A Class Reunion To Remember

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Wow, how time flies, I was sitting at my computer when the call came in from a old classmate wondering if I was going to attend our 15 year reunion. I hadn’t even known that one was organized, but I had nothing to do that night so I said sure, I will be there.

Two weeks later, I am sitting in my 1969 Chevy Camaro in front of the fanciest restaurant that I have ever seen with my stomach in my throat. Ya see, I was never real popular in High School and most of my classmates thought I wouldn’t turn out to be much, but I never seen any of them, well except for Jeff and Bill who I was friends with so none of them knew that I was now a multi-millionaire. I was lucky enough to start a internet dating site that is very, very successful.

Not to mention I also own a number of different Disc Jockey Service’s throughout the US.

But anyhow, as I was sitting there I see a older model Chevy Blazer pull up and one of the best looking women I have ever seen gets out. From where I was sitting she should have been in magazines. I figured she must be one of the workers at the restaurant and thought nothing of it as I got out and walked into the place. As I walked in I noticed right away the banners that said Welcome 1987 Memorial High Graduates, and the table with 2 people sitting at it with name tags to hand out.

I walked up and said hi, my name is Jon Anderson and I am a 1987 graduate. The girl sitting at the table says, ” Oh my god, Jon Anderson, look at you, have you changed over the years, you look great.” Then I recognized who it was that I was talking to, it was Julie, our senior year class president who I had many a wet dreams over throughout my HS years. But age hadn’t been very good to her, she was about 50 lbs heavier then HS and wore to much makeup to cover the wrinkles in her skin.

Maybe I should tell ya about me then, In HS I was 6′ tall and weighed about 180. I never had any real muscles and I wasn’t very athletic so as I stated before I wasn’t very popular in school. If I would have ever gotten the guts to actually ask Julie out I would have gotten laughed out of school. Now 15 years later I stand there in front of her, looking like I am Triple H’s brother. Along with the wealth I gotten, I also decided to do something about my looks, so I grew my hair long, and started hitting the gym 5 times a week.

That is one nice thing about being self-employed, ya have time to do these things. And living in Texas, I have a golden tan that makes me look even better. Needless to say, I am one of the most sought after bachelors in my town in Texas. I never married, I was always to busy trying to become rich to have time for a wife or a steady girlfriend. So I just had a fling here and there while I traveled the US starting up my DJ services. Now that they all are successful and my internet site is doing good, I just stay home and work with my horses and cattle.

So it must have came to a big surprise to Julie when she seen me. “Well,” I said, ” I do look a lot different then in HS, but you are looking good yourself”

She replied, ” Now Jon, quite trying to be nice, I know I look a lot different then HS, to many pounds on, but after 3 kids that happens”

“Now here is your name tag and go out and mingle with the others, so far the whole class has shown up, including your old pals Jeff and Bill and I hope to get a chance to talk to ya later to see what you have been up to all these years.”

So I took my name tag and went straight to the bar, cause I knew that I would find Jeff and Bill there. I walked up the them and they both were glad I could make it, as neither of them had seen me in about 5 yrs. We all just chatted on the phone and internet to keep up on each others lives. Jeff went to college and became a doctor, and Bill is a very sought after trial lawyer with a flawless record. His latest case netted him 10 million after he won it. One of those big tobacco company lawsuits. Again, neither of them ever married either, but Bill had his girlfriend with him. She looked like one of those beach bunny lifeguards, all tan, blond hair and green eyes, very pretty, but then ya never seen Bill with anything less either.

They had been dating for almost 3 yrs and from the way it sounded he may be the first of us 3 to get married, as he plans on asking her at Christmas time. As for Jeff, he was swinging solo like me. “So Jon, where is you’re date tonight” Jeff asks. I replied, “I was hoping to find one here.” We all laughed and of course Bill had to throw in, “Yea Right, he is just hoping that Mary shows up, we all know he had the hots for her all throughout our school years.” Mary, yes I did have the hots for her, She was güvenilir bahis the one girl that I did actually ask out to our Junior Prom and she of course turned me down, man that was a day to remember. She was dating the HS football teams quarterback at the time and of course he didn’t like the fact that unpopular me had asked her out, he wanted to kick my ass big time, but she wouldn’t let him and he left me alone.

He knew that he was with probably the best looking girl in our class and didn’t want to take the chance of losing her. Just the mention of her name had me looking for her, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. I remember how she looked in HS and figured she couldn’t have changed to much so I was looking for a 5’2″ blonde with green eyes and a nice petite little body. Jeff then says, “Jon, she is over there.” and points to the other end of the bar.

As I look to the other end of the bar there stands the girl I had seen get out of the Blazer out front as I was getting ready to come in. And sure enough her name tag says Mary Johnson. I was about floored, she had changed very little over the years. About the only major difference I could see is her hair was much longer and alot lighter then in HS. She noticed me staring and smiles, then my heart stopped as she flagged me over to her. I walked over to her while Jeff and Bill are both looking at me with smiles on their faces. As I get up to her I can see the star quarterback is sitting next to her and I think to myself, go ahead, try it, I am not the same little wimp I was in HS. But he didn’t he actually said Hi to me and excused himself as I sat down next to Mary. “Hello there sexy,” she says. “I can see that you have changed alot over the years.”

