Tender Love Hurts Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven ::: Jade and Alicia Become More Than Friends

Jade got the shock of her life when she went to answer the urgent knocking at the front door and found her best friend standing there completely naked. Alicia was hysterically crying, so Jade took her in her arms, caressing her hair and attempting to comfort her while trying to make sense of what had happened. “Alicia, what happened? What’s wrong?” Jade asked, leading her friend to the couch and covering her nakedness with an afghan.

“Nik killed Kyle!” Alicia sobbed, staring into Jade’s eyes with a haunted expression upon her face as she remembered the violence she had just witnessed.

“What?!” Jade cried out, disbelieving what she was hearing coming from Alicia’s mouth.

“He threw him over the bluff at Look-Out Point. It’s all Brook’s fault. I hate her,” Alicia gasped as tears flowed from her eyes.

Alicia was trembling, and Jade pulled her closer, wanting to help, but not knowing what to do or say. “Are you sure he’s dead?” Jade whispered, tears filling her own eyes. Kyle was her friend, and he had been her date at the recent Sweetheart dance. He just couldn’t be dead.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t find the body. It was just awful, Jade. I hate men! Nik is such an asshole! I hope he gets his pecker ripped off by a hungry vulture!”

“I know, sweetie,” said Jade soothingly, understanding Alicia’s outburst. “I am beginning to think men ARE assholes. Erik just threw me out of his life again. It’s over, Alicia. I never want to see his sorry ass again! I’m finding someone else! I’ve had it with Erik Daniels… he is history! He and I are soooo OVER!”

For a minute, Alicia’s mind was taken off her own troubles, as Jade was carrying on about herself and Erik. “You don’t want him anymore?” Alicia said, hugging the afghan, as she never thought she would hear Jade say that she and Erik were history.

“No, I don’t. I hate him!” Jade gasped, thinking of Erik’s cruel words and how she never wanted to see or speak to him again.

“Maybe you should… find another lover,” said Alicia, her thoughts going to kinky, erotic places that Jade could not even fathom. Alicia wanted Jade … and if she had her way, Jade would soon be hers.

As Alicia was staring at Jade, there was something in her eyes. Jade couldn’t quite place that expression so deep in the depths of her best friend’s eyes, but she had been seeing it a lot lately. “So I guess I am going to have to be a nun… or find myself a really huge dildo and pleasure myself. I’m not going to go thru all that again… like I did with Erik,” Jade said.

“No, Jade, you are too sexy to be a nun,” said Alicia, her voice going husky as she thought of sweet, sexy little Jade playing with a huge dildo. “Besides, you are not even Catholic.”

“Okay,” Jade laughed. “So I won’t be a nun. But I do have sexual needs, Alicia. And I need to satisfy them in some way. Surely you understand.”

“Ohhhh yeah… I understand. I understand, all right,” Alicia said with a little giggle. “I got an idea. Since we have both sworn off guys… why don’t we uhhhhh … just be with each other?”

“What??” Jade gasped, her cheeks flaming at Alicia’s words. “Do you… uhhhh … mean—??”

“Yes, Jade, I want you. You’re so beautiful, and you’re my best friend… and well, I have been having these feelings for you for quite some time now… but I have been fighting them. I thought it would make you upset, and I would lose your friendship,” Alicia blurted out. “But now Nik and I are over, Kyle is dead… and Erik and you are history, too. Is there a chance for us? And if not, could we just have some wild sex? I want you, Jade. Have you ever thought about you and me?”

Jade just sat there staring. She couldn’t believe Alicia was saying this. Alicia wanted to have sex with her? Never in her wildest dreams had she EVER thought of Alicia in that way. “Ohh my Gawd, I cannot believe you are saying this….” Jade said in a gasp, her eyes wide with shock.

Alicia looked very upset by Jade’s reaction. She looked like she could just burst into tears at any moment. She should have known it would never happen… that Jade would never want her. This was the exact reason she had never told Jade. She didn’t want to lose Jade’s friendship. She didn’t want to scare her best friend away. “Forget I said anything, Jade. I’m sorry if I shocked you. It’s just that you are so beautiful, and I want you so much. I never told you I am bisexual…. no one really knows,” said Alicia with a sigh. “I should have known you would never want to be with me in THAT way, but well, you were always hung up on Erik. I always thought that’s why you didn’t notice me… and how I feel for you. I can’t help thinking about it all the time, Jade. I’d give anything to make love to you….just once….”

