A Cops Day Out.. And In.

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The taste of Honey!

She was a tall, skinny, blonde, with an amazing body and bright green eyes. Her name was Honey. She always got what she wanted in life.

She was traveling down the highway, riding fast, not caring where she was going, just wanting to get away from her past. She didn’t care about who was in the way and had no concerns about making any stops along the way till she felt like she was home again.

She crossed through a few cities in Florida when she seen the lights flashing in her rearview mirror and debated if she wanted to actually pull over and be a law abiding citizen or if she wanted the vacation locked up away from all men.

She chooses to do the right thing and pulled over. Since it was a male cop; Officer Davis, he caught a glimpse of her in the driver side mirror he chose not to call for back up and would handle it himself since Honey was only speeding.

As he stepped out of his car and headed over to her he didn’t get a good look at her breathtaking beauty until he walked up to her window. It took him a minute to gather his thoughts and find his words, as he felt warmth fill his groin. He then asked her for her license and registration. Tears falling from her eyes knowing she would once again owe more money.

She reached into the glove box and grabbed her papers and then reached into her purse and grabbed her license, handing them to Officer Davis, trying to smile at him but not being successful.

Instead of running her information he asks her to step out of the car, she does as she is asked. He then asks her why she is crying. She then just breaks down and tells him about how she was abused in every way possible and how much money she owes, and before he could tell her he only had intensions of giving her a warning and was going to let her be on her way, Honey then tells Officer Davis she is willing to do what ever he wants to get out of owning more money.

He sees that she is vulnerable and that Honey has amazingly long tan legs that look delicious with the stilettos she is wearing with a tight and very short red dress, and her breasts look like they could be a C cup. She then looks at his left hand and sees there is no ring, and smiles a sexy smile at him and says, “you might want to call for back up, Officer”. He handcuffs her and tells her he’s going to take her down, as he takes in her lusciousness one more time and turns her around and Davis looks around to see if any cars are looking and since it is dark and early in the wee hours of the morning no cars are into what is going on, on the side of the road, they all just slow down and abide by the speed limit he grabs a big handful of her ass and reaches his other hand to her pussy, as he feels his self growing he knows he needs to get her somewhere quick.

He grabs her arm and leads her to his car illegal bahis and puts her in the back seat, asks her if she needs him to lock up the car, and he does since the keys are in the ignition. Goes back to his car and gets in, he looks down and to his surprise he is hard as a rock, embarrassed a little bit incase some one seen but so ready to find a spot.

He reaches down and gets his radio and says I need some backup, I am requesting Officer Casey, and Kline only, “I’m on the south end of i95 near the bridge”. They confirm and head over, when they get there they get out of their vehicles and ask Davis what is going on, and to Honey’s surprise both officers are gorgeous, Officer Casey looks similar to her and Officer Kline has a ring on but is captivated as he peeks into the window to look at what Officer Davis has just “captured”.

Davis explains what was going on and what Honey has told him. They all agree to punish her for her “crime”. They all get in their cars and follow Davis to the side of the highway that seems to be empty and has a car or truck trail going deep into it. The three officers look around and see that there are no cars coming and decide to take the chance without going detected. Swiftly, they pull down the long driveway until they feel they are out of the public’s eye, stop and all get out. Davis gets up to the passenger door and asks Honey if she is still up for escaping trouble, she says she is beyond ready. He gently pulls her out and decides to keep the cuffs on her for a little while longer.

As Honey gets out of the squad car Officers Casey and Kline’s jaws drop because they get a full view of how gorgeous Honey is. They walk over to her and start to rub on her, as Casey kisses slowly on Honey’s neck while Kline occupies her tits by sucking a biting on them. Honey lets out a huge moan, and looks ahead to see Davis already has his pants down and is rubbing his Cock.

He comes closer to Honey and asks her what she wants; she looks at him with her big green eyes, and says I don’t know you tell me. He gives the a look to Casey and Kline and they back off, he reaches toward her body to feel every inch of her, and she doesn’t budge until she feels his hand slide down from her breast over her stomach to her pussy that was hot and wet for being teased by the three officers in uniform that were gorgeous in every way. He pulls her panties to the side and rubs her swollen mound, and decides its time to take the cuffs off and put them to the front after all she is a criminal, he then picks her up with little effort and lays her on the hood of his car, and the warmth of it makes her moan a little bit more while Davis eats her pussy, and is a complete pro at it.

She looks over at Casey and Klein and they have already started to undress. As Klein grabs Casey and she gets on him and he puts her on illegal bahis siteleri the trunk of the squad car, and yanks her pants off and slowly kisses her thighs and works his way up to her swollen, wet, mound and sucks till Casey lets out he biggest sigh and grabs Klein’s head and pulls his hair, which excites Klein more and be grabs himself and start to beat his meat while quickly glancing over at Honey and Davis.

