A Liberal Education

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My name is Lisa. I believe I have an interesting sexual history.

My parents were both very strict and uptight people. I had the standard Birds and Bees sex education from my Mother who tried to scare me about accidental pregnancy. It worked.

I refused to have sex as a teen-ager because I didn’t want to get pregnant. My parents would have thrown me out of the house if I did. Fear of this overcame hormones and biology and I rebuffed any boy who tried to get in my pants.

I was not that popular with the boys, but I lived with that. I knew that semen was magic stuff, and even a few drops of it in your vagina might do the trick. I knew it was living stuff which made it seem even more magical.

There was no way for me to get on birth control, my parents would never allow it.

After High School came College, and I enrolled in the Nursing program at the State University.

The classes and the textbooks on Nursing changed my attitudes toward sex. I was no longer modest or ashamed of my body or anyone else’s body. I realized that everyone is naked under their clothes. Anatomy class gave me specific information about how naked bodies look. Someone might be dressed very stylishly but I could visualize their naked body and their genitals.

I also realized that sex was natural and normal and we all need it. I began to desire it, but I did not know how to make it happen.

I remained celibate, but I did start to masturbate frequently, and fantasize about men’s bodies and their genitals. Visualizing a big stiff cock helped me to have strong orgasms.

In my Junior year at college I started to experiment a little more. One night my date parked the car in a secluded spot and we got into heavy petting. He shocked me by pulling his cock out and guiding my hand to it.

The only penis I had ever seen was in a textbook. He showed me how to jack him off and I did so, aroused and curious. I stroked it from the head to the base, staring at it raptly. I thought I knew what would happen if I kept doing it, but I was surprised by his intense reaction when he finished.

When he ejaculated it shot up to the ceiling of the car and hung down in stringy gobs. My hand was covered with it and I stared at it intently. I had never seen the stuff before. It was thick and creamy.

If it was alive, why wasn’t it moving? I thought it should be trying to crawl, searching for the way to create life. I know that sounds stupid and absurd, but I had led a sheltered life.

There was a strong acrid fragrance from it that intrigued and excited me. If the smell was that sexy I wondered what it would taste like.

I licked it off my hand and sucked each finger clean. That impressed my date, and he called me for several more dates. To prevent the mess in the car he got me to take the entire load in my mouth. The first time I choked and spluttered and gagged it down. Over time I developed a craving for it.

I eventually got on birth control and lost my virginity. But with most of the guys I dated I continued with blowjobs. I always swallowed the cum, I was insatiable. It wasn’t the taste that I craved, it was the fact that it was manufactured by the guys balls and delivered to me through the pipeline of his penis. I felt that it was a precious gift that I was receiving, as if I was eating him alive.

I became very popular. I am sure the word spread that I was a cum-guzzler. Guys I had never met would ask me for a date, and the guy would just take me somewhere secluded to suck him off. I never even got Pizza and a movie, just a mouthful of semen from a strange cock. I wonder how many unwanted pregnancies I prevented among my classmates by draining so many guys balls.

I realized that these guys were treating me like a prostitute that they didn’t have to pay. I began to demand that they treat me with courtesy and call me by my name. After polite greetings I required them to say, “Lisa, will you please suck my cock?” or something like that. I didn’t want them just whipping it out and pointing to it.

I became a connoisseur of jizz. I noticed the differences with each guy. Some were creamy and so thick I had to chew it a little to mix it with saliva before I could swallow it. Some were thinner and almost frothy. Some squirted into my mouth so hard it gagged me. Others just oozed or flowed gently. Sometimes there were several mouthfuls, sometimes just a few drops.

There was no correlation with cock size. Short or long, skinny or thick, I never knew how much cum to expect. I had to be ready for anything, and it was usually a pleasant surprise. I swallowed every load with pleasure. I didn’t pay much attention to the taste, I reveled in the knowledge that I was ingesting living sperm.

I kept a diary with notes on my regulars. I never entered real names in case someone got hold of the diary. I categorized the guys with nicknames like ‘Big Load’ or ‘Three Little Spurts’. There was also ‘Donkey Dong’, ‘Teeny Weenie’, and the guy with the huge ball-sack where I used the coffee brand name ‘Chock Full O’ Nuts’.

