15 Minutes

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The music blared, though pleasantly. The crowded room was bustling with scantily clad women and the handsomer men who desired them.

Energy in the room was astounding yet standard for the band on stage that night. It’s always been a learning curve to me when it comes to music. I love what i love when I am in the spirit to listen intently.

This particular evening, every chord struck something deep within me, touching on emotions not evoked in a while…my eyes locked on yours from the point of your solo and I could then single out your instrument’s sounds. The way you played that guitar was of a professional manner touched with more passion than the rest of your band. When a passion like that is evident through a stranger’s fingertips, it only plays to the increased passion when one gets to know him better.

I wanted to know you better.

With my limited knowledge of performers and musicians, it is hard sweaty work and a break now and then for a cold one in a back room or off a back landing someplace is the thing to do.

Music ended as I got up towards the bar. Whether you really felt a connection through all the eye contact was uncertain. I adjusted my dress while I waited for the bartender to pour canlı bahis my libation. Feeling you may have noticed the intent behind my eyes, I took the chance and asked the bartender to send one of the same to you. Name unknown, I had to work on description alone.

Thankfully, you were the distinctly tall one on stage. Just in case, I also described your less than bold outfit with the blue stripes, tight button fly pants and well coifed hair and the bright, deep discerning eyes. He knew exactly who I meant before I began the description. The offering of your name followed his statement as to the attraction he watched between us all night from the time I walked in. In a curious look back at him, I smiled demurely and left with my drink.

Once back in my seat, he approached me and told me there was going to be a delay in startup of the next set. He placed a cocktail napkin beside me and tapped it to draw my attention specifically to it. There it was, scribbled secretly…a demanding invitation with instructions as to how to see you privately.

I vacated my seat again to entertain the message on my napkin.

Scurrying through the restless crowd and jukebox music, I found the side stage door. Entering confidently bahis siteleri so nobody would suspect I was lost, they would also not question why I was in the entertainers’ quarters.

A gentle rap on your door alerted you to the acceptance of your invite. It was obvious what I was doing there, yet you put a quizzical look on your face. A few long seconds after you opened the door, I stepped across that boundary. Through the threshold and into your lair.

Scented candles, dim lights, and a bottle of wine waited. It was somewhat standard design for your room. Tonight, however was the first anyone took you up on the offer as it was proposed. We each had our own drink – you toasted to us and to the next 15 minutes of our lives. The wine remained unopened as we consumed multiples of our drinks. You thanked me, took my glass from my slightly shaking hand and placed both drinks on a table.

Turning your full body back to me, we stepped towards one another, embraced and kissed. Not another word was spoken for the several minutes it took to absorb one another’s scent and taste all over. Slight moans of delight and a couple interruptions of wet smacking sounds of body kisses and some sucking were barely audible over the bahis şirketleri background music.

Before either of us knew it, our second round of shared drinks were half gone and we were half naked. bodies pressed together dictated that we become fully naked. In undressed you, you undressed me and you made sure to pause in standing again until you were confident that my pussy had been orally drained enough that you would not need to lick any nectar from my thigh by the time you stood.

Once your cock pressed sensually up along my body and you were on your feet, you kissed me again with a warmth an icy drink could not deliver. Must have been my own juices to heat your mouth~long tongue-dancing exchanges had to be paused while you pressed my shoulders to guide me to your cock. What needed to be a quick blow job (based on your own time constraints) was still beyond satisfactory. You let me do as I wished between sucking and licking and your balls and your cock, as long as beautiful as could be~

The secret knock on the door (the sound matched that tapping of the bartenders fingertips beside me) let you know the crowd was restless and needed you back on stage.

We dressed ourselves in a haste, you leaving your boxers on the floor and me stashing my bra into my purse…

A summarizing kiss was the gentle goodbye until next show.

First song of the next set was always “Josie” which you were able to subtly dedicate to me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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