A Neighbor in Need

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College Student

My next door neighbor, Jennifer who is a real MILF, was telling me about the tough time her friend Diana is having. You know the economic crunch has hit just about everyone. Dianna had in fact lived in the house Jennifer currently rents. Dianna a MILF herself had gotten divorced and moved out.

Dianna is in her mid thirties, a real looker for the age, highlighted blond hair, blue eyes and a body to match her attractive face. I have often fantasized about Dianna, as she would walk her dogs around the pond we live on. She would wear short cut off shorts and tank tops. Her tits would bounce up and down as she walked her dogs.

Dianna is into dogs’ big time in fact she has pet sitting and dog walking business. I am sure she doesn’t make that much, to support two kids and all. Dianna has another skill, she is a hair stylist. She is licensed but doesn’t like working for anybody, according to Jen. So she cuts hair on the side too.

So as Jen was telling me the money problems Dianna was having, my twisted mind went to work. Perhaps Dianna would cut my hair and maybe a little more. “Do you have Dianna’s number? Maybe she can cut my hair and I can help her financially,” I said.

“Yes, I can give you her number…but don’t mention our conversation, she doesn’t want people to know her problems,” Jen replied.

“Sure I can handle that, maybe you can tell her I’ll be calling, just say I am looking for someone to cut my hair. She comes to the house to do it right?” I continued.

“Yes, she comes to you…it’s just easier that way,” Jen responded.

I called Dianna the next day. “Hello,” she answered.

“Hi, this is Bob from your old neighborhood,” I replied.

“Oh, yes Jen said you might call, looking to have you hair cut I guess?” She asked.

“Yes I need a trim and figured why pay a stranger, I didn’t know you do hair?” I questioned.

“Yes, I have done hair for a while, just don’t want to work at a salon,” She replied.

“Great, I am working from home the next few days, and guess it’s easier to do it when your kids are in school, right?” I asked.

“Yes, that would be fine I can come tomorrow late morning, does that work for you?” she asked.

“That would work fine for me, by the way how much do you change?” I asked.

“I usually charge $20 for guys,” she replied.

“Wow that’s cheap, I have paid allot more, in fact paid $100 one time, but that’s a different story,” I said.

“A hundred bucks…..that’s a lot of money for a haircut,” Dianna replied.

“Well it was a special haircut, it’s kind of funny, I can tell you about it tomorrow,” I concluded.

“Ok I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll call when I am leaving,” She said.

“Fine see you later Dianna.”

The next day Dianna called and showed up a short time later. I had not told her the $100 haircut was from a topless hairdresser, but I figured I might have a chance in talking her into it since I knew she could use the cash. Call me a user if you will, but hell I would love to see her hot little body.

I answered the door when the bell rang and greeted Dianna. She was dressed as I hoped short cut off jeans and a tank top and flip flops.

“Hi come on in,” I invited. “would you like a coffee and we can talk a little. I have a stool set up in my bathroom, there is a nice big mirror.”

“Yes coffee sounds good, and a mirror is always a help,” she replied.

We walked into the kitchen and I poured Dianna a coffee and we sat at the kitchen table. Her cleavage was clearly visible as she sat and stirred her coffee. Her legs were crossed, I was hoping she was squeezing her little pussy lip together.

“So tell me about the $100 hair cut?” she asked.

“Well to tell you the truth the haircut wasn’t all that good but the scenery was great. You see the stylist was topless, just had panties on. I hope that doesn’t offend you, just how it was. You know every time I think about it a smile comes to my face,” I said with a smile.

“Oh…..I see, humm,” Dianna said somewhat blushing.

“Well are you interested in the $100 special?” I asked.

“Oh…..oh no I could do that…..even though I could use the money…I just couldn’t” she replied.

“No problem, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, however you do look better that the lady that I paid the $100 ,” I said in complimentary tone.

I continued, “What do you mean when you say you could use the money?”

“Well things have been pretty tough for me right now, I broke it off with the guy I was seeing and that fucking Eric is always late with the alimony. Everything just sucks right now……sorry I didn’t mean to explode like that,” she finished.

“Gee…..Dianna….I am sorry to hear about that…..I could lend you a few bucks if you need it,” I offered.

“No….no that’s OK, because I don’t know when I could prepay you anyway,” She said.

“Man I really feel bad now, here I am trying to get you naked and I didn’t realize what problems you have…sorry….really I am sorry,” I offered.

