The Gift

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Thank you for the valuable feedback to my first story, any feedback good or bad will help me a lot!

“Are you still going out tonight?” Izzie asked Jane over a late breakfast.

“Yes” Jane replied. “I’m meeting with a couple of friends, though I don’t know where we are going, everywhere will be full of lovey-dovey couples. Bleurgh.” Izzie couldn’t help but smile at Jane who was feeling more than a bit sorry for herself having recently split from her fiancé.

“Ah, I’m sure it won’t be, you’ll have a great time, just don’t come back too early eh?” Izzie winked at Jane who knew that Izzie had a special night planned with her husband to celebrate Valentines and didn’t want any interruptions.

Before Izzie married Mark, Jane had been her flat-mate. They were the best of friends but then as happens with all flat-mates they found themselves moving separate ways. Jane had been the first to leave, moving into Angus’ life but she had recently split with him, just days before they were due to get married and of course Izzie immediately offered Jane a place to stay whilst she sorted herself out.

Luckily Mark was a pretty understanding husband and joked that having two ‘gorgeous birds’ around the house was great for his self-esteem. Izzie just rolled her eyes at him, though she had to agree that Jane was gorgeous. She had a toned, tanned athletic body topped with a face to die for, full luscious lips, eyes you could fall into and beautiful sleek, glossy, dark hair, cut into a modern but feminine pageboy style.

After a day of pampering and styling at the local salon Izzie returned home feeling refreshed and ready for the special night ahead. She went across to the bathroom, removed her clothes and stood naked in front of the full-length mirror. She’d had her hair restyled at the salon and couldn’t believe it was the same person looking back at her. The stylist had added subtle highlights and lowlights and curled her long, straight hair loosely at the ends, in a sort of modern disco-chick style. It was far removed from the boring, straight mousy look she usually wore and she was ecstatic with the results.

After admiring her new haircut for a couple of moments Izzie’s eyes moved downwards across her curvy body and she felt a small thrill as she looked at her reflection in the mirror; although she had seen the results of her bikini wax in the beauty salon it was still a shock to see her pussy as exposed as it was. She grinned to herself, glad that she had listened to Jenny, the beautician, who had somehow talked her into a full Brazilian wax, it looked and felt gloriously pornographic.

A neat strip of hair ran vertically towards Izzie’s intimate area like an arrow pointing to the treasure. Her stomach fluttered with excitement as she imagined Mark’s reaction to her new look. She ran her hands across her belly and downwards towards her newly bare flesh and slipped a finger between her lips. It felt incredibly silky and smooth as she slid her finger back and forth along her groove; her sex was already moist with excitement and the lack of pubic hair made her feel a hundred times more sensitive than usual.

“Later” Izzie muttered to herself. Much as she would enjoy masturbating herself in front of the mirror she decided it would be much more enjoyable with Mark later if she held herself back now. She reluctantly removed her hand and studied the rest of her appearance.

Izzie’s ample boobs were starting to droop a little and she had an inch or two to grab but other than that she was happy with her body and Mark was more than pleased with her womanly curves; he regularly told her so.

Izzie walked to the wardrobe and selected her outfit from the rail. She had treated herself to a short mini skirt and halter-top set in a clingy material from an adult website she had discovered that stocked lingerie and skimpy eveningwear. She put on the outfit and decided not to use the matching thong that was supplied; she didn’t want any obstruction to Mark’s surprise and not that she needed any help tonight but wearing no knickers always made her feel naughty.

Izzie glanced at the clock and realised Mark would be back soon so she applied her make-up and quickly arranged the dozen or so candles she had purchased around the bedroom, ready to be lit later. Padding bare-footed around the apartment she laid the table for dinner, adding yet more candles and selected a romantic CD which she set to play on repeat. Once she was happy everything was in place and she wouldn’t be walking around too much more she pulled on her strappy, high-heeled sandals and made her way to the kitchen. The shoes were agony to walk in but worth the effort as she felt that they made her legs look longer and slimmer.

As Izzie heard a key in the door she took a deep breath. She entered the hallway and Mark entered with an impossibly large but exquisite bouquet of red roses, tied with brown string and beautifully arranged.

“Happy Valentines Day” came the muffled voice of Mark. The bouquet was so kartal escort large that he could not see past it. Izzie prised the flowers from him and heard a low whistle.