Of güvenilir bahis course, I never called them or told them their nickname.

I accumulated a dozen regulars and they must talk to each other, because there was never a conflict, they set up a rotation where they took turns. I organized a list by nickname, so I knew who would be next.

I spent each day knowing that in the afternoon or evening I would be fondling and sucking ‘Big Head’, or ‘Bent to the left’, or ‘Un-circumcised’. I wasn’t too fond of him, I don’t like foreskins hiding my favorite part, the head.

The one thing I regret is that I never had the nerve to push my finger up the guys asshole. I learned from being a nursing student that it stimulates the prostate. I wish I had done that, I probably would have pleased the guys even more. Oh well.

I know you will think they were using me, but I think I am using them as well. It’s true they never bother to try to give me an orgasm, I do that by myself each night when I go to bed with the lingering taste of cum in my mouth.

I use them to further my education about men’s plumbing and equipment and how it works. I think I could teach a lot of men how to masturbate better because of my training. I wondered if my future career would be at a Sperm Bank where I could help guys ejaculate into a test tube and get paid to do it.

Nothing excites me more than when I sense a man is about to cum. In my early cock-sucking days the man would warn me he was about to, assuming I would not want that nasty stuff in my mouth. Wrong. I would just speed up to encourage him to give it to me.

I have ingested so much cum it’s a wonder that I haven’t gained weight.

So, as you see, in college I majored in oral sex and I was an expert at making guys cum in my mouth. I didn’t do it just to please the guys, it pleased me too.

Things changed when I discovered anal sex and I want to share this new development in my story.

I discovered internet porn. I found websites that offered free viewing of short trailers of videos that were for sale. I never bought anything, mainly because I didn’t want to give my credit card info to one of these companies. Who knows if they can really be trusted.

But the freebies were great. The trailers were enough, I didn’t need the entire video. I don’t want to watch the fake introduction, the make-out scene, the strip tease. I prefer to just get right to the sex.

Watching the women suck big cocks, watching them get fucked, I got turned on.

Then I really got turned on when I found entire websites that specialized in anal sex. More guys with big dicks, but on these websites they get pushed up the assholes of willing and cooperating women. Very often the foreplay will include the guy trying to get his tongue up the woman’s asshole.

I watched close-up views of female assholes that are forced open to take the entire length of a giant cock. The assholes intrigued me. I have seen more cocks than the average nursing student, but the close-up view of a female anus was new to me.

My future profession will most likely find me on staff in a hospital. I will tell any attractive patient, either a woman or handsome guy, that they need an enema and I am required to do it. I visualized the woman squirming with embarrassment as I shove the tube up her asshole.

I visualized the man taking it more calmly, no doubt enjoying the erotic aspect of it. I would ‘accidently’ brush my hand over his testicles as I emptied the bag into him. I got extremely hot during this fantasy. Clearly, I am anally erotic which I confirmed by reading about it in a psychology textbook.

I was curious about how I looked ‘down there’. I got out my hand-held make-up mirror and laid on my back with my legs in the air and held the mirror to give me a view. My little a-hole was a tiny, puckered pink thing. It looked like it would never stretch open enough to take a decent sized cock.

I pushed my middle finger in all the way and watched it disappear in me and it felt good. I imagined that it was a stiff hard-on and I masturbated to orgasm. As I finger-fucked my ass I thought about semen squirting into me that way.

That would really turn me on, because the thought of a gusher of warm semen flooding into my stomach was so exciting.

I should explain why semen is so erotic to me. I understand that many women think it just causes the wet spot that they hate. It is much more than that to me. It is the essence of a man and my body wants and needs it in me.

I decided to graduate from sucking cocks to taking them up my ass. I formulated a plan. I would ask my so-called dates to fuck me in the ass. I thought I understood how a man would react to that and if I was correct they would not refuse.

I looked over my list and wondered who to start with. Teenie Weenie? No, I might as well just finger-fuck myself. Donkey Dong? No, I will save him for later when I am broken in.

I settled on the guy I called Seven & ½. I never actually measured him but that was my estimate.