“No that’s ok güvenilir bahis it’s not your fault I have so many problems. Fuck I should do it, maybe I could boost sales that way,” She said in a questioning voice.

“Yeah…I could be you business agent,” I said with a laugh.

Dianna smiled and let out a little laugh. “You’re too much Rob and probably right I need to relax about all this. You seem like a nice guy, you know I never got to know you,”

“Dianna, I know I always wanted to get to know you a little better. You are a very attractive young woman and you can hardly blame me for having a little fantasy about you,” I said.

“Really you had me as a fantasy, awe you know how to make a girl feel good about herself,” She replied. “Tell me about you fantasy?”

“Basically it’s happening right now, you come over dressed just like you are and we……well….you know have a little fun together. You know I am pretty good at making girls cum….I like to kiss allot and stimulate you orally, until you scream. There you have it.”

“Holy shit….who knew….you’re quite the guy. So you use your mouth for more than just speaking,” she said with a laugh. “Shit I feel a little wet down there.”

“Really,” I said, “why don’t we get my haircut before you cum in your panties.”

“Yeah…..I think we better get the haircut done, I only have about an hour before I have to be somewhere.”

We headed upstairs where my bathroom is in the master suite. I have a really big bathroom, shower that could hold four people easy, a Jacuzzi tub and lots of mirrors. We walked through my bedroom to the bath; my eyes were focused on her round bottom.

“Man you weren’t kidding about the mirrors, this looks more like a party room that a bath room.”

I took my shirt off and sat on the stool. I only had a pair of gym trunks with nothing else underneath. I figured regardless what happened I want my cock to be free to grow.

“Oh I see you shave you chest, nice and smooth.”

“Actually I shave allot more than my chest, be happy to show you.”

“Me too,” she replied.

“Well I’d be more than happy to see that, I’ll even go first.”

I stood up and pull down my gym shorts exposing my semi hard cock and shaven public region.

“Oh my you weren’t kidding…..looks kind of nice all smooth. You do that yourself?” Dianna asked.

“Yes I sure do, every couple of days, I like how smooth my balls feel. Now it’s your turn,” I stated.

“I don’t know if I can. Are you gonna give me the $100?” She asked in a sheepish voice.

“Don’t worry Dianna; I’ll take good care of you. Now let’s see what I have been fantasizing about for so long. You know how many times I pulled on my cock thinking about you?” I pleaded.

Dianna took a step back and unbuttoned her shorts and they fell to the ground. She had white thongs panties on; you could see the outline of her pussy and could tell she was shaved as well. Next she pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a white lacy bra.

Dianna turned her back to me and undid the clasp in the front of her bra. She pulled back the straps and the bra came quickly off. I could see her tits in the mirror. They were just as I dreamed, nice firm round globes with her nipples pointing up.

I knew right then I was going to find a way to suck those tight little nipples. I reached out and lightly smack her ass.

“Turn around Dianna, you know I can see you in the mirror,” I said.

Dianna turned around to face me and her tits looked even better than the reflection I had been staring at.

“Hey, be nice now. Let’s get started with the hair cut, Ok?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, “why not that’s why we are hear right,” I said with a laugh.

Dianna used a spray bottle to wet my hair and moved in with her scissors and comb. I spread my legs so she could have a good look at my growing cock. She worked her way around my back and began to clip away at my hair. Her left hand was on my head holding strips of my hair between her fingers, as the scissors made short work of my hair.

Her body was close to mine I could feel the warmth radiate toward me. She worked around to the side and then in front of me. She stood between my legs, close to my now erect dick.

I reached around her and squeezed her bottom, pulling her toward me. Her thigh touched my cock.

“Hey buddy be careful I have these scissors in my hand, I can make short work of your guy down there,” She said with a laugh.

“Oh yeah….then you wouldn’t know what you have been missing,” I laughed back.”Anyway it’s my turn to see you.”

I slid my thumbs under the waist band of her panties and pull them down her legs. Dianna did little to resist my advance. Her pussy was clean shaven as well, her labia protruded from the slit.

Dianna continued to work on my hair, moving to the left. With my legs spread wide she was forced to straddle my left legs to get close enough to me. My hand was on my thigh, so I raised a finger to brush against her labia.