Jade was listening as Alicia spoke, still shocked, but everything was slowly sinking in. Shehad never imagined what Alicia was speaking of… being with another girl. soğanlık escort bayan Her cheeks were flaming as Alicia went on and on. Images were coming to her head, sexy images of herself and Alicia together in an erotic, passionate embrace. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… maybe it would actually be fun. “Ohh my Gawd,” Jade gasped again. “I am actually thinking about what it would be like…. you and me… together…”

“What?!” Alicia said in surprise, hearing Jade’s admission. “Are you saying you might want to try it?” A spark of hope came alive inside of Alicia. Maybe … maybe just maybe, she would get Jade after all.

“Well, uhhhh… I don’t know. Maybe I wouldn’t like it…. I have only been with someone once… and well, that was Erik.”

“Yes, I know…. but I can make you feel much better than Erik ever could.”

Jade just stared at Alicia in disbelief. “You sound awfully sure of yourself,” she said with a little laugh. She was now looking at Alicia differently than before, noticing that the afghan didn’t really cover up very much of Alicia’s nudity. She didn’t like girls sexually, did she?

“Jade, just let me try…. if you don’t like it, I promise I will stop,” Alicia bargained, but as she made the promise, she really wasn’t sure if she could stop, once she had Jade naked and in her arms.

Jade sat there, thinking a moment, seeing “that” look forming in Alicia’s eyes once again. No doubt, Alicia was turned on. Jade found herself blushing. No one had ever looked at her like that before… not even Erik. “Okay, I will….” she heard herself saying. “But only because I am mad at Erik. And I want to see if you are as good as you say you are…”

Alicia was a bit shocked herself when Jade agreed to be with her, but only because she was pissed off at Erik. Even so, Alicia knew better than to turn this down. It was a once in a life-time chance. She was going to have Jade, now… tonight. She hadn’t had a chance to cum earlier with Kyle before Nik interrupted. And knowing Jade was willing to go to bed with her made her even more aroused. Her clit was tingling as she stared into Jade’s dark-blue eyes. “Okay, lets go up to your bedroom,” Alicia said, the words thick in her mouth. Now was the opportunity for Alicia to make all her erotic dreams come true…..

Jade headed up the staircase, and Alicia followed. They entered Jade’s bedroom, and Jade went to take a seat on the bed. She was wearing her sheer cotton nightie, with only a pair of silken panties underneath. “Alicia, have you ever did this before?” Jade asked a bit nervously, as Alicia stood there, taking in the sight of Jade while chewing on her lower lip, her heart pounding in her chest.

“No, but I have thought about it a lot….” Alicia admitted. “I know it will be good with us…”

“What makes you so sure?” Jade asked, feeling a little uneasy, yet the way Alicia was looking at her as though she wanted to pounce on her was making her suspiciously wet.

“Cause I want you so damn much,” Alicia answered, walking very slowly across the room to stand before Jade. Alicia then dropped the afghan to the floor, totally naked.

“Wow…” was all Jade could gasp. She was taking in Alicia’s body. She really was beautiful… and despite how she had never really wanted anyone but Erik, Jade found herself longing to touch her.

“Thank you, Jade… for allowing me a chance to make love to you,” Alicia whispered, looking deeply into Jade’s sapphire eyes. “I’ve always wanted you. Even more than Nik. I don’t know why I kept fighting it….”

Jade swallowed hard, her eyes moving over Alicia’s nudity. By now her panties were practically soaked. Obviously, Alicia had a very sensuous effect on her. She was so excited she was having trouble breathing. “Alicia, will you kiss me?” she asked softly, wanting Alicia in her arms.

Alicia lowered herself onto the bed, drawing Jade into her embrace. “I’d love to kiss you,” she said, pulling Jade against her. Jade felt her nipples immediately harden at the contact.

“Alicia,” she moaned, sliding her hands around Alicia’s back and caressing her warm skin. As Jade’s fingers slid over Alicia’s flesh, Alicia caressed Jade’s cheek as she pressed her mouth to Jade’s in a feather-soft, exploratory kiss. In a moment, Alicia deepened the kiss, getting a taste of Jade’s sweetness. Hunger flamed between them. Jade parted her lips in silent invitation, wanting Alicia to deepen the kiss even more. The passion exploded when Alicia slid her tongue into Jade’s mouth, seeking hers.

Alicia was so turned on, she could hardly contain herself. She wanted Jade so badly and couldn’t wait to get her naked. She had always wanted to touch Jade everywhere and make sweet, passionate love to her. She had slowly lowered Jade onto the bed and climbed on top of her, her hands gliding over Jade’s body clothed in the nearly see- thru nightie. Jade was gasping into the ümraniye escort bayan kiss, her arousal growing at Alicia’s erotic kisses.

