A Chance Meeting

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She didn’t go into chat that often anymore, being bored with all the usual talk from all the just average guys she met there. It was always the same old things…”What are you wearing?”…”When was the last time you been fucked?”…”I’m bored and want some fun”…”Wanna help me get off?” All this was so dull…banal…and cliché. They always thought only of their own pleasure and if she got anything out of it she felt lucky. And that rarely happened. She wanted so much more. Sadly she had pretty much given up on ever finding it.

Then she took a chance and all that changed.

It was an early Monday morning and so far all she’d found in chat was the same old thing. She was about to leave when it happened. She got a PM from him. It was clear early on he was nothing like the others she had talked to. He didn’t come on strong right off or get downright blunt at first. He asked things about her and her life, and that caught her attention. He didn’t say all the things she had become bored and frustrated with. He didn’t ask for naked pics or for her to get naked on cam. She found this incredibly fascinating and intriguing. So when he mentioned that he would like to talk to her on the phone she readily agreed.

At first they talked of the things going on in their lives, and a couple of times her daughter commented on the conversation. Unlike the others, he took it in stride and with good humor. This impressed her tremendously. Obviously this guy was different, there being more to him than the same old thing she had become tired of. He didn’t get frustrated when she told him she had to be good because of her daughter’s presence in the room with her. Instead he told her not to worry and to just listen as he talked.

He began to talk of being under her desk where she did her writing, telling her to rock her hips back and forth slowly and covertly, tightening then relaxing her already wet pussy as she did. He wanted to watch her as she did this, watch her movements, watch as she got wetter and wetter for him. He had a very good imagination and was an intense talker, putting vivid images inside her mind in a way she wasn’t used to, that always being left to her to do in previous conversations with others.

“I want to watch you rock your hips and see your pussy get wet,” he said softly. “I’m right here under your desk, right in front of you and I can see how wet you’re getting and I can feel the heat coming off that beautiful little cunt Angel. Now tighten your illegal bahis pussy… now relax it. Good girl. I’m moving closer, you can feel my breath on it. I can smell your scent and I want to taste you. Come on and push your pussy towards me so I can see more of it…see how wet you are for me. God you’re so hot Angel.”

His words made her shiver and her pussy began to twitch as she thought of him being so close. In her mind she could see him right there between her legs, and on her thighs she could almost feel his warm breath, making her tremble even more. And he painted such an immensely erotic picture in her head that she could barely keep herself under control and keep her building excitement away from her daughter’s notice. He continued talking, pushing and pushing her in a sweet and delicious way towards a desperate need for release. He wasn’t demanding or insistent, just leading her gently, making her want to obey. His words, his voice, his seeming knowledge of her needing it…wanting it…craving it…drove her almost to distraction it was so intense. She sat there rocking back and forth, tightening and relaxing the soft female flesh between her legs as he made it feel so real, so good.

This went on for some time, and then finally he suggested that since she was on her cell phone she should take it and go to her room. It was almost like he knew she needed this. Eagerly she did as he wanted, taking her phone to her bedroom and closing the door. Once there he told her to lie down on her bed and pull her nightgown up to her waist. She readily obeyed, loving the slow burn building in the pit of her stomach that would soon spread to the rest of her until it was an out of control conflagration.

“Take one finger and slowly trace circles around your clit,” he said breathlessly. “Just tease it Angel, enjoy the feel of it. Take your time and do it like it’s my hard tongue. Are you doing it?”

“Oh yes,” she sighed softly, her voice full of unrestrained passion.

“Good girl,” he said, his own voice filled with lustful excitement, making her shiver even more. “You’re such a good girl Angel.”

“Always,” she replied, the submissive part of her wanting him to know she would willingly do anything he asked of her. She lay there, gently and slowly playing with her now swollen and hard clit, moaning softly, trying to be quiet so her daughter wouldn’t hear her. As he instructed her actions, she followed his instructions to the letter, enjoying it illegal bahis siteleri and coming closer and closer to the edge of losing all control. As he spoke she willingly fell over that edge, cumming hard and fast, soaking her hand, making it wet and sticky. After a few moments she lay there, panting, trying to catch her breath. But he wasn’t done with her yet. Not by a long shot.

