A Japanese Adventure Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Yokubo

Mistress Su glared at the intruder and snapped. “You’re late! Where have you been?”

The visitor shrugged. They were dressed like me but the person inside that suit was a woman! I could see that she was also plugged. Only her eyes, large, dark, and beautiful were visible. She was so small, so slender, and so petite. Her shimmering suit highlighted the graceful curves of her tiny figure and full breasts. My cock pulsed with excitement. Mistress Su noticed my reaction.

“Your body is attuned to the sight of an attractive woman. That response will become more pronounced in time. Your challenge will be controlling and harnessing that energy and use it to please, rather than lusting after you will never take for your own.”

“Come,” she called to the woman.

Mistress Su stepped between us and released my cock from her grip. “Undress her, Nameru. Prostrate yourself in a position of instructional worship when you are through. Even though she is a slave, she is a woman and therefore above you.”

I looked at the slender curves of this latex goddess. She had a sensuous figure that appealed to my carnal side. Even through her suit, I saw the pebbled nubs atop heavy breasts yearning for freedom. I had always been a breast guy and this woman, whoever she was, had fabulous tits. Still, I felt confused. I thought only guys were lassoed into slavery. Why her? Weren’t all of those latex slaves I saw at the club subdued men? Why now this woman?

After removing her mouth covering I pulled free a humongous phallus. It was at least 6-inches long and as thick or thicker than the one I sucked. Her head covering came off easily. I watched her shake free straight dark hair that ran partway down her back. She was Asian, probably Japanese, but because of my ignorance, every Asian woman looked Japanese. Regardless of where she came from, she was beautiful! Large dark eyes and pronounced cheekbones that tapered gracefully to full lips made for an exotic, even tantalizing sight. I tried to not dwell on her beauty but couldn’t. This woman captivated my attention. My cock twitched. After unzipping her bodysuit I pulled her arms and legs free of the form-fitting material. I gawked at her small body and large breasts. Hers was a size or two larger than Mistress Su’s relatively small mounds. She was stunning but so young. She couldn’t be more than 25.

I knelt. Mistress Su spoke. “Open girl. Let him worship your pussy.”

The girl parted her legs. I moved between and planted my plugged mouth against her sex. The latex covering pressed against the woman’s black nest. I wished I was free to feel her jewel and taste what she had to offer. My lips and tongue remained deprived but my nose inhaled her arousal. My cock jutted upward. I was certain Mistress Su saw it jump. She was sitting right in front of the girl and could see everything.

The two of us stood and knelt motionless for many minutes. I wondered if Mistress Su was enjoying the sight of one slave paying homage to the other. In time, Mistress had the girl step away and remove my covering and plug.

“Lick her feet, Nameru,” Su snapped. “Worship one leg until I say otherwise.” Thoughts of Rio and Ling returned. Mistress Su instructed me where she wanted me to lick. While I did, the regal woman stood strong and motionless. The room became almost unbearably silent. The only sound came from me swallowing or slathering more saliva onto the creamy skin of this picturesque Asian beauty.

Mistress Su commanded me to lick up and down all sides of her legs. “Lick her feet. Suck on her toes. Lick higher. Lick her calf. Lick her thigh. Get your tongue up to the bottom of her ass when you lick up there.”

In time she guided me from one body area to another. This girl was delicious and the chance to spend so much time worshipping her was indeed a treat. While Mistress sent my mouth from one place to another. I realized she was talking in short sentences rather than with single words. My language recognition skills were growing!

When I was finally permitted to lick her hidden treasure, I could already smell the girl’s readiness. Droplets of moisture sparkled amidst the inky hair that enshrouded the sweet prize beneath.

“Nameru, rub your nose through her hair. Soak it in her scent. Fill your nostrils with the arousal of yet another of my kind.”

Willingly I bathed my nostrils in her wetness. The girl smelled heavenly. She was oh so ready to be taken. Because she was a fellow slave, I wondered if her status limited how much attention her pussy got. Was she someone who was constantly stimulated or might she be a girl who was denied such treats. From the way she responded, I guessed her nub hadn’t been given much attention. She was so responsive and so wet! Because I believed she had been deprived, I resolved to treat her with as much love and attention as possible.

It took only a few minutes before her arousal grew to the point of climax. The stoic girl who stood unmoved while being ministered to suddenly buckled to the caresses being directed to her labia. illegal bahis I saw she stared at Mistress Su. Her eyes never strayed but remained looking straight ahead. Beyond the plump lobes of generous breasts I watched. Her eyes lulled. Her hips moved again. Had Mistress Su given her the ok? The girl pitched her pussy back and forth over my mouth. To be where I was and see the way her body rocked and pulsated over my mouth was so hot! I was about to take her to that special place when Mistress Su shouted, “Enough!”

