A Meeting by the River

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When he first saw her he thought she was an illusion. He had run down to the river to play, a fistful of perfectly flat stones balled in his fist, rattling in his hand as he raced through the trees and then stopped short in the mud. Out in the water she was bathing, drawing her elegant arms over her shoulders, running her fingers through her long brown hair. He held his breath, ducking behind a tree trunk to watch.

She turned towards him revealing her perfectly round breasts and pink nipples. He watched with wide eyes as she reached down and her arms pressed her breasts together, pointing her nipples straight at him. Between his legs he felt his member swelling up in response. He swallowed nervously as her hands moved back up to her hair and her breasts bounced back into their normal position. She was moving so elegantly, as if she knew someone was watching. Perhaps she, herself, was the person watching. Perhaps her bathing was her appreciating her own body. He didn’t mind joining in the appreciation.

Slowly she began to cup water in her hand and güvenilir bahis run it over her perky breasts. She looked young, probably a bit older than his age, a bit older than eighteen. She cupped one breast in her hand and rubbed at her nipple with her thumb. This stirred his heavy cock right up, as it was already weighing down his trousers. He was big compared to the boys his age and in this instance, he was reminded of it. He felt huge, his head slowly rubbing against the soft fabric of his trousers and when he looked down to see the bulge he was creating his eyes widened at his own size. He had to touch it. The tiny pebbles scattered from his hand and clattered against the bark of the tree.

The girl in the river jolted, her arms leaping to cover her breasts. The way she pressed against them made them look fuller, gave her a beautiful neckline. Very carefully, he leaned his back against one of the trees he was hiding in, his pelvis jutting out in front of him and slid his hand over the fabric of his trousers. He caressed his cock slowly, hand brushing türkçe bahis over the fabric and feeling the friction against his head. She went back to her washing, lowering her hands nervously. By now her nipples were jutting out towards him, erect. He wondered if she was thrilled by the idea of someone watching her. She moved around, scrubbing everywhere and he watched as those perfect breasts bounced and jiggled against her chest. His breathing was ragged, his hand slid under his trousers.

Slowly her fears of being watched seemed to ease and she cupped her breasts in her hands and shook them, looking down at the way they bounced. His cock was driven wild, jolting upwards in his trousers, begging his hand to stroke harder. Then, quite suddenly, she stepped forward towards the shore, breasts and pointed nipples bouncing against her chest as she walked. The water began to lower and with great anticipation revealed the tiny pussy between her legs, barely even visible by the hair that covered it. He had never seen a woman fully nude before and wanted güvenilir bahis siteleri to see more of her. He wanted to know what was buried under that hair.

Soon, the boy got his wish. She had returned to her clothes, leaned down to pick up her dress so that her breasts swung daintily between her arms and in bending over revealed her beautiful, full ass cheeks and the delicate pink lips of her pussy. His mouth fell agape, his cock jerked out of excitement and then hardened right up, his balls tightening. He raised his hand to cover his mouth so that he didn’t moan and then watched as the monster between his legs spurted out strand after strand of hot cum. It splattered all over his trousers, the wet fabric molding to his large, throbbing member and he watched in amazement as it twitched out a few last drops of cum until he was empty. He leaned his head back against the tree. He had played around before, but nothing had ever felt like that. Nothing had ever felt like watching her.

He turned his head to where she had been changing, his cock still swollen between his legs. The grass was barren, she was gone. He looked down at his erect member knowing that he couldn’t move his legs to chase after her, not looking like this. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes, determined to find her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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