Suhaila and Mdm Hasliza Ch. 01

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Suhaila really dreaded going to school that Wednesday. As she stumbled out of her bed, Suhaila ran into the mirror on the way to the bathroom. She stopped and gazed deeply into her own eyes, which were barely open, and thought, “I need another 20 minutes of sleep”. Suddenly, she was awoken slightly by the snooze alarm and she quickly grabbed her towel on the rack headed straight for the showers.

Suhaila closed the curtains and turn the tap on.

“Bbbrrrr….” She hugged herself as the warm water started to trickle down her body. Suhaila had a svelte figure for an 18 year old malay girl. She was one of the girls in school who were always talked about, especially among the boys. Even her childhood best friends, Natalia and Alia, complimented many times how Suhaila had matured since entering the local junior college. As Suhaila began to lather herself, her hands began to wander down her body and for the first time in a while, Suhaila managed a smile. She looked gorgeous with only a smile on. As the heat from the water filled the room, the bathroom mirror slowly fogged the image of Suhaila reaching for the showerhead and bringing it down slowly towards her pelvis.

Suhaila had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming loudly as the water jet from the showerhead slowly massaged her clit, giving her an unbearable feeling of pleasure. By now, Suhaila was sitting on the shower tiled floor, her legs spread as wide as she comfortably could. A few seconds after she came, Suhaila heard the screams of her mother from the outside hall,

“Suhaila! You have to go now or you’ll be late for school!”

Suhaila managed to take a long, deep breath before she jumped up to her feet, “This day might be a good day after all.” Suhaila realized.

The school day had been a long one, although nothing special in particular happened that day. Suhaila was beginning to feel the relief of it almost being over. Today Suhaila was wearing a new, light blue brassiere to school and through the semi transparent white top uniform, you could see right through it. Suhaila kept getting stares throughout the day from school boys. She knew exactly what they were looking at. Suhaila felt proud at the attention she was getting, especially from the senior boys. The school’s policy banned girls from wearing colored bras, they could only wear white ones, but Suhaila managed to get away with it by covering herself with a large book file everytime she passed by any teacher.

It was the last period of the day, Malay Language class. “What a great way to end the day,” Suhaila thought, “Mdm Hasliza’s class is so relaxed and I can chill until the bell rings.”

“Class! I’d like to congratulate all of you for a great effort in your kartal escort previous pop quiz. Tahniah, well done!” Mdm Hasliza said in Malay. “No one failed this time! But we need to put in a little bit more effort if we want to achieve our target grade for the A levels, alright?”

“Yes, Mdm Hasliza!” the whole class exclaimed in unison.

Mdm Hasliza was in her mid 30s, a married woman with no children. She had been teaching in the junior college for about 2 years now, and she was considered one of the new teachers to join the school. Mdm Hasliza had only begun teaching Suhaila’s class since the start of the year and she was beginning to build a rapport with the class. Today Mdm Hasliza was wearing her green baju kurung, a malay traditional dress, to school as she often does. She had long black hair that she kept neatly tied with her red scrunchie and her red-rimmed glasses on. She was genuinely feeling proud that her class had done so well so far. Mdm Hasliza, however, was feeling concerned about Suhaila, who had the lowest passing mark of only 56%.

“Alright, class. Let’s finish up the assignment quietly until it’s time to go home.” She ordered.

Mdm Hasliza made her way halfway through the class until she came to Suhaila’s table and she lowered herself to whisper to Suhaila, “Suhaila, we need to talk about your grades. Can you stay back in class for a while today?”

“Ok, Cikgu..” sighed Suhaila,

“Damn.. what does she want now?” Suhaila thought, ” I thought everybody passed the test! Now I can’t go off straight after school.”

Meanwhile, as Mdm Hasliza lowered herself to talk to Suhaila, Johari, seated at the table behind Suhaila, managed to get a glimpse of Mdm Hasliza’s cleavage as her collar slightly revealed. Johari was trying hard not to stare but it was hard to get his eyes off Mdm Hasliza’s large bosom. He managed to see that she was wearing a white colored push-up bra and Mdm Hasliza’s breasts were parked in front of him as if teasing him to keep looking. Johari had enough sense to look away after a few seconds but the image was still fresh in his mind.

Finally, the school bell rang and all the students rushed out of their respective classes to jam the school exit. Suhaila stayed back after everyone left and went up to the front of the class to meet Mdm Hasliza.

“Hi Mdm Hasliza,” Suhaila said, “you wanted to see me?”

“Yes! Suhaila.” Mdm Hasliza was flipping through her class academic record books,”I’m sorry to keep you after class but I think we need to talk a bit about your schoolwork.”

Suhaila kept silent as she knew she had been skipping school regularly recently and wasn’t able to attend most of her classes. Suhaila kartal eskort bayanlar braced herself as she expected a tongue lashing from Mdm Hasliza.

“First of all, do you know you’re not supposed to be wearing colored bars to school?” Mdm Hasliza said.

“What?” Suhaila didn’t expect that at all. She was slightly taken aback after letting the question sink in, covered herself with her file folder.

