A Pyrrhic Victory

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Gasping, I pulled away from my husband’s cock, a smirk on my flushed face at the desperate groan that escaped him. I panted hotly against his balls, hand dragging up and down the slickness of his erection. He tugged experimentally at the tethers on the bedpost, straining to reach down to me.

“Feeling frustrated?” I punctuated my words with a slow lick, dragging my tongue along his balls and up his cock, before I engulfed him in my mouth again. He thrust his hips against me, cock ramming the back of my throat as I gulped, letting my throat constrict around him. He began to make small, strangled noises, so I pulled free, peering at him over the length of his cock.

“F-fuck.” He growled. “Please.” His voice crackled, and the look of naked desperation in his eyes sent a wave of heat coursing through me. I squirmed up his body, lining up my dripping slit with him. I paused, just grazing the tip of his cock with my cunt, hips rocking teasingly. He yanked at the tethers, harder, eyes promising vengeance. I smiled sweetly back at him, and lowered an inch further.

I knew that the longer I dragged this out, the more he would torture me when it was my turn to be tied up. The thought had my pussy clenching, sucking the tip of him deeper into my tight wetness. He thrust against me again, and I lifted off him. He snarled, face shining red with frustration. I loved when he looked like this. Reaching up the length of his body, I freed his hands.

They shot down to my hips, and yanked me on to his cock with a ferocity that made me see stars. My pussy was brutally stretched, and I yowled as he pumped into me, fingers digging into my sides. His pace was punishing, and I was all I could do to hang on, head dropping to his shoulder, tongue snaking out to lave his neck.

“Fucking. Little. Cock. Tease.” He panted out, grinding against me with each word. I was lost in the wave of sensations, pussy clamping around him as I came. “I’m…. Gonna cum in your… little… fuckhole.” He grunted, hips snapping against me with bruising force. I met his words with a drawn out moan, biting down on his neck. Shuddering, he pulled free of my clutching pussy, pumping his cock twice before shooting his cum across my back with enough force that I felt it splatter. I stifled the disappointment I felt deep in my womb, and flattened out atop him. He wrapped his arms around me, heedless of the cum slowly drying on me, and we drifted in a post-sex fugue, neither of us willing to move or talk.

When I woke up, it was dark outside, and I blinked owlishly in the dim light of the room. I pulled myself free from him, our skin sticking together with sweat, and padded off to the shower. As the water warmed, I thought about what he said. Filling my cunt. My pussy clenched. He never came inside me. No one had. I pored over videos of cream pies, drooled over stories of girls being bred like farm animals, came with a vibrator pressed to my cunt, imagining a cock swelling and pumping cum into me. It wasn’t enough. I ignored the unsatisfied rumble low in my stomach, and stepped into the shower, rinsing the cum, sweat, and drool off me.

When I stepped out, Andy was still fast asleep, long limbs sprawled over the bed, blond hair rumpled. I smiled at him as I towel dried, then checked my phone. A message from Louis. I ignored the thrill of excitement that shot through me.

You guys free next Wednesday? Thought we could finally plan that trip

I warred with my indecision. Seeing Louis was always a little like playing with fire. I had known him for years, and the sexual tension between us grew every time I saw him. We were carefully avoiding it, but I saw the heat in his eyes. I felt the swooping in my stomach when he smiled. He was nothing but bad news. For you? Always.

I sent the message before I could think it through fully. It sounded a little more suggestive than it should have. I blamed the throbbing in my cunt. I never thought things through properly when I was horny. Nothing I could do now.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see you

I groaned, the sound loud in the quiet room. Andy stirred, looking charmingly bewildered. I tugged on his hair playfully, and he pulled me down for a slow kiss, still waking up. I managed to finally tug him from bed, and we headed to the kitchen to make dinner, still mostly undressed. Unbidden, Louis played on the fringes of my mind, flashes of his smile popping into my head occasionally.

The days passed in the usual blur, work eating up most of my daylight hours. I spent more time than I cared to daydreaming about Louis, and shame twisted my gut every time Andy kissed me. Wednesday finally dawned, and I rolled out of bed with a jittery excitement that had me scrubbing the house, ash brown curls pulled up and away from my face, sticking to the sweat at the nape of my neck. A few hours later, Andy ambled into the kitchen, whistling lowly.

“It looks amazing in here, love.”

