A Night at the Den

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For the last year I had lived a cross from a Goth bar. “The Den” as it was called seemed to be a pretty happening place. Every night many strange creatures of the night lined up to get in what seemed to be a very busy bar. My apartment had a balcony that faced the bar so I would sit out some nights and just watch the scary people. Never quite understood dressing up as a vampire or wearing black leather and more zippers and belts then a Levi’s factory. You really have to wonder where someone with lots of metal in their face and purple hair make a living, but I guess they must do something.

The last few weeks this one particular girl who seemed to be there every night really started to catch my attention. From what I could see she had blood red hair, lots of makeup covering her face, and wore a tight what looked like latex outfit. You could see her coming a mile away seeing as she almost glowed with the shimmer coming off her outfit. Seeing her there every day really started to perk my interest in the place. I had always dated prissy bitchy chicks which always seemed to end in more headaches then happiness.

It was Friday, last day of work before the long weekend and the day was dragging. Working in an antique store was pretty boring but it drew some interesting people. It was about five minutes before closing when low and behold the girl who I had watched for two weeks came waltzing into the store. I wanted to get closed down for the weekend so I could get home, sit on my couch get high and play video games. Big plans for a long weekend I know, but all my friends had girlfriends and went on a big couples weekend and I was left all alone to be bored.

She started browsing the store. Her had had new blonde streaks since I had seen her the night before. Not wearing her shiny outfit make me a little sad, but when she turned to look at an old table I realized that the skirt she was wearing was just as good. Black leather and a slit down the side held together by a string left little to the imagination. It was evident that she was not wearing any panties. She had such a nice tight ass too. Her shirt was black, tight and had a jagged cut down past her bra showing amazing cleavage. I walked over to talk to her.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” I said. She turned and looked at me with a surprised smile. Her face seemingly painted white with blood red lipstick and hauntingly green eyes nearly took my breath away.

“Kevin? Is that you?” Her smile growing and making my breath leave almost completely from my lungs.

“That’s me,” I nearly chocked out trying to figure out how she knew me.

“You don’t remember me do you? You used to live two doors down from me when we were kids, I’m Jennifer Miller.” I watched her face turn to a concerned look and it was the last thing I remembered before waking up on the floor.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

I felt like I was going to die. The girl who for the last few weeks seemed to be the only thing on my mind was not only in my store right now, she was a girl who I was great friends with as a kid. We even played doctor together. Laying there the embarrassment set in. “I’m fine, ummm I think skipping lunch might have been a bad thing.” I let out a little chuckle as I got up.

“You’ve grown since the last time I saw you Kevin, you look real good.” Seeing that she was a goth it really surprised me to see a smile like that.

“You have grown quite nicely yourself.” The second I said that I turned beet red. Stupid remark. “Umm, I meant, ummm, you look good.”

She smiled, “so where do you live these days? We should get together and catch up.”

“I live in an apartment on Franklin, across the street from Big Franks hotdog emporium.” The place was famous and I didn’t want her to think I was watching the bar where she was hanging out at every night.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. I go to the Den almost every night, it’s the bar right beside Big Franks. I am gonna be there tonight, you should come and meet my friends.

“I am not quite sure if I would fit in there though, ummm, don’t I seem a little ummm how would I best say it, too plain to go to a bar like that?” I really wanted to check the place out but never had the courage.

“Don’t worry about it Kev, you will be with me, and that’s enough of an in as you need.” She took down my number and told me to be ready at 10:00, gave me a smile and walked out. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I closed up and went home and spent the next four hours getting ready. Fretting over how the night was going to unfold and just being plain nervous. I smoked a bowl to calm me down and finally the phone rang.

“Kevin, come downstairs, its time for some fun.” She hung up and I nearly fell through the door trying to escape my apartment to get to the evening I had dreamed about for the last year. I ran down the stairs and out the door to be greeted by Jennifer bahis firmaları and two of her friends. I really scary looking dude with a red Mohawk and pants the size of Canada stood there holding a leash that was attached to a girl who looked to be right out of a Manson video.

