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There’s something to be said about Mason. Well, many things could be said about Mason — from that absolutely perfect round ass to her small, firm tits that have the softest aureole, even when her nipples are hard as rock. But point in fact, her amazing body isn’t the most amazing thing about her. It’s her mouth — or rather, what she can do with her mouth.

I discovered this one evening recently. A group of friends were all sitting around talking after watching a movie at Derrick’s place. We’d all been drinking quite a bit and one thing led to another and we were on the topic of oral sex. Now Mandy and Teresa both claimed to be pretty good and then some of the guys chimed in and made their boasts as well. I mumbled something about not ever having had any complaints, but I noticed that Mason didn’t say a word. I decided to find out why.

When everybody was leaving I caught up with Mason and told her I’d walk her home as I had to go very near there on my way home.

“Didn’t you drive here?” she asked.

“Well, Derrick is borrowing my car and It’s not so far that I can’t walk there,” I said, glancing at her to gauge her reaction.

“You’re not worried about walking that far alone?”

“I am a big boy, Mason. You don’t have to poker oyna worry about me,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, I know all about how “big” you boys think you are.” she said doing the air-quotes thing.

I rolled my eyes, but took that as a chance to ask the question I’d walked with her to ask. “So, I noticed back there that you didn’t say a word on the topic of the night. That subject didn’t embarrass you, did it?” I grinned and chuckled a bit.

She rolled her eyes at me, but answered anyway. “I know what I can do and the people I’m with are the only other one’s that need ever find out.”

“Are you that good, or that bad?” I asked, with a sardonic grin just to poke fun.

“Telling you wouldn’t answer the question, now would it?” She retorted. The playful smile she gave made me think she might be teasing, but it might be something more.

Another block and we were at her building and I walked her up to her door.

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay to get home?” She asked.

“Well, It is pretty late. Maybe I should call a cab.”

“You can use my phone,” she said almost before I finished my sentence.

I followed her inside and shut the door behind me. Immediately, Mason turned around and shoved me against the door canlı poker oyna and kissed me. She put one hand on my chest and the other on my hip and pushed her hip into my crotch. We kissed for quite a while before she came up for air.

“Time to answer that question, Anthony, don’tcha think?” She grinned and looked down to my belt and started to undo it. I had completely lost all room in my trousers during the kissing, so when she unbuttoned my fly and pulled my pants down a bit, my cock strained against the light fabric of my underwear.

“Oh fuck!” Mason said. “Looks like you’ve been keeping a secret, too,” She said, looking up at me. She inhaled deeply as she pulled my unders over my dick and sighed when it was all exposed. Yes, I’m rather large.

“Looks like I have my work cut out for me,” she said. She glanced back up at me once more then took my cockhead in her mouth and licked all around it. “God, this thing is fat. This is going to be a fun night!” She laughed once more then put it back in her mouth. She pulled my shoes off, then my pants without ever taking my dick out of her mouth.

She then started to take her own clothes off. She went from completely dressed to butt-naked without ever stopping licking and sucking my internet casino dick. Once she was naked she really got to work. She grabbed the bottom of my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other and started to squeeze my dick and fondle my balls while sucking hard on my dickhead.

I felt myself getting lightheaded and started moaning quietly, all the while Mason’s mouth bobbed up and down on my cock while she finished every up stroke sucking as hard as she could. If the cost of getting this good of a blow-job was absolute secrecy, I’ll never tell a soul.

“Now, I’m going to make you cum,” she said, barely taking my dick out of her mouth.

She squeezed me harder and gently squeezed my balls while stroking my shaft and bobbing up and down on my cock sucking harder and harder. I couldn’t believe it, but in just a couple minutes I was already about to cum.

I must have made a noise because she squeezed my shaft and jerked me faster and sucked me harder in response and all of the sudden I was cumming. Mason kept me in her mouth and I shot all my cum in her mouth.

Without ever taking me out of her mouth she swallowed it all and kept sucking and jerking me until I started to go soft. Finally she came up for air and looked up at me.

“Well?” she said, grinning.

“I’ve never, ever had a blow-job that good.”

“Good,” she said smiling, “now it’s your turn.”

And she lay back on the hall floor, spread her legs and said, “now, make me cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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