A New Meaning To Getting Lucky Ch. 2

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We spent a lot of time in bed the next couple of days, Sal figured heavily in most of what we discussed there, our love making was wild and hot but still close and affection filled.

On Tuesday I popped back in to the restaurant on the way home. Sal was there, we exchanged greetings, shared 20 minutes together and confirmed the arrangements for Saturday. He would come to my place at 8, I gave him the address and phone number just in case a problem came up.

I arrived home at about 6, the radio was too loud and I entered unheard, she was on the sofa, one foot on the floor, one high on the sofa back, her head thrown back, a vibrator in one hand a breast in the other, a nipple being rolled between thumb and finger of that same hand.

I sat down to take in the scenery, releasing my straining cock and taking matters in hand, I slowly stroked myself as she brought herself closer to orgasm. It began with her squeezing harder on her breast, soft moans started to escape her lips, as she reached her crescendo, the moans grew into more high pitched, “yessss’s” and her hips lifted rapidly against whatever she was feeling or hoping for between her legs. She came down slowly, I walked over to the radio, pressed the power button, she was startled, opened her eyes and relaxed as she saw me… “that was beautiful darling”… I leaned in to kiss her, my hand fell between her legs, I cupped her sex and inserted a finger into her wetness as I kissed her, she returned my kiss and our tongues danced merrily together. I brought my finger from her sex to our lips, we tongued it together before she finally sucked it’s length into her mouth, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked her taste from my digit.

Reaching for my unrestrained cock, she pulled it and me closer to her mouth, she sucked in the head, swirled her wet tongue around it then slipped her pointed tongue across my wettening slit. Her hands reached around my buns and she pulled me closer and deeper, supporting myself on the back of the sofa she sucked me deeply towards the back of her wet mouth, her lips kissed against my mound as the head of my cock slipped slowly inside her throat… She made a long, slow, wet slurping withdrawal before repeating the process with increasing speed… my knees grew weaker each time the head of my cock slipped passed her tonsils, after about a dozen more strokes I was ready to burst. She wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and left her mouth and tongue to concentrate on the head of my cock as she pumped the shaft inside her expert fist.

My balls tightened like a wrinkled walnut as orgasm ripped through me and my cum started spurting into her mouth, she gulped and swallowed without a break in rhythm, until every last drop had left me. She kept her lips wrapped around me as her eyes looked towards mine, without losing our shared dreamy eyed gaze she withdrew her mouth from my softening cock and wrapped her arms around my neck, she pulled my face to hers and opened her mouth as I opened mine.

We kissed heavily and she shared with me the last drops of my cum. The taste that filled her mouth now excited my tastebuds. I maneuvered to lay between her legs as we kissed. I broke the kiss slowly, nuzzled, nibbled, licked and sucked her neck, slipped towards her breasts, still sensitive from her orgasm, I flattened my tongue over her nipples, slipped down her body, planted soft kisses on her belly and moved on towards her sex…the tenderness was soon over…I ate her hard this time, sucking and drinking every drop of her delicious cum drenched pussy that I could reach, I covered my face in her sex, from my chin to matted hair line I was covered in the delicious aroma, taste and wetness of her sex. Her second orgasm was violent, she bucked her sex into my face, grabbed my hair güvenilir bahis and dragged my face into her, she ground herself on me as if she wanted my entire body to be swallowed by her sex…

She gushed all over my face and with the radio off, I had no doubt that neighbors for a mile around would be witness to the screams that left her mouth as she reached her peak. I got back between her legs and this time just fucked hard, keeping her at the summit for the longest time before my second smaller load mixed with hers. We collapsed with a shared smile, temporarily spent, holding each other. I slid along side her on the sofa and thought how fabulous she looked in the afterglow of orgasmic sex. I wrapped my arms around her and her head settled against my chest.

“How was your day?” she asked, we both chuckled.

Later we showered, ordered food and as we nibbled away lounging on the sofa, we put together a shopping list and a things-to-do list in preparation for Saturday. We also decided on one thing not to do until Saturday, a tough decision but one we agreed would have us hornier than hell by the time Sal arrived.

She spent Friday afternoon at the salon, facial, manicure, pedicure and a touch up on the Brazilian job. Saturday morning she went shopping for an outfit that I wouldn’t see until the evening. My chores included the grocery store, liquor store and porno store.