“Hey!” was the only think I could get out. The guy was giving me a dirty look at first then let out a big laugh.

“Wow dude, you look like you are going to church or something” He laughed again.

“Excuse Nexus, even if you were wearing shorts and a Zeppelin t-shirt that you would look like a churchie.” She smiled and game me a big hug. “I think you look great” she whispered in my ear. Her breath so soft it instantly game me a hard on. She took my hand and the four of us walked over to the bar.

We all made small talk while in line but when we approached the door the bouncer took one look at me and laughed. “What are you supposed to be, a fucking choirboy?”

“Umm” I had no comeback at all.

“He is with me Joe, old friends.” She gave him a look but he just laughed again.

“We have a reputation to uphold, you can come in Jen, but your plain friend can fuck off!” He looked at me and just laughed, everyone laughed except for me and Jennifer. Her friends had gone in and we were left behind.

“Sorry Jennifer, looks like I ruined your evening, maybe we should just meet for a coffee later this weekend or something.” I was bummed out, I was finally going to get to experience the bar and hopefully have her over later but it looked like my night was blown.

“Who needs this bar?” she said and gave the bouncer a kick in his balls. “Get fucked!” she yelled at him and took me by the hand and walked me away.

“Looks like your boots are for more then just show.” I said nervously.

She looked real mad as she dragged me back to my apartment. “Looks like my weekend just got freed up, you got any booze or drugs Kevin Spencer?” She shot me a quick smile.

“I keep my place pretty stocked up, want to come up for a drink?”

She grabbed me by my belt and pulled me close, ” I hope you have a lot, the night is young, it’s a long weekend, my favourite bar is ruined for me, and I want to have fun.”

“Well, I guess we will just have to make the best of this situation. I have just about everything needed for a long weekend, lets go on a tear.” I smiled and opened the door.

She waltzed in took a look around the place. “Quaint. Now pour me a hard drink Kevin, its time to get a little crazy.”

Instantly I could feel my pants get tighter, of all the luck in the world, I had the girl I was fantasizing about in my place and it seemed like she had some pretty hefty plans for the evening.

I poured a couple of really strong rye and cokes and took her for a tour. The tour ending in my den. Stupid me in my haste to get ready I forgot to hide my box of pornos. I tried to step in front of them when I noticed them sitting there on the table, but she had quick eyes.

“Well well, what do we have here?” She browsed though me box while I stood there turning more red by the second. ” Looks like we have something to watch, Backdoor sluts #9. I hear it’s the most hardcore porno ever made. You said you had some drugs, get me some now.” She was demanding like the other bitchy girls I had been with in the last while but it seemed to be more of an act.

I packed up a bowl while she was putting on the DVD. We sat there drank, smoked and watched some of the craziest sex I have ever seen. Just about anything you could imagine was in this flick. The longer we sat there the hornier I became. The first time watching porn with a girl made it all the better. All the while the blood rushing from my head to my little head.

“Show me your bedroom!” she demanded and I took her by the hand walked her in.

We walked to the bed and she threw me down. “Stay right there, don’t move, just watch.” She said. She looked at my growing bulge and gave me a sly grin. “I didn’t say he could move yet either.”

She was wearing a tight red zippered top with a fishnet undershirt covering a black bra, a black and grey kilt that rested 4 inches from her crotch and torn fishnet stockings. Her boots rode all the way up to her knees so only a small bit of her beautiful thighs were showing. I sat there while she started dancing for me. Playing with her red hair she slowly spun in circles. Massaging her beautiful rack and then giving me quick glances at her black thong. For someone with a pale white face she was nicely tanned. Her ass was nearly perfect just staring at it almost made all my blood divert and knock me out again. Her legs were long and the high heels on her boots made them look even sexier.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed when she walked over. She ushered my legs open with her left boot and turned around to show me her ass again. Slowly and repetitively she lowered kaçak iddaa her ass to my bulging crotch and gently rubbed her ass on my cock. That in itself almost made me cum. My soldier wanted out but I needed to follow orders. I moved my hands back as to insure that I wouldn’t accidentally touch her ass or breasts. I didn’t want to piss her off or maybe even take a beating. She placed one knee on the bed in front of my unit and slowly dry humped my leg while rubbing her breasts in my face. I had a lap dance once at a fiends nineteenth birthday but nothing quite like this. She teased me with her lips as though she was going to kiss me all the while my blood kept inching closer to boiling. Her perfume was mild but very alluring. She attacked all my senses as though trying to overload my brain.

