A Magic Carpet Ride

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“You’re not half the man you used to be, Nicky,” Vera wanted to tell me, but she couldn’t say it.

Since turning fifty, my erection is shorter and never seems as hard as the long-gone days of our youth.

“Wanna get a script for a pill?” she asked gently when we weren’t in the throes of passion.

“No way,” I mansplained. “I can come.” That was usually by Vera’s hand or mouth. “I can please you, can’t I?”

“That’s right, babe,” Vera gently assured me and pecked a kiss on my forehead like I was a little boy.

Then she went into the bathroom, peed, and rubbed her clitty to climax.

When Vera and I first met, our entire relationship consisted of scheming and planning our sexual encounters. After we got married, we fucked and sucked our way through the breeding years. The thirties and forties whizzed by and sex was still good if less frequent. Even menopause didn’t dampen Vera’s libido, though the hair on her head grayed and the hair between her legs thinned. Then male menopause shrank her main man’s member.

Tara and Zack were both in college, our daughter a senior and our son a freshman. Tara was coming home for the weekend, bringing along her new boyfriend.

“Is this true love, or flavor of the month?” I asked, tongue in cheek.

Vera giggled. “It’s true love…till it’s not.”

“What’s his name?”

“Devin or Davin,” Vera puzzled. “I forget.”

His name was Devin, in fact, and he was tall, thin, and Nordic fair in contrast to our amber skinned and auburn haired daughter. Waiflike Tara barely came up to his shoulders.

He was friendly enough—an upgrade over the sullen, mute dunces of Tara’s teenaged years. The young couple hung out in Tara’s room behind closed doors for the evening, under the strict stipulation that the boy bedded down in the guest room—alone.

“Shh!” Vera shushed me after turning off our bedroom light.

“Hear anything?”

“They’re just kissing,” Vera whispered.

“You sure?” I asked skeptically, as I snuggled against Vera’s thickened but still athletic body.

“We’d hear,” she assured, spreading her legs as my fingers probed her nether reaches.

In the full blossoming of her adolescence, we could hear güvenilir bahis the rhythmic creaking of Tara’s bedsprings, subtle at first, then quickening in tempo, until a back-arching longer beat accompanied by a faint sigh. Tara’s nightly rite was soft and gentle as opposed to her brother, Zack, who shook the bedposts and snorted like a hog while fucking his mattress.

In the morning, Tara and Devin emerged from separate bedrooms, bright and chipper. We sat at the breakfast table, clad in our respective nightwear. Vera uncharacteristically played housewife and scrambled some eggs.

“I’m going shopping at the outlets with Jen and Kath,” Tara announced, referring to her two besties.

“You’re going, too?” I asked Devin.

“Naw, I hate shopping,” he declared definitively.

“I figured he could hang out here with you guys,” Tara informed.

She was wiggling in her tee shirt and boxer shorts. Tara’s bullet-shaped tits stood erect without need of a bra.

“Nicky, you can show him your man cave,” Vera suggested, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“I’m driving up to Boston to meet Steve and Warren,” I whined. “Remember?”

My wife plopped down in her chair, looked at Devin, and chirped coquettishly, “I guess it’ll just be you and me, kid.”

I swear he blushed and turned away shyly. Vera flirts all the time with men as well as women, young or old. I’m used to it and Tara didn’t even notice.

After Tara and I had departed, Vera told our houseguest that she planned a bit of housecleaning and so he would have to entertain himself for the rest of the morning.

“No problem, Mrs. Corbett,” the young fellow answered politely. “I wanna take a shower if that’s okay.”

“Certainly,” Vera answered. “Let me get you a towel and washcloth. There’s soap and shampoo in there.”

As she handed him a terrycloth bath towel, Vera caught a whiff of Devin’s perspiration odor. Rather than repellant, she found it savory and inviting.

While the man-child was in the bathroom, Vera imagined his hands soaping and washing his chest, ass, cock, and balls, setting her juices flowing down below.

Vera went to empty the wastebasket in Tara’s room and found three condom wrappers türkçe bahis amidst the tissues, scraps of paper, and cotton swabs.