Finally Alicia broke the kiss, pulling away from Jade a fraction. “I want you naked,” she said, maneuvering the filmy nightie up over Jade’s head, getting her first glimpse of Jade’s perfect breasts. They were even more beautiful than Alicia imagined. “And your panties have to go, too…. I want to see all of you,” Alicia stated, running a finger over the silk material of Jade’s panties until she reached the damp fabric at the crotch. “Ohhh wow… you are sooo wet…”

Jade blushed a little as her eyes met Alicia’s. “You excite me so much, Alicia. At first I wasn’t sure… but I really, really want this. I want you to make love to me… please, Alicia…” Jade was now practically begging.

“Damn,” Alicia quipped, knowing that Jade was greatly aroused and wanted her just as much as she wanted her. She then grabbed Jade’s panties, quickly sliding them off. Now Jade was completely naked. Alicia felt her clit throb unmercifully as she was gazing at Jade’s trimmed little bush. “Jade, you are so fucking beautiful…” Alicia moaned. She couldn’t wait to touch and taste all of her.

“Alicia, will you get on top of me and kiss me again?”

“Ohhh yes, it would be my pleasure.”

Alicia rolled over on top of Jade, grabbing her in a hard, hungry kiss. As they were kissing, Alicia pressed every inch of her sexy body to Jade’s. It was very intense. Then Alicia cupped Jade’s lovely breasts, softly teasing the hard little nipples. As their tongues twined, Alicia slid her other hand down, finding Jade’s moist hot pussy. Their kiss got hotter and hotter as Alicia slid a finger inside.

This time it was Jade who broke the kiss. “Fuck me with your finger,” she pleaded, arching to Alicia’s thrusts. Alicia’s finger was soaked with Jade’s juices, moving deeply into her tight, wet opening. “Harder,” she cried out, feeling an orgasm about to hit. She tensed up as Alicia was moving the finger fast and hard into her slick pussy. She then let out a shrill scream, her pussy clenching up on the single finger as she came so hard she forgot to breathe.

“Damn, you came so hard,” Alicia spoke, gently removing the finger and bringing it to her lips. She licked Jade’s juices off her finger, getting terribly turned on in the process. She couldn’t believe how good Jade’s cum tasted, and it only made Alicia want more.

Jade could not help but giggle a little as she watched Alicia licking her finger erotically “Can I sit on your face now?” she asked, as she was caressing Alicia’s breasts and playing with her nipples.

Alicia’s eyes widened at Jade’s sexy words. “Yes,” she said with a little grin. “But after you cum again, you will have to think of a creative way to make me cum, too. I am so fucking horny, Jade.”

Jade sat up on the bed, a smile upon her lips. “Okay, I’m sure I will think of something,” she said teasingly, giving Alicia a lingering kiss before positioning herself so that her pussy was over Alicia’s face for the most ultimate kiss of all.

Alicia began tracing Jade’s slit with her tongue. Jade was so hot and wet and tasted absolutely delicious. She was certainly enjoying this much more than the blow job Nik had practically begged for that one night. She loved the gasping sounds Jade was making as she began to tease Jade’s swollen clit with the tip of her tongue. Jade was getting close to her orgasm as Alicia pushed her tongue into her so deep, thrusting it in and out as though making love to her with it. Jade’s gasps became tiny screams. Alicia then stopped the intense thrusting and wrapped her lips around Jade’s clit, suckling hard. Jade screamed loudly as she was cumming… and cumming… and cumming. She nearly drowned Alicia with liquid desire.

After it was over, Jade sunk down on the bed next to Alicia, her heart pounding in her chest. She looked into Alicia’s eyes, dazed. “You did it,” she whispered, caressing Alicia’s cheek with a tender fingertips.

“Did what?” Alicia whispered back.

“You were better than Erik….” spoke Jade very softly.

Alicia grinned at Jade’s words. “That’s because I love you more than he ever could,” Alicia stated. “And he’s a man… he thinks with his pecker…”

Jade started laughing. “Well, his pecker is going to be lonely when he comes back to town. I want nothing to do with it…”

Alicia was laughing as well. “Poor guy… he’s gonna have to stroke it…”

“Hey, maybe he, Nik, and Brook could have a threesome!”

“OHH MY GAWD!” Alicia gasped. “You have a naughty mind, Jade….”

“Yes, I do,” Jade agreed as her voice went very husky from renewed passion while her fingers were sliding over Alicia’s nipples. “And now it’s my turn to make love to you…”

“I won’t stop you…” Alicia said, her voice trailing off as Jade was raining tiny kisses aksaray escort over her body. She tensed with anticipation as one of her nipples had been captured in Jade’s warm, wet mouth. As she began to suckle, Alicia tangled her fingers into Jade’s hair. “Ohhhh God,” she moaned as Jade’s mouth was wrapped around her nipple.

