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**This short story contains elements of solo sissy anal play and cum eating. If you are not comfortable with that, please check out another wonderful story from a different creator. If you choose to stay and read, thank you. You’re my kind of kinky slut.**

I always enjoy swinging by the local adult toy shop. I’ve been there a couple of times before, and the ladies that work the counter are always friendly and helpful. I can pick out the kinkiest toys, and they make me feel good about my purchases.

Today was no exception. On a whim, I decided to pickup and make a visit. The clerk working the counter was kind and friendly as I made my way to the toy section. I’ve been in the mood for a new plug and something with a suction cup for a little solo action.

Scanning the toys I quickly found the dildo I’d be leaving with. It’s a bright pink seven inch ribbed cock that looks like a lollipop. The plug I found was just as sweet, but a little petite. It too was bright pink and made of silicone. To top it off, the base of the plug was in the shape of a heart. My only hope was that it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Returning home I made dinner and then poured a drink as I fantasized about how I would stuff my tight little hole! The anticipation was almost unbearable!

I made my way upstairs and immediately started prepping. I had to make sure my bottom was nice and clean, so I grabbed the enema kit filling it with warm water. This güvenilir bahis time I was using the douche tip instead. Its so much more comfortable than the enema tip.

With a bit of lube, I slowly coaxed the tip into my slutty hole. Mmmmm… that feeling never gets old. Once the clip was released, the warm water began to fill me. Ah, I felt so prissy as if I was preparing for a Mistress or Master. Alas, tonight was to be only me, but I aimed to make it a blast!

A couple of small rounds and I was done, ready for the next course. While the tub filled with hot water, I grabbed the cute little plug lubing it up. I danced it around my puckered hole teasing it and spreading lube. I lined it up and applied a little pressure. My hole opened just a little to welcome the intruded. In and out, in and out I went until…pop! My little pink plug filled my tight bottom. “Mmmmm,” I moaned softly.

I then slid into the hot bath where I sat starting this story. Right then I was squeezing gently doing soft kegels as I felt myself tighten around the plug. I watched as my erect cock bounced with each squeeze. As relaxing as this was, the bath water began to cool, and my mind wandered to the swelled, seven inch rubber cock I intended to fuck myself with. Fuck! It was so hard not to touch myself. All I wanted was to fuck my hungry slut self to a hands free orgasm!

I hopped out of the tub and quickly cleaned up to get ready for round two. türkçe bahis My sights were set on the bright pink suga daddy cock! I’ve toyed with my boy pussy before, but this would be the first time I get to fuck a toy and not have to hold it.

I used the suction cup to prop the object of my desire onto the shower wall. Greedily I smeared lube onto its shaft, admiring the slick shine it had.

Staring hungrily at this would be invader, I reached back for the base of the plug still filling me. I slowly and gently tugged forcing the broad end of this plug to stretch my hole from the inside. I began moaning as I teased myself, biting my lip and smiling as I eyed the pink cock on the shower wall.

I couldn’t stand waiting any longer, and removed the plug from my boy pussy. This left my hole empty and wanting. I immediately turned around and took hold of the toy guiding it to my back door. The tip slid in effortlessly until about the halfway point.

The resistance I felt only lasted briefly. The constant gentle pressure I continued to apply opened me up and I slid all the way down swallowing every bit of the seven inches. I could feel every bump of the ribbed shaft entering me. This new sensation sent chills flittering all over me that emanated outward from my p-spot. I was in heaven!

Soon I got used to pumping this big pink cock in and out of my pussy. That’s when I gained more confidence and really began fucking myself. güvenilir bahis siteleri Pushing faster and harder while angling just right I was able to hit the perfect spot. My gurl cock was rock hard bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts. Thin strands of precum were slinging with each bounce. I felt like such a slut, and this naughty thaught brought me even closer to the edge.

I slowed down and began grinding my toy as deeply and firmly into my boy pussy as I could manage. Short little bounces while I clenched the cock against my p-spot had me huffing in shortened breaths of ecstasy. My boy pussy was wrapped tightly around the thick ribbed shaft savoring each bump. My insides began to tingle as a chill like wave overtook my body. My cock untouched began erupting streams of cum as it pulsated. All I could do was moan and clench tighter than I thought possible while pushing this amazing cock deeper inside.

I reached down with a trembling hand to wipe a streak of cum from the underside of my aching gurl cock. The light pass of my finger to wipe the cum sent another tingling wave across me as I shivered and exhaled suddenly. I brought my finger up to taste myself. I savored the thought of being a cum slut just like the girls in blow job videos. If only I could have been caught between two cocks for this experience! I would have been such a turn on to please more than just myself. But hey, sometimes you have to take care of yourself too.

I slowly pulled myself from the cock still jutting proudly from the shower wall. Each rib on the shaft undulated reminding it was still there. I looked down at the mess I had made and smiled knowing I would have a chance to do this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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