He güvenilir bahis stared at me while he said it, eyebrows waggling suggestively. I rolled my eyes, grinning. I was a sweaty, frizzy mess, and we both knew it. He rounded the counter and grabbed me, pulling my hips flush to his.

“I need a shower.” I protested, trying to twist away.

“What a coincidence,” he murmured, lowering his lips to my neck, “so do I.” We half stumbled into the shower, his cock pressing insistently against my thigh. I arched into him, eagerly, fingers wrapping around his neck as he hoisted me against the wall.

“Fuck your cum into me.” I pleaded.

“Hmmm….” He drawled, still pinning me to the wall. “I could… but I should really take a shower.” He put me down, and began rinsing his hair, cock twitching occasionally.

“What the fuck?” I demanded, scowling.

“What’s the matter, love? You tease me all the time. I feel like I should return the favour.” My fingers began creeping towards my throbbing cunt. “Ah ah,” he said sharply, tugging my hands away. “We have a guest coming.”

He latched onto my neck, sucking hard, his hands palming my tits, thumbs flicking against my nipples. I moaned and arched into him, and he pulled away, looking far too pleased with himself.

“You’re a tit.”

I turned my back to him with a harrumph, and he chuckled lowly behind me. Ass.

When we finally emerged from the shower, my pussy was dripping and clenching, and my nipples were painfully hard. I was not in a good mood. Andy leaned in to kiss my forehead, and I growled at him, face scrunched to show him my displeasure. He laughed and kissed me anyway, sauntering off to get dressed. I looked in the mirror as I combed through my hair. My eyes were overly bright, cheeks flushed, and- I caught sight of a massive hickey on the side of my neck, high enough that my clothes wouldn’t cover it.

“You bastard!” I yelped, throwing my wet towel at Andy. He opened his mouth to reply, and the doorbell rang.

“Shit!” He swore, fumbling with his jeans as he headed towards the front door. I heard him greet Louis, their voices floating into the bedroom. I didn’t have time to cum. I would have to wait. Every brush of fabric against my cunt or nipples renewed my frown. I couldn’t bear the thought of underwear, so I went without, throwing on a pale grey dress. I cinched the material around my slim waist, belting it. My nipples were extremely evident through the soft fabric, and the rub of the material wasn’t helping matters, but I didn’t have time to change. I huffed and stomped out of the room, tossing my sodden curls over my shoulders, bare feet slapping the tile. I rounded the corner, and ran straight into Louis.

His large hands shot out to grip my shoulders, steadying me, and I very nearly whimpered. He looked me up and down, still holding me, hazel eyes lingering for a long moment at the mark on my neck.

“Good to see you, Jess.”

“You-” I blushed at the huskiness of my voice. “You, too.” I managed. His hands dropped, and I edged around him. He made no effort whatsoever to get out of my way, and my body pressed against his for a moment in the narrow hallway. I heard him suck in a breath, and then I was past, cheeks burning, brain fuzzy with hormones. I sat next to Andy, and pinched him hard, scowling.

“That’s a good look for you.” He smirked. I scoffed and looked away, arms firmly crossed over my chest, covering my sensitive breasts. Louis lumbered back into the living room, and sat on my other side. He was almost uncomfortably close. He normally sat far away from me, and he was so near now, and he could just reach out and pull me into his lap and- I shook my head, frustrated, and both men turned to look at me.

“…. Coffee…” I finally muttered. “I need some coffee.” I deliberately kept my back to the two of them as I bustled around the kitchen, breathing shallowly as I tried to control the insistent throbbing in my cunt. I turned my mind resolutely towards my grocery list. Yes. Grocery shopping. Safe, nonsexual grocery shopping.

“- I really want you to come.” Louis’s voice rumbled, ruining my concentration. His voice was already so deep. I couldn’t help but wonder how he would sound underneath me, begging for my pussy clamped against his face. I pinched the bridge of my nose, imagining his face glistening with my juices, cock gravid with his cum, pumping into me, butting against my cervix.

“You okay over there?” Louis was looking at me with concern, even as Andy grinned. I was gripping the counter, white knuckled, almost bent over with lust. I elected to say nothing, and made my way back to the sofa, clutching my coffee, nose in the air.

“You didn’t make any coffee for us?” Andy said, nudging me.

“You don’t deserve any.” I sniffed. He laughed.

“Coffee, Louis?” He called, strolling into the kitchen.

“Always.” Louis called back, eyes still intent on me.