When Devin emerged from the shower and crossed the hall, clad in only a towel wrapped around his waist, Vera confronted him.

“Fuckin’ my daughter right under our roof?” she pronounced loudly.

Devin looked like he was about to cry, stammering that he was sorry.

“No, you’re not,” Vera taunted, standing directly in front of him, blocking his access to the guest bedroom.

My wife was close enough to smell him again, but this time his scent was fresh and clean.

“Did you come three times inside my little girl’s cunt?” Vera asked mischievously.

Devin stared blankly, open mouthed and wide eyed as my wife of twenty-five years slipped her hand underneath the white towel and walked her fingers from his hip to his groin.

“Let’s see what ya got,” she giggled maniacally as she grabbed his growing cock and pulled him into the guest room.

“Mrs. Corbett…I…uh…I…,” the poor guy tried to speak.

“Shut up,” Vera laughed. “Ya sound like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.”

There was no recognition on Devin’s part to the anachronistic movie reference. Meanwhile, Vera had moved on to inspecting her daughter’s boyfriend’s endowment. She rubbed and squeezed his seven-inch rod, poised with a throbbing crooked vein between two sturdy balls.

“Oh, wow!” he uttered as his girlfriend’s mother flicked and licked his dick with her tongue before wrapping her lips around the crest and sucking it.

Vera gave Devin’s powerful penis a breathy, slurping, gulping suckle for five minutes before pausing to ask, “Does my baby girl blow you?”

The shell-shocked kid nodded, “Uh-huh!” as my wifey quickly unbuttoned her shirt, popped her mature mommies out of her bra, and pulled down her pants, baring her hairy pussy and plump, dimpled ass.

“Does she give it as good as me?” she asked, pausing to lick his balls. “Her mommy?”

Devin shook his head no, as Vera put his two hands on her breasts and then reached her fingers into her swirling vortex and frigged herself. He spurted into her mouth a moment later and she swallowed it.

Suddenly, a rush güvenilir bahis siteleri of embarrassment overtook Vera and she hurriedly reassembled her clothes, unable to look into the eyes of the young man she had just blown.

“I’m going to go out on the porch and read a book and drink wine,” she told him. “You can go downstairs and watch TV or play video games. Nicky won’t mind.”

No, I wouldn’t mind him watching my TV and playing games in my media center a.k.a. man cave after he fucked my daughter and my wife gave him head.

Tara, Jen, and Kath returned home around six o’clock, by which time Vera had finished a whole book and downed a full bottle of Chablais. Devin and the girls went out for dinner and a pub crawl. Vera wondered whether all three ladies lavished their charms on him. One thing was For certain: he banged Tara before returning to our house, probably with her straddling him on the front seat of her car.

“You are always in the driver’s seat,” Devin lamented.

The kids retired to their separate bedrooms when they got back around midnight. Vera knew that Tara would be out cold after bar hopping and that I wouldn’t be home from Boston until at least two a.m.

My cougar wife waited a half hour before she pounced on her prey. Vera crept into the guest bedroom in the stark darkness, hardly creaking the hardwood floorboards as she approached the bed.

Devin lay sleeping. Vera deftly lifted the hem of the bedclothes and slipped her naked body between the sheets next to him. She sniffed his sweat and alcohol breath. His smells were exhilarating to her already aroused Eros. She tasted his flesh, moist from his exertions with our lusty daughter.

Now it was the passionate mother’s turn. Vera roused Devin by hungrily kissing his mouth, twirling her tongue and plunging it inside, simulating coitus. As soon as his cock sprang to life, my wife smothered it in her teeming vagina and commenced a rhythmic coupling, using her mature muscles to squeeze his cock as she rode it.

When the man-child’s orgasm exploded, Vera kept him wrapped inside her so that he would harden again. She fucked him for an hour and spilled his juices on his own lips before bidding him goodnight.

I found my lady deep in slumber when I returned home in the wee morning hours.

Next day I asked, “So, anything happen yesterday?”

Vera shrugged, “Nothing much.”

Somehow I didn’t totally believe her.

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