The Group Ch. 09

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This is a short section, covering just one event

Eventually we decided it was time to get out of bed, most never bothered to dress, and all day we relaxed round and in the hot tub, everyone was hyper, thinking of the night ahead, occasionally we would see David, popping out on to the back of his house, he looked busy, getting everything ready for his guests.

Charlotte noticed he didn’t have time to chat, and said, “I’ll just nip round and see if he needs some help,” throwing on a simple summer dress, she left the rest of us and walked across, a few minutes later my phone rang, Charlotte said that she could do with some help, as David was way behind in getting everything set up.

Heather, Judy, Tracy and Sharon all left for David’s, leaving just Richard, Robert and myself alone in the house.

Robert seemed very quiet, as though he had something on his mind, I was in the hot tub, and called him over, and asked him, “Is there something troubling you Robert?.”

He said, “What happens if I can’t perform?”

“Perform,” I questioned,

“You know,” he said, “What if I can’t get it up, I’d be totally embarrassed,”

Richard chimed in saying, “Me too,”

“No problem,” I replied, “I have something to help you both there,”

“Such as” asked Richard,

“Follow me boys,” ands I led them to my room, opening the bedside drawer, I pulled out a packet of blue pills,

Richard gasped and said, “They aren’t what I think they are, are they?”

“Yep,” I replied, “They’re viagra, and believe me when I tell you, you will be so horny, you won’t be able to lose your hard on after you’ve taken one,”

Passing them one each, I told them, “They take about an hour for them to work, so save them for later.”

With about 2 hours to go, Charlotte, Heather, Judy, Tracy and Sharon came back, and we all showered and dressed, trying to look at least half respectable to meet the rest of David’s guests, as Robert, Richard and I returned to the room, we were greeted by wolf whistles and cheers for our kilts, Sharon couldn’t help herself and had to look to see if we kept to the spirit of our dress, she lifted each of our kilts and looked to see if we were wearing any underwear, which, of course we weren’t.

With an hour to go, Laura arrived, after our special kisses, we dispensed with her uniform for the night, telling her to go as she was dressed, we all sat there excited at watching the clock, I turned to Richard and Robert, and told them I needed them in the kitchen, taking them to one side, I got us a drink each and said now was the time to take the viagra, going back to sit down we got some quizzical looks from the women. finally we went back over the only rule, mainly for Robert and Richard.

We told them for what must have been the hundredth time, “That no matter who you are , even if it’s one of us, we had to use condoms,” with that we looked at the clock, it was about 3 minutes to go, so gathering my bag of condoms, we all filed across to David’s, as we approached we saw four cars in his driveway, knowing the other’s were there, we took a deep breath as Sharon knocked on the door.

David answered and welcomed us all in, entering the living room we saw five couples, none of which we knew, except for Tom and Alice, that I had met at the club that I had took Tracy and Judy to on separate occasions.

Alice spotted me first, ran over to me, jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs round my waist, she kissed me and welcomed me, saying, ” I’d no idea you’d be here or that you knew David.”

Putting her down, I told her, “I live next door, and sort of bumped into David, after he watched one of our afternoon sessions one day,” Tom came over and immediately kissed both Tracy and Judy.

David broke us up and introduced us round to each other, most were welcoming, other’s looked a little put out, especially when Robert, Richard and Sharon were introduced to them, I think the fact that they were the youngest, seemed to bother them slightly.

David served our drinks, and we started to mingle, no-one told any of the other’s that Tracy and Sharon were sisters, or that Charlotte was their mother, or that Richard and Robert, were Heather’s sons, although it was plainly obvious that Robert and Richard were brother’s.

Alice was the first to move, since we walked in she’d had her eye on Sharon, I watched her as she walked over to Sharon, and engaged her in conversation, after about 5 minutes, she leaned in really close, and was going to kiss her cheek, Sharon being very wise for her age, turned her face at the last second, and kissed Alice straight back on the mouth, Alice was slightly taken aback, just for a second, then responded to Sharon’s kiss.

Sharon ran her hands all down Alice’s back, and grabbed two hands full of her butt, and Alice followed suit, grabbing Sharon’s ass and grinding their pussy’s into each other’s thigh’s, their kisses became more passionate, tonguing each other’s mouths, and grinding harder into each other.