“You look incredible, I love the haircut.” Mark praised.

“I have another surprise for you, but first dinner, would you do the honours with the Champagne please? It’s in the fridge.”

Mark uncorked the Champagne with a pop and poured the fizzy liquid into two glasses.

“To us” he toasted simply.

Izzie served a simple pasta dish for dinner; she had considered a more lavish meal but decided that she could think of better things to do than slave over a cooker all night. They made small talk throughout the candlelit meal but neither of them was really interested in mundane daily chatter, they were both fully aware that they we were building up to something more. Izzie felt so horny by the time she fetched the strawberries for dessert she was sure there would be a damp patch on the back of her skirt but if there was, Mark never commented.

On returning to the table with the strawberries Mark pulled Izzie onto his lap so he could feed them to her. She sat sideways on and Mark dipped a strawberry into his champagne. Izzie had guessed something like this would happen when she decided on the mouth-watering fruit for dessert. She knew it was a cliché but she loved strawberries with champagne, especially when her equally delicious husband served them to her. She licked and sucked at the champagne on the strawberry in what she hoped was a seductive manner then bit slowly into the delicious fruit, the sweet juices dribbling down her chin.

“Let me get that for you” Mark said quietly. He leaned towards Izzie and licked the strawberry juice from her chin; moving slowly up towards her lips with his tongue. Izzie groaned, it was such an erotic sensation for him to be cleaning her with his tongue.

Izzie manoeuvred herself so that she was straddling Mark, her short skirt riding up her legs. She could feel Mark’s hardness pressing against her and couldn’t wait to have him inside of her; it was all she could do to stop herself ripping his clothes off there and then. She kissed him on his lips, gently at first, then probed him further him with her tongue, feeling Marks tongue respond eagerly.

Mark placed his hands underneath Izzie’s halter-neck top and lifted it over her head so he could have full access to her breasts. Izzie’s nipples hardened instantly as Marks teased them with his fingers; he ducked his head down and sucked on them enthusiastically whilst massaging her soft breasts with his hands. Izzie knew it was only a matter of time before he put his hand on her pussy, and the thought caused her to groan and squirmed on his lap with excitement.

“Touch me”. Izzie whispered, she couldn’t wait any longer. “I really need you to touch me now” she begged Mark. Being the good husband that he was and eager to please he placed one of his hands between her legs; his eyes opened wide in surprise.

“Stand up” he ordered. “I want to see”.

Izzie stood up and hitched her short skirt above her mound, offering an enticing glimpse of her newly bare flesh.

“Wow!” he admired. “I love both your haircuts. I want to see better, take your skirt off”.

Izzie pulled down her skirt and stood in front of Mark, her legs slightly parted. Now dressed only in her strappy sandals, the directness of the air around her was tantalising against her exposed lips. She gasped as Mark reached out and slipped a finger in her silky groove.

“Stay there and don’t move, I have a surprise too,” he commanded.

Mark hurriedly moved to the bedroom and reappeared brandishing a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. He pulled Izzie’s wrists behind her back and fastened the cuffs around them; he then slipped the blindfold over her head, checking it thoroughly to make sure she could not see a thing.

“You look beautiful darling,” he said tenderly as he took Izzie in his arms and danced her slowly round the open plan living space, guiding her carefully to the slow music that had been playing throughout the meal.

Izzie pressed herself close against Mark, loving the unusual sensation of dancing naked but for her shoes and powerless, trusting Mark implicitly to guide her safely through the living space; she just wished she could put her arms around him.

“Stay there,” Mark whispered softly as he disappeared again. Izzie could have moved but didn’t want to, and though her vulva was aching with anticipation and her rosy nipples were standing rigidly to attention she was loving this new game that Mark was playing and wondered to herself what was next. She stood with her legs slightly parted, waiting for his return.

Long minutes passed, the apartment was quiet and Izzie could not hear Mark moving at all.

“Where is he?” Izzie thought to herself.

In the ensuing silence she heard a key at the door.

“Oh my god, Jane!” Izzie filled with horror realising kurtköy escort that she wouldn’t get very far, very fast in her blindfold and handcuffs. She tried to move forward but was disorientated from the dancing and had no free hand to feel for objects around her. She cringed as she realised Jane was about to walk in on her naked but for her shoes and a blindfold.