“So… türkçe bahis how’ve you been?” I said, feebly. Louis ignored the question, leaning forward.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You sound kind of funny, and you look really flushed.” His hand came down on my bare thigh, and I stared down at it, dazed. God I wanted to cum. “What did you say?” His voice was incredulous, and I snapped my eyes up to his. Fuck. Did I say that out loud?

“Oh!” My voice was too loud in the quiet room, and I saw him wince slightly, hand sliding higher with the movement, pushing my dress up. “You said something about you wanting us to come. I… uh… wanted to know what you were saying.” Louis looked dubious, but let it slide.

“I was telling Andy, Molly and I rented a cabin for next weekend. It’s this little place out in the mountains. I know how much you like it out there, so I thought I would invite you two.” Andy returned, and Louis pulled his hand from my leg, hastily.

“That sounds amazing.” I finally choked out. I sipped my coffee while Louis and Andy discussed details, still feeling uncomfortably aroused and penned in. Maybe I could just sneak off for a few minutes. It would only take a second. I was so fucking close. I rocked against the sofa slightly and sucked in a breath at the pressure against my cunt. Andy grinned at me knowingly, and leaned in to whisper in my ear,

“I can tell what you’re doing.”

I growled and stood, pushing myself up using Andy’s face. He smiled serenely up at me.

“I’m going to get some fresh air.” I grumbled. Louis hopped up.

“I’ll join you.”

Fuck. I couldn’t back out now, so I made my way outside, Louis following behind. It was windy out, and there was an autumnal chill in the air. I hugged myself, shivering, hoping the breeze would cool my overheated body. Louis stood beside me, head half turned so he could study me. He looked like he was biting his tongue, all the while staring at me, and I finally lost my patience.

“What?” I bristled.

“That dress looks really nice on you.” He finally said. I flushed, mumbling a thank you. “So does that mark on your neck.” My pussy clenched at the heat in his voice, and I couldn’t lift my eyes to his, convinced I would do something stupid if I did.

“It’s all Andy’s fault.” I finally bit out, feeling petulant.

“He did seem pretty smug about something.” Louis noted. I bet he did, the prick.

“We’ll see how smug he is tonight.” I mumbled under my breath. I finally chanced a look at Louis, and he didn’t seem to notice, eyes hungry on the curves of my breasts, the outline of my nipples. “Anyway, I’m a little chilly, are you a little chilly? Maybe we should head inside, I’m heading inside.” I babbled, and almost ran back into the house. Louis followed, chuckling, and the sound shot straight to my womb. I was going to fucking kill Andy.

Louis stayed for hours. I would dart quick looks at Andy periodically, and he seemed content to ignore me, save for a quick hand brushing down my side. After what felt like eons, Louis got up to go to the bathroom, and Andy slid a hand underneath my dress, eyebrows raising when he felt my bare cunt.

“No panties?” He growled out. He shifted uncomfortably, and the vindication shot through me. Louis re-emerged, and Andy clapped his hands together, loudly, standing and surreptitiously adjusting himself. “It’s getting pretty late… we should probably get dinner started.”

“Oh,” I said, all innocence, “I thought you wanted to eat out tonight.” Andy shot a pleading look at Louis, and, obligingly, Louis cleared his throat.

“Oh man, I should get going. Molly’s going to be home any minute.”

“Great, I’ll text you about next weekend, great to see you, get home safely, tell Molly hello.” Andy rushed his words out, all but pushing Louis out the door. Louis turned to wave to me, a smirk on his face as Andy shepherded him outside. I darted up as Andy walked him out, locking the door behind them, a malicious grin stretching my cheeks. Andy walked back, a spring in his step, with a jaunty smile that faded the second he saw me grinning at him through the wide window that took up most of the wall by the front door. He tried the door, tugging the handle to no avail.

“C’mon, Jess, it’s freezing out here!” I feigned ignorance, shrugging my shoulders. He scowled as I unbelted my dress, tugging the fabric up my body in slides and fits. Finally, I stood naked in the window. Andy had given up on trying the door, and stared in at me. I pressed my tits together, and made a show of playing with them, eyes half-closed as I tugged on my nipples. I stepped backwards and perched on the edge of the sofa, wobbling slightly. I spread my legs apart, and, eyes on him, pressed two fingers into my cunt. I could have wept at the sensation, knowing that I was so close to satisfaction. I pulled my fingers free and waved at Andy, hand glinting with my arousal.