“Yep, and you haven’t except for the hair, you are still as beautiful as you were then,” I replied. “well thank you, but with my profession I have to keep looking good or I won’t be around for long.” she says. I ask. “And what is it that you do” She says, ” I am a model for many different magazine and video companys.” Of course bein the smartass I always was, I ask her”Magazine and video companys, you’re a porno model.” She laughs and says, :”Well sorta, ” they use my body and a differnent girls face”

“I do the ads for the phone sex companys and the covers of the Videos.” So being single and a advid porno colecter I start to wonder if I have ever seen her and she notices me thinking and says, ” No you probably have never seen me as the magazines and vids that I model for are only found in Europe.”

“And I never do nude shots, only as far down as a bra and panites.”

“And what does your husband think of that,” I ask her. “Well if I had one he would have to live with it as I make very good money and really enjoy what I do,” she replies. “Oh so you have never married” I say.

“Nope, and you” she asks me.

“Nope, been to busy trying to get rich to have time for a wife,” I reply. About this time the announcement that dinner will be starting came so we said our good byes and headed for the dining room. I sat with Jeff and Bill and we had a very enjoyable dinner, then we sat through different remember when slide shows and stuff and finally Julie gets up and announces what everyone is doing and where they are living at now. But she skips me.

I am wondering why when she says, “Jon Anderson, as none of us have been in contact with you nor knows what happened to ya after graduation could you please stand up and tell everyone what you are doing these days.”

So I get up and walk to the podium that they have set up and everyone that hadn’t seen me are all staring at me like, wow, what happen to the unpopular little geek we remember. The only thing that keeps going through my mind is “How Do You Like Me Now.”

I explain to everyone that I have many differnet Disc Jockey Services throughout the US and about my internet company. Then the star quarterback asks,” and the name of your Disc Jockey Services is.” I then tell them, JA’s Music On Wheels.

He then replies, “wow, no way, my little brother used them for his wedding and he lives in Kentucky.” I then explain to everyone that I have at least one service in each state of the US including Hawaii and Alaska. I hit the major cities in town, put out a ad looking for a business manager. Set up interviews, decide on who I am gonna hire, after a very long lengthy and through back ground check and they run all the business end of service for a very good salary and I just collect my fees.

Not one of my business managers have ever tried to screw me in any way, as they know that if they do they will see prison bars real fast. The legal binding contract that they sign türkçe bahis of course tells about how the law firm that Bill works for is my attorneys and that seems to stop them as it is a nationally known law firm. I then explain that now that my Disc Jockey Services are doing well and my internet date site is doing well I spend most of my time at my ranch in Texas raising horses and cattle.

Then the rest of the night we enjoy the band that was hired to play for our entertainment and everyone gets caught up on what they have been doing, I find out that almost half of my classmates used my Disc Jockey Services for their wedding, none of them ever knowing that I was the owner. While chatting with all the classmates that I never ever use to talk to I kept looking around for Mary, and whenever I would see her she had that stupid star quarterback right next to her, I kept thinking that they must be together yet after all these years, but we never got to find out what the others personal life was as dinner had started.

The next thing I knew it was time to go back to my hotel as the nights festivities were wearing down. So after my good byes to Jeff and Bill headed for my car. I was pretty tired after the 23 hour drive to WI from Texas so I planned on going back to my hotel for some sleep. As I was unlocking the door Mary comes up to me and asks me if I can give her a ride as Brad, the star quarterback wouldn’t leave her alone and she just wanted to disappear before he got out of the bathroom. I said sure, jump in and asked her about her blazer, she says, that old thing, that’s Brad’s. I then find out that she is staying in the same hotel I am so it makes things easier for both of us.

So I take her back to the hotel and. I am on the 3rd floor and she is on the 4th so we get on the elevator and right after the door closes she throws me up against the wall and starts to kiss me, and I do mean kiss, she slide her tongue into my mouth and I respond by kissing her and feeling her hand start to rub my crotch, and of course my dick responds by getting hard. I hear her sigh as I groan and see her eyes widen as I am very well endowed. 9 inches to be exact. The elevator then stops as we have came to my floor, the door opens and being so late the hallway is empty thank god, as my hard on is stick out far enough for a person to see from a mile away. Well, after the kiss that we shared invited her back to my room and she accepted. When we got to my room I asked her if she would like a drink, and she accepted so I made us both a drink.

I handed her a drink and she put it down, reached up took mine out of my hands then pushed me down on my back on the bed and said. “Now, just lay there and let me do this, as I have never been this forward in my life and I don’t know why I am now, but I am enjoying it so just lay back and watch.” I just smile at her and she looks at me as she starts to unbutton the blouse she is wearing. She slowly peels it off her shoulders and I notice that she is wearing a very lacy bra. Very sexy. she smiles as she starts to work on the zipper on her skirt and slides it slowly down her hips.