I readied myself in the guest bathroom and when done began on my final list of chores. I uncorked a fine bottle of Merlot just in case that was Sal’s preference, loaded the CD changer with background music, cued up a video and lit every candle in the place, I took out the tripod and the digital video, took the fully charged battery of it’s charger and loaded the camera with a new tape before screwing on the wide angle lens.

I replaced the battery in the flash unit on the 35mm camera and loaded a 36 exposure film.

She came out of the bathroom at about 7.45, looking absolutely stunning. Her make-up was slightly overdone, she looked sexy beyond belief, her hair drawn around to one shoulder, waved and bouncing on that side of her face. Her lipstick was a deep plum color. She wore a white lace thong and matching demi cup bra. Her heels made her about 5′ 11″. Her tanned, lithe body looked spectacular as she stopped with one hand on her hip…”how do I look?” she asked… I was speechless for a moment and stood there open mouthed soaking up her radiant beauty whilst realizing that we were actually going through with this. “You look incredible darling, Sal will split his pants when he sees you.”

She smiled as she announced that she wasn’t quite finished and she turned back towards the bedroom calling over her shoulder for me to fix her a drink.

I did and she reappeared a couple of minutes later having slipped on a very short figure hugging blue/gray dress that matched her eye color perfectly.

I flicked on the CD player and we toasted each other moments before the door buzzed. Sal arrived with a huge bunch of flowers and two bottles of wine, I smiled as I enthusiastically greeted him and she followed, giving each other a big hug and a warm cheek to cheek kiss.

He was dressed casually smart, in light slacks and a polo shirt. He took the glass of Merlot that I offered and we toasted each other warmly. She moved towards the sofa and I gestured to Sal to follow her, he did and I sat back in the big chair… She complimented him on his cologne and she suggested that I get some of the same stuff, she asked him how long he’d been in the US, what brought him here, what he missed about Italy, his family, conversation flowed, she enjoyed his accent, I enjoyed the way she stared into his eyes as he spoke and by the way he stared back at her it was evident that he türkçe bahis would very much enjoy what the rest of the evening would bring.

She asked if he’d like to see the rest of the place and he willingly agreed, she took his hand and led him away, a few minutes later she returned and made an announcement that broke whatever ice was left to break…”I just felt Sal’s cock”… I looked at her, looked at him “is it true Sal?” I asked… “yes, it is true” he replied “and it feels very nice” she added. “Did you see it I asked?” … “no, but I’d like to really soon” we all laughed, Sal was ready and lowered his zipper before releasing his belt and unbuttoning his slacks… “let me help you Sal” she offered…she knelt before him and lowered his pants, she slipped off his shoes and socks and then slid his pants over his ankles as he fell back into the sofa… I moved behind her, unzipped her dress and tugged it over her body as her arms lifted higher. Sal’s eyes feasted on her as her palms came to his thighs. I unclipped her bra and brought my hands around to her breasts, I caressed them and rolled her nipples as she lowered her face to Sal’s belly.

Sal was wearing white briefs and by now his cock was straining to straighten inside them, her fingers reached the waistband and hooked inside, she lifted the elasticated fabric and the head of his cock slapped hard against his belly. Sal’s cock was everything she could have hoped for, about 8″, thick, clean, unblemished, uncircumcised with a swollen head and classic, perfect hood.

She dropped her mouth to it as her hands stretched up to Sal’s nipples, with long slow strokes she tongued from Sal’s balls to the head of his cock.

I reached down between her legs, I slipped a finger inside her thong and rubbed along the length of her pussy. After several strokes her lips opened and I felt her wetness. I moved further now, slipping her panties down to her knees, she had Sal very wet with her saliva.

“Stand up darling” she did as I asked, I removed her bra and panties completely. “turn around, she did, I held her and kissed her “sit back on Sal, put him inside you” a moan escaped her lips as she lowered herself, she reached between her legs to find Sal’s cock, she held it straight up as she lowered herself towards it. She paused and supported her weight on one hand as she slid Sal’s cock head against her pussy. I stepped away and turned on the video camera, I framed the sofa. I moved to one side and undressed, all the while watching them closely, Sal’s cock began to slowly disappear inside her as she lowered herself into his lap, then up again, a little lower on each stroke until he was buried to the hilt. She paused there, letting her body adjust to the feelings of this new, swelling cock. Her legs draped each side of Sals thighs. Her hand came down to her clit, she spread herself and out it popped, her head went back, her hair falling against Sal’s chest and shoulder as his hands began to work her breasts. A moan escaped her lips as she began to ride him slowly whilst circling her clit with her own fingers.