Instinctively I jerked away. The girl looked shocked and astonished. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. She wanted me. She wanted my mouth. She wanted to cum. Her lust and desire to orgasm were obvious. Her hips moved even though she had nothing to move on. In time her expression became one expressing the helplessness of her condition. I was powerless to quench what she so badly wanted but I dare not turn around.

“Lick her tummy,” Su directed. It was a new phrase I had just learned. I licked just above her pubic nest and extended my lapping to just below her breasts. The girl was still breathing deeply. I felt her hips pressing into my chest as they sought stimulation. I looked up. Our eyes met. I’m sure we both drew the same conclusions. We were both at Mistress Su’s mercy. I realized she was no different than me. She was obligated to obey just as I was.

Ten minutes later Su returned my mouth to her swollen pussy. Playing the same game over and over again, I ate and stopped just before she came. For more than three hours Mistress tortured this poor girl, never once allowing her the climax she craved.

Between every period of licking our eyes continued to exchange unspoken words. We both felt for one another. Me, because I could not finish her. She, because she understood I was so new and had so much to endure.

“Enough, Nameru. I’ve given you two enough fun. Now sit!”

I pressed my ass to my heels and stared at the girl. Mistress came and stood beside us. In her hand was the oral phallus I had pulled from the girl. Are you ready for this one, Nameru? Are you willingly take it?”

I sucked my cheeks in and nodded. I didn’t feel at all ready for something larger but was fearful of saying no and causing her to become angry.

“Such a good slave. He will be just as obedient as you,” she said to the girl, “given time to learn his place. Open!”

I watched the girl open her mouth and Mistress Su filled it with a productive spat.

“Open, Nameru!” I received the same treatment. Mistress chuckled and walked around behind me. After unzipping my suit she yelled, “Bend over, slave! Kiss the girl’s foot while I grant your request!”

I only understood some of what she said.

Mistress pulled the plug from my ass and gave it to the girl. After lubricating the new one using the slave-girl’s saliva, she applied steady pressure. Eventually, my ass yielded. With a grunt of acceptance, the long cylinder found its way home.

My sphincter contracted around this new intruder. Mistress Su pulled me up by the hair and pressed my mouth plug back in place.

“Put this back on him,” Mistress said to the girl and handed her my mouth covering.

Mistress Su’s words got my attention. “Worship, Nameru!” Seeing her extended index finger pointing to her foot I plunged my face to where she pointed. While I groped Mistress’ foot I listened while she spoke to the girl for the next few minutes. She sounded angry.

Mistress kicked my head to the side with her unattended leg. “Away, slave!”

Her blow surprised me and caused me to lurch to the left. I remained curled in a ball on the floor. The door to the flat slammed shut moments later. My heart raced. I was still getting accustomed to being commanded and not adapting well. The rejections of others still stung.

From behind, I felt another kick. This one to my ass.

“Sit!” Her voice rang sharp.

I jumped with surprise. It was the girl! I looked. She pointed. I scrambled to sit on the sofa. The girl came and sat beside me. She was breathtakingly beautiful. I smiled but was greeted with a slap to the face. She pointed to the TV. “Look, slave!”

I stared ahead while feeling her tiny hands grab hold of my cock. For maybe ten minutes I sat without moving my eyes from the blank screen. During that entire time, the girl explored my cock and balls. Sometimes she jerked it, at other times she squeezed my balls until making me grimace. “Mmmm,” she finally said. “Big cock, slave. Big, big cock. Mmmmm.”

The TV eventually came to life. I heard the voice of my language teacher in my earbuds. “Lesson two” flashed on the screen. As the woman built upon lesson one, the young woman beside me caressed my shaft and kept me hard. Her beauty made it difficult to focus. More than once I caught her smiling but with each turn of my head, I was scolded and admonished. “Look, slave!” She yelled and pointed to the TV.

At the conclusion of the lesson, the TV went black. The girl stood and faced me. “Get on your knees,” she said in Japanese.

While illegal bahis siteleri I moved to where she pointed, I wondered why Mistress Su left the two of us alone. That’s when I remembered the cameras. We were not at all by ourselves. The girl removed my mouth covering and plug and pushed my head as far back as she could. Moving over me she pressed her pussy to my mouth. “Worship, Nameru. Worship my pussy.”

