A Happy Accident

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Note: the plot moves quickly because I am impatient and can’t be bothered to write too much buildup, as I also have a short attention span and will give up if it takes too long. This is true of all my stories. Secondary note: Both characters are virgins, despite it never being explicitly stated.


Every Friday, Jake slept over at his best friend Mark’s house. Mark, Jake, and Mark’s twin sister Jamie would stay up late playing video games and eating more junk food than their stomachs could bear. This tradition had started when Mark and Jamie got a GameCube for Christmas in fifth grade, and many fights broke out between the boys when they played Mario Party. As time went on, consoles were upgraded, games got more violent, and so did the fights. Jamie, despite being just as good as (if not better than) the boys, was always the peacekeeper. She helped them to keep their heads on straight, reminding them that they were best friends, and if they killed each other, eventually they might regret it.

In their senior year of high school, one thing about this tradition was different. Jamie had always been into gymnastics, and in her junior year, she had made the varsity girl’s team. This meant hours of practice after school most days, including Fridays. This left the boys without a mediator – but they somehow managed not to murder each other.

When they were young, Jake had always had a thing for Jamie. Maybe it was because she was the only girl he was consistently interacting with, but this trend hadn’t changed with time. At eighteen, she had long, beautiful dark hair, a slim figure from gymnastics, and the most perfect ass he had ever seen. Jake spent more time than he’d like to admit staring at her ass. He tried to never be creepy about it, knowing how terrifying it was for girls to be catcalled or otherwise objectified, but he did take advantage of any moment he got to discreetly admire her body.

Being athletic, she wore a lot of tight yoga pants and loose fitting t-shirts. This fueled Jake’s fantasy that she mostly wore thongs – because he could never see a panty line when he watched her walk. However, Jamie wasn’t interested in dating, and Jake wasn’t interested in getting his ass kicked by Mark if he slept with his sister.

Tonight, Jake and Mark were playing video games when Jamie walked in around eight-thirty.

“Hey guys.” She called out, making her way through the living room.

“Hey…” the boys responded automatically.

“I’m going upstairs to take a shower.” She said.

“Okay.” The boys answered, not even registering what she was saying. With that, she disappeared up the stairs.

Earlier in the evening, Jake had drank three cans of cola consecutively – and was feeling it. He paused the game.

“I need to piss.” He declared.

“Okay. I’ll make more popcorn.” Mark offered.

The boys stood and stretched, then walked away. When Jake reached the bathroom and opened the door, he was greeted by Jamie’s bare ass, as she was bending over to take off her socks. They both jumped when the door opened, and Jamie tried to cover herself with her hands.

“What the hell are you doing, Jake?!” She shouted angrily. Jake covered his eyes with his hands and turned around.

“I’m so, so sorry Jamie! I didn’t know you were in here!”

“I told you guys I was taking a shower!”

“We weren’t listening!” He pleaded. He heard Jamie sigh behind him.

“Just… get out. Don’t tell Mark about this, he wouldn’t let either one of us ever forget it. I’ll be out in twenty minutes.”

“Okay. Again, Jamie, I’m really sorry.”

“I forgive you. Now, fuck off.” She joked, closing the door behind him. Suddenly, he realized that he didn’t have to pee anymore.

Jake shuffled back downstairs to the living room and threw a blanket over himself to hide his erection. Mark came back in with another bowl of fresh popcorn and two more sodas. Wordlessly, they resumed their game.

Jake couldn’t concentrate. His mind kept wandering back to Jamie standing there, bent over. He had imagined her like that more than a few times – and those few seconds he got to see it for real only worsened his lust. He wanted to see more. He kept wondering wondering what it would be like to have her bent over like that, his hands on her hips, that perfect ass slapping against his pelvis… he tried to physically shake that last errant thought from his mind. Mark would kill him if he knew Jake was fantasizing about his twin sister, especially in such a dirty fantasy.

Twenty minutes of fantasizing later, Jake had gotten soft enough to use the bathroom again. He excused himself and went upstairs, half-hoping that Jamie would still be drying off after her shower. Sadly, she was already in her bedroom.