“Yes, Suhaila!” Mdm Hasliza said. “It all boils down to attitude. The attitude you show in wearing your uniform clearly shows me your attitude towards your studies.”

“Errmm… yes, I do know I’m not supposed to be wearing colored bras to school,” Suhaila stammered. “But I don’t have any more white ones.” Suhaila said, frantically trying to some up with an excuse.

“Well, that really not a reason, Suhaila.” Mdm Hasliza continued scolding Suhaila, ” DO I have to show you what a white bra looks like?”

“Errrmmm.. No need to..” Suhaila started to speak, but before she could finish her sentence, Mdm Hasliza had already grabbed the edge of her green baju kurung and lifted it up to the neck to reveal her to Suhaila.

Suhaila didn’t flinch. She expected to instinctively turn her head away in shyness but the sight in front of her was too unbelievable but at the same time, too beautiful to shy away from, Suhaila found herself transixed in her place, looking at Mdm Hasliza’s heaving chest. Her breasts were wonderfully big and Suhaila only managed to look up at Mdm Hasliza at the sound of Mdm Hasliza clearing her throat.

“Do you like what you see, Suhaila?” asked Mdm Hasliza. Suhaila hadn’t looked away and that was enough of a sign for Mdm Hasliza to be egged on further.

“Errmm..” Suhaila wasn’t sure of how to respond.

“Suhaila, I’ve been seeing you in school and I’m liking what I see.” Mdm Hasliza admitted. “Have you ever been with a woman before?”

Suhaila’s mind was out of sorts. She was confused and didn’t know how to respond. She felt like she had to run out of the class and tell someone. Instead she found herself mouthing softly, “No.. but I would like to.” Suhaila couldn’t believe the words she just said. How could she be sure that this wasn’t a trick by Mdm Hasliza? The teacher seems so reserved in class that she didn’t believe that this was happening at all.

“Good, Suhaila..” Mdm Hasliza smiled. For the first time, both Suhaila and Mdm Hasliza looked at each other and both of them had a smile.

Mdm Hasliza got up from behind the teacher’s table and went up to the chair Suhaila was sitting on. Mdm Suhaila planted a peck on Suhaila’s forehead and went to the doors to lock them and turned up the airconditioning. kartal esmer escort In her mind, Mdm Hasliza was replaying of what she had wanted to do all this time. Mdm Hasliza had lusted after the beautiful Suhaila since the start of the term and now she was finally doing something about it.

Feeling excited, Mdm Hasliza almost couldn’t contain the chuckle inside and she started to move briskly across the class to return to Suhaila, who was sitting, legs crossed, on the chair at the top of the room.

Mdm Hasliza went behind the class cupboard and brought out a mat and laid in on the floor. Suhaila herself was getting excited, finally letting all the feeling of surprises pass her by and now getting more horny at the prospect of having her first girl experience.

“Are you feeling alright, Suhaila?” Mdm Hasliza asked.

“I’m feeling good, Cikgu..” Suhaila said.

“Good..” Mdm Hasliza sighed, ” Have you let anyone eat your pussy before?”

“Hmm.. yes, Cikgu, my ex-boyfriend.” Suhaila admitted.

“I’m sure I’ll do a better job than him, Suhaila.” boasted Mdm Hasliza as she got down to her knees in front of the student and began massaging her thighs.

Both of Mdm Hasliza’s hands slowly crept up towards Suhaila’s upper thighs as the blue skirt underneath her revealed Suhaila’s purple panties, which were already slightly wet at Suhaila’s crotch.

Mdm Hasliza buried her nose deep into Suhaila’s panties and flicked her tongue to taste the moistness of Suhaila’s panties. Suhaila arched her back slightly and let out a deep moan. Mdm Hasliza could only smile to herself and without looking up at Suhaila, put her hands under Suhaila’s thighs and brought it up so she could have a better angle to insert her tongue deeper into Suhaila’s crotch.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Suhaila?” Mdm Hasliza asked.

“Ooohhmm .. that’s so gooodd.. Cikgu..” Suhaila gasped.

Suhaila’s pubic hair was coming out from the side of her panties, now already drenched with her own pre-cum and Mdm Hasliza’s saliva. Mdm Hasliza used her tongue to bite her panties and parked it the side, revealing Suhaila’s teenage pussy, slightly covered with her pubic hair. Mdm Hasliza’s eyes gleamed in anticipation. It has been so long since she’s seen another pussy live in front of her and she wasn’t going to let this go to waste.

Slowly, she stuck her tongue at full stretch and licked Suhaila from the bottom of her crack and all the way up to her clit. Suhaila let out another moan, this time louder than the previous one. Suhaila held up the legs with her hands as she sat down, and now both her feet were of the ground. Suhaila felt like she could come any time now.

“Suhaila, you have the most delicious pussy I’ve tasted.” said Mdm Hasliza.

Suhaila was able to blush slightly while holding her legs up. It felt a little embarrassing at first but Suhaila was enjoying every second of this literal tongue lashing that she was receiving from Mdm Hasliza, her very own Malay language teacher.

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