The Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 04

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Beautiful Body

((This is the fourth instalment of The Adventures of The Hellcat. This is written as a series, and as such, it’s probably best that you read the previous three chapters in order to follow the events in characters which take place.))

((I’d like to apologise to my regular readers for the long absence in my writing. Several factors were involved in me taking a brief hiatus from my writing hobby, but now that I’m back, I’m even more committed to this story which I’ve grown so fond of. I will do my best to avoid any more lengthy delays. In fact, I’m already well into writing Chapter 5, so you should be seeing that one soon.))

((A special thanks goes out to Jadefirefly, my dear friend, whom took time out of her schedule to edit this for me. Sweety, you’re my very own real-life superhero.))

((Well that’s enough talking. Let’s get on with the Super-Smut. As with all my other stories, votes and comments are very much appreciated. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy my story.))

Chapter 4: Look Before You Leap

~~~The Morning After~~~

Maggie Malone stirred slowly from her deep slumber and groaned as her mind slowly began to clear the drowsy haze from its thoughts. What a deliciously sordid dream she’d had. She and her best friend, Molly, writhing in frantic lust crazed passion on her floor. Passing out in one another’s arms after being rattled with so many orgasms. The memories felt as real as if they…

Why did her bed feel so itchy and rough? Was she on the carpet? Where was her pillow? Was she naked? Why did she feel so…

“Oh shit!” Maggie bolted upright in shock. She looked franticly around her apartment, but there was no sign of Molly or her clothing. Just the colourful rags of what remained of Maggie’s own shredded clothes. Maggie’s heart sank at the realisation of what had happened.

She buried her face in her hands for a few moments, and then ran them up through her hair, grabbing hold and shouting in frustration. This was bad. This was very, very bad. Maggie flung herself back onto the floor, and gazed up at the ceiling, trying to wrap her mind around the ramifications of what she’d just done.

Molly. Her best friend. How could she have let this happen? How could she explain it? What would happen to their friendship? How on God’s Green Earth was she supposed to explain that the incense?

Maggie rose, slowly, from the floor. She felt haggard and filthy. She paced around the room, collecting her clothes, trying to gather her thoughts. She tried to take deep breaths and stem the rise of panic currently forming in her breast, but she couldn’t. In a fit of exasperation, she flung her ruined clothes into the air, letting them fall where they may.

“Congrats Mags!” she shouted to absolutely no one, “You shagged you best friend for the last two years last night, in a fit of aphrodisiatic insanity!”

She paced around her apartment franticly, her hands clutching her wild red hair, trying to get a hold of the situation. Her natural c-cup breasts bouncing happily with each frustrated step. Despite how Maggie felt, they’d both had a wonderful evening and were feeling rather good about themselves.

“You couldn’t have just left the incense where it was, could you? Noooo, Not you, Maggie Malone. You just had to let your sex drive do your thinking for you, because that always winds up working oh so bloody well!”

She took a few petulant stomps of her feet to complete the full on tantrum, and crossed her arms over her chest. If she was going to pout, she’d damn well do it properly.

“It’s just a little magically imbued incense used in demonic rituals by psychotic wizards, Mags. How on Earth could that backfire? What could possibly go wrong with that plan? You’re a genius, you are.”

Maggie threw herself back onto the couch, landing on her perky arse, hiding the imprints left by sleeping on the carpet all night long. She covered her eyes with her hands and thought back over the events of last night, when a certain memory struck her like a brick flying at supersonic speeds. What was it Molly had said, right before she’d fallen asleep?

“I’ve been dreaming about fucking you ever sense we first met”

Maggie sat up in a shock? Did Molly have feelings for her? Could that be why Molly had run out? Perhaps Molly was feeling as mortified as Maggie was! A plan began to formulate in Maggie’s mind. Ok, so Molly had said something that she’d regretted in the heat of the moment. Maggie had done that herself plenty of times. She’d just play it off as nothing to Molly, calm her nerves, and then explain the incense honestly, and they could smooth things over. Things would be weird for a bit, but she could salvage their friendship. I mean, after all, the sex had been amazing. Drug fuelled, certainly, but immensely enjoyable, and Molly certainly seemed to have enjoyed herself.

Yes, this would work. They had been through a lot together. One night of absolute insanity wasn’t enough to ruin their friendship. They would be alright. nişantaşı escort Maggie was feeling much better now, and with that, she decided she was in desperate need of a shower. She rose off the couch and marched into the bathroom, basking in the hot spray of the massaging showerhead.