I approached, kneeling between Sal’s thighs, my hands moved with his on her breasts, I lowered my face to her clit, she moved her hand behind my head and pulled me towards her sex (their sex). My tongue sucked and circled her clit, I slid it over the upper lengths of her pussy, her hand moved to the top of my head, she pushed me lower, I felt his wet cock brushing against my chin as I sucked her lips, the aroma of their sex filled my nostrils…she pushed me lower still, she lifted a little, his wet cock was now slipping between my lips, I turned my head sideways slightly and let my tongue run along his shaft with each upward thrust he made…my own unattended cock was hard as a rock, I glanced towards güvenilir bahis siteleri the camera and realized that every gorgeous image was being captured on film.

I moved away and lifted to her face, I whispered in her ear for her to turn around, she did, in one quick easy movement she resettled herself on Sal’s delicious cock, this time facing him, she leaned in and kissed him, then straightened her back as his mouth came towards her breasts. He feasted on them, bringing sweet soft moans from her lips. I positioned myself behind her, Sal slid deeper into the sofa and she flattened against him as my cock lay against her ass…I reached between her legs, two fingers briefly joined Sal’s pumping causing a spasmic shock wave to run through her body…bringing my fingers back to her ass, I began to circle the wetness of her pussy on her rosebud ass. It opened a little with each thrust, it winked at me as my first finger penetrated her ass…”you want it baby?”… “yesssss” she exclaimed. Sal, remained silent except for the increasing pace of his breathing, he now brought his arms around her sides and held her hips as the head of my cock broached her ass, slowly it slipped in, I pushed a little harder each time she came down on Sal, it seemed as if she pushed down a little harder too, with each stroke I got closer to burial until finally it was all in and surrounded by her wet warmth, I could feel Sal’s cock inside her, feel the convulsions begin as again her screams took over from the moans, this triggered Sal’s orgasms and he moaned loudly as he emptied himself in a long series of hard upward thrusts that had her falling ever deeper along both our cocks, the chain reaction hit her and orgasmic howling “yessss fuck me, fuck me, yessss, like that, hard, fuck yesssss, ohhhh fuck yessssssssssssssss fuck my asssssyesssssyessss…” and then mine started, the slamming I gave her ass helped prolong her own peak , she fell against Sal and bit into his neck as her last screams announced the emptying of my balls into her ass. The seconds of orgasm seemed like forever, the intensity of the pleasure had never been rivaled.

My cock softened slowly, as did Sal’s, we disentangled ourselves, she kissed Sal, fully on the mouth, then turned to me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me so deeply… “thank-you” she whispered, turning to Sal now… “thank-you too Sal and don’t put that beautiful thing away.”… “it was pleasure for me” replied Sal.

She turned again to Sal “Sal, clean up in the blue bathroom, first door on the right. You,” looking at me now “follow me.”

She led me to the bedroom, closed the door, lay flat on her back and almost commanded “eat me” I grinned and approached, I did as she asked, tentatively at first then more hungrily as I realized she was getting close to another orgasm and that I was actually enjoying sucking and licking another man’s cum from her pussy. She did cum again, a smaller, softer orgasm. I slid up the bed and kissed her, a long wet kiss…we showered.

I remained naked, she put on a T shirt and a black thong. Returning to the lounge, we saw Sal laying back on the sofa wearing just a smile and a towel. “I had very much pleasure, it was good idea, thanks”. The rest of the evening was very relaxed with a lot of sharing and fucking, no more double penetration but the fantasy had been satisfied better and more successfully than we ever imagined possible. She asked me to blow Sal as she filmed us, I did, awkwardly at first but with great enthusiasm after realizing how good it was making him feel, he did the same to me and each time she kissed us afterwards to share and swallow both loads of cum, the camera changed hands many times.

It was after 1 a.m. that she sucked me off as Sal fucked her for the last time. She shared my cum with Sal as we said our contented good byes. Without making any future plans the front door closed, we suffocated the candles, turned off the music and with our arms around each other we stumbled to bed and a deep, deep slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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