A Night in Toronto

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Amateur Allure

The window was slightly frosted over from the frigidly cold weather that blew through Toronto and high up on the 22nd floor of the Eaton Chelsea the winds were especially violent. The sliding door seemed to shudder with each gust of wind that echoed up from Lake Ontario. I was looking out onto the Yonge St., strip down upon the often garish lights that twinkled on and off advertising their wares. In particular, the lights of the Zanzi; the Zanzibar Adult Entertainment Bar, as it advertises itself, beckoned men into its dimly lit interior.

Outside the front doors stood a man in a heavy coat, toque and gloves as he clapped his hands to stay warm he urged passing men to stop in for some food, drink and especially naked dancers. I thought back to an evening many years ago when I stayed in this very hotel, although a Delta brand at the time, and met up with an old friend of both of ours for a clandestine meeting.

We first met in the downstairs bar, for some drinks and a chance to flirt a bit while her kids stayed in an upper floor with her mother. At her urging, we left the bar, crossed the street and walked into the strip bar. Settling into a rounded booth, we were immediately approached by several of the dancers looking to earn some extra money doing personal lap dances. The novelty of dancing for a couple must have intrigued them for as they passed by our booth clad in only a skimpy bikini or just panties and carrying a towel, they would look at us, smile and sit down for a chat. The chats quickly turned into a very seductive dance for Dianne.

If what she did to those dancers had been done by a man, she would have been thrown out of the bar in seconds. However, as it was a female and the dancers enjoyed her touch and her soft lips as much as they did, the dances turned into one step shy of lovemaking and to the eyes of all the staring patrons (and bar staff) she was left alone to admire and caress the girls to her hearts content. From sitting beside her I saw the strippers’ nipples get sucked into Dianne’s mouth and watched her tongue tease all around the areola. I saw her fingers slid smoothly and without hesitation into the pussy of the dancer. I turned around to share this memory with you, because I know how much you enjoyed Dianne’s love making and her sexuality, but as I was opening my mouth to speak, I stopped short when I saw you lying on the bed.

You had a very coy smile on your lips, as if you were reading my mind and knew exactly where my thoughts were. The lights were slightly dimmed in the room, but I could easily see you. You were lying on your side, one leg cocked at the knee with your foot nestled behind your other leg. The fabric of your silk robe covered most of you, but I could make out the rise of your breast where the neck opening fell away. It had also pooled at the base of your thigh of your raised knee exposing your perfectly shaped athletic leg. The sash was tightly wrapped around your waist hiding the rest of your perfect body from my eyes. Your head was rested on your left hand, supporting it off the pillows. In your right hand you held an empty balloon wine glass. You dangled the glass between your fingers letting it sway back and forth. Your fingernails were painted the same red shade that matched your lips. The enamel of your nails glistening as much as the empty glass as it reflected and refracted the light.

“Please Sir… more wine?”

Your soft English accent added so much more sexuality to those simple words. Although I was caught up in this divine image before me, I reached for the bottle of Chardonnay, pulling it from the ice bucket which left a trail of cold water drops along the carpet. I gathered a small face towel from beside the bucket and wiped the surface of the ice and condensation. As I moved toward you I was cognizant of my stiffening erection. You held out the glass and as I poured the cold wine in, your eyes were locked on my in a smoky, sexual stare.

Glancing into them was hypnotizing, enthralling, captivating and arousing. Your eyes kept dropping to the obvious bulge in my pants and then back to look me in the eyes. The pleasure of seeing the effect you have on me was evident in your smile. Thankfully your glass was large enough to make up for my distraction and although I came close to overflowing the glass, it was only filled to the brim.

“Mmmm”, you murmured, “That’s a lot of wine… are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me on this King size bed?”

As you said this, you motioned with the glass of wine and spilled a bit on the bedspread. Again, you seemed to read my mind as I was recalling the numerous times in our past that some glasses of wine loosened your inhibitions. I will forever remember your soft hand sliding up my inner thigh and under my shorts to firmly grasp my rapidly hardening cock while I stood in the aptly named cockpit of your boat. Or the time we exchanged a deep open mouthed kiss under the nylon fabric of sails on the bow of your boat while both our spouses were mere steps away. Those overt sexual actions were so sexually strong to me, I would have done anything you güvenilir bahis asked of me then and now.

