping driving harder and harder into me. I moaned and screamed my hips coming off the bed to meet the dick that was pound me so good. I was so closer to orgasm that my mind was starting to shut down I would feel the juice form my pussy running down my ass then I felt a thumb pressed against my ass. My pussy was so wet there was an auditable squishing sound as the velvet cock pounded me.

The thumb in my ass started to move slowly on each press in going deeper and deeper until the entire thumb was inside me; the double penetration was driving me over the top butting my orgasm with in reach. The pounding continued in both of my holes the finger in my ass güvenilir bahis siteleri moving just as fast as the one in my pussy pushing down just slightly so that it could feel the dick as it rammed my pussy. Fucking got more frantic my hips slamming forward into the dick then back into the finger. I though I would die from the intense sensations that I was feeling. My orgasm took me by surprise taking over me washing down my body making all my muscles tighten around the dick and the finger. My eyes where blinded and my ears ringing as I came with an intensity that surprised even me.

I was only half aware of the primal grunts and moans around me. I felt the dick still thrusting in and out of me and that sent me reeling again and again into pure ecstasy. My body shook with the aftershocks of the intense orgasm for a full five minutes and somewhere in that time the dick was pulled out of me but I was too sated to know exactly when it happened but I could still feel the thumb rubbing my asshole. Once my vision and my mind cleared, I opened my eyes and turned over to thank my mystery lover for the multi-orgasmic experience and only found my dildo wet and dripping with my juices and realized that the thumb still in my ass was my own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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