A Birder in the Bush

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Danny was tracking a flock of bushtits moving through the manzanita and oaks when he saw something else moving deeper in the brush. A flicker of light and then something black through the scrim of multiple layers of green leaves and brown branches. Maybe 50 yards downhill off the trail.

He moved slowly to his left, trying to keep a bead on the location. He only needed a couple more bird species on this hike to satisfy the requirements for his ornithology class. He heard a thrasher improvising at the top of pine uphill. A flickered skittered over the treetops and a jay cruised through the hot sun overhead briefly chastising him. The bushtits quietly called to each other with monosyllabic chits.

There was definitely something down there behind a thick screen of chaparral in the dappled shade of a sycamore grove. He moved a little farther to his left, stepping carefully off the trail, trying to find an opening for a line of sight. He let out an involuntary gasp when he saw it. A bare ass illuminated by a ray of sun, pointed right his way. He lowered his binoculars, took a couple of breaths, considered moving on, and then raised them again. Definitely a rear end. And then it moved, as if the owner were bending over, and Danny could see it was a woman. The blonde hair in the gap between her legs caught the sunlight, and he could see the glistening lips of her labia. He sucked in his breath and felt his cock swell in his shorts.

He lowered his binoculars and thought about moving up the trail. But she was facing the other way, and he was pretty well screened. If he moved a little farther off the trail, behind the oak just downhill, he might even get a better look. He moved as stealthily as he could, as if tracking a shy bird. At the base of the oak, he still had a fragmentary view through the leaves and branches. But this one revealed something new. Two ample brown breasts bobbing toward the sun. And through the scrim a bit to the left, raven black hair spread on the ground. He couldn’t quite make out what has happening just to the right, where he first saw the bare ass, but he thought he saw glimpses of a blonde head buried between two upraised brown knees.

The head of his hardening cock was now poking out of his shorts and he rubbed it with his left hand while keeping his eyes on the action. A bit of precum made it slippery and he moaned under his breath. Suddenly the raven haired body began bucking in the dappled light. Her arms wrapped around the blonde head between her legs. Her tits wobbled sensuously on her chest. Danny couldn’t hear anything except a soft rustling of leaves and twigs. They were awfully good at keeping quiet. And then it was over.

Danny felt himself close to cumming but eased up on his cock. The two women were still for a long spell. And then the blonde moved up along the other’s body and knelt astride her raven head. Danny could see the sun on her blonde pubic hair as she lowered herself on the other’s mouth. He watched for what seemed a long time as she slowly moved her pussy against the raven-haired woman’s head. Danny could see her tongue flicking between the lips between the blonde rangers thighs. As their pace increased the woman on the bottom pushed a finger and then two back and forth in the other’s cunt.

Danny thought he heard a moan then. Was it hers? Or his? He was rubbing his cock slippery with more precum. The raven-haired woman reached up with her other hand, and was now fucking her companion with both hands, alternately, stretching her pussylips, playing with her entire cunt. When both hands were well lubricated she pushed a finger against her companion’s asshole, and then plunged it güvenilir bahis in. Danny definitely heard the moan that escaped as her body shuddered and he shot ropes of cum on his bare legs and onto the forest floor.

Danny closed his eyes for a long moment and almost fell asleep, but woke himself with a start, cleaned himself off with a bandana, and as quickly and quietly as possible moved back to the trail, hoping he wouldn’t get caught. He couldn’t belief what he had just seen, what he had done. He felt vaguely guilty, maybe a little ashamed, but he shed those feelings quickly as he hiked down the trail.

After putting some distance between himself and the scene he had witnessed, he stepped off the trail into another oak grove, found a spot in the shade on the far side of a tree, and sat down to catch his breath. He closed his eyes, replaying what he had seen in his head, and then fell fast asleep.

* * *

The sun streamed through shimmering leaves of the sycamore trees as the blonde tickled the pussy of the raven-haired woman with her tongue. Her hands reached up and caressed her brown breasts. Her dark nipples drank in the sun, as her head lolled back and forth on the blanket in the dry grass.