Davis has pulled Honey down and bends her over the hood of the car and spreads her legs and with out even taking his pants all the way off he whips out his huge cock and lubes it and slowly and easily slips it into Honey’s tight, wet, swollen pussy, when he gets just halfway in Honey lets out a huge scream, that makes Davis go in further with pleasure! Casey gets jealous, with seeing how Honey is getting hammered, since Davis isn’t taking it easy on her and decides to get up and run across the top of the car sits down in front of Honey and grabs her head and shoves her pussy in her face.

Honey willingly takes Casey’s swollen clit into her mouth and flicks it with her tongue and lets out another sigh but continues to do as she was told all while Klein begs Davis to take his place. Davis doesn’t want to give up that sweet pussy even for a moment, but moves out of the way to watch Honey eat Casey’s beautiful pussy and starts to beat his meat, when he looks back at what Klein is doing and he lubes up and grabs Honey’s ass cheek and pulls it outward and with out any warning plunges his dick into Honeys extremely tight ass!

Honey lets out an even bigger scream but it get muffled half way through as Davis grabs her mouth and tells her to shut up, or they would get caught. She grabs his hand and puts it on Casey’s pussy and watches as Davis pulls Casey down and he enters her and also starts to pound the hell out of her too and Casey is moaning and grunting with pure pleasure from how swollen and excited she is.

Honey asks if the cuffs can come off and Klein takes them off and not a second after the last one fell from her dainty wrists Honey drops to her knees and deep throats Klein and gags, which makes Klein grab her head and hold it for a minute, knowing that his dick was completely out of sight and down her throat was amazing which made his heart pound even faster and made his dick feel like it was about to explode!

He finally releases and she continues her sucking and wiggling her tongue up and down his shaft and sucking hard when she gets to the head of his dick. Honey was watching that Davis was pounding Casey and tells them that she is going to take charge now and tells Davis to lay on his back on the hood, he does what he is told and she gets on him and he enters her ass again and his eyes roll back, he knows he is so close and cant hold on much longer.

Honey then grabs Casey’s canlı bahis siteleri head tells her to eat her pussy! Casey hasn’t ever been into oral for women, but knowing that the juices from the men were there she ate her pussy like her life depended on it, and sucked, nibbled and tongued her wet sweet pussy and didn’t want to stop but was made to when Honey just tensed up and her juices just flooded Casey’s mouth, just them Davis stopped fucking Casey and helped with the clean up of Honey’s sweet cream, after, Davis was told to get on the hood too and Honey told him to fuck her pussy while Klein was in her ass.

He thrusts into her hot mound and it’s even tighter with Klein in her ass. They both just start pounding the hell out of her, while Casey is getting fingered by Honey and releases her cream all over Honey’s hand and she lifts up her hand and sucks everything off of her fingers and wants to see Casey get fucked up the ass by Klein because she never had it done and after they do some rearranging Casey is on all fours with Klein teasing the hell out of her ass, going in and pulling out fast and waiting a minute to see how big he just made her asshole then thrusting his big cock into her ass again and continues on until he felt the urge coming on and asks Honey where they wanted it, and she said come in her ass!

Not even two minutes later Casey lets out a big scream and Klein pulses as his cum fills her ass and squirts out of her tight ass, and with the pulsing of Klein cock she sees Honey looking at her and says, “come here I want to fill your mouth”, Honey leans under Casey and she squirts all over her face and Honey is beyond turned on and sucks Caseys pussy dry from her sweet, tasty juices.

Casey starts to play with Davis’ balls licking them and sucking on them while he slowly thrusts in and out of Honey, Klein isn’t done yet so he takes Honey’s hard nipples into his mouth and her back arches with pleasure, and she cums all over Davis’ cock, and Casey pulls Davis away to lick and suck the cream that just came out of Honey, but is surprised when Davis pushes Casey’s head down and she takes his dick into her mouth then throat, and then explodes his wad into the back of her throat and Casey swallows every bit of it!

Klein face fucks Honey until he feels his load coming on again, and grabs Honey head with both hands and shoves his cock deep into her throat and releases his cum into the back of her throat and she too takes in every drop and sucks hard to make sure he is completely drained. They all just climb up in the hood of the squad car and try to catch their breaths while they look at each others pounding chests and smile and laugh.

While they were all getting dresses and cleaned up the best that they could they look back at Honey and ask when they can all see her again, they loved the taste of Honey, and need more, she shrugs and says, “Look for the red Mustang speeding on the highway with the hot piece of ass in it, because I am moving here.”

She thought to herself on the drive back to her car, I have found home again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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