8 in a Box

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How did a drunken post lead to this? One minute you’re drinking a glass of wine with your two best friends and a week later your stomach is in knots as you enter the Artists Studio. You look around but don’t see any men – a relief. To see a bunch of men right now would have made you back out for sure. You spent the last few days wondering what type of guy would respond to an ad like this. Although they probably are wondering what kind of girl could post an ad like this?

The ad runs back in your head, still making you shake your head that your friends dared you to do it that night, then watched you do it without stopping you. Egging you on is more accurate. Everything had to line up just right to make what was about to happen, happen. First the wine getting your two friends into a silly mood about each of your fantasies.

In Vino Veritas making you be way too honest about yours. Nicole’s was tame which was to be expected. Katie’s a little more risque. Yours topped both. And Nicole, having showed you earlier in the night the bench she was so proud of that she’d found on craigslist.. Craigslist sitting open on her computer as if it knew what was to come. And of course Kate having a friend who had rented the Artists Studio before – a perfect storm. and now here you were, walking into a downtown studio you have never been, about to be naked in front of 8 strange men.

Despite your fear and anxiety, you had to admit this was why it was your fantasy to begin with. Just as you had expected, the unknown of what was about to happen made you tingle.

Will i be safe? Yes, Jeff is standing outside the door. What will the men be like?What will they look like? Will this feel sexy or just dirty?

All questions to be contemplated, but no time. You see the double doors straight ahead and you know on the other side it will happen just like the ad requested – “Looking for 8 men to Masturbate while Watching me do the Same” . Nicole couldn’t stop laughing as she typed that headline in. Why had you revealed this to them? Nicole’s fantasy was just to have sex somewhere in Public – something you and Katie had already done. Katie wanted to be with two brothers at that same time. A hot scenario you remember thinking. But yours was so full of detail and specifics, it even surprised you. And judging by the looks on your friends face, them as well.

What you couldnt stop thinking about wasn’t the “What”, which consisted of wanting to lay blindfolded on a table circled by men as you escaped your clothes and brought yourself to climax why they did the same. Nor was it the “how” which was knowing you and 8 naked strangers in a room all touching themselves would surely lead to one collective orgasm. But rather the “why”. Why was it your fantasy?Why had it been your fantasy for years? Why does the thought of turning on strange men you have never met make you so excited?

You wondered if that answer would become more clear after it was over, which you wished would be soon, so you could stop being so damn nervous. You get closer to the door . You adjust the belt on your jacket, take a deep breath and push both doors open…the hum of chatter you heard before actually seeing anything, immediately stopped. Like when a record scratches and the bodies on the dance floor suddenly come to a stop,

8 men drinking juice and eating cookies, all in white bathrobes, stare back at you. Who the hell put out refreshments? is the first thing you think, Then you cant believe you are contemplating snacks instead of the men staring back at you.

The first good sign is that they were generally good looking and fit. You wondered if the type of men that would respond to this ad would be guys that dont do well with women on their own, so resort to this. But your theory was apparently true. That shy men who strike out with women would not want to stand around naked with other men and masturbate, no matter how beautiful the woman. The kind of guy that responds would be confident types who were comfortable being naked. And that was what stood before her. Confident men who looked way more comfortable than you.

You stand there for what feels like an eternity, wondering what you should do. Should I go shake their hands? Should i say “ok boys, show those dicks to momma!”?

Instead, 16 eyes look you up and down. Then just when you cant take the silence any longer something happens you didnt expect – they all begin to cheer and hoot and hollar, and clap for you.

You feel yourself blush and immediately feel more comfortable. The men part, 4 on each side making a path to a table that has now become visible. It also dawns on you that the men didnt say anything because they were respecting the instructions of the ad – absolutely no talking, it read. You didnt want to make small talk, or even learn their names. The excitement come from 9 people crossing paths, getting naked, cumming and then leaving…all without a word being spoken. Keep it animalistic you thought. At least güvenilir bahis when you envisioned it in your head all these years, But now it seemed strange to not say anything. Should i thank them for coming? Should i curtsy?