I couldn’t believe we were doing this! This was incredible! She was incredible! God, she was gorgeous! I inhaled her aroma. After having almost orgasmed nearly a dozen times, her scent was intoxicatingly strong. I looked up into her eyes. Like Mistress Su, this girl held my gaze. My nose pressed into her dark lair. I stared up into past her tight abdomen and soft breasts while keeping my mouth enveloped around her jewel.

Our eyes met. She spoke. Her words were gentle. “My name is Yokubo. My name means fire. Mistress Su say you obey Yokubo. Understand, Nameru?”

I nodded.

“No, Nameru, Mistress Su say you suck when you say yes. Suck Yokubo’s pussy.” I pulled her mound into my mouth and tasted her sweetness.

Yokubo hinted at a smile. “Mmmm, Nameru sucks feel so good.”

After another period of silence during which our eyes remained locked in an intense interchange of silent thoughts, the girl declared, “Mistress Su tell Kokubo you know little Japanese. Yokubo speak Japanese. Mistress Su tell me to make you lick pussy. Mistress Su tell me you no make me cum. Mistress Su tell me you make me close cum.”

I sucked in understanding and thought of the predicament of this girl’s self-induced fate. I was to do everything possible to make her cum but not give her that final swish or two of my tongue needed for her to explode in erotic joy. How I wished I could speak. When was the last time this slave-girl had an orgasm? I wondered about her story. There was so much I didn’t know but wished to learn.

“Nameru begin. Lick Yokubo pussy. Make Yokubo hungry to cum.”

And so I did. She responded so differently now that we were alone. Gone was the stoicism. In its place was a girl whose emotions dripped with passion. She was so vocal.

“Lick outside, Nameru. Nameru, push tongue in. Yes, Nameru.” She told me what she wanted and taught me how she wanted to be eaten. Often she ravaged my face in much the same way Mistress Meiko and Rio had done. To Yokubo’s credit, she never came. How she managed to maintain the self-discipline to stop when she was so precariously close I do not know.

Her response to my attention was so erotic. Her body moved, her hands pulled my head this way and that, and she groaned and screeched with delight when fucking my face. My cock felt impossibly hard. It stuck obscenely out. I yearned for her to grab it and ram it inside her soaking pussy!

“Oh, Namaru, Oh my slave. Suck me. Eat me. Make me not cummmm!” She screamed just before backing away. In a breathy command, she bent forward. “Lick Yokubo’s ass. Push tongue up inside. Make Yokubo feel good. Mmmmm.”

Hurriedly I came around and feasted on her brown pucker.

“Mmmm,” she sighed when feeling my tongue digging in. Slowly I opened her tunnel.

“Push, Nameru. Push in Yokubo ass,” she encouraged. “Make Yokubo mmmm.”

Even though she used simple phrases, I knew what she meant when saying “mmmm.” I wondered what the Japanese word was for moan was. Hopefully, she would teach me!

Slowly, I dug my way through her tight outer resistance and plunged into her deeper yet stronger inner circle of muscles. Yokubo was loving what I was doing. She played with me. Wiggling her tiny ass from side to side she bent nearly in two while giggling amidst pleasured-sighs. At one point she reached between her legs and grabbed ahold of my cock and jerked it. I guessed she wanted me to feel what she was and groan along with her.

I had just broken through her final barrier when she called me away.

“Nameru, come. No eat Yokubo ass. Eat Yokubo wet pussy. Come fast, Nameru. Come lick, Youbo’s sweet pussy. Mmmm!”

Plunging my face between shapely legs I was greeted with a pussy still sopping wet. Both inner and outer labia were still puffy from the last go-round. I wondered if she had even recovered from the first near-explosion. Playing with her distended inner folds I sucked them in and felt the tender skin between my lips. Yokubo gasped. Knowing she wanted more I slipped my tongue easily between her wetness. Tickling the insides of each fold and repeatedly circling her clit quickly raised the temperature of her arousal until she begged for me to keep going while simultaneously begging me to not go too far.

“Mmmm, Nameru look good, down in Yokubo’s legs. Yokubo, mmmmm! Nameru’s tongue so good!” Holding my head with both of her little hands, she humped my face and grunted lustfully.

We played this game of eating pussy until just before she reached climax and followed that with a few minutes of ass worship. Only the TV mysteriously coming to life halted our fun. When it did, Yokubo jumped canlı bahis siteleri back. It was as if it signaled an ultimate mandate she had to follow.

“Nameru, stop! Sit! Learn your lesson. Make Mistress Meiko happy. Learn words. We play later.”

She jumped on the sofa beside me and grabbed my shaft. “Listen to TV. No listen to Yokubo.” Smiling and giggling, she licked my cheek and then nibbled at my jawline.