The panties she is wearing match the bra and they are a thong type. I start to take off my clothes and she stops me telling me that she will do it when she is done. So I just lay there and watch as she removes her bra. There in the flesh are the tits that I can remember so many years ago that I wanted naked and in front of me. I can feel the pre-cum in my underwear as my dick is so hard it is starting to hurt. She then starts to play with her nipples and make then hard asking me if I want to suck on them. I of course nod my head a big yes and she laughs and says, patience.

Now all she is wearing are her panties and her nylons that are only thigh high and held up with a garter belt. she un hooks the snaps and slowly slides the nylons down and off her legs, and man, do they look good. She then slides her garter off and slowly turns so I can see her ass. It has a nice little tat on it that says kiss this on it and I have to laugh as I can remember wanting to do that so many years ago. She then starts to slowly peel her panties down with her back to me she slides them off and then kicks them to me.

I catch them and slowly smell the crotch of them, which is soak and wet and so sweet smelling. I slowly lick the crotch of them and get a taste of her juices and it just fires me up even more. She then turns around and sits on the chair right next to the bed and spreads her legs so I can get a good look at her pussy. It is shaved smooth except for a tiny little tuff on top and then I get the biggest surprise of all. She has it pierced 3 times. I am güvenilir bahis siteleri just thinking, wow, she never seemed like the type. She then starts to slide her finger up and down the crack of her pussy and I just can’t take it anymore and I get up and lift her out of the chair and set her on the bed. She screams as I start to suck on her hard nipples and lick her all over her tits. I then kiss her hard shoving my tongue into her mouth and she kisses me back just as hard.

I start to lick down her neck and kiss and suck her neck working my way to her nipples again, then I start to tease her nipples and start to lick my way down her tummy. I then notice she has her belly button pierced and I start to lick the little ring that is in it and start to slide lower when she stops me and says not yet. She rolls me over and rips my shirt open, buttons fly every wear and she says,” Sorry, I will replace it.” I’m not worried as she starts to lick on my nipples while she undoes my pants. She sits up and takes my boots off then slides my pants off leaving me in just my briefs.

She sees the bulge in my briefs and just groans as she starts to kiss my cock through the material. She slides my briefs off of me reaches up and grabs my cock with her hand. She then looks me in the eye and slowly starts to lick my cock from my balls all the way up to the head. She takes the head of my cock into her mouth and starts to lightly suck it. She then starts to use her hand and starts to jack me off as she sucks my dick in her mouth. She gets about half of it into her mouth and I am happy with that as I have never had a girl that could take more then that anyhow.

Then she slides her mouth up so just the head is in her mouth and plunges back down taking the whole 9 inches into her mouth. I can’t believe that something so small can take me all the way and I tell her I am gonna cum if she keeps that up. She looks up at me and smiles and says” Do it, cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum and feel it sliding down my throat as I swallow it” She then proceeds to suck me into her mouth deep throating me and I yell, I’m cumming and she pulls up so just the head is in her mouth as I blast about 7 good shots into her mouth. She pulls her mouth off and jacks me off onto her face until I quit cumming.

She then looks at me and smiles as I see her throat move as she swallows what she has in her mouth. She then wipes her face with her hands, licking the cum off of them and moaning and saying it tastes so good. I then reach down and flip her over and before she can stop me I push my tongue into her pussy. Her juices taste so good, I start to lick her pussy from top to bottom, staying away from her clit. I lightly flick my tongue over her piercings which makes her jump and quiver. She says. make me cum, please, don’ tease me, so I suck on her clit and start to finger her pussy. man is she tight.

But she is so wet I can easily slide 2 fingers into her and she starts to move her hips, fucking my fingers as I eat her wet pussy. She then starts to quiver as I suck her clit then all of a sudden she screams, I’m Cummmmming, please don’t stop, I’m cummmming so hard. I lick up every drop that comes out of her, which is a lot, as she is a squirter. Then before she is even down from that cumm, I slide up and slide my cock deep into her. Sliding it in and out until I could get the whole 9 inches in her. As I fuck her I am looking into those beautiful eyes of hers and she is smiling at me. then she rolls us over so she is on top and starts to ride my cock hard and fast.

She reaches down and plays with her clit as she rides me saying that it feels so good. She rides me for about 10 minutes then looks at me and say, fuck me from behind, do me doggy style. So I roll her over and pull out as she gets on her hands and knees. I then slide into her from behind and start to fuck her. She is crying out for me to go faster and I start to fuck her faster and faster.

After about 5 minutes of steady fucking, and she has came at least 4 times that I can tell, I can feel that feeling of my balls about to explode when I tell her that I am gonna cum she pulls me out of her and spins around taking me into her mouth. I fire my load down her throat and watch as she swallow it all. She then looks up at me and says” Believe it or not, that is the first time that I have ever swallowed a mans cum.. And that she has never came so hard and so many times.

She then says, If I had know you were this big and this good I would have started on ya back in HS. With a smile on her face she then sucks my cock again, cleaning my cum and her juices off the tables. And I am thinking of how I can get her to the shower so I can clean her and start all over…

This is my very first attempt at writing so let me know how it looks and if I should continue with the story. Please be honest as I can’t become a good writer without criticism.

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