But luckily i remembered they’re guys. All they probably care about is my tits and ass. Always the blessing and curse of men. Their single-mindedness and infatuation with women’s bodies always being welcomed, yet resented. A turn on when you see how happy you can make them when you put a breast in their mouth. But a turn off at work, in Starbucks, in TJ Maxx, etc. Always that feeling of them staring at your parts. You tell yourself they cant help it. It would be like getting mad at a frog for saying “ribbit”.

You grab the belt around your waist and slowly remove your jacket. You wonder if your choice of attire is right. You spent 2 days trying on different bras, panties, lingerie – what do these guys want? But again your mind went calm when you told yourself men dont care about the wrapping on the present.

So you stand before them in an outfit an old boyfriend bought you that he always made you wear. A very tight pink tank top and a pair of pink shorts that barely covered your butt. You had grown to feel sexy in it, because it always made him so damn happy. It’s purpose different now, more like a kid with his blanket is how it felt to you now. Made you feel calm. You hoped it had the same effect on these men as it had on Scott.

You stand before the group, 8 smiling faces watching you drop your jacket to the floor. They seem to like it you think. So now what?

One of them men towards the front opened up his bathrobe. He wasn’t hard. So he took his right hand and put his cock in it and started to massage it in his palm. Well, I guess this is happening you think to yourself.

Something about his sudden urge to touch himself was a relief. We are all here for one goal, dont overthink it. The men obviously weren’t, as two others opened up their bathrobe. One was already very hard which made you happy. I guess they are ready for me. You walk between the men and climb onto the table.

When you lay down you see the men staring at you in a way that catches you off guard. But it makes you happy. They have the face someone wears when staring at a painting or piece of fine art. They looked at me like I was a present for them. More appreciation than primal hunger. It made you feel safe.

You put the black blindfold on and take a deep breath, ready to begin. You remember thinking the blindfold was key. It felt too weird to make eye contact with all the strangers. And it also let the men focus on what they wanted anyway. You let out a nervous breath and lay down on your back. The men circle around the table, hovering over you, each only 2-3 feet away. You start by touching your skin around your thighs with one hand and your neck and shoulders with the other, arching your back a little..You hear the sound of bathrobes ties being undone. No turning back now. You try to clear your mind.

You know you can always orgasm when you put away your baggage from work, and family. You can hear the subtle sound men make when their hand is stroking their cock. You know you must be turning the men on a bit, which makes it easier for you to clear your mind and begin to get turned on too. Despite your fantasy not involving sex, the feel of skin on skin is hard desire to repress.

So you extend your right arm out to the side and open your hand, indicating for someone to put their cock in your right hand. The closest man to it obliges. You feel him , he’s not hard yet which makes you happy.

You like to feel men get hard in your hand and to know you caused it..after he gets to what you imagine is 7 inches you let him go and use both hands to pull down your top, your tits spilling can hear a groan of approval from the group , obviously happy at the sight of your perfect breasts…You can hear the ryhthm of their stroking increase, your tits making them shift into a higher gear..You so badly want to pull down your mask, even just for a second, to see the power of your body to make 8 strange men fully erect.

After squeezing your breasts for a while and hearing all the men go to work on their own meat, you have to move down between your legs. It was starting to ache. You can tell you’re lubed up without even touching it yet. When you lift your ass off the table to pull your shorts down, you again hear the men speed up their stroking. You lifting your now-exposed pussy off the ground as if you’re serving it up them had some already close to busting their nut.

When you put your ass back on the table you decide to tease them a little. You put both legs together but straight up in the air, giving the guys a perfect view of your wet pussy lips. One man lets go a groan, almost in pain at how badly he wants to bury his dick in the beautiful warm hole in front of almost feel bad for them. You decide to reward türkçe bahis them for their obedience so far by honoring your request of no speaking and by all generally being respectful. Something you hadn’t expected to do. But in the moment, it jumped into your head and you roll with it. You decide to allow each man one small taste of you.