Danny kneeled between the blonde woman’s legs. He played with her pussy with one hand, running his fingers between her lips, and in and out of her wet cunt, and rubbing her clitoris. With the other he caressed her ass checks and reached around to cup her tits and squeeze her nipples. She moaned into the raven-haired woman’s pussy.

His cock stood out from his hips, bigger and harder than he had ever seen it, saluting the sun. A string of precum glistened as it stretched from the tip. He rubbed his cock along the blonde woman’s pussylips, and felt her pubic hair tickle it with a shock. He used the head of his cock to rub her clitoris, while he pushed his thumb into her cunt. She grunted. And now the raven-haired woman moaned.

He positioned his cock at the opening, feeling as if he could see through another eye at the tip of his cock, and pushed in between the shiny wet lips. She was tight. He pushed farther in until his pubic bone was against her ass. And his balls pushed against her clitoris. As he moved slowly in and out and then faster, he pushed his thumb into her asshole. She shuddered, her cunt gushed, and she collapsed on her raven-haired friend.

Danny saw an opening: the raven-haired beauty’s bald pussy lay wide open. He moved up between her legs and pushed his cock in. She gasped and raised her hips to him. He fucked her hard, while the blonde rubbed her sweat covered breasts and then toyed with her clitoris. She came hard thrashing on the blanket. He was about to cum when the blonde reached around to squeeze his balls.

She held on to his hard cock as she straddled her friend again, and backed her butt against him. She guided the tip to her buttonhole, and pushed hard against him. He nearly fainted, but she kept going. Then her raven-haired friend wriggled down between their legs and began licking his balls and her friend’s cunt as the blonde ranger pounded back against him. He held on to her hips as he exploded in her ass.

And that was the last thing he remembered.

* * *

“What’s this?” he heard somewhere softly vaguely in the distance.

“A skink?” A soft snicker followed.

“A legless lizard?”

“Jake, the one-eyed snake?”

As he came to and opened his eyes, he saw two figures backlit against the sun, which was dropping low in the west. He woke with a start. They were both dressed in park ranger uniforms, beige clothes and hats with park insignia, hiking türkçe bahis boots. And they looked stern.

“Not so fast,” he heard, as something suddenly tightened around his cock and balls.

“Ouch!” he cried.

“Take it easy,” said one ranger, who was holding the long pole that ended with a snare around his genitals. She had a raven-haired pony tail trailing out the back of her billcap. She and her companion looked older than he had thought looking through the binoculars.

“We just need to take a quick sample,” she said. “It won’t hurt. Usually, all we need is a tiny snip off the tail of a lizard to read its entire genome and see how it’s related to the populations of the same species in these mountains,” she continued, pulling a nail clipper out of the pocket of her shorts and clicking it menacingly.

“This might be easier,” said the blonde ranger, as she took off her pith helmet, leaned down over Danny’s legs and scooped a gob of cum off his leg and lifted it to the raven-haired ranger’s lips.

“Mmmmm,” the raven-haired ranger said, as she licked her friend’s finger. The blonde bent down again and scraped the rest of the sticky deposit off his leg – he must have had a wet dream, he realized — and sucked her own fingers.

“I think we need a bigger sample,” said the raven-haired ranger.

The blonde stepped over Danny’s legs. He could see that she had nothing under the short beige ranger skirt, as she lowered herself toward his cock, which was now rock hard and red in the tight cock ring of the snare. She grabbed his shaft, hard, rubbed it quickly along her wet lips, and then squatted down on him suddenly taking him all at once.

“How does it feel for the watcher to be watched?” said the raven-haired ranger as her friend slowly slid up and down his pole.

“Uhhhhh,” he grunted.

“Can’t find your words?” she replied with a chuckle.

The blonde, who had pinned his arms to the ground when she first lowered herself on him, let go and braced herself against his chest as she picked up her pace and groaned. Danny took the opportunity to reach up under her t-shirt and fondle her breasts. They were a nice compact handful, with small hard nipples, just like in his dream. With his left hand, Danny continued to play with her tits, as he lowered his right hand to his own lips, got his fingers slipper with saliva, and reached under her skirt, where he found her clitoris already hard as a cherry pit. He circled it lightly with his thumb as she thrust her pubic bone against his.