Once done, she towelled herself and her hair dry, and for added comfort, wrapped her fluffiest cushiest towel tightly around herself and exited the bathroom. She walked to her kitchen to make herself her morning cuppa, and was startled by the sight of a fully clothed, but slightly haggard Molly setting out two cups of steaming coffee and some bagels.

“Mornin’ Mags. I woke up and went out for bagels and coffee. I figured you’d be as hungry as I was when you woke up. Love the outfit, but you didn’t need to get dressed up for little old me.” Molly said with a smirk.

Maggie looked down at her towel, then up and Molly, and crossed her arms up over her chest coyly, bringing her hands together in front of her breasts, holding the towel tightly closed. She tried to make it look as casual as she could, and failed abysmally.

“Hey Mol, I’m glad you’re still here. We probably should talk about what happened.”

“Damn right we should. What the hell was that stuff?” Molly replied, placing a demanding hand on her hip, and gnawing at a bagel with extreme prejudice.

“Ok, there’s a reasonable…semi-reasonable explanation for that. I got it from the cave.”

“The cave with the sorcerers?”

“That’s the one. It was kinda, sorta used in the ritual they were preforming. After I was rescued, I grabbed it because…well…I’m a horney idiot. I should’ve put it away. You know I’ve had a lot on my mind and I just forgot to put it away. I didn’t even think for a second that you’d find it, and THAT would happen. I’m really sorry about that, and I hope you can forgive me.”

Molly seemed to think for a few moments.

“Fine, I’ll forgive you for half.”

“No way! I can’t replace that stuff! I’ll give you three cones.”

“Five and you’ve got a deal”

“Fine, five cones.”

“Ha! There are only ten left in the bag, I counted. I win!”

“Damnit Molly! How much did you use?”

Maggie snatched a bagel angrily off the counter and angrily began to nibble at it in angry protest….angrily. That’s when it occurred to Maggie that she could turn the tide.

“Something else happened last night. You said something.”

“I don’t remember saying much.” Replied Molly, with a wicked grin on her face.

“You said you’d been dreaming about having sex with me since we first met.”

“Oh yeah… I do remember that, but I think the word I used was “fucking”.”

Molly didn’t seem the least bit put out. This wasn’t having the effect that Maggie had desired.

“Listen, Mags” Molly continued before Maggie could think of anything to say. “I don’t want things to get weirder than they already are, which is pretty weird, but I’m going to be honest with you, and let you decide how you want to handle this. I’m bisexual. I haven’t told you before, because I didn’t want to freak you out. I haven’t fallen in love with you. I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend. I didn’t start hanging out with you just to get you into bed. You’re my best friend and I want you to stay that way. What happened last night really wasn’t our choice, and it sure wasn’t how I’d have chosen for that to happen, but it happened. I enjoyed it, I’m glad it happened, and I don’t want it to be the last time.”

Molly left a pregnant pause in the air before continuing, allowing Maggie to think about what she was saying.

“If you’re not into it, and you want to put this past us, then I’m sincerely ok with that. I’d rather have you as a friend than as a fuck buddy, and let that screw things up between us. But you’re just so damn sexy and so fun to be around, I think we could have fun.”

“Let me get this straight,” said Maggie, setting down her bagel. “You just want to do the friends with benefits thing, with me?”

“Yes. If something more comes out of that, then we’ll deal with that when it happens, but I’m not looking for that. I don’t want a relationship. I’m young, I want to enjoy being young and free and making bad decisions. I don’t think you want things any different. Do you?”

“No, it’s just that… this is kind of a big deal, Mol.”

“Yeah, it is, but that door was opened last night, and I don’t want to close it.”

“I dunno Mol, this is just so…” Maggie couldn’t begin to think how to end that sentence, so she just sipped her coffee instead. That would get the point across well enough. But then Molly took her coffee and half eaten bagel, and sat it on the counter.

“Listen, there’s one sure fire way to figure this out.” Molly turned to face Maggie, and took a step towards her. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Maggie’s jaw dropped in a silent gasp.

“All you have to do is say stop, and I’ll stop. ortaköy escort If you like the way it feels, say nothing. That’s all you have to do, Mags. I’ll do the rest.” And with that, Molly raised a hand, and placed it on Maggie’s cheek.