They go around the table in a clockwise fashion. Each man bending over the table, getting on one knee, putting his head between your thighs and taking a long lick. Most from bottom to top ending with a slight flick of your clit. Most jerking themselves even harder while they’re tongue is on you and inside you…after 3 or 4 guys you are so turned on you rub your clit in between men…eventually the last half of the guys get their taste. When the group finishes they all exchange looks with each other like they’ve all just shared a religious experience. Each with the taste of your box lingering on their tongue. What does pussy taste like you always wondered.

You can smell sex in the air even with none taking place. A mixture of hotness, sweat, pheremones and anticipation. You decide it’s time to really give them what they want – your pinkness…so you take two fingers and plunge them inside you. You are wetter than you even thought.You take the two fingers and spread them apart into an upside down peace sign, spreading your lips apart for them to see. It was designed to turn them.on, but now its you that is so turned on. Being the object of lust and fantasy for 8 stiff men has brought you close to orgasm already.

You rotate squeezing your tits and then into your pussy, back to your tits. The juice on your fingers making your nipples hard once there is contact. Just as your going back to your dripping snatch you feel a slightly warm feeling on top of your thigh.

You wonder if it was just something in your head, but then you feel it again a few inches higher. Then again. Now you realize one of the guys could hold it no longer and busted his nut. The perfectly juicy tits, and wet, inviting gash proved too much and he had squeezed off his load on your leg. You run your fingers through it and put the finger in your mouth and then insert it back in your box..that visual must have been good as you hear a groan and then feel the warmth again this time around your neck. The man to your left had deposited a hefty rope of jizz on you. You feel overwhelmed with power and control of this group.

Six men left, all fantasizing of being just little closer to you..they feel lucky to get to beat themselves while watching you and getting to leave their manhood on your hot warm skin..but to be so close to a set of twins so perfect, but not be able to run your nipples through their mouth, and on their tongue. was almost painful..and to see your glistening twat inches away, one lick , one taste, was almost worse than not at all..each feeling their cock reach a new level of stiffness they had never encountered when smelling and tasting your peach…they couldn’t even imagine how their dicks would respond if they got to bury their meat deep in your cunt and shoot all their cum so far inside you so it might drip out for days.

The thought of these guys fighting over who got to be the first to release their goo in you brings on a wave, starting at your toes and making you clinch the table hard. You couldn’t remember ever wanting to be so filled up. Despite the fantasy always being mutuala masturbation and nothing else, the feeling was overwhelming of just wanting to feel that warmth when a man is inside you. You recall the line from Breakfast Club, the one about slipping her ‘the hot beef injection’.

But that’s really what it does feel like. And you couldnt remember wanting that injection more than you did right now. But why deny yourself. Or deny them. You could hear still the cachopony of men slapping away. The jostling of cocks stroking, balls sometimes crashing against their inner thighs, swelled up with liquid they so desperately want to release, yet hold in as to not lose this moment.

You keep imaging the different shapes and sizes, some long and skinny, some short and plump…in the fantasy the blindfold was to protect your nerves. Now it seemed silly, the nerves long gone. You rip it off!

The light floods your pupils, then slowly dissipating, leaving you staring at a blond haired pretty boy type. He smiles . You look down and see him stiff as a board, the head of his penis staring back at you. You squeeze your tits together for him and he smiles even bigger. You scoot your butt down so you can spread your legs wider. At the head of the table is a heavily tatooed man with jet black hair. He looks like he could be in the Hells Angels. When you spread your legs directly in front of him, it gave him the best view of anyone remaining , he doesnt smile, he continues to grind away, never breaking contact with your box. You know exactly what he wanted, what he needed. You motion him to come closer. You have to do it güvenilir bahis siteleri more than once because of how intent his gaze is. He finally catches it and walks closer. You pull him in with your legs. You tap the top of the mound between your legs. He nods. He looks relieved, his balls aching to not hold it in anymore. He doubles his pace…You stare at his face. You wished, like every woman does at least once, what it would be like to have that between your legs, to have a gun to shoot your orgasms out of. His face starts to get more flush, his breathing heavier. He must be close, you think.