As both Mark and Jane arrived in the dining room Izzie found herself completely frozen to the spot; the silence in the room was deafening. Seconds passed but it seemed like minutes, hours even. Izzie had no idea what was happening.

“Nice hair cut Izzie” Jane finally said in a strangled voice.

“Err thanks” Izzie felt embarrassed and giggled, not knowing what else to do. It sounded odd and forced in the tense atmosphere.

“Don’t worry, you look really hot,” Jane whispered, trying to alleviate her friend of some of her obvious humiliation.

“Oh my god! What is he thinking?” Izzie thought to herself as Mark moved in behind her and put his arms around her body, shockingly reaching for and fondling her naked breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers, pressing on her neck with his lips and tongue. The movement caused him to flatten himself close against her and she realised that he was now totally naked and his hard cock was pressing against her bound hands.

Before Izzie had chance to question Mark’s actions her heart leapt in shock as she felt a third hand stroke delicately across her belly and move down towards her swollen sex.

“This is my gift to you,” Mark whispered into Izzie’s ear.

Izzie couldn’t believe what was happening. One drunken night recently she had told Mark that she fantasised about having a threesome with another woman but she never dared imagine it would happen or even that he would remember and yet here she was with the two people she trusted most in the world.

Jane’s fingers slid back and forth along Izzie’s smooth, slick pussy-lips and Izzie tightened her grip on Mark’s cock, moaning as Jane’s kissed her tenderly on the mouth, touching Izzie’s lips with her tongue. Izzie had never felt so aroused in her whole life.

As Jane fingered her pussy, sliding fingers deep inside her, Izzie fantasised about sucking on Jane’s pert breasts. The combination of having her nipples played with by her husband whilst being fingered and kissed by a woman tipped Izzie over the edge and she climaxed hard, thrusting against Jane’s fingers.

Izzie squealed as Jane quickly knelt down and placed her head between her legs, licking at her swollen lips, continuing to finger her deep inside, Mark still slowly pumping at her hand from behind. She wanted the moment to last forever as wave after wave of orgasm shook through her body.

Mark removed himself from behind Izzie and took off her blind-fold; Izzie could see for the first time that Jane was still dressed. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and a casual lime green vest top. Mark instructed Jane to stand up and slowly between them they guided Izzie to the bedroom.

“Oh!” Izzie exclaimed. Mark had certainly been busy in the few minutes of silence that now seemed so long ago. As well as lighting the candles Izzie had placed around the room, there was now a fake fur throw on the bed, which was covered in a scattering of rose petals and the sweet smell of jasmine lingered in the air along with some other heady scent Izzie could not put her finger on. She noticed a small bowl of oil beside the bed and guessed that it was where the smell was coming from. She realised he had gone to a lot of trouble for her and her heart swelled with love.

Mark led Izzie to the bed where he unlocked the handcuffs but instead of releasing her instead he quickly cuffed her to the wrought iron bed-frame. From a drawer Mark took out some silken ties that they had used in previous bedroom play and instructed Izzie to part her legs, he then gave the bonds to Jane who tied Izzie’s legs to the bottom of the bed frame.

Mark moved over to Jane at the foot of the bed and started to kiss her full on the lips. Izzie watched fascinated as Mark pushed up Jane’s vest and fondled her breasts; freeing a nipple by tugging at her sheer, lacy bra. Izzie trembled as he circled Jane’s nipple with his tongue, taking it into his mouth and sucking on it, causing Jane to moan with pleasure. Izzie imagined that same mouth doing the same to her and writhed against her bonds. The movement caused Mark to stop his sucking and look over at her.

“Do you want to see more?”

Izzie nodded eagerly.

“Then tell me what you want to see.”

What did she want to see? She wanted to see Jane’s breasts in all their glory; she wanted to see her pussy; would it be thick and bushy or bare like her own?

“Take off her clothes.” Izzie whispered.

Making sure Jane was facing Izzie, Mark stood behind her, much like he had done with Izzie earlier. He knew Izzie so well and correctly guessed that she would like to see everything maltepe escort Jane had to offer. Izzie saw Jane glance at her glistening pussy and imperceptibly lick her lips. Their eyes met and Jane gave Izzie a quick wink, Izzie grinned in return relaying her pleasure with the unusual situation.