By now my kilt had a tent in the front of it, beyoğlu escort Alice and Sharon broke off from each other and as Alice took her hand, to lead her away, Tom started to move to join them, but Tracy saw him, he suddenly stopped when she whispered to him, that there’d be plenty of time for him to fuck Sharon, and to let Alice have some fun with her sister.

He stood rooted to the spot, not believing what he heard, he whispered back, for her to repeat it, which she did, his cock got instantly hard at this point, and Tracy saw it, running her hand over his bulge, she told him they could make their own fun, he led her off out the back, this left just 16 of us now, 8 men and 8 women.

I got talking with a couple I didn’t know, nothing specific, just general chat as we enjoyed our drinks, we were standing close to each other, and I suddenly felt a hand round my cock, her grip was very gentle, as she rubbed it slowly, feeling it’s entire length, I made no attempt to look, as I didn’t want her partner feel uncomfortable, so just left her to it, after a couple of minutes she said she needed the bathroom, naturally I expected my cock to be set free, but no, she left and my cock was still in a hand, suddenly I panicked, thinking it might be his hand, looking down, I couldn’t see anyone there, then I looked behind me, and to my surprise I found the woman from one of the other couples, was on her knees with her hand through my legs and had hold of my cock.

She looked up at me and smiling she said, “I had to know if it was true,”

“If what was true,” I answered,

“If it’s true that Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts,” with that she let go of me, shuffled round the front, and her head disappeared under my kilt, the next thing I felt was her warm mouth engulf my length, no-one seemed to notice, or if they did it didn’t bother them, she came up after 5 minutes and asked me,” fancy some fun.”

Taking my hand, she led me out to where Tom and Tracy were, she stood there and stripped for me, then turned her attentions to me, stripping me gently, prolonging the agony and expectation, once she unfastened my kilt, and let it drop to the floor, she stood back to admire what she saw, and I did the same to her, she was quite petite, her tits were just the right size for her frame, brown hair and pubes, but neatly trimmed, and a cute ass.

She pulled me to her stood on her toes and kissed me, I returned her kiss, and just past her I could make out Tom and Tracy, starting to fuck, this made my cock even harder, and it dug into her stomach, she looked down and without a word she went back to sucking it, she reminded me of Sharon in that she loved to suck cocks, I held her behind her head and started to face fuck her, each stroke went deeper, until she’d deep throated me, I groaned as she flexed her throat muscles, milking my cock, I felt my orgasm rising and warned her I was about to cum, and she backed off, she pulled me with her to one of the lounger’s, laying down she pulled me over her and resumed her kissing, I cupped one of her small firm breasts in my hand and tweaked the nipple, feeling her already aroused nipple harden even more , moving to the other I did the same, she sighed and relaxed even more, I broke our kiss and moved down on her kissing her neck, throat, and chest, finally rest on her tits and sucking each on in turn, she let her hand drop and caught hold of my cock yet again.

I moved further down, kissing her stomach, and down to her thighs, instinctively she opened her legs letting me feast on the sight and smell of her pussy, her pubic hair was moist with her own juice, I bent my head further down and snaked my tongue into her slit, she gasped as I tongued her slit, her moans got louder and louder, and her juices flowed like wine, suddenly she arched her back and stiffened, screaming she was cumming as an orgasm hit her, she lay there gasping for air as she recovered.

Once she’d recovered she turned and took a condom from the nearby table, and ripped it open, sliding on my cock she said she needed a good fuck.

Who was I to argue, with a boner like I had, it needed some release, so moving round I stood with one leg either side of the lounger, and squatted down, bringing my cock within striking distance of her pussy, leaning forward and grabbing my cock, I ran it up and down her slit, catching her swollen clit, and teasing her with it, she groaned every time I flicked her clit with my cock, then nestling into a comfortable position I thrust forward at the same time as she thrust to meet me, and swallowed it in her pussy in one go.

By now my cock ruled my head, and I set off fucking her as hard as I could manage, my balls slapped on her ass, and she gasped every time I touched bottom, she was also gone, she pulled her legs up and round my back, making me bend that bit further forward, and locked her ankles round my back and pulled me as deep as she could, she lasted about 3 minutes before her pussy clenched and she had her second orgasm.