You took a long sip of the wine and stretched over to the bedside table and set the glass down with a soft clink. I put the bottle back into the bucket and turned back to see you extend your foot into the air straightening out your cocked knee at about a 45 degree angle. Your toes were pointed straight out and each had the same red shade of enamel as your fingernails and lips. Your eyes travelled along the extent of your bare leg and then you swiveled your head to look at me, again fixing me with a stare that was pure desire. The fingers on one hand played at the edge of the soft silk of your robe at the junction of your legs, slowly moving. I knew exactly what you wanted.

I moved over to the foot of the bed, the mattress was elevated more than a regular home bed, almost as if it were placed at the ideal height for sex games. I raised one knee and rested it on the mattress and took your proffered foot into my hands. Leaning forward I kissed the instep first, softly touching the sensitive skin with my lips and then traced a path of kisses and moist licks of my tongue along the side of your foot until I reached your big toe. I slowly drew the entire digit into my mouth, circling my lips and swirling my tongue around it. I moved my head ever so slightly drawing the toe into my mouth and then out, sucking on it, all the while letting my tongue explore. Drawing it out of my mouth I moved to the next toe and repeated my actions, giving it the same loving I gave its partner. Your foot arched down and I felt you splay your toes out to invite my tongue between them. I looked up at you, your head was lying back on the pillows, your eyes were closed, your chest rising and falling slowly. Every once in a while, your lips would purse together and then open, your moist tongue darting out to lick your lips.

As I looked along your leg and then further up your body, I became aware that your fingers were not, as I previously thought, playing with the edge of your robe, but were slowly circling and teasing your pussy. The cheeks on your face were reddening as was the reddish flush that was appearing on your chest indicating a degree of sexual arousal. From where I stood, I could easily see your fingers now parting your lips and extending one finger along your labia, tracing a path, teasing yourself. I watched intently and your fingers moving, dipping and diving into the folds of your pussy. Watching a woman play with herself is one of the most arousing thing a man could watch.

I glanced up I saw your eyes were open and staring back at me, your lips again pursing and then broken by the tip of your tongue as it darted out. I was still sucking on your toes, now moving back across them sucking each like it was a hard nipple. I felt your other foot press up against the front of my pants, your toes searching for the hardness you knew you would find. It reminded me of our dances at univeristy, the furtive dances where we thought no one was watching us as we teased each other. You pressing your hips back firmly against my hard on as I pressed equally hard against you, wanting to let you know how much you turned me on. My lips would always, shyly seek out your neck and ear lobe and I would kiss and suck on them as I have done now with your toes. But always, always the song ended far too soon and we never completed our dance for many years to come. This night however, the song would not end until we want it to and from the look in your eyes, it wouldn’t be ending for a while.

Your toes found the outline of my cock through my slacks, a light cotton blend which did little to hide my arousal. You moved your entire foot along the length, pressing against it. I so wanted to take my cock out and let it fall against the hot flesh of your foot, I want to rub it along your shapely, smooth legs, slowly fucking them. But I know that will come soon enough, all I wanted was to pleasure you and I could tell, you wanted me to pleasure you.

After one last kiss to your instep, I put your foot back on the bed. Your legs were slightly spread, your fingers still touching yourself. I started on the inside of your ankle with a kiss and then moved to the other ankle and as I gently placed a kiss, I applied enough pressure to slightly widen your legs. Then moving back to your other leg I moved my lips along your strong calf alternating between a wet lick and a kiss, again with just enough pressure to widen your legs. I again repeated this as I moved up your legs until I reached your inner thigh and at this point your legs were spread wide open, your wet pussy exposed for me. The silk fabric of your robe was bunched above your hips. I watched as you stimulated yourself more. I knew that your fingers would find all the places that bring you the most pleasure. It is a woman who knows what pleases her the most.

I reached up and undid the sash, pulling it away slowly. As I did, the robe separated and revealed your body to me. I cannot believe how beautiful you looked at that moment. You have such a lithe body, your türkçe bahis skin so smooth, a wisp of pubic hair was visible in the light. Your breasts looked perfect as you lay back, small but firm with nipples that jutted out from your arousal. I leaned forward and kissed your inner thigh, on the left, then the right. Then a gentle bite, again on both sides. I could feel the heat of your womanhood on my cheek. I extended my tongue and lightly touched the lips of your pussy and then licked slowly upward.