His türkçe bahis day rolled around soon, and he texted me to meet him in his dorm room. Our campus is enlightened about allowing students of opposite sex to visit a dorm during the day. I wonder if the administration knows how much fucking and sucking goes on in those visits.

Before I left my room, I greased up my asshole with some Vaseline from the first aid kit my dear Mother sent to me. Wouldn’t it be funny if she found out how I used it? I slid my finger all the way up in me to get it distributed.

I walked across the campus to his dorm building.

I walked down the hallway, and the door to his room was open. I let myself in and closed it behind me.

He was sitting at his little desk, and he motioned to the floor in front of him. Some of these guys give me no respect, but I am going to teach them that they must.

Instead of kneeling in front of him, I said,” I would like to branch out and try something new. I hope you will like it.”

He looked a little disappointed and said, “I suppose you want me to eat your pussy. OK, I will but you have to suck me off first. Life is a two-way street.”

No imagination. I will have to explain it to him.

“I want you to fuck me, but in the ass.”

He almost fell out of his chair.

He stammered and mumbled for a minute and then said, “OK.”

“You know the rules. You have to ask me politely.”

He didn’t like being forced to do it, but if he wanted to find out what it was like up my asshole he would have to.

“Lisa, may I please fuck you in the ass?”

“Thank you, yes you may.”

I didn’t waste time, I started to strip down. I always left my clothes on before, so he was checking out my body as it became more and more nude.

“How about you?”

He understood and stripped off his clothes, shoes first, then jeans and tee shirt, and finally his jockey briefs. When those came off his cock swung into view. Seven & ½ inches and stiff as a board.

I climbed onto his tiny single bed and laid face-down.

He clumsily climbed on and hovered over me.

I didn’t say a word, I spread my butt-cheeks with both hands to expose my asshole.

I imagined what it looked like to him. I was spreading my butt so hard I think my asshole was slightly open, right above my wide open and wet cunt.

I held my position on my belly, waiting for him to shove his stiff shaft up my asshole.

I have had hot dreams and daytime fantasies about this for weeks, and now comes the moment of truth.

I was a little apprehensive about the size of his penis, but I knew it would go in. I have seen many women take more than seven and ½ inches in the porn videos I have watched.

I kept spreading my butt-cheeks with both hands and consciously tried to make my asshole relax. I closed my eyes and waited for it.

He said, “Hold still, you. Just let it slide in.”

Call me Lisa! God, he doesn’t even remember my name.

He poked and prodded but couldn’t seem to find the way. I need to find more intelligent sex partners.

I let go of one butt-cheek and grasped his hard-on and guided it to the tiny opening. Then I resumed my two-handed butt spread.

“Try it now.” I wanted to add “you idiot”. But I didn’t.

His cock-head was touching my anus and he began to push. It would not go in at first but then the tight ring of muscle stopped resisting and the tip went into me. I inadvertently vocalized with a sound like “Ew!” It was a reflex, I couldn’t help it.

I inhaled and held my breath and forced myself to hold still and accept it. I didn’t want him to stop, not now that it was finally happening.

I resumed breathing, using the technique I learned when I dabbled in meditation years ago. I carefully controlled my breathing, slowly inhaling and then slowly exhaling fully.

It helped me to relax and acquiesce and just let it be.

Each time he carefully pushed, a little more of his stiff shaft slid in. With each fraction of an inch I made the same sound. “Ew!” “Ew!” “Ew!” It was the same kind of reflex that happens when the Doctor taps your knee with the little rubber hammer.

I guessed it was almost half-way in.

He gave another push, and another inch or two insinuated itself into me. I gave his cock a couple of squeezes with my anus to give him some feedback.

He said, “Did you do that on purpose, or does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I just tried to bite your dick off, so I could keep it in me forever.”

That got a chuckle out of him.

“If it starts to hurt I will tell you.”

But the way I was feeling it would have to be excruciating pain for me to stop him. And all I was experiencing was intense erotic pleasure.

He eased some more cock-meat into me and it was wonderful.

I could feel the head leading the way up in my soft belly. It was in me farther than I ever thought possible.

My mindful breathing continued to work, and I blissfully accepted the pressure and the sensation of güvenilir bahis siteleri being stretched.