Looking bostancı escort round I saw Tom had finished with Tracy, and left her where she lay, to find his next conquest, who would probably be Sharon, I left this woman who said her name was Alison, and moved to Tracy, bending over her, she grabbed me and told me to fuck her, sliding between her legs, I slid in her and rode her till she came, laying there, she told me that Tom had told her, that in an orgy it was alright for the men to leave the women, and move on once they were done, and told me to get off and find some other pussy to fuck, and not worry about her.

I left and went back indoors, by now everyone was naked and involved with someone, looking across I noticed the cute ass of Monica, as she sucked Robert’s cock, I moved in behind and to the side of her and asked her if she needed some cock inside her, she turned looked at me, and with a mouth full of cock, she nodded, and wiggled her ass.

Jumping up I grabbed another condom and slid it on, and then into her well lubricated pussy, she moaned as she felt me enter her, then settled into a steady rhythm, each time I thrust into her, I caused her to moan more and swallow Roberts cock a little more, causing him to groan as well, her moans got louder, despite her mouth full of cock, and she matched my thrusts with her own, by now Robert had his eyes closed and was grunting wildly, he seemed to stiffen and let out a small whimper as he orgasmed, this spurred the both of us and I soon was ploughing her pussy, reaming her out with long hard strokes, she in turn pushed back at me as hard as she could, forcing my balls to hit her clit, giving her that extra stimulation, then without any warning, she tensed, and showered my balls with her cum, pulling out of her, she turned, kissed me and said “Thank you.”

I was still hard as rock, thanks to viagra, looking round Judy was riding Richards cock, with her ass in the air, I moved closer and watched them for a while, when one of the other women came over, looking at me, still sporting a hard on, she knelt and sucked on it, pulling me with her, she found a spare piece of the floor and pulled me down on top of her, someone passed her a condom, I think it was her partner, and she put it on for me, rubbing me to make sure I was as hard as possible, then pushed me down to fuck her, I shoved my cock into a very wet pussy, she was nowhere near as tight as either Laura, Charlotte, Heather, Judy, Tracy or Sharon or for that matter, Alison, the woman I fucked first, plus I think I was her third or forth cock since we started, she looked like she was out to have every guy there, and probably every woman as well.

Riding her for what seemed like ages, I felt very little stimulation from her pussy, so a different position might help, I got off her and rolled her over, putting her on her knees, and re-entered her, this felt tighter, and I was able to bang away at her pussy, I could feel her G-spot was swelling as I thrust into her, making her pussy a little tighter, her breathing was getting heavier, and she thrust back at me even faster, I could tell it wasn’t going to take her long before she came, and sure enough, she started to tremble and buck at me, then she finally collapsed on the floor, and as she did, my cock fell out of her, she rolled over, and thanked me, then introduced herself as Debby.

This made me chuckle to myself, as I’d fucked her first then got to know her name, usually it was the other way round.

I climbed to my feet in search of my next conquest, and found it in the form of Alice, Sharon and her had finished a few minutes ago, and she was in need of some cock, needless to say, I was most willing to oblige, we went upstairs for some privacy.

Opening one door I found Sharon riding David’s cock, and Charlotte with Alison’s husband, doing much the same, the next door had Robert and Richard with Monica and Judy, they were enjoying a four way oral.

The last room was the smallest, luckily there was no-one using that room, I grabbed Alice and pulled her into the room, she immediately dropped to her knees and sucked my cock, I pulled away and guided her over to the bed, no sooner did she lay down then I had to taste her pussy, I spread her legs and went down on her, tasting her sweetness, she groaned softly at the first touch of my tongue, reaching up I found her breasts, massaging them softly with both hands, her groans got louder and stronger, she put both her hands down to her pussy and spread her outer lips for me to get better access to her clit, no sooner did my tongue touch her little organ, then she started to buck against my mouth, her orgasm hit her like a force 10 gale.

She pulled my head up from her pussy and told me to fuck her, after fitting another condom, I raising her legs up I positioned my cock to her pussy, and slowly pushed into her, we both groaned as I entered her, the feel of her pussy stretching round my cock was so velvety and smooth. We lay there motionless for a couple büyükçekmece escort of minutes, then I moved slowly in and out of her, with both of us groaning.