“There türkçe bahis all done,” Dianna exclaimed as she lower herself onto my thigh. She rubbed her clit against my leg. I reached around her back and pulled her toward me. I kissed her lips as I drove my tongue into her mouth. She responded with a moan, our tongues danced the dance of love.

I sucked her upper and lower lips knowing it would send a tingle to swelling labia. Dianna wrapped her arms around me, letting her comb and scissors fall to the floor. Our lips were locked together.

When we broke our embrace, Dianna had hair all over her just like me. I squeezed her butt as I bounced her on my leg, causing her tits to move up and down.

“Look at me…..I am covered with hair, yuck,” she said.

“No worries honey we can shower it off. Let me sweep up this mess then we can jump in the shower. Can you get the exercise ball out to the closet over there?” I asked as I got the dust pan and brush.

“Exercise ball……what do you need that for?” She asked.

“You’ll see…..it will be fun I promise. I am going to make you cum like never before,” I stated.

“Really…..you think I am going to let you touch me?”

“I wouldn’t really need to touch you, but you’ll want me to. Ever had an aqua-fuck?” I said with a smile.

“What the heck is an aqua-fuck?”

“Just wait.”

Dianna got the red exercise ball and we hopped in the shower. The water was nice and warm, we quickly got wet. I sat on the ball and Dianna shampooed my hair. My showed has two heads, actually three counting the head on my hard cock. One is fixed to the wall the other has a detachable hose which is eight foot long.

As Dianna massaged my scalp, I pulled her toward me and she straddled my legs. Her pubic bone sandwiched my cock between our two bodies. I bounced on the ball and thrust my body against hers.

Dianna rinsed the shampoo from my hair, as I grabbed the shower gel. I put generous amount in both hands and started to rub her body. Soaping her ass and tits. My hands were all over her body. A slippery little devil she was.

I pulled her close and slammed our bodies together. We began to kiss again as our bodies enjoyed the slippery feel from the shower gel. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and gently rubbed her asshole. Everything was so slippery from the gel, my finger slid right in. Dianna must have felt obliged as she returned the favor.

Our heads parted for a bit, Dianna smiled up at me as her finger fucked my rectum.

“Hey I have always heard that if you massage a man’s prostrate though his ass, he blows a big load,” she said with a laugh.

“I don’t know but I am game after the aqua-fuck. Ladies first you know. Here sit on the exercise ball and spread you legs,” I commanded.

Dianna pushed the ball in one corner and took a seat. Spreading her legs exposing her pink labia lips. She was still pretty slippery. I took the second shower head and gently washed the soapy gel from her, rubbing her tits and legs as I went.

I got down on my knees with my head between her spread legs. I turn the shower nozzle to a pulsing flow of water. In this mode the water creates a vibration sensation that massages whatever the water comes in contact with.

“Use your fingers to spread your outer lips,” I said.

“Like this?”

“Yes just like that, and bear down when you feel the urge.”

Her labia were becoming swollen, and turning a darker shade of pink. I moved the head into position and watched the water work its magic. I moved the head in a circular motion, stimulating all areas of her slit.

I got the head real close to her clit. The pressure from the water was pushing her clit back and forth. Dianna’s head rocked back and she started to moan loudly. She used one arm to brace herself against the wall.

“Fuck…..oh fuck….does that feels good,” she moaned.

I pulled the head back a bit and put my mouth to her clit. I sucked as hard as I could on her little ball. Dianna was bouncing on the exercise ball a bit. My tongue moved down her slit and I began pinching her clit with my finger and thumb. I stroked the little ball in and out like I stroke on own cock.

“The water I need the water…please fuck me with the water,” she begged.

I sensed she was about to explode. “Ok…ok, but bear down and you’ll squirt a load of cum.”

“Ok I am bearing, hit me with the fucking water…..I need to cum,” Dianna now screaming.

I brought the nozzle back to her swollen labia. I positioned the pulsing water about two inches from her waiting pussy. The water was pounding her engorged pussy.

“Fuck…..fuck me……fuck….oh…oh..here it comes, don’t move….keep it up.”

Her body tensed up, I could tell she was pushing out from the inside. She moved her hand to stroke her clit. Then all at once she began to explode, a steam of clear liquid was squirting out of her.

I wanted to watch and get some in my mouth, so I lowered my face to her inner thighs. The cum was bathing my face, the güvenilir bahis siteleri fluid was warm and slippery. Dianna pulled my head to her body and bounced on the ball fucking my face. I was lapping up all the sweet cum that I could.