He pushed the last of it into me and his pubic bone pressed hard against my tail-bone. I exhaled with an “Oof!” when he was fully inside me. We stayed like that, neither of us moving for a moment or two.

It is difficult to describe the experience to my female readers. You may have had a cock up your cunt a thousand times, but this is different. Have you ever had an enema tube or a metal or plastic vibrator or dildo up your ass? None of those apply. The closest thing would be a man’s large middle finger because that is a flesh and blood appendage or member just like his cock. But the smallest cock is much larger than that.

No matter how stiff and hard a cock is, it is still what you might call friendly or forgiving. It is flexible enough to adapt to the curvature of your colon.

His shaft was embedded in my belly and I could feel every detail of it, including the helmet-shaped head.

Then he began to fuck me gently and expertly. He fell into a smooth rhythm and I was in a dream-state of bliss. Our steady breathing and the slapping sound as his swinging balls hit my clit filled the room.

This was exactly what I thought it would be like when I masturbated watching an anal porn scene. But this was reality.

He put his hands on my hips for leverage and fucked me in a nasty, dirty, delicious way. He poked and prodded and explored places in my belly that had never been touched.

All good things come to an end, and I knew this would end soon by the way he was acting. He was fucking me as fast as my tight asshole would let him and breathing hard and fast.

He mumbled, “Here it comes.”

I pressed my butt back toward him to take the last fraction of an inch in me. He stopped all the way in and moaned like he was in pain.

I felt his cock throb as the cum pumped through, and then I felt a solid, steady stream of his semen shoot into me forcefully. It seemed like it continued for ten or fifteen seconds.

When he would cum in my mouth previously it would hit the back of my throat and I would have to control my gag reflex.

This time it went all the way up into my stomach. The sensation was much more intense than taking it in your vagina. I mentally and physically accepted it with pleasure.

It felt like a warm enema, but I knew it would stay inside me, it wouldn’t gush back out.

I didn’t have an orgasm, but I was strangely satisfied anyway. Receiving his living sperm was enough.

When we both recovered he pulled out of me and my asshole closed shut, but I knew it would never be the same. We embraced, side-by-side.

So I took it in the ass for the first time in my life, and it instantly became my preferred way to have sex. I have no idea why I didn’t realize how anally erotic I was until I saw the porn videos.

I knew that the gossip between the guys would include the fact that I have switched orifices, now using the other entrance to my alimentary canal. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it with everyone, but I knew I couldn’t avoid it. I would even have to take Donkey Dong up my ass. At least he was not next on the list, so I could get ready for it.

The next guy was a little smaller than Seven & ½ but very enthusiastic. Then came the one I called Super Nine. Guess why.

Then I had to humor Teenie Weenie. It almost tickled.

It amused me that every guy thinks his cock is big. Whether it is nine inches or just over five the guys would ask me if it hurts when they pushed it up my ass. To flatter their ego I always said, “Just a little.”

Then it came, D-Day. Not the invasion of France but the day Donkey Dong was scheduled.

It goes without saying that he is a jock, big man on the football team. I used some extra Vaseline before I went to meet him.

He has a tricked-out Van that I think the football program gave him under the table. It was parked way out in the empty lot for the Stadium.

I walked up to it and rapped on the side, and he opened the door. I climbed in and he said, “Pull your pants down and get on your hands and knees.” Smooth talker.

“Not even a Hello Lisa, how are you? Or gee, you look nice today.”

“Yeah, right. I need to get to practice, and I haven’t had sex since the last time with you. Let’s go.”

The steroids athletes take hadn’t ruined his sex life like you hear about.

If he hasn’t had sex since the last time with me I hope he jacks off a lot. He might cum before he even gets it in me. What a mess that would make.

I didn’t bother to take my clothes off, I just pulled my jeans and panties down far enough to give him access.

He pulled his fleece workout pants down and it majestically appeared, Donkey Dong. It swung back and forth like the boom on a crane. I had seen it many times before and stroked it and had the head in my mouth when the cum came out, but this time it was going up my asshole.

I will try to explain my reaction, but it’s not easy. I was all fluttery inside and so nervous I was trembling. I was apprehensive but smoking hot at the same time. I had never wanted to be fucked so much in my life. I hoped he would get it all the way in even if he had to hold me down and he would finish inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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