Mark pulled Jane’s top over her head, removing it with a quick yank and quickly moved his hands to the soft skin of her breasts; he put his hands inside the cups of her bra and Jane tensed as he teased her already hard nipples.

Izzie desperately wanted to join Mark, sought to experience for herself how Jane’s dark nipples would harden to her touch; she wanted to cup her breasts and feel how soft and supple they were.

Mark lowered his hands to Jane’s waistband. Jane helped him unfasten the button and zip and kicked away her jeans, revealing a sheer g-string that matched her bra. Izzie could see through the g-string that Jane’s mound was also bare, but she didn’t have the landing strip, she was completely bald. Izzie felt herself twitch in anticipation of getting a better view.

As if reading Izzie’s thoughts Mark impatiently tugged the g-string down to Jane’s knees and deftly removed her bra whilst she kicked the g-string away leaving her completely and gloriously naked. Although Izzie had seen her friend naked before it had never been under such erotic circumstances and standing in front of her now, she looked to Izzie like a goddess. Izzie could see a glint of moisture on the lips of Jane’s pussy and imagined putting her head between Jane’s legs and licking the juices away. The lustful thought caused her to quiver involuntarily and she pulled against her bonds.

“You’re in charge,” Mark reminded Izzie softly.

“Lick her pussy” Izzie instructed Mark. She loved the way the rude words sounded coming from her mouth. Mark nodded and he turned sideways on so that Izzie could see him lapping at Jane, almost like he was a young child licking a lollipop, his tongue as flat and wide as he could make it. Izzie watched enraptured as Jane spread her legs further apart and kneaded her own breasts, moaning with pleasure.

“Eat her,” Izzie commanded. Mark buried his head closer to Jane’s pussy. The scene unravelling before her was like an excruciating but very pleasurable pain. Jane’s breathing was heavy and she was groaning in pleasure; every sound a cruel addition to Izzie’s own desire. She felt her own juices running down between the cheeks of her buttocks and soaking onto the fur throw which was tickling tantalisingly against her skin, a sensual touch to her torturous bonding.

“STOP!” Izzie shouted. Mark stopped what he was doing and turned to her questioningly and Jane gave her a worried look, wondering whether it had gone too far.

“Please help me”, Izzie begged Jane. Jane studied Izzie’s face for a moment trying to work out the meaning behind her request and started to move towards her but Mark stopped her.

“No, sorry Izzie. You have had your three wishes now lets have some fun.” Mark grinned wickedly at Izzie as she pulled against her restraints, suddenly realising with a jolt how powerless she actually was. “I have another surprise for you!”

Mark moved away from Jane and Izzie watched puzzled as he reached into the wicker storage basket she kept on top shelf of the wardrobe, she kept spare linen in the basket, nothing exciting; she guessed that he must have been using it as a hiding place for all of his surprises. Izzie’s eyes widened as he pulled out a large vibrator from the basket. It was very different to her own smooth, slim vibrator, this one at about 8 inches long and nearly two inches in circumference was soft looking with little knobbles all over it. She watched captivated as slowly and carefully he pushed the thick vibrator inside her best friend, pushing in as far as she could take it, Jane’s back arching with pleasure and then just as slowly he withdrew the knobbly toy.

“Do you want it?” Mark asked Izzie. Izzie nodded eagerly, “oh yes,” she replied. She could see the vibrator glistening with her friend’s juices and she wanted it more than she could describe. She wanted to feel it slide inside her, slick with Jane’s wetness; she wanted to feel the soft knobbles stimulate her pussy as it slid in and out.

“Ohhh” Izzie cried out as Mark pushed the wide vibrator inside of her, not slowly as he had with Jane but quick and hard, he twiddled with the dial and set the vibrator to a low buzz, barely discernible against her throbbing vulva.

Mark sat on the edge of the bed and indicated Jane to follow him.

“Sit on me” he instructed. Izzie gulped as she realised this was the moment that she would see her husband making love to another woman. The thought gave her an unexpected thrill of pleasure and she clenched against the vibrator resting inside her, feeling the soft knobbles press against her tender, velvety skin. The new sensation set her heart racing and she arched her back, the movement causing the vibrator to move slightly inside her.

Maintaining eye contact with Izzie, Jane straddled Mark and wrapped her long legs around his waist, his erect penis slipping easily inside her moist sex. Izzie watched fascinated as Jane started to kiss her husband passionately, her hands caressing his firm body.

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