A Birthday Surprise for Ricky

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It was Ricky’s birthday and I wanted it to be extra special. I had planned this for months and it would definitely be a night he would never in his life forget.

I had rented a secluded cabin near the Cape. He loved the sounds of the sea. The cabin had it’s own private beach. Since he loved to sunbathe and swim nude, this would be perfect.

I had ordered all his favorite foods from the deli, and had a cake prepared as well. My best friend and I had decorated the cabin with balloons and streamers. She was part of the birthday surprise.

Her name was Mari. She was very shy but once you got to know her, she was so much fun. One night, after a few drinks, she had confided in me that she had always fantasized about having anal sex but was afraid. She also told me she thought only bad girls did that. I tried talking to her about it afterwards but she would always change the subject. I knew under the right circumstances, Mari would be able to fulfill her secret fantasy. And, as her friend, I thought I should help her out.

I invited Mari to come up to the cabin with me. I told her that Rick and I had been friends since we were kids. She was glad to get the invite and said she’d be happy to help with the party. After we got the cabin all decorated, I broke the news to her that we would be the only guests, that something had come up for the rest of those who were invited. Mari told me that was fine and that she liked small gatherings anyway.

I had packed party supplies that Mari had not seen. I decided I needed to loosen her up a bit before I broke them open. I fixed us two very large long island ice teas and it didn’t take long until Mari was giggling. “Mari,” I asked, “Can you give me a hand with these party supplies?”

“Sure,” she said. I opened the box which revealed several adult videos, all about anal sex. “Oh, my god,” Mari giggled, “are we going to watch dirty movies with Rick?” I told her that was part of the party, that Rick needed to unwind and this would be the perfect way. “I’ll be so embarrassed,” Mari whispered. “You’ll güvenilir bahis be fine,” I told her, “Rick is a gentleman.”

We continued unpacking my party box. Mari’s eyes opened wide when she took out a tiny pink butt plug. “Is this what I think it is?” she asked me. “Uh, huh,” I said and left it at that. I continued pulling more goodies out of the box and presented Mari with a blue spandex dress. “This is for you to wear to the party,” I told her. She giggled and spun around with it in front of her. “I’ll go put it on,” she said and ran off. Mari came back out quickly, spinning around like a fashion model. The blue spandex hugged every inch of her. It was cut low in back to reveal her butt crack and the hem of the dress was so short it let a little cheek peek out. She giggled and asked for another drink. I went and fixed her another drink and then slipped into my outfit. Rick was very patriotic and so I had bought a red white and blue sequined micro mini skirt. For a top I just put red sequined pasties over my nipples. I came out and Mari giggled with delight when she saw me. “Oh, Rick is going to have a mega-boner!” Mari then confided in me that she had fantasized about being with a guy and a girl and that she couldn’t believe she might get to really fulfill it. She asked all about Rick, what he liked, how he liked it.

“Well, speaking of Rick, we need to finish up here and turn all the lights out and hide. He will be here in about 5 minutes,” I said. And so, we quickly cleaned up, turn the lights out, and hid. Mari and I were behind the couch. She kept giggling. I told her to be quiet, that we didn’t want to spoil the surprise. She asked me if Rick was going to be surprised. I told her that he certainly would be, but not as surprised as she would be. Mari asked me why she was going to be surprised. I just smiled and told her that if I told her it wouldn’t be a surprise.

We heard Rick’s car pull up and then heard his footsteps coming up to the front door. He opened up the door and stepped in. Mari and both jumped up and yelled surprise when he türkçe bahis turned the lights on. “Oh, My God!,” he gasped. “We’re here to celebrate your birthday, baby,” I said and I unbuttoned his shirt. Mari didn’t have to wait to be asked. She began unbuckling his belt and slipping his trousers off. She was too bashful to pull his boxers down and so I took care of that, taking just a second to circle the head of his growing dick with my tongue.

Mari and each took an arm and led Rick into the den. We sat down on the couch with him and he asked us what we had planned. I told him that we had some movies we wanted to watch and that would get us in the mood to play. I slipped in the first of the anal sex videos. Mari watched intently. I had begun stroking Rick’s cock. I reached across him and grabbed Mari’s hand. “I could use some help her, girl friend,” I told her and placed her hands on his balls. Mari giggled and began massaging Rick’s balls. He was beginning to moan a little with delight. “Hold on, baby,” I told him, “We’ve got a long way to go.” We took turns, Mari and I, licking and sucking. At one point, Mari had Rick deep in her throat while I had sucked his balls into my mouth. His hips were rotating and giving us all a ride.

Rick looked over at Mari and then over at me. “Damn, life is good,” he said, “This is the best birthday I have ever had.” And with that, he reached over and grabbed Mari by the back of her hair and pulled her down onto his stiff, throbbing cock. He didn’t have to make her, she began going at it and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Her mouth ran up and down the length of his cock, slowly and tightly. Occasionally, she would raise her head up and tickle the head of his cock, teasing him. When she did that he would push her back down. Since Rick’s tongue was not busy, I straddled Mari and placed my wet pussy in Rick’s face, teasing his tongue to come out and play.

While Mari was still sucking Rick’s cock, I whispered in his ear. I told him that Mari was an anal virgin who wanted to get ass fucked. I handed him the little güvenilir bahis siteleri pink butt plug. Rick pulled Mari off his cock. She sat there licking her lips and lunging as his cock for more but he held her back. “Come sit on my lap, baby,” he asked Mari playfully. Mari straddled his lap, rubbing her breasts into his chest. Rick took the pink butt plug and slowly eased it into Mari’s tight anus. Mari began to struggle and tried to get off Rick’s lap. I held her by her arms and eased her back onto Rick’s lap. I told her it would be okay. Rick then continued slowly easing the butt plug in and out of her anus, not yet completely inserting it. Mari began breathing heavily. She looked at me liked she wasn’t sure if she should like it or not. “Will this make me a bad girl?” she asked. I assured her that it would not, that Rick would think she was a very, very good girl if she let him do this.

Mari then let herself relax. Rick slid the butt plug completely in. Mari had liked the feeling of the plug sliding in and out and so when Rick put it all the way in and then left it she began rotating her hips around trying to increase the sensation. Rick knew that she wanted more action and pulled the plug partially out and then inserted it again, this time with a little more force. Mari responded by rocking her hips into him. “Rick, I think I want more than the plug.” Mari begged. Rick turned Mari around and bent her over the coffee table. “Wait,” I said, “Two’s company but three’s even more fun.” I bent over the coffee table also. “Take turns with us, Rick,” I offered.

With that invitation, Rick gave Mari a little poke and me a big thrust. He reached around and pinched my nipples while he rammed me over and over. “Baby, save some for Mari,” I insisted.” Rick then began slowly inserting his cock into Mari’s tight ass. She reached around and grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, saying “Baby, do it hard.” Rick then let it go all the way. In and out, in and out. Mari felt pain and pleasure all at the same time and kept begging for more. Right when he felt he was going to cum, Rick pulled out of Mari’s ass and shot his load over both of our asses. He rubbed the cum in and then slapped us both on the tush.

“Thanks for a birthday I will never forget,” Rick said as he collapsed on the couch.

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