She stood up turned away from me giving me another amazing view of her ass. “You know Kevin, when we were kids I always wanted you. You were too busy playing with transformers and G.I.Joes but I always just wanted for you to give me your full attention. It looks like I have it now then. This is the deal, you are now mine, no complaining, I will do with you what I want, whenever I want. Tonight is the start of our renewed companionship.”

I nearly choked. In one sense I was scared shitless. My fiends would unlikely care to hang out with this girl, but she seemed to have a huge pull on me. I had but one choice. “You got it Jenny.”

With that it was like an atomic bomb had gone off. She jumped on top of me and we started kissing like the end of the world was coming. Kissing her was almost as good as sex with other girls. Her lips and tongue so talented I could hardly wait to see what else they were capable of. She undid her top exposing by far the nicest tits I had ever seen in my life. Her nipples were perfect, small and perky on a frame that nearly made me cry. Not even the nicest boob job could compare to what she was waving in my face.

“Suck them!” she yelled at me, and I gave in with no hesitation. As I started working away she moved her one hand down and started massaging the big bulge in my pants while her other hand started to play with her wet pussy. I started by slowly licking and nibbling on her nipples. They grew hard and screamed for more aggression. It was alike an animal took over me and I molested her chest like it was the first time I had ever been given the chance. Before I could think again she pushed me down on the bed. She repositioned herself with her sopping wet snatch over my face facing my crotch. “Eat my pussy till I come.”

I worked away lapping at her swollen button, my face getting soaked by her flowing juices. I loved eating pussy and I wanted to show her how talented I was. I sucked on her labia and got her clit so swollen I thought it would pop. I utilized my fingers to begin getting that pussy to get loose and ready for my monster. She started gyrating on my face helping out my cause and bringing her to her first orgasm of the night. “You are pretty good Kevin, hopefully you are just as talented in other areas.”

I started to slow down but she smacked my leg hard and sat down harder on my lips. “Did I tell you to stop?” I tried to apologise but my tongue was too occupied. hearing my zipper open pushed that last bit of blood I could spare to my penis. I could feel my cock being pulled from my pants and immediately being enveloped into her warm mouth. She slowly began sucking my cock, running her tongue all around my head which was bulging at the time nearly filling her mouth. The more she worked away at it the deeper her went. Being eight inches seemed to scare most girls, not necessarily the length but the girth was impressive. She truly was a talent with her mouth.

The wetter she got the more ferociously she sucked my cock and jacked me off. The intensity kept rising as our sucking, fingering, jacking and licking continued. I looked up to see that she was using her free hand to massage and grope her ass while she kept busy sucking my cock.

“Now little Kevvy, I want you to eat my asshole. No complaints, no hesitation, you will obey my commands.” She sat straight up almost smothering me with he ass and pussy. I slowly started working away at her tight little ass. Teasing, swirling my tongue around her little hole. It slowly began to open up more and more for me. It looked so inviting with her thong pulled to the side already soaked from the amazing lap dance she gave me. I then began to work my finger away at her inviting ass. I started with one finger already wet from her pussy slowly massaging then penetrating. Pushing it in and out and loosening her up all the while she kept getting wetter and wetter. It popped every time I pulled it out .

I slowly worked a second finger in causing her to arch her back sharply. Her moans began to intensify as she played with her clit while I did my duty. Suddenly without warning she started shaking kaçak bahis like she was having a seizure and I felt juices running down my face.I couldn’t take it anymore, I shot off a load in her mouth which she promptly swallowed like it was a fine wine.