“Now Angel,” he said in his incredibly sexy voice that was driving her crazy for him, “take your fingers, you choose how many, and put them inside you…slowly…oh so slowly…imagining it’s my hard wet tongue, and fuck yourself with them. Slowly so I can feel every part of you, every inch, every fold of skin, tasting all of you, fucking you with my tongue. Mmmm you taste so good Angel.”

She did as he wanted, taking two fingers and pushing them inside her soaked cunt, and pulling them back out again…slowly…deliberately…and in her mind it was his tongue, fucking her, thrusting in and out of her over and over. It didn’t take long for her to reach her breaking point again, cumming and shivering all over, trembling and gasping. It was obvious he was paying very close attention to her because when she would come close his voice would become louder, more intense, pushing and pushing her closer and closer to that edge of control, like he could read her thoughts and her movements. His voice dominated her now and in unexpected rapid succession she came again, almost wanting to scream it shook her so hard. Once more she lay there; trembling all over, sweat having broken out on her forehead, limp and drained. And once again, he wasn’t done with her.

“And now Angel,” he said softly, implacably, as if he had no mercy on her, “take your fingers and grab some of that warm wet cum and drip it down onto your tongue, tasting yourself, as if it’s me tasting you…are you doing it? Let me hear you.”

She did as he wanted, reaching down between her legs to the warm wetness there, taking her own cum and letting it drip down into her waiting mouth, making sure he could hear her tasting it and swallowing it. She moaned in passionate lust, loving her own taste and wishing he could too.

“Mmmm yes Angel that’s right,” he breathed. “God you taste so good, so sweet. Now do it again and this time suck it off your fingers like it’s me. Let me hear you sucking your cum from them.”

She did as he told her, taking more of her own cum, wetting her two fingers with it and sucking canlı bahis siteleri it off them like a hungry child, sucking loudly, moaning softly, until there was none left. She was totally taken over by him now and she loved it.

“You’re such a good girl Angel,” he said approvingly. “Now one more thing. Get your finger wet with your cum and reach down to your asshole and trace around it, getting it wet… did you do it?”

“Yes,” she said, her breath almost gone from her now, as she reached down and did as he instructed, taking more of her cum and putting it on and around her asshole. She was so far gone with passion that her legs were shaking uncontrollably, her whole body in total chaos.

“Now tease it…slowly…gently,” he told her. “And put your finger inside it…just a little. And slowly move it in and out, fucking your ass Angel. Can you cum this way?”

“Yes,” she gasped. She barely had time to answer before she broke yet again, cumming so hard…so fast. She had to bite her bottom lip to keep quiet; she was so out of control now. Her pussy and her upper thighs were soaked with her cum now, the scent of it filling her lungs and the room. She collapsed, limp and exhausted, her arms falling to her sides, unable to hold her legs still she was shaking so bad. She was panting hard, trying to catch her breath, sighing in happy delirium. She had no words, her whole body and mind scattered.

“God you’re so hot Angel,” he sighed happily. “I love how you sound…how you breathe…how you cum.”

“You’re amazing,” she said breathlessly. “You have quite an effect on me.”

“Good I’m so glad I do,” he said, laughing softly. “You’re so responsive and you listen very well. You’re such a good girl Angel.”

“Thank you,” she said. “But sadly my cell phone is going dead. I should put it on the charger now.”

“Ah then do as you must,” he said, laughing. “I want to do this again with you Angel. Shall I call you or should I meet you in chat first?”

“Oh no,” she answered, “You can just call me…anytime you like.”

“Anytime huh?” he replied. “So I will Angel. You have a good day and this was a pleasure. I look forward to more of this with you.”

“As do I,” she sighed happily. “As do I.”

“Good then…goodbye for now Angel,” he said.

“Goodbye for now,” she answered.

As she hung up the phone she realized he had done things to her body and mind that no one else had. He had shown her an intense pleasure none had ever taken the time to do. She also realized he had asked for nothing in return…it had been all about her. She smiled to herself…and with her thoughts full of this lovely, sexy stranger she went on with her day, looking forward to next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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