The Housekeeper

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I’ve been complaining for weeks about how hard it is to keep the house clean with both of us working so much. Between work, the kids, and keeping the house organized there’s no time left for us. So for a few days we have discussed the idea of hiring someone to come in twice a week to do the cleaning. We ran an ad in yesterday’s newspaper and today we begin interviewing applicants.

Naturally we want to be careful about giving someone access to our home. The first couple of candidates come and go; one was a teenager who seemed a bit too interested in where we keep the silver, and the other was a 60 year old grandma who wore glasses so thick she’d be bitten by a dust bunny before she saw it!

But now candidate
sits before us. Her name is Karen, and she’s a 22-year-old university student looking to make some extra money. She is also stunning, and dressed provocatively in a short skirt and a blouse that shows some delicious cleavage. You and I are both looking at her lustfully; we’ve discussed the idea of spicing up our sex life by involving a third person, and we both were attracted to Karen the moment she walked in. I have fantasized about sex with another woman, and you have enthusiastically agreed to participate if we found a willing partner.

Throughout the interview we try to put Karen at ease, and soon she seems more relaxed, even smiling and laughing at your little jokes. Gradually maltepe escort the conversation turns more personal and I ask her if she has a boyfriend. She doesn’t. You then comment that it must be “frustrating” for her, being alone. She blushes a little, as you move beside her and put a hand on her knee. Gently you touch her face and tell her that the two of us could ease her “tension” if she wants. Her eyes widen and a small moan escapes as your hand moves up under her skirt. She looks at me to see what I think of this, and I give her a warm encouraging smile as I begin to unbutton my blouse.

I move over to take your place beside her, dropping my blouse to the floor. I put my arms around her and gently kiss her as my hands fondle her breasts through her blouse. I slowly remove that barrier, followed quickly by her bra. My hands caress her large firm tits as I kiss her more passionately. I feel her nipples harden in my fingers and I kiss my way down her neck to lick and suck those lovely tips.

By now she is moaning, and she reaches to remove my bra and work my aching nipples with her fingers and mouth. Meanwhile you have stripped down to your silk boxers and your rock hard cock tells me that you are enjoying the show Karen and I are giving you. You sit back to watch, stroking yourself through the thin silk.

Karen is getting into this now, maslak escort taking off her skirt to reveal thigh high stockings and black thong panties. I remove the stockings and panties for her, stroking her long silky legs and kissing her inner thighs. Her musky scent drives me wild and I can see she is wet already. I kiss, lick, nibble my way up her thighs, inching towards her pussy as her hips arch to urge me on. Finally I’m there and I kiss her lovely lips, running my tongue up and down as she moans.

I tell her how good she tastes, then go back to lapping up her sweet nectar. My tongue flicks her clit once or twice, as my fingers probe her folds and slide in and out of her tight hole. Now I lick her clit slowly, circling it, stroking it, as my fingers fuck her pussy rhythmically. She is moaning, nearing orgasm, and I signal you to join us. You come over and start licking and sucking her erect nipples.

She pulls off your shorts and greedily sucks your hard member as I fuck her wet pussy with my tongue and fingers. You are so turned on watching me eat another woman that you cum in Karen’s talented mouth almost instantly, at the same time as she grinds down against my fingers and mouth, shuddering with an explosive orgasm.

Now you and Karen decide it’s my turn to be pleasured. She pushes me back on the couch and sits beside me. You sit öecidiyeköy escort on my other side and the two of you take turns kissing me. Your fingers wander down to rub my dripping pussy, as Karen’s mouth finds my tender nipples, licking and sucking them til they’re hard. Karen moves down between my legs and softly starts rubbing and licking my aching pussy, tonguing my clit like an expert. You move to feed me your gorgeous cock. I lick your balls, running my tongue up and down your shaft, then sucking you in, feeling you grow and swell in my warm wet mouth as I take you all the way down.

Karen’s tongue lashing brings me quickly to my first orgasm, and as she feels me tighten up she grabs my ass and buries her face in my juicy hot flesh, causing me to explode with a loud moan. You are now hard and ready again, so I lay you down on the floor and Karen and I both climb on top of you. She straddles your face as I impale myself on your hard hot rod. You lick and suck her honey-pot as I move slowly up and down on you, my pussy is so tight and wet. Karen and I are facing each other over your body, and we kiss deeply, rubbing and sucking each other’s nipples, playing with each other’s clits. I feel you swell inside me as you watch these two hot horny women playing with each other. I ride you faster now, and your tongue dances on Karen’s clit as you fuck her with two fingers.

She rubs my clit as I fuck your hard cock, and all at once we explode in a mind blowing orgasm. Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

After catching our breath we all cuddle together, kissing and caressing. You and I look at each other, knowing we have ourselves a new housekeeper. After a brief nap the three of us clean up in the shower…but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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