His breath was fogging the window, and his güvenilir bahis siteleri face was a storm cloud. Good. He yanked on the door, harder, and I heard the wood protest, creaking slightly. I smiled coquettishly at him, fingers dropping back to my clit as I scanned his face. My eyes closed on a moan, and, when they reopened, he had vanished from the window. The back door was unlocked, I remembered, and I sped up the pumping of my fingers, dangling over the precipice, the closeness of my orgasm stealing my breath. Too late. I heard him stomping down the hall, and I squealed as he grabbed me, throwing me over his shoulder. His hand cracked off my ass, and the pain shot through me, combining strangely with the pull of arousal in my gut. We didn’t make it to the bedroom.

He pushed me against the wall, so hard I felt my breath leave me, and fumbled with his jeans as he kept me pinned there. I yowled and arched underneath his hands, animalistic in my lust. With difficulty, he got his jeans down past his cock, and I fixated on the sight of it, thick and throbbing, and glistening with precum. He hoisted me up, and I wrapped my legs around him as he lined his body up with mine. Without warning, his cock plunged deep into me, and I threw my head back, cracking it against the wall. I didn’t notice the pain, too intent on the feeling of him sliding in and out of me as my arousal dripped on the floor. I clenched and shook around him, nails clawing at him as I snaked my hands under his shirt. His hips were snapping against me relentlessly, driving his cock almost painfully deep inside me. He thrust into me, then ground his hips against me, his cockhead pressing firmly against my cervix. The sensations were too much, and I squealed out my long-awaited orgasm as my vision darkened.

My head dropped to his flannel-clad shoulder, and I bit down, stifling my cries. He hastily pulled out of me, and painted my stomach and legs with his cum, breathing harshly against my ear. After a moment, he tried to set me down, and my legs buckled. I whined, and he picked me up with a good-natured roll of his eyes, even as he panted for breath. He carried me to the bedroom and set me on the bed, flopping down next to me with a satisfied smirk. I rolled into him, making sure to smear his cum all over him. I grinned into his shoulder at his half-hearted complaints, and he pulled me closer, breath fluttering my hair.

The next day, I came home from work, shucking my clothes before sighing loudly and collapsing on the sofa. My head lolled against the cushions as I idly flipped through channels. I had just got home, and I was already bored. Andy was with his friends tonight, leaving me home alone. I threw off the blanket I had pulled up to my chin, and harrumphed to the kitchen, fixing myself a stiff drink. I flicked through Netflix, feeling increasingly cagey as I gulped my drink. There was nothing interesting enough to catch my attention, and I made another drink instead, hoping the sheen of alcohol over my brain would quell the boredom I felt. The gin warmed me from the inside out, and it wasn’t long before my shoulders relaxed, body becoming limp and pliable.

My mind wandered as I sipped, and I looked out the window by the front door, remembering with a grin the look on Andy’s face when I locked him out. The memory jolted arousal through me, and I sank further down on the sofa, one hand drifting down to my apex. My clit was sensitive as I slid my hand underneath my panties, and I grazed the tip of my finger against it lightly, teasing myself. My mind wandered as I stroked the folds of my cunt, slowly moistening under my fingers. I was feeling increasingly restless, and now uncomfortably horny, and there was no one here to help me with it.

An idea began to form in my head, and I couldn’t help the wicked smile that spread across my face. I stumbled towards the bedroom, drink forgotten, and dug in my underwear drawer, emerging with a hot pink vibrator I saved for when Andy wasn’t home. I laid it on the bed, pulling off my bra and panties impatiently. My pussy was bare, save for a patch of dark hair above it, and I ran my fingers down my body, toying with the soft curls. I unlocked my phone and sprawled out on the bed, teasing my folds with the unpowered vibrator as I opened up my camera. I took a few photos, spreading my pussy lips with my fingers to show my dripping cunt, then a photo of my face, looking hungrily towards the camera. I sent them to Andy, hoping to make him as uncomfortably aroused as I was. A message buzzed back almost immediately, and I noticed with a jolt it was from Louis.

You guys up to anything tonight? Molly’s with her parents and I’m bored.

I entertained the thought of sending him a photo, but the rational part of my brain quickly won out. I closed his message, and focussed on the sensations. I switched the vibrator on, and felt my face contort with pleasure. I grazed my clit with the tip of the vibrator, prodding into the sensitive bundle of nerves with an unreserved moan. Feeling wanton, I opened up my phone again and started recording. Andy loved filming me, and I couldn’t think of a better way to get him home and buried in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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