On his way back downstairs, he nearly crashed into Jamie. Jake took a step back and motioned for her to go down first. She smiled. Jamie had changed into a pair of sweatpants that hung nicely on her frame, a blue sports bra, and she had a towel wrapped güvenilir bahis around her hair. Jake admired the way her sweats hung over the top of her ass and the swing of her hips as she walked.

Feeling his cock harden, he mentally chastised himself for staring. Once in the living room, she stopped for a moment.

“Mark, where are Mom and Dad?” She asked.

“They’re at a party for one of dad’s work friends who’s retiring. They probably won’t come home ’till real late.”

Jamie nodded and went into the kitchen. Jake and Mark went back to playing. Soon after, Jamie came out of the kitchen with a bowl of macaroni and cheese. She sat down on the floor next to Jake.

“Share your blanket?” She asked. Jake nodded, looking at her from the side as he played the game. She pulled part of the blanket over her legs, inching closer to him in the process. Jake was slightly confused how she was acting like nothing had happened. In fact, she was being friendlier to him than usual.

Suddenly, the game paused – but it was Mark who did it this time.

“Hey, JJ, want to play Mario Party?” Mark asked his sister.

“Just like old times?”

“Just like old times.”

“You down, Jake?” Jamie asked. Jake nodded. Mark moved to set up the game.

Even though consoles evolved, nostalgia had dictated that the original GameCube that brought them together would stay in the house, and therefore so did the original Mario Party game.

Jamie wolfed down about half her dinner, anticipating that she would be so involved in the game that she wouldn’t have time to eat. She was entirely correct. The game started off friendly, with little enough action to reminisce on old game sessions, but quickly grew more competitive. They elbowed and jostled each other, trying to throw the other off during minigames, they trash-talked, and swore vengeance for every grievance.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Jake warned.

“Hand it over, motherfucker!” Jamie yelled, taking one of his stars. Jake screamed in frustration, turning to her and wrestling her to the ground. Jamie struggled, laughing and egging him on. Suddenly they both stopped laughing, and as Jake held her wrists, he began to get aroused. He had fooled around with a few girls previously, but he hadn’t felt anything like how he felt now, pinning her down, holding her wrists over her head while she smiled up at him, challenging him. It was only a brief second that they made eye contact, but Jake suspected they both felt something in that moment. Not wanting to raise suspicion, he quickly played it off by getting off of her and giving her a warning.

“Do that again and I’m tickling you until you piss.”

“Is that a promise?”

“That’s a threat! Don’t fuck with my stars!”

“Can we get back to the game, now?” Mark asked, wiping tears out of his eyes from laughter. They started to play again, with similar conflicts arising, but none as sexually charged. They finished the game with Jamie in the lead – thanks mostly to the star she had stolen from Jake – and the boys trailing behind her. She held her victory over them until she was satisfied, and decided to go upstairs. The boys were just getting ready to sleep when Mark’s parents walked through the front door. They were both quite obviously drunk, and stumbled through the first floor to their bedroom, lazily waving at the boys and slurring good night wishes. The boys lay down next to each other on the floor, getting ready to sleep.

“Hey.” Mark said.

“What?” Jake replied.

“What do you think of my sister?”

“Um…” Jake stuttered.

“Look bro, I’m just saying. I think she likes you, and even though it’s none of my business who she decides to date, I think you guys would be good together.”

An awkward silence fell over the two as Jake contemplated what Mark had said, somewhat stunned. Ever since they’d been friends, Mark had been fiercely protective of his sister; not that she’d needed it. In the eighth grade, when some disgusting pig had groped her in the hallway, she punched him so hard his front tooth had chipped. For this stunt, she had earned a full week of lunch detentions and, in the fashion of American public schools, the pervert had gotten off scot-free. However, that day after school, Mark got revenge behind the school’s dumpsters; leaving the pervert with a black eye and a bloody nose.

The awkward silence was broken by a snore coming from Mark. Evidently, it hadn’t taken him long to fall asleep after getting this news off his chest. Jake, on the other hand, had far too many wheels turning in his head to fall asleep. Had Mark just given him permission to go for it? Obviously he had no real power to give permission for such a thing, but he knew that one of them needed a nudge, or they’d be stuck in the awkward flirting phase until they graduated. He wondered if she was lying awake in her bed, anticipation turning her stomach into knots just like his, wondering if anything was going to happen tonight.