Maggie felt the hand softly, yet purposefully, slide smoothly across her smooth cheek. Molly’s thumb gently caressed Maggie’s earlobe as Molly’s hand rounded her narrow neck, gently tilting her head back. Their eyes were locked onto one another’s. Maggie’s eyes wide with hesitant surprise. Molly’s narrowed with intentful desire.

Molly closed the distance agonisingly slow. Almost daring Maggie to say stop. For her part, Maggie couldn’t decide whether she wanted to pull away or push herself forward. Her mind was a whirlwind. No coherent thoughts. Merely splashes of emotions, so many that Maggie couldn’t begin to process them all. Maggie held her breath as she felt her body tense. This was going to happen and she was going to allow it.

Other than her inter-dimensional tryst with Bastet, Maggie had only been with one other woman, and that had been one night of excited experimentation, in which Maggie had admitted to herself that she did indeed have bisexual tendencies. This was completely different from those other two times. This was someone she knew, someone she cared for. No matter what happened from this point forward, the dynamic of their relationship would be forever changed.

This wasn’t spur of the moment. There was no incense to blame it on. This was announced and consented to. There could be no running away from this. No denying it. No matter what happened, Maggie would have to accept responsibility for this if she allowed Molly’s lips to touch hers. And she did allow it.

Maggie felt a spark within her very core the moment Molly’s soft lips brushed agienst hers. An instant hardening of the nipples. A lurch of her stomach. The tiny hairs all over her body standing on end. Every nerve ending she had coming alive all at once. She couldn’t help but place her hands on Molly’s hips to steady herself.

Maggie closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly, allowing Molly greater access, which Molly took advantage of. Molly pulled her lips back slightly, teasing Maggie’s with a flick of her tongue, then once again pressed her lips to Maggie’s, this time slipping her tongue between the other’s lips, and sliding it across hers. Maggie moaned and then the kiss became something more. She grew hungrier and pressed herself into Molly, raising a hand to Molly’s back. Molly returned the passion slipping her other hand into Maggie’s hair, pressing Maggie onto her own moistened lips.

They stood like that for what seemed ages, panting breathlessly into one another’s embrace, their tongue dancing with one another, giving in to the intimate sensations. Then Molly slid her first hand from behind Maggie’s neck, down the side of it and over her throat. Maggie arched her head back a bit, not breaking the kiss but offering herself to Molly’s touch.

Molly slid her hand over Maggie’s throat onto her collar bone and down to her upper chest, finding the knot of the towel. One firm tug and it came loose. Another and the towel was lying discarded upon the ground.

Molly then slide her hand downward, sliding it over Maggie’s flushed breast, causing Maggie to emit a lustful moan, which then turned into a whimpering yelp as the soft skin of Molly’s hand grazed her excited nipple. Molly cupped her breast gently for a few moments, before sliding it lower, and around Maggie’s back.

Maggie could feel Molly’s fingers tracing along the contours of her body. Every dip and curve of the toned muscle of her back, as Molly slide her hand lower, worshiping Maggie’s tender flesh. She slid her hand over the firm orb of Maggie’s left buttock, and held it firmly, pressing Maggie deeper into their embrace.

Maggie was awash of sensations, all of them beautiful, all of them rapturous. Consequences be damned. She wanted this. She wanted Molly. There was no more confusion or conflict. There was just desire. Her body was alive and she felt filled with energy and sexuality.

And that’s when it stopped.

Molly then broke the kiss and took several steps back. She set her eyes on Maggie, naked, breathless, flushed, and hungry for more. Maggie’s rational mind came back into play for a brief moment, and she tried to cover herself from Molly’s eyes.

“Stop.” Said Molly, causing Maggie to freeze. “Put your arms down. Don’t cover up. I want to look at you.”

Maggie did as she was told, and Molly took her hand and lead her to the living room. Molly led Maggie to the middle of the room, and let go of her hand. She walked in a circle around Maggie, her eyes taking in every inch of her. She could feel Molly’s eyes roaming over her nude body. It made her feel desired, confident, even a bit strong, to have someone she desired so much, so obviously desire her in return. Eventually Molly came around pendik escort bayan to Maggie’s front, and looked her in the eyes.

“God Mags, I’ve seen you naked a hundred times, but never like this. You look so completely sexual right now. I just have to taste you.”