You know one more move could send him over the top. So you take both hands and pull your lips apart, he can almost see deep inside you. His mouth opens ever so slightly, his pace doubles again, he steps an inch closer, takes one more long stroke and lets out a grunt, you see the tip of his penis open up enough to let a giant stream of cream all over your thighs and your lips feel his juice on yours. The redness from his chest and cheeks drain out, balls empty. He puts his arm on the table and leans on it for a second, taking a second to catch his breath. He locks eyes with you for a second, then – –

One of the men to your left unloads his sack all over your left breast, catching you by surprise.

“oh jesus” he stammers as another shot shoots out. You look at his balls and are not surprised at the amount of cum considering how large they are. His dick average size, but his balls abnormally large. He grips the top of his penis and a 3rd much smaller line comes out on the table next your hip.

My pussy is killing them you think to yourself. 4 down, 4 to go.

You have better focus now with less men. You scan them quickly to see if any would be the type you would go for. The guy with the scar on his abdomen. I wonder what from you think. But only for a moment because of the massive tool he is working on. God i wish the other 3 would finish you think. You picture just him left and slowly sitting on it, stretching you apart.

The short older man next to him lets out a groan. There must be another bowing out. He takes half a step closer to you by your left breast and his face beet red you actually wonder if he might be having a heart att-

“ahhhuuh” Nope he is alive . He sauces you lower breast and side, his color returning to normal. He smiles at you then steps back. Now just the giant stick on the scarred man, anchored on both sides by two black men who couldn’t be more different. One looks like a college professor, distinguished with a long but skinny rod. The other a bit of a roughneck , much younger a short, thick one. More the kind you like, the kind that paints all the corners.

You think to yourself, why am i holding back. I feel safe. And more turned on than i ever have. Why am i stopping with this. You use one finger and motion for him to come forward, you spread your legs but put your back on the table. You gently tap the top of your pussy twice. He seems stunned for a second but realizes you have given him consent.

He takes another half step closer and plunges himself in you. God that feels good, as you make eye contact with the younger, rougher one. You open your mouth to him. The millisecond he realizes what you want his wide shaft is in your mouth. You feel full at every hole now. Every pump the professor makes gives you mini orgasm.

All you can think of right now is how much come you want. Surprising even yourself. Never grossed out by it, but certainly not thinking you need it to get off. But in this moment you want to be covered inside and out with it. You look up ,stroking the cock in your mouth even harder while you are getting pounded from below. You grab his healthy set of balls and now want to feel that hot liquid in your mouth. The professor looks ready to go too, so you squeeze your pussy around his cock, squeeze the tip of the cock on your tongue and suddenly are gushing goo from all your holes. Its not enough, you sit up and walk over to scarred guy and push him back on the table. he offers no resistance and lifts you up onto him. You slide down his pole until the tip presses up against you deep inside.

All the mini orgasms adding up to one massive wave you cant wait to crash. the two black guys step back, their dicks returning to normal size. The realize you cant believe you had 8 penises and are now worried it wont be enough. You want to yell at scarred guy not to come, but you realize when you did that with guys in your life before, usually it backfired, the men getting turned on hearing you say the word come, and usually letting it fly.

You pull yourself onto him tighter pushing your hips back and forth. You know your close, but you know the minute he drains himself you will lose all the extra size he has now and it might not get you where you need to be. Rocking back and forth, back again, god so close, ou feel it building from your toes. 2 more quick pulses, fuck his cock feels so good. You look at his face and you know he is fully aware, trying to hold on to get you there. Only a few more. Dont come , dont come god dammit dont come. One or two more hits right on that spot he’s hitting. Oh geez maybe just once more.

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