Without thinking, he rose türkçe bahis from the floor and padded slowly up the stairs. The hallway seemed to stretch on forever, and the few minutes that it took to get to Jamie’s room were the longest of his life. He finally got there, and knocked gently on her door. It pushed open at his touch, and he saw Jamie’s face illuminated by the soft glow of her laptop screen. She looked up when he entered, and froze like a deer in headlights.

“Hey.” He whispered weakly.

“Hey.” She breathed back.

“I, um… I can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

“Do you mind if I…?” his question trailed off.

“Sure.” She scooched over and patted the spot next to her on the bed.

This felt almost like a violation to Jake. This was her bed, the place where she slept, relaxed and… other things. He wondered if he was the first boy – beside her brother – to occupy this spot. As he crossed his legs, he glanced sideways at Jamie. She was still wearing the sweatpants and sports bra; her hair was still slightly damp from the shower, and hung about her face in mostly her regular style. Her eyelids were heavy with the sort of drowsiness that made it hard to concentrate on things, but didn’t induce sleep. As he looked her over, he realized he had no idea what to say.

“Um… so… how was gymnastics?” He asked weakly.

“I worked up quite a sweat, as you noticed.” Jamie teased. Jake began to blush slightly. He stammered, trying to figure out how to reply, when Jamie continued.

“But I know of a few things that would make me sweat more.” She said suggestively. Jake’s face turned a deeper shade of red, despite the fact that a lot of blood was now traveling to another area of his body.

Jamie snuck a peek at his lap, and her mouth curled into a smile when she saw the result of her flirting. She had never been so turned on as when Jake had her pinned on the floor, and she was determined to feel that way again. She tossed her hair over one shoulder, and batted her eyelashes at him. Jake wanted to touch her in some way, any way, even just by one finger, but found himself strangely immobilized. All he could do was stare at her with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

They sat awkwardly in that sexual tension for a minute or two. Running through Jake’s mind were all the images he’d seen in his head, all the times he had had the creeping thought of ‘what if’ that was now being realized, and he was doing nothing about it. His reaction was making Jamie lose confidence, but she took her last scrap of courage and used it to push Jake’s jaw back up, and kiss him hard.

He stayed frozen for a split second, and then moaned and began to kiss her back when he realized just how good it felt to kiss her. In his passion, he suddenly regained control of his body, and reached up to tangle her hair in his fingers, pulling her closer to him. Her tongue grazed the part of his lips, and he pinched it delicately between his teeth. She moaned and pushed her body closer to his.

They maneuvered so that Jamie was sitting in Jake’s lap, her legs folded back with her ass resting on her heels. Jake could feel the warmth of her body against his, her breasts crushed against his chest, heaving as she breathed heavily. His cock was almost fully hard now, and Jamie could feel it pressed against her thigh. She twisted her body slightly so that her pussy rested on it, and began to grind on him. Jake moaned again when he felt the friction this created, and threw his head back.

Jamie planted her mouth at the spot where his shoulders and neck met, licking and sucking on it while she grinded on him faster and faster. The sensory overload was becoming too much for Jake, and if he didn’t take control of the situation, he might have cum then just from the sheer thought of his wildest fantasies coming true. He grabbed her arms by the wrists and pushed down suddenly, holding her on the bed in the same position they’d been in just a few hours earlier. He could see the fire in Jamie’s eyes as she grinned up at him.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked very seriously.

“Jake, I really, really want you to fuck me.”

Her verbal consent shattered any doubts that were lingering in his mind. He let her sit up just enough so that he could pull her sports bra over her head. With her chest free, he gently pushed her back down and cupped each breast with one hand. He played with them, feeling their weight and the soft jiggle that happened when he lifted one and then let it fall. Then he spread his palms over her nipples, trapping each breast in his hands, and squeezed. Jamie giggled at his fascination with her tits.

Jake circled his thumbs around her areolas, drawing her nipples to a point. Next, he planted his hands on either side of her and lowered his head to her chest. He grazed each nipple with his tongue, and then trapped one between his teeth and tugged on it. Jamie moaned and her hips thrust up involuntarily. He continued to play with her nipples until she was writhing güvenilir bahis siteleri beneath him, desperate for him to pay attention to her clit. He lifted his head and looked her in the eyes.