“That’s a good start, but now that big cock of yours needs to start earning its keep. Hopefully it still has some juice left in it” She stood up and slowly walked over to the wall. She places both hands on the wall and signalled for me to come over. “I’ve been a bad girl, I order you to punish me with your nightstick.”

I obliged, ushering my cock into her soaking pussy. She nearly screamed when it first entered her. But she took it like a trooper and begged for more. Her pussy felt so warm and inviting. I had never been given orders like she was giving me now, I’ll admit it was a huge turn-on. Juices began flowing everywhere as I began to thrust faster and faster, filling every square inch of her stretched pussy. My ears began to ring from her screaming so loud. “I’m a bad girl, and bad girls get spanked, HARD!”

I started spanking her, slowly and softly at first but then really turned it up as she started thrusting down on me. Her intensity of thrusting back intensified with every spank. I let out a drop of spit on to her ass and started working my thumb away at her little hole. She pushed back on me knocking me over onto the floor. She straddled me reverse cowboy and began to ride me like I was a bucking bull. I continued with the spanking and fingering her asshole feeling the pressure build the faster she rode me.

Her moaning really started to excel as I got my thumb in to the knuckle. “You really know what you are doing, guess all that porn you watch pays off. I will have to see what other skills you have in your repertoire.” She then let out a huge scream Cumming for the second time. At that I shot a load of cum in her pussy, it mixed with her juices which she caught in her hand and she got up a little wobbly. She licked her hand off as though she were licking melted ice cream off her hand, savouring every drop.

She turned and gave me a sad look. ” Is that all you have? I thought your were a man. This night can’t end 3-2 for me. We need a higher score. I guess you might need a little more motivation.”

” That was just the appetizer, needed to make some room for the main course.” I smiled at her as she looked down to see that my cock was still throbbing fast to the rhythm of my pounding heart.

Being a lover of sex I try all the crazy sex pills and aids. One that I ordered from Europe gave me the ability to get off pretty much as much as I wanted to whenever I wanted to.

She told me to sit back at the edge of my bed where she had given me the best lap dance of my life and she began to rub her perfectly rounded ass in my face. I licked her asshole again all the while getting it saturated with her pussy juices. I wanted it slippery for what was seemingly about to happen. She spat on her hand and rubbed it all over my cock, getting it slippery and ready for his favourite task, making a girl cum by fucking her asshole.

She slowly sat down on my cock, staring me right in the eyes as my head popped into that tight little ring and her eyes grew wider the deeper it penetrated. “Your cock was made for my body Kevin, looks like we fit like Lego.” She wrapped her arms around me and started to bounce up and down on my prick. My cock was pushing into her all the way to my balls. Her nails digging into my back sharing the sting she was feeling, it felt great, animalistic.

She got up off my pounding cock and laid down on the bed. “I want you to see yourself filling my tight ass!” She said. I lifted her legs on my shoulders and reinserted my rod into her waiting asshole. My thrusts began growing wilder as she fingered herself and moaned so loud. Watching my cock disappear into her ass was like heaven. I could feel her rubbing my cock through the thin layer of flesh between her pussy and ass making the experience all so much hotter.

I would pull it out, reinsert it, pull it out reinsert it. Every time her moans getting louder and her fingering intensified. She began sucking on the fingers she was using to play with her clit and I took over massaging her clit with one hand and fingering her with the other. Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head around the same time my balls began to feel as though they were going to rupture. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure she screamed, “give me all your cum, fill my ass so full, I want it more then anything.”

We came in unison, it was the biggest orgasm of my life. It felt like I dropped 5 pounds in that cumshot alone. I pulled out and watched my jizm flow from her ass. She smiled at me and said “taste it.”

“Maybe next time. it’s a good thing this is a long weekend Jenny, cause I could do that a hundred more times.”

“You can and you will, I own you now, remember? There are many other things to be done.” She smiled and gave me a soft kiss and fell asleep from all the physical exertion.

I wonder what’s in store for breakfast?

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