After a couple of minutes, she whispered to me to fuck her harder, as she needed to cum again, but this time with a cock inside her, raising myself to my knees, I pulled her legs up and onto my shoulder’s, so I could pound her pussy with my cock, starting slowly, with long deep thrusts, she gasped every time my whole length was inside her, increasing the speed her gasps turned to grunts as I felt her pussy tighten round my cock and she had a glazed look of happiness on her face, I knew she wouldn’t last long, so thrust into her with long deep strokes, finally she gave out one final grunt, and shook violently as her orgasm washed over her.

Climbing off her, she thanked me, and I told her it was my pleasure, I stayed a while and we talked, she asked me, “Is it true, that Sharon and Tracy’s are sister’s,” I told her “It is, and Charlotte’s also their mother, also, that Heather is Robert’s and Richard’s mother, and from the reports I’d had from the women, they knew exactly what to do with their cocks,” Alice’s eyes lit up when she heard about the twins, I guessed that either one or both of them would get a visit from her, making my excuses I left and made my way back to the main room, passing the first door, where Richard and Robert were, the door opened and there stood Monica Again, she looked me up and down and noticed my cock was still hard, and wet from fucking Alice, she dropped to her knees and licked Alice’s juices off my cock, just then Alice came past, and noticed both the twins still in the room, pushing past us, she went in and straight to Richard.

I watched her as Monica was now sucking my cock, and doing a damn fine job of it as well, Alice went straight to Robert, he was laying on his back on the bed with his cock sticking up like a tent pole, Alice climbed on top of him and without saying a word, rolled on a fresh condom, then mounted him and slid his entire length into herself.

Monica, pulled back and stood up, grabbing me she pulled me back into the same room, and guided me to the bed, she found enough space to lay down and beckoned me to fuck her, she took a condom and after she’d opened it, she put it in her mouth, pulling me up her body, she rolled the condom onto my cock, using just her mouth, I had heard of it being done that way, but this was the first time I’d had it done to me, once I finally secured it in place, I moved back down to her pussy, although I was still hard, my energy levels were starting to drop, so taking the easy way out, I pulled her up and switched places with her, letting her ride my cock like Alice was doing with Richard, she squatted over the tip of my cock, and grabbed it with one hand, to guide it into herself, no sooner did she feel the tip pushing at her opening, then she sank all the way down in one move, I reached up and took hold of her tits, one in each hand and played with her erect nipples, she groaned at my touch, and leant forward, offering first one then the other to my mouth, sucking on them she moaned even louder, while riding me harder, I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and a warm feeling as she soaked my cock and balls with her cum juices, she rolled off and went straight to Robert, and mounted him as well, laying there, I saw Judy sitting in a chair and watching Monica and Richard, and at the same time she was playing with herself, getting up I moved over to her and put my cock near her mouth, she looked up and without breaking eye contact reached out and took it into her mouth, a few minutes later I took it out of her mouth and guided her to her feet, changing places with her, she sat on my lap, facing the bed and guided my cock into her pussy, I couldn’t see what the other’s were up to, but Judy could, she started to ride up and down on me, within a couple of minutes she came and collapsed back on me, shuddering from head to foot.

By now my cock was getting very tender, and although I’d had a few orgasms, I still hadn’t cum properly, I helped Judy off me and got out from underneath her, leaving her in the chair, and finally made it back to the main room.

The only ones there, were Heather and David, and Laura and Sharon, David was long stroking Heather and Sharon was eating Laura’s pussy.

No-one realised I was there, so moving behind Sharon I shoved my cock into her, she gasped at the sudden uninvited intrusion, she looked back and realised who it was, then went straight back to sucking Laura’s pussy, she pushed back at me engulfing my cock deep inside her.

I followed David’s lead and long stroked Sharon’s pussy, her muffled moans got louder as my cock stroked deep into her pussy, I looked over her shoulder at Laura, she had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily, even though I was deep stroking Sharon, she didn’t stop eating Laura’s pussy and by now Laura was very near the edge, so I picked up my pace and fucked Sharon’s pussy faster, I could feel her g-spot swell and she bucked harder back towards me, then without warning she grunted and came at the same time as Laura, both women shook from head to foot, I stayed motionless until they’d finished, then pulled out of Sharon, she rolled to one side, allowing Laura to get to her feet, taking me by the hand, Laura led me over to one wall, and said she wanted me to take her upright.

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