Jamie took this pause as an opportunity to push him down and return the favor. At this point, his cock was absolutely straining the fabric of his boxers and pajama pants. Jamie grabbed his t-shirt at the hem and pulled it off over his head. She kissed a trail down his body, starting at his mouth, traveling down his throat, then chest, and stomach until she reached the waistband of his pajama pants. Here, she paused, grabbed the hem, and pulled off his pants and boxers in one go. His cock stood straight up, and without warning, Jamie leaned down and dragged her tongue from the base to the tip.

Jake had been blown before, by a few girls at parties who were feeling frisky, but this felt so much more amazing than those drunken experiments in the backseat of his car: however, that could have something to do with the fact that both parties were, in this instance, completely sober.

Jamie swirled her tongue on the tip over and over. She covered the underside with her tongue and dragged it back to the top and repeated with the other side before sinking the whole thing into her mouth. Well, not quite the whole thing. She wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and began to bob her head up and down. She slowly worked her way down, bit by bit, until the tip was hitting the back of her throat, and her mouth was busy working on his shaft. She tried to go deeper, but gagged especially hard, and Jake pulled her off of his cock.

He turned her over on the bed and made her rest on her knees so that her ass and pussy were turned to him. He teased her clit with his index finger, then gently pushed his finger into her pussy opening. She moaned feeling the invasion of his finger, notably thicker than her own, pumping in and out of her. With his other hand, Jake lightly slapped one of her ass cheeks, and she cried out in pleasure as quietly as she could manage. Jake added a second finger and continued to smack her ass. The stinging of his spanking combined with the pleasure of being fingered was intoxicating for Jamie. She began to grind against his hand and begged to be fucked. She looked over her shoulder at him.

“Jake, please stop teasing me! Fuck me!” She demanded. Jake slapped her ass one more time, harder than before, and pulled gently on her chin to look her in the eyes.

“Where does your brother keep his condoms?” Jamie smiled and sat up, opening the drawer on her bedside table.

“I have my own stash.” She pulled a box of condoms out and retrieved a foil wrapper from inside. She tore the corner off the square and peeled it open.

Jamie was suddenly glad that she remembered at least something from sophomore year health class. She pinched the top of the condom and rolled it down his shaft with her free hand. With the condom on, Jake flipped her again and grabbed her roughly by the hips.

He lined up his cock with her pussy, and slowly pushed his way inside. He was met with slight resistance from her body, and he gently rocked back and forth until she was able to take the whole thickness without pain. As soon as she was stretched out enough, he was finished being gentle. He moved his hands to her shoulders and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk straight.” Jamie moaned and pushed against him, trying to drive his cock further into her. He straightened his back and grabbed her hips again. He simultaneously moved her body away from his and pulled his cock out until just the tip was inside, then thrust his hips forward and pulled her onto him to slam his cock all the way in.

Jamie buried her face in the bedding to muffle her screams and let him pound into her, to the point where she couldn’t tell where one stroke ended and the other began. Jake was fucking her mercilessly, not letting up for one second. He couldn’t believe how tight she felt around him, how warm and how satisfying it was to hear her muffled groaning as he rammed his cock into her tight pussy.

He was starting to feel the strain in his thighs from this position, and he pulled out completely. Jamie looked back to find out why he had stopped fucking her when he sat down against the wall, grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her to him.

“Ride me.” He whispered, practically ordering her to do it. Jamie straddled his lap and grabbed his cock, guiding herself down onto him. She moaned at the sensation of being filled again, this new angle allowing her to feel different sorts of pleasure. She placed one hand on either of his shoulders and began to bounce on his cock. She panted as she pushed herself further and further down on his shaft, letting his thickness stretch her to the limit. He wrapped his arms around her waist and helped by thrusting his hips lightly.

His cock was stretching her to the limit, threatening to split her in half. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Jake unwrapped one arm from her waist and slapped her ass again. Jamie bit into his shoulder to keep from crying out. She paused just long enough to nip at his earlobe and whisper to him.

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