The taste of you was making me hungry for more. My tongue ran over your fingers as they played with your pussy. You extended each finger out and I sucked them in, tasting your wonderful juices. You pulled your hand back and I lowered my mouth onto your pussy and began to slowly lick, swirl my tongue, kiss and suck you. I could feel your hips begin to curl downward and then rotate back up to push against my mouth and tongue. I slipped one of my hands free from under you and with one of my fingers I felt how wet you were from a combination of my saliva and your own juices. My finger easily slid into you, first just up to the knuckle and then deeper as I moved them in and out of you.

“Oh, fuck” escaped your lips.

Your hips were now moving in a circular motion, evading but yet still wanting direct stimulation of your clitoris. My fingers, now two, pushed deeper into you, moved faster, my tongue still teased you. I have moved my left hand upwards and sought out your breast and grabbed a handful, squeezing firmly. I felt your hard nipple in the palm of my hand and then grasp it between my thumb and forefinger and pinched hard, rolling it between the two digits. You gave a quick intake of breath as the slight electric jolt of pain raced through your body to your pleasure centre. At the same time your free hand moved upward and did the same to your other nipple, rolling it back and forth between hard pinches.

Between my mouth on your pussy, your nipples being played with and being fucked by my searching fingers, the ‘oh, fucks’ became more frequent and no longer a soft quiet moan. They have become louder and more demanding as the waves of orgasm builds. Your hips were gyrating involuntarily, your legs moved from encircling my neck with your crossed ankles squeezing my face into your pussy and then seconds later they were spread wide as possible apart and fucked my face with hard upward thrusts.

Your free hand held onto a fistful of my hair and pulled my head hard down to your wetness. I was simply along for the ride at that point, your arousal was so complete, you were alone with your pleasure and I was just a provider. My cock was so hard from feeling the urgency of your hip movements, the wetness of your pussy and the sounds coming from your mouth. I so wanted to release my cock from its prison and slide it deep into you and fuck you until I came, but at that moment it was all about you and your pleasure. Mine would soon follow.

As these thoughts rushed through my head, your hips stopped moving about and began a long slow push hard against my mouth, your back arched, I heard you draw a lung full of air and then you were mostly quiet as you held your breath, anticipating a release. I squeezed your nipple hard and targeted your clit with my tongue. Your hips rose even more, pushing me backwards with the force and suddenly there was a explosion of sound from your lips. You took another deep breath, pushed up against my face again and held my head in place with one hand. Your eyes were tightly closed, your tongue moistened your lips as your hips push against me once more, again the cycle repeated itself with your hips rising, your breath held, a slight convulsion and then your hips falling back onto the mattress.

After a moment of rest, I heard a soft ‘mmmm’ emanate from you, a satisfied moan, it seemed. Your eyes opened, they were slightly glassy, but glistened. Another ‘mmmm’. I looked down on you, your wet, wet pussy, swollen from the blood that rushed into the area from sexual arousal, your stomach twitched as you drew a breath. Your hands now rested self consciously on your tummy, you exhaled and dropped your head back onto the pillow.

I sat back on my haunches just drinking in this beautiful sight of you. You rolled over slightly and reached for your wine glass. Grasping it, you brought the glass to your dry lips, you took a long sip of wine and closed your eyes as you savored it. Your tongue darted out of your mouth remoistening your lips. The robe had fallen open and exposed your breasts to me, your nipples were still erect and reddened from all the pinching. Again, you took another long sip of wine, as if recovering and then set the glass back down and flopped back onto the mattress, exhaling again.

