A Knock at the Door

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Knock Knock!!

I was Knocking on the door of one of my closets friends. I was 18 years old and Mark was 58. I can hear you already saying “what?” Mark and I had met a year before and had become close friends, he helped me with my homework and always encouraged me to do well, to tell the truth he was like an adopted dad to me.

“Hiya Jess” came Marks voice as he opened the door, “come in I wont be a minute, I just need to get something from the kitchen.”

As I walked in I saw a picture of mark and I on a day out we had to Blackpool, I don’t know why but I suddenly felt myself getting hotter the more I thought about him. In mid thought Mark walked back in and sat down beside me. “so how are you?” he asked, “I’m fine thanks, you?”

“I’m great, I got a video out for us to watch, it’s a bit of a chic flick, I thought you would like it” he said.

As we sat back to watch the film I couldn’t get the somewhat dirty thoughts I was having about him out of my head. As the film started I snuggled up to him, which was not unusual for me, I felt safe when I was with him and he was so big and strong I couldn’t help feeling warm inside.

As the film went on my thoughts were getting worse, I wanted güvenilir bahis to suck his hard cock and feel his tongue tickling my clit…unconsciously I started to stroke the inside of his thigh as I imagined his big hands stroking my hair as he kissed my body all over.

Suddenly a bang on the film brought me back to my senses and I realised what I was doing, more to the point I noticed what it was doing to him. His cock was straining to get out of his trousers, as I looked up he was smiling down at me and he undid his zip and placed my hand onto his cock.

In what seemed like a dream I started to gently stroke his big dick, tickling the tip and massaging the shaft until his dick was fully erect, he was letting out gentle moans which spurred me on further…I leant down and put my lips around the head and gently sucking, teasing allowing only a small amount into my mouth at a time…gradually I got the whole of his dick into my mouth and I started gently sucking on it, tormenting the tip with my circular tongue motion.

When he could take the tormenting no longer, Mark pushed me onto my back and began to unbutton my blouse while kissing me passionately, pushing his tongue into my mouth and türkçe bahis wrestling with my tongue…e began running his finger in between my breasts teasing me as I had done to him, he removed my bra and began caressing my breasts gently with his cupped hands stroking the nipples until they became small hard pink rocks…he took each nipple in turn and began to suck it and pull gently on it with his teeth. (I was in heaven, my fantasies were coming true, yet I had a sense of guilt knowing that this was the last thing I should be doing) He continued down my body kissing as he went until he reached my trousers, which he managed to undo with great speed.

As he leaned forward to kiss me I could feel his hard cock pressing against my mound through my panties, undid his shirt and threw it to the floor and then slipped my hand down to my panties which I managed to pull off easily. I pushed him backwards into a sitting position and slipped my hand to my mound where I began to play with myself sliding first one finger into my tight hole followed by a second…I was enjoying myself so much that I nearly forgot mark was there, that is until he pushed me backwards and slipped his hot tongue into my warm, wet hole, this güvenilir bahis siteleri sent shudders down my spine, he sucked on my clit until it became very hard and I became VERY wet.

I was ready for him, as he leant forward I guided his erect penis into my tight cunt and he pushed it in right down to the balls. I was already feeling orgasmic as he started to pump in and out, deep and fast, while kissing my neck and chest. I gripped onto his broad shoulders as he got faster and faster, I could feel his balls banging against me as I arched my back so that his shaft would rub against my clit…he whispered “I’m ready”

I too was ready to have the most explosive orgasm of my life, as he pushed deeper and deeper I could hold it no longer, my body began to shudder as my muscles tightened around his shaft he exploded inside me, filling me with his hot cum.

As I started to come down he was still filling me, he began to kiss me and fondle my breasts as his dick began to soften inside me.

As he pulled out he smiled at me as if to say would you like this to happen again…I pulled him close and we hugged and kissed not wanting our night to end…unfortunately it had to end some time, as we got up I saw the time and thought “oh no”

“I have missed the last train home” Mark looked at me and said ,”you know you are more than welcome to stay here” with a twinkle in his eye…he took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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