Molly walked up and wrapped her arms around Maggie, pulling her close, and putting her lips to Maggie’s ear. Maggie could feel her warm breath as she whispered to her.

“I have class in an hour, and I want to sit there with your taste on my tongue. Your scent in my hair. I want to be forced to think about pleasing you every second. I want to put my face between your sexy thighs, and lick you until you cum for me. Please, Maggie, will you please let me?”

Maggie could only offer a trembling nod in reply, but Molly wanted more.

“I want to hear you say it. Tell me exactly what you’ll let me do.”

The raw sexuality of the moment had overpowered Maggie, and now she was overcome. Molly told her what she wanted, and now it was her turn. Maggie turned her head, and found Molly’s ear. She took her lobe between her lips and held it with her teeth, while whispering into her ear.

“I want to sit on that couch, spread my legs, and watch you lick my pussy until I scream so hard, the whole city knows what filthy things you’re doing to me.”

Maggie could hear Molly moan at her reply. She felt Molly pull her to the couch, and then pushed her down into the seat. Maggie instantly looked up at Molly and spread her legs wide, displaying herself lewdly for her newest lover.

Molly looked down at Maggie for several moments, taking in the lustful sight that was offered. Her breath was short and her face was flushed. Molly had been fantasising about this from the first moment she saw Maggie during a floor performance routine, and now here she was, displaying her sexuality to her. Not just offering, but demanding, that it be taken.

Molly sank to her knees and placed her hands on Maggie’s thighs. She slowly began sliding upward, with both her hands and face, her eyes locked Maggie’s. Teasing her, toying with her, increasing the tension even more. Maggie was past that point, though.

Maggie reached down and grabbed Molly by the hair and began to pull her forward. Molly tried to resist playfully, but was surprised by Maggie’s strength, as the other seemed to slowly pull her head closer so effortlessly.

“Oh Mol, you’ve teased me enough.” Maggie grinned as she looked down at her best friend’s surprised and excited eyes. She pulled her face closer, until it was mere inches away from her pulsating sex. “Lick. Now.”

And lick, Molly did. Spurred on by Maggie’s demanding words, she darted out her tongue; giving Maggie’s swollen clit a swift and forceful lick, which made the other yelp in an intensely satisfying manor to Molly. She then stretched out her tongue, and slid it slowly and lewdly up Maggie’s glistening slit.

The salty and forbidden taste of her friend broke the last vestiges of playfulness Molly had in her, and she gripped Maggie’s thighs tightly and dove her face into her welcoming quim. Maggie was overcome with the pure eroticism of that moment and she knew that she wouldn’t last long. She felt Molly’s tongue part her and slip inside of her. Tasting and exploring her for a few euphoric moments, before Molly began to slide it in and out.

Maggie, still holding firmly onto Molly’s hair, began rocking back and forth with the penetrations of Molly’s tongue. She moaned loudly, without a care in the world over whether her neighbours might hear her through the paper thin walls. All that existed at this moment was her body and Molly’s skilfully probing tongue.

She whimpered, she moaned, she writhed, but she wasn’t getting any closer to what they both wanted. The pressure kept building and building, and Maggie was becoming increasingly more desperate for the release she fervently needed.

“Please, Molly, my clit. Lick my clit. Lick it hard. I need to cum so badly!”

Molly instantly brought her hands up to Maggie’s swollen pussy, and held her lips open, take only a brief moment to take in the purely erotic sight of her friend’s wet and quivering sex, before she brought her face back forward and began flicking the tip of her clit as rapidly as her quickly tiring tongue could handle.

The shudder and yelp from Maggie was all the sign she needed that she was giving her exactly what she wanted, and Molly wanted nothing more, at that moment, than to give it to her. She brought her lips around the swollen clit and sucked it gently into her mouth, holding it firmly between her lips, and flicking it rapidly.


Molly began sucking a little harder, grunting lightly as she began rocking her head in rhythm with Maggie’s hips.

“Harder! Please!”

Feeling brave, Molly nipped Maggie’s clit, ever so lightly with her teeth. The resulting shock that Maggie felt was all that it took to break past the thin wall separating her form the orgasm, which engulfed her mind, body, and soul.

Maggie let out a deep bellied scream, which made her realise that she hadn’t actually taken in a breath in some time. Her face, beat red and peppered with drops of perspiration, was locked in the desperate cries of her orgasm, cutting right though her mind and blinding her in splashes of colour and lights.

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