Meanwhile, the raven-haired ranger, gently lowered the pole snare to the ground. The loop at the end still held his cock and balls tight. She dropped her baggy shorts around her boots, stepped out of them, and took a few steps toward Danny’s head.

“Like what you see, Mr. Birdwatcher?” she asked as she gently played with her bald pussy, exposing the inner labia, as she positioned herself astride him.

“Mmmmm,” he said, licking his lips involuntarily.

She ignored him and moved closer to her friend, who took her hands from Danny’s chest, reached around and embraced the raven-haired ranger’s brown bottom, pulled her body to her, and buried her face in her crotch. She continued to ride Danny as she thrust her tongue across her friend’s clitoris, and between her naked pussylips. Danny could see the action as the raven-headed ranger cooed and widened her stance. The blonde ranger moved her hands from her companion’s ass and played with her voluptuous tits through her t-shirt. They were much bigger than her own, hanging down slightly while standing out full and firm.

The raven-head ranger raised her hands güvenilir bahis siteleri above her head as she stripped off her t-shirt and lowered herself on Danny’s face. Danny nearly passed out from the rapturous, aphrodisiacal, musky smell of her sweaty crotch as she leaned back rubbing her wet lips along his mouth from bottom to top, until he found her hard clitoris, almost the size of a plum pit, and sucked it into his mouth. She mashed her pussy hard against his face. He could barely breathe but he drank in the taste and smell of her, sweet, salty, umami, like nothing and everything he had ever dreamt, something indescribable, on the tip of his tongue, what was it, he wanted more and more, mixed with the scent of sage, pine, manzanita, dust in the hot sun. He almost forgot her friend was riding his dick, so enraptured was he with her cunt, her clit, and as she slid across him back and forth, her tight brown clean asshole. He flicked his tongue across. This was new and intriguing. He stuck out his tongue and pushed it in.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Yes.”

She let him get her asshole nice and wet as he tongued her. When she moved back so he could focus again on her clit, he got his fingers slick with saliva and pussy juice, and wiggled one, then two, then three into her asshole, as he continued to suck and flick at her clitoris.

The two of them were now making out above him, while both rode him. The blonde ranger was grabbing and squeezing the raven ranger’s flopping breasts, kneading her big nipples. The raven ranger rubbed the blonde’s clitoris as she rode up and down on Danny’s rock hard cock.

Suddenly the raven-haired ranger tightened her thighs around Danny’s head, stopped dead, and began shaking as her pussy gushed and a warm liquid ran into Danny’s mouth and down his chin. He nearly gagged but drank in as much as he could, an ambrosia he had never before tasted.

The raven-haired ranger sagged on to Danny’s body. After a moment, in which they both panted, and blonde ranger paused on her ride and smiled at both of them. Danny could feel her companion loosening the snare around his cock and balls. It felt like more blood suddenly rushed into his hardon. The blonde ranger felt it, too, and started riding him harder.

“Time for that sample,” she said, as she reached around behind and her began massaging his balls.

The raven-haired ranger crawled off Danny and stood behind the blonde ranger, reaching around to grab her small tits and squeeze her nipples as she nuzzled her neck. She slid down the blonde ranger’s body to a squat. Danny felt both of their hands squeezing and pulling on his balls. Then he felt something pressing against his asshole.

“Um,” he started to say. This was not part of the plan. Then the finger pushed past his tight sphincter and was inside of him. “Unh,” he grunted.

The raven-haired ranger curled her middle finger and rubbed and pushed against the almond inside him, between his ass and his balls, as she milked his nutsack.

He felt his cock grow hotter and harder and bigger than it had ever felt. The blonde ranger pushed down hard, back up the length of it, then down hard again. She moaned and then began shaking, bending to touch his chest with hers, and then back up. And he exploded.

Danny came out of his stunned speechless reverie as they were putting their clothes back on. He tried to formulate something to say but the blonde ranger put her finger to her lips.

“Shhhhh,” she said, using the same sound he would use to try to coax a bird from hiding.

“Let’s get this sample back to the lab while it’s still fresh,” the raven-haired ranger said as she hugged her companion, ran a hand down into her shorts, then brought her fingers to her mouth, and licked them while winking at Danny.

“Another birder in the bush,” laughed the blonde ranger as they walked away.

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