A Costumed Hookup

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My name is Cassandra and this is my Halloween story. It was last year on October 31st and I was doing what I always did, dressing up in as slutty a costume as I could find and going to a party to find someone to fuck.

I should explain, you see for me there is nothing that turns me on more than fucking in costume. I love to roleplay and Halloween is the best time for me to that.

Now most Halloween nights my desire is satisfied but this party was unlike any other.

My night started off like every year, with me sliding on the costume I had picked out for myself. This year it was a sexy spider girl. The costume consisted of thigh high white latex boots, silver satin gloves and a small black eye mask. The main part of the costume was a form-fitting black latex mini-dress which had my breast nearly bursting out of it, showing the maximum amount of cleavage.

Once I was satisfied with the general sluttiness of my outfit it was time to head out to the party.

It started out like most parties do with small talk and mingling I of course was scouting for any potential fuck partners.

There were a lot of good choices, a roman emperor, batman, a lumberjack and a surprisingly sexy looking wookie, but through all those I couldn’t find one that I liked. It was then that I settled on Dracula. He had on a classic costume with the slicked back hair and the cape but his shirt was skin tight showing off his gorgeous body.

I slowly sidled over to him.

“Hey sexy, see anybody you want to suck on tonight?”

He gave me a sly little smile.

“I think I’m seeing one right now.”

Right then I knew I had him hooked. It was time to seal the deal.

“Well then how about we find somewhere quiet and you can get to work.”

I grabbed him by the arm and led him up the staircase to one canlı bahis şirketleri of the bedrooms. As he turned to close the door I grabbed him around the neck and started kissing him with as much passion as I could muster.

He pulled away, “Damn Spider-Girl you really get right into it.”

“That’s right Dracula now I suggest you get ready because I’m going to suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.”

“I like the sound of that.”

As I slowly went down on my knees he began to undo his cape, I could certainly not have him doing that.

“What do you think you’re doing.”

“Getting undressed what does it look like.”

“I want you to keep it on, it’s making me really wet.”

After that he shut up and took his hands away from his collar.

With the distraction out of the way I busied myself with what I was doing. I moved my hands to his waist and slowly pulled down his pants revealing a big throbbing cock.

“Ooo, Dracula I can see you’re ready for action.”

I took his dick in my hand and began stroking it. Up and down, up and down.

“You want me to suck it? You want me to suck your vampire cock?”

He moaned in agreement and I slowly took his cock into my mouth. As I bobbed up and down on his rock hard member I could hear his groans of satisfaction.

“Oh, Spider-Girl you suck an amazing cock.”

I took my mouth off of his cock and began to stroke it again.

“You like this, you like it when I suck your cock?”

“Oh god yes, keep going don’t stop.”

“Are you gonna cum all over my face?”

“Oh fuck yes, this is so fucking hot.”

He grabbed my head and started pushing me up and down on his cock.

“Oh fuck, suck my cock, take it all.”

He kept sliding his cock in and out, fucking my mouth.

“Oh canlı kaçak iddaa shit, I’m gonna cum this is so fucking hot.”

I quickly pulled my mouth away.

“You think you can cum without giving me a proper fucking? I don’t think so.”

I moved over to the bed and spread my legs.

“Now Dracula come over here and show me if you can lick my pussy through those fangs.”

He quickly moved over to the bed and dropped between my legs. I was already incredibly fucking wet, the costumes were turning me on like never before.

“Alright Spider-Girl let me show you how a vampire licks pussy.”

He began to slowly tickle my clit with his tongue as he ran his fingers in and out of my pussy.

“Fuck yes, oh fuck that feels so fucking good, right there keep doing that.”

He started to suck on my clit as he moved his fingers faster and faster in and out of my dripping wet cunt.

“Oh shit, that’s amazing”

I could feel my orgasm building.


I could feel the waves of pleasure wash over me same all over his waiting finger and tongue.

“Well well Spider-Girl your pussy juice tastes delicious.”

“Fuck that was amazing but you aren’t even close to finished yet.”

“Oh really.”

“That’s right vampire I want you to take that big cock and fuck me with it as hard as you can.”

That was exactly was he was waiting to hear and he took his cock in his hand, slowly sliding it into my pussy. His cock felt massive inside of me.

“Fuck, your cock is so big.”

He began slowly sliding in and out of my pussy using his finger to tickle my clit as he fucked.

“Oh shit, keep doing that, right there, oh god this feels so fucking good.”

He started to slide his cock faster and faster.

“Oh god, fuck me harder, canlı kaçak bahis fuck me as hard as you can.”

His cock felt so good as he continued pumping faster. The combination of his cock fucking me and his fingers playing with my clit was causing an orgasm to build again.

“Oh fuck, your big cock is going to make me cum.”

He kept sliding his cock in and out.

“Fuck yes, don’t stop, right there”

I felt the orgasm explode through my entire body.


It was the best orgasm I had ever experienced, my whole body was racked with pleasure.

“Of fuck Dracula, you made me cum so hard.”

I could feel his cock still sliding in and out.

“Ooo, I think the vampire is about to shoot his load.”

He moaned his satisfaction as he continued to fuck me fast and hard.

“Well let me get on my knees so I can taste that delicious vampire cum.”

He nodded quickly and pulled as got to my knees.

I took his cock in hand and began to stroke it, slowly getting faster.

“Do you want to cum all over my pretty face?”

His moans were getting louder.

“Are you gonna shoot your big hot load right into my mouth.”

I could see it was getting hard for him not to cum.

“Well then Dracula I want you to cum right into my mouth let me taste that big hot load.”

His cock began to jerk as spurt after spurt of cum shot into my waiting mouth.

“Oh fuck, fuck. Oh god, keep stroking.”

I kept stroking his cock as I swallowed his cum tasting the warm load as it rolled down my throat.

“Mmm, Dracula you do make for a good fuck.”

“You’re not so bad yourself Spider-Girl, although I have to ask, now that we’ve fucked, what’s your name.”

“A superhero never reveals her identity, everyone knows that.”

And with that I left him standing there with his cock hanging out in the bedroom. After freshening up I went back to the party, safe in the knowledge that I had had my costumed fuck for this year. And without a doubt it was the best year yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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