Dianna closed her legs and squeezed my head, her body collapsed on my back. It was a good thing the ball was wedged in the corner. I grabbed her but so she wouldn’t fall, my head still between her legs. We held that position for a few minutes as Dianna regained herself.

“Wow……holy fuck……I never felt anything like that…..I never squired before at least not like that,” she said as she sat back up on the ball. Releasing my head from between her legs.

Dianna rolled off the ball and was sitting on the floor of the shower, water was still going strong.

“How about that prostrate massage you promised?”I asked.

“Yeah…just wait….I am going to milk you like the family cow,” She laughed.

I took my position on the ball, my dick was semi hard. Dianna took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me back to life. Her tongued rolled over my cock, the tip of her tongue dancing on the underside of my tool.

Holding my dick in her hand she began to stroke me. She pushed my cock to my stomach and started to suck my balls. I spread my legs wider to expose my anal duct to her. She tongued my opening.

Still holding my cock, she inserted a finger into my ass. She probed my anal duct trying to find my prostrate.

“This isn’t going to work like this. Get off the fucking ball and get on all fours,” she commanded.

“Here let me try this,” I replied. I got off the ball and leaned over it, my knees on the floor, but the ball supporting my upper body. My legs were spread exposing my ass to Dianna, and my dick hung down the tits of a cow.

“Yeah that should work, now I can milk you cock. Get ready to shoot the load of your life,” she laughed.

Diana stuck a finger from her right hand into my ass. She wiggled her finger in a circular motion. She found my gland and slowing pushed her finger against it. She would apply pressure and then release. I felt my sphincter contact against her finger; Dianna felt the pressure on her finger. She slapped my ass hard a couple of times.

“Not yet big boy, I am just getting started, just relax and enjoy.”

“Oh fuck baby, my cock is throbbing….awe…..this feels incredible.”

“Wait till you shoot you load and then thank me.”

Dianna continued to apply pressure to my prostrate with her finger. I felt her other hand reach underneath me. She grabbed my balls, first the right then the left. She gently squeezed them and tugged on my sack.

Finally she grabbed onto my cock. With long stroking motions she worked my shaft. All the while her finger was buried in my ass, applying pressure to my prostrate.

“Oh babe……..fuck….I can’t believe…oh fuck, get me off…..”

“Comon honey cum big for Dianna…….I wanna see you fucking cum…quick get back on the ball….I wanna see your face as you shoot your wade.”

I got up and sat back on the ball. Dianna latched onto my dick just as I started to come. She pumped me as fast as her little hand would move. My ass tightened up and cum started to fly. I hit her face with the first wave, giant wads like I have never seen before.

She continued to work my shaft as more cum erupted from my cock. Her face and tits were covered with my juice. She lowered her head and sucked my cock in her mouth. She sucked me as hard as she could, cum just kept coming. She swallowed what she could, but my cum was dripping from the corner of her mouth.

Finally I stopped, my dick was still hard, but my body was drained. I sat on the ball like a wad of putty, too tied to move a muscle.

“Wow those big nuts of yours really shot a load. Man I am a gooey mess,” She said as she rubbed the cum on her tits.

“Dianna…..where the fuck did you learn to do that……fuck I can’t move.”

“Just be still for a while….you’ll be ok.”

She sat on my lap and gave me a deep French kiss. I come taste my own cum and I liked it. I pulled her body close and we just sat there kissing for the longest time. Own bodies glued together with cum.

We got up and rinsed each other off. I turned off the water and grabbed a couple of towels. As we dried off I thought, shit I didn’t even get to fuck her hot pussy.

“I don’t know about you but that is the most intense orgasm I have ever had. And to think I didn’t even penetrate you hot little pussy.”

“I know, I love the feel of cock inside of me, but squirting like that was a so good.”

“Well we can still engage if you like.”

“I would love to but I need to run along…..kids you know. But hey you will need another hair cut in a few weeks.”

“Right…..I have found the stylist for me,” I said with a laugh.

We got dress and kissed again. I walked Dianna down stairs; I gave her $200 to help her out a little.

“Thanks so much, you’re very generous and this will come in handy.”

“I am glad I can help, let me know what else I can do for you. See you very soon I hope.”

“Oh you will…for sure…I need to buy me one of those exercise balls…..great little device,” she said laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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