I moved myself up your body until my face was above your face and I looked down into your beautiful, happy eyes. I lowered my lips to yours and we began to kiss deeply. I have told you many times that I could spend hours just kissing you, just tasting you and feeling the softness of your lips and the inquisitive tongue of yours and this time was no exception. güvenilir bahis siteleri Your juices covered the bottom half of my face and as we kissed your could taste yourself on my lips. I kissed your nose, your cheek and then nestled into the crook of your neck and planted kisses and soft bites all along the expanse of your throat and finally taking an earlobe into my mouth and tugged on it with my lips. I know this is one of your many erogenous zones and I wanted to arouse you even more. You moaned your approval, but then placed your hand on my chest and pushed me off you and rolled me onto my back beside you. You draped your arm over my chest and kissed my chin and then my lips once more and we let our tongues dance together. You lower your kisses to my neck and then you moved to my ear and whispered, “That was wonderful. Now it’s your turn”.

With that you swung your leg over me and sat on my upper thighs. You reached down between your legs and began to squeeze and rub the bulge in my pants, tracing your fingers up and down its length and then applied more pressure, pushing down on it with the palm of your hands. You leaned forward once again and kissed me, your hand squeezed my hard cock through my pants.

“Stand up”, you said as you rolled yourself off my lap and settled onto the edge of the bed.

I stood up, my hands on my hips in front of you. You looked up at me, reached for the belt buckle on my pants and pull on the black leather until the post was released from the hole in the leather. You then undid the top of my pants and glanced once again at me. Holding my eyes with yours, you slowly pulled the zipper down. My hard cock was pressing against the fabric of my pants holding them in place, you leaned forward and pressed your lips on my bare flesh, just above my pubic hair. Your tongue traced a line of saliva slightly downward and then you pressed your cheek against my cloth covered bulge. You then turned your head and bit lightly, then more firmly on my covered cock. Your hands slid along the interior of the waist line of my pants and as you moved your hands around my hips, you pushed down slightly. You remembered from our previous trysts that when I am meeting with you I never wear underwear, I always want to be as accessible to you as possible. As your soft hands reached my sides, my pants fell to the ground in a heap.

My cock was now fully exposed to you. You look at it intently for a moment, another smile creased your face; a very happy smile. You reached your left hand up and wrapped your fingers around its girth, pulling on it slightly. You then leaned forward letting it rub against your cheek and neck, I felt your hair on my cock as it slid along the side of your head. You turned slightly and started to kiss the shaft, using your hand up to hold it in place as you began to bite, lick and kiss your way up to the head of my cock. You paused for a mere moment, as you positioned yourself and then pressed your lips against the blood engorged head of my cock and began to slide it into your mouth. I felt the heat of your mouth, I felt the air on my cock as you exhaled through your nose, then as you swirled your tongue you took more and more of my cock into your mouth.

Your one hand gripped on my shaft while the other cradled my balls and slowly teased them with slight pulls. You stopped momentarily, your lips near the base of my cock and then slowly drew back leaving a wet glistening cock as it emerged from your mouth. I alternated between looking down at you expertly suck my cock and closing my eyes just reveling in the pleasure you are bringing me. I loved the firmness of your grip around my cock as your hand moved in unison with your mouth. My flesh slid between your beautiful lips, now stretched to circle my cock. Your tongue swirled under the cockhead, just where it is so sensitive and packed with sensual nerve endings.

Occasionally, you pulled your mouth off my cock and slide your lips up and down my shaft, your tongue extended as you licked the length of my flesh, then back to engulf it in your mouth again. I looked down again and saw you looking back up at me, your eyes were alive with sexuality. You knew what a talented cock-sucker you were and you knew how much you turned me on, even without my cock being sucked so well. This made me even more aroused. You were in total control.

My hips began to move forward, pushing into your mouth like I was fucking your pussy. My hands rested on the back of your head, not to push you deeper onto my cock, but to feel you under my hands, the softness of your hair, the movement of your head as you pleasured me. Your mouth felt divine; soft, yet strong, wet, hot, teasing, fulfilling; a plethora of pleasure. Your left hand which had cupped my balls began to feel the ball sac tighten as I got closer and closer to orgasm. While your hand kept stroking my cock, you moved your mouth down lower and began to lick my balls. As your mouth moved downward covering my balls with saliva, your hand pushed between my legs and one finger began to tease the bud of my asshole. You started to toy with this sensitive erogenous area. You could feel the contractions from the pleasure your touch brought me. Your mouth moved back to my cock and as you slid it into your mouth again. Your finger, wet from the saliva from licking my balls, pushed into my ass.

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