“Why Yokubo bite me?” I asked.

“Listen!” She pointed. “Learn more words.” I did learn more words and I committed them to memory. Yokubo played with my shaft making sure I stayed hard. She didn’t make it easy to pay attention but I did my best and repeated what the teacher taught despite Yokubo’s antics.

The lessons lasted for about an hour. During the past half of this one, I could tell the sexy slave stroking me was getting antsy. Figuring she was anxiously waiting to put me on my knees made me smile. I couldn’t wait to get back there too! I could almost taste her!

The screen went blank. Yokubo stood and pointed to the floor. “Yokubo take piss. Yokubo piss in Nameru’s mouth. Lay and open.”

I lay supine on the small rug. My cock stood tall and thick. I watched her climb over me and squat. Her pussy nuzzled against my cock. Was she going to fuck me?!

“Mmmm, Yokubo love Nameru’s big cock. So thick! So beautiful! Look, Nameru. Look how big!” She pulled it to her tummy.

It extended beyond her navel. Damn, there was no way she could take all of me! She looked so hot from my vantage point. Slowly she came to my face. I watched the shaft of my cock slide partway between her labia. Yokubo kept coming. Eventually, she settled her legs on either side of my head. She was indeed beautiful. Opening my mouth as Mistress Su taught me this morning I accepted her waste. I couldn’t believe I didn’t cough.

“My slave do very good. Yokubo like pissing in Nameru’s mouth. Do you like your mouth on me?”

My mouth was still sealed around her precious muffin. I hadn’t taken my eyes off this beauty. Flicking my tongue between her labia made her grin and giggle.

“Yokubo doesn’t know Nameru answer.”

I nursed her pussy. She laughed again.

“Yes! Yes!. Yokubo knows you love her pussy. Nameru a good slave. Yokubo loves good slave. Mmmm. Yokubo use new words. Nameru remember new words.”

She smiled and climbed off.

“Nameru. Kneel!”

“I must stand,” she said. “You must kneel. Together we play mistress and slave. You be slave. I be mistress. Nameru kneel. Eat Yokubo’s beautiful pussy, quiet one.”

Indeed, I had been the quiet one. I had said little to nothing all day and now the day had grown late. The sun had set down some hours earlier. Yokubo and I repeated our routine four times in total. What a routine it had been! The girl had every bit the sexual energy of a nymphomaniac. She made me wonder why such a stunningly attractive young woman had become a slave. Why wasn’t she a mistress? She had found her way into these circles, but how?. Why hadn’t she taken the path as Su or Meiko?

We ended our day with her standing over me while I nestled between her little legs and slender hips. I drove her to near insanity so many times. Instead of me licking her ass, she only pushed my head away for maybe a minute, often less, before yanking it back her hypersensitive vulva.

“Again, Nameru!” She gasped. ” Lick again.! Yokubo love Nameru’s licking,” she’d cried! She was all but out of her mind with lust.

I wanted nothing more than to make this girl cum. She deserved it. She needed to feel those unbelievable surges of bliss ripple over every aspect of her senses. Yokubo was precariously close to cumming when she encouraged me to press on. “Ohhh, Nameru. Ohhhh, slave. Yokubo want to cum. Mmmmm. Yokubo need to cum. Nameru make Yokubo feel mmmmm.”

Sinking my tongue inside her tunnel I reached for her g-spot. Yokubo screeched with delight. “Yesss, slave. Oh, Namerrrrruuuu.”

She ravaged my face. I knew she couldn’t last. Crying and yelling and squealing she got herself right there. And then… and then she pushed me away and pointed to the bathroom. “Na, Nameru g – go,” she said panting.

I couldn’t believe she had denied what would have been such an explosive climax. When I didn’t immediately move she pointed again. “Go Nameru. Obey me. You are a slave. You obey! Now go!”

I crawled away. Just before entering the small room Yokubo yelled. “Nameru keep door open. Slave not touch big penis. Only pretty little Yokubo touch penis. Only sweet Yokubo clean big penis.”

She looked at me with a devious grin. I think she saw my reaction even though I only glanced back. Inwardly I beamed.

After she regained a semblance of composure she stood watching and waiting for me to finish bathing. Yokubo made sure I didn’t stroke my cock. I wasn’t sure why I needed an evening shower but I didn’t mind her rubbing her soapy hands over my cock and balls. I was not to be disappointed. Yokubo spent 15 minutes rubbing me. She grinned the entire time. She was so beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and what she was doing. She made me feel incredible! Her hands were so small. They made my cock look even bigger than it was. How amazing it was to think that a woman this petite held so much power over me.

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