“I’m going to make you cum sooo hard,” Jade promised in between the kisses she was placing onto Alicia’s tummy. The kisses got more bold as she parted Alicia’s legs, getting a view of Alicia’s extremely wet pussy. Alicia’s inner lips were glistening as she was struggling to breathe while looking into Jade’s passion-filled eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” Jade whispered, tracing the damp pink lips with an exploratory finger. Her touch made Alicia open her legs wider, wanting more. Her clit was throbbing so hard she could barely lie still.

“Please, Jade…” Alicia heard herself begging. “You make me want you so bad…”

Jade gave Alicia a mischievous smile. She felt really powerful and sexy seeing Alicia all excited and pleading for more. “Tell me what you want, Alicia,” she insisted, as she was circling her finger around Alicia’s clit, her touch feather-soft while just barely grazing it and teasing it unmercifully.

“I want —- I want your mouth… on me, everywhere….” Alicia said in a pleading voice, her body arching upward to Jade’s pleasurable touch. “I want you to lick me and taste me… and make me cum. Please Jade, I cannot wait anymore…”

“Everywhere?” Jade said, as she was settling herself between Alicia’s legs, putting soft kisses on Alicia’s inner thighs.

“Fuck YES.” She was practically sobbing with need as she wanted Jade so bad. ‘I need to cum,’ she was chanting repeatedly inside her head.

“It would be my pleasure,” said Jade with a sexy look as she buried her face in Alicia’s pussy and began to lick and taste her as Alicia had never been tasted before. A string of hot, sexy words spilled from Alicia’s mouth as Jade began to explore all her folds with her tongue. She grasped Jade’s hair, holding her there and never wanting her to let her go.

Jade had never done this before… and never had she ever even thought of it… but everything was so natural between herself and Alicia. Alicia was very wet and her taste was delectable, and Jade found herself never wanting to stop. The sounds of ecstasy Alicia was making were spurring Jade on. She found Alicia’s clit with the tip of her tongue and began to flick it. “Ohhh Fuck!” Alicia screamed as she was so close to the edge.

Jade heard Alicia screaming in intense pleasure as she thrust two fingers as deep as she could into Alicia’s tight, slick pussy. Jade made love to Alicia with her fingers as she was suckling wildly on her clit just as Alicia had done earlier to her. She could feel Alicia’s inner walls tighten on her fingers as Alicia was suddenly cumming forcefully. Jade drank all of Alicia’s fluids of desire as Alicia was trembling with the force of her orgasm. After the aftershocks had worn off, Jade lay down on the pillow next to Alicia and gazed into her eyes.

“Did I do okay?” she asked in a whisper, her lips slightly swollen and dark-pink from all the kissing and intimate licking and tasting.

“You were certainly better than okay…. You are definitely the best,” Alicia said, pulling Jade to her for another passionate kiss.

~ * ~

Nik kept his word. He wanted nothing to do with Brook. But that was the least of Brook’s worries. She was pregnant and had absolutely no idea who the baby’s daddy was. Maybe Nik was the father, but then again it might be Erik Daniels. Or perhaps Chad or Bob had gotten her pregnant. There were several other guys who might have had a “hand” in it…but Brook was going to say the baby was Nik’s.

Brook went to tell Nik about the baby, but it was too late. He had been taken to jail for the murder of Kyle Boyn. Alicia had told the police everything that had happened with Jade’s urging. Kyle’s body had been found and foul-play had been suspected. Now Nik was incarcerated, and it didn’t look good. The police had enough evidence to keep him locked up for a long time.

What would Brook do, if Nik was in prison? What about her baby? Who would help her raise the child she carried? She couldn’t turn to Erik for help; he was still in rehabilitation. That left just Chad and Bob, and those two didn’t have a brain between them.

Brook went to visit Nik as he was sitting behind bars. “Nik, I have something to tell you,” she said as a guard stood by.

“I wish you would just leave me here to rot in peace,” he said emotionlessly, not wanting this slut to remind him of all the mistakes he had made in his sorry life.

“Nik, this time I really am going to have a baby… and you are the baby’s father,” Brook said, placing her hand on the small mound at her middle.

Nik looked like he might vomit. “Brook, you have no clue who did the dirty deed,” he said to her with disgust. “A whole bus load of guys would have to come in for DNA tests when you finally have that kid.”

“Fuck you, Nik… this baby is yours, and when you get out of prison, we will be together…you, me, and our baby. I will wait for you, Nik. I will never sleep with another man till you are out.”

Nik laughed cruelly. “You will be fucking